Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3440, Twelve Demon Saints


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After more than a day, Yang Kai started losing patience.


He had a purpose for coming to the Demon Realm; however, Yu Ru Meng thought that he was forced into a desperate situation in the Star Boundary, and had no choice but to take refuge here. She did not know his true intentions, and also had no idea that he had transferred the Heart Seal Secret Technique to his Soul Warming Lotus. Yu Ru Meng did not hesitate to sacrifice herself to implant the Secret Technique on Yang Kai, but it did not result in much restraint on him; instead, she was the one who was being restricted.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Kai naturally had to extract more information.


Therefore, Yang Kai also stopped being mad at Yu Ru Meng, and started to chat with her.


As they eased into their conversation, when Yang Kai felt that it was the right timing, he asked nonchalantly, “By the way, Ru Meng, how many Demon Saints are there in the Demon Realm?”


This was definitely something that even the Great Emperors were clueless about. If he could find this out, it would be of great help to the future situation, as there was a saying ‘know yourself and know your enemy, and you will always be victorious’.


“There are a total of twelve Demon Saints in the Demon Realm.” Yu Ru Meng did not suspect anything, not to mention that this was not some great secret. Since Yang Kai came to the Demon Realm, he could easily find anyone to inquire about such matters. “Each Demon Saint has a different number of Half-Saints under them who are in charge of a different number of fragmented continents.”


“Twelve!” Yang Kai whistled, “That’s two more than the Star boundary.”


Yu Ru Meng smiled, “It’s thirteen now, while there are only nine left in the Star Boundary!”


“True.” Yang Kai nodded. Night Shadow Great Emperor had betrayed them, so as soon as he switched sides, the Star Boundary had four Great Emperors less than the Demon Realm, and this included the imprisoned Bright Moon Great Emperor. It was still unknown if he was dead or alive. If the Bright Moon Great Emperor was taken out of the equation, the high-end combat power of the Star Boundary would be even weaker.


The theory of the capacity of the world should also be the same in the Demon Realm. Yang Kai believed that the reason why the number of Demon Saints in the Demon Realm was greater than that of the Great Emperors in the Star Boundary could be due to the larger capacity of the Demon Realm, hence there were twelve Demon Saints.


This did not bode well for the Star Boundary! Yang Kai was worried that the twelve Demon Saints alone were not easy to deal with. If these Masters rushed into the Star Boundary together, he could not imagine how much destruction they would bring. Perhaps, the whole Star Boundary would be shattered.


“Are the Demon Saints the most powerful beings in the Demon Realm?” Yang Kai questioned again, “I vaguely recall hearing something about a Great Demon God in the Demon Realm.”


Yu Ru Meng’s feet instantly halted as her entire body stopped in place.


Yang Kai was slow to react and had already flown a long way ahead before he quickly turned around and flew back. 


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


Yu Ru Meng looked at Yang Kai solemnly, “Where did you hear that?”


Yang Kai shrugged, “I don’t remember. Perhaps someone mentioned it to me casually, or I read it from some ancient book.” He knew something was not right by the look of Yu Ru Meng, which made him feel a little nervous and uneasy.


After pondering for a while, Yu Ru Meng warned, “Don’t ever mention those words in the future.” Although she did not point out which words, Yang Kai was not a fool, and he understood what she was referring to.


“Why?” Yang Kai frowned.


“Just listen to me!” Yu Ru Meng emphasized with a solemn face, “Never mention it again; otherwise, even I won’t be able to save you if something happens.”


[Is it that serious?] Yang Kai was taken aback. [Given that there could be a situation that Ru Meng could not protect him from as a Demon Saint, did that mean that Great Demon God truly existed? There was actually an existence above the Demon Saints?]


During the final battle in the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld back then, the Evergreen Divine Tree sacrificed himself to block the two worlds’ passage with his own body. As that was happening though, from the other side of the passage, a huge hand that covered the whole sky had struck.  Despite being a strike across worlds, the power of that palm was truly incredible, and Senior Qing’s mission nearly failed as a result.


That was indeed beyond the power of a Demon Saint, and the people in the Demon Realm seemed to refer to the one who made that strike as the Great Demon God!


Everything that happened in the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld was based on real historical events. In other words, there had been a Great Demon God in the ancient past, but Yang Kai was confused why Yu Ru Meng so seriously warned not to mention him even now.


Yang Kai did not know what the three words ‘Great Demon God’ meant in the Demon Realm, but he vaguely felt their weight now.


“Noted,” Yang Kai nodded solemnly. “I’ll never mention it again.”


Yu Ru Meng showed obvious signs of relief as she nodded, “That would be best.”


Yang Kai then changed the subject casually, “What about Bright Moon Great Emperor? I heard that he was held somewhere in the Demon Realm. What’s the situation now?”


“Why do you ask?” Yu Ru Meng frowned slightly.


Yang Kai sneered, “The people of the Star Boundary tormented and forced me into a corner, but now I can take revenge. If I can kill one of their Great Emperors, it will be quite a bit of interest in advance.”


Yu Ru Meng laughed, “Revenge is not something to be rushed. You still have room for growth, so it won’t be too late to make plans after you are strong enough one day. Besides, you can’t kill Bright Moon Great Emperor.”


“It’s true that I’m no match for him, but aren’t you here with me?” Yang Kai winked at her.


Yu Ru Meng shook her head, “I don’t want to get involved in matters related to a Great Emperor; furthermore, I’m not responsible for this. I’ve been in the Star Boundary all this time, so I don’t know where Bright Moon Great Emperor is imprisoned.”


Yang Kai found this reasonable. Since Yu Ru Meng had been in the Star Boundary before, how would she know about current events in the Demon Realm? It was useless to inquire about Bright Moon Great Emperor from her; as such, he immediately avoided the subject to ensure he didn’t slip up and expose himself.


It seemed that he could only start this investigation after settling down here. He at least had to figure out the location of Bright Moon Great Emperor now, and whether he was dead or alive.


Yu Ru Meng was naturally familiar with the way and led Yang Kai through one Territory Gate after another until half a day later, they passed through a certain Territory Gate and suddenly arrived in a vibrantly coloured world. 


“Home sweet home,” Yu Ru Meng turned to Yang Kai and smiled.


“This is your continent?” Yang Kai turned and looked around. The whole continent was filled with bright, radiant light. When he looked closely, he realized that those bright colourful lights were actually emitted from countless exotic flowers. Almost half of the entire continent was covered in this flora and under the sunlight, it became as beautiful as a portrait.


Moreover, this continent was quite vast. From where he stood, Yang Kai could not see the end of it.


Yang Kai was amazed! He had never thought that such a wonderful world could exist.


“One of them,” Yu Ru Meng beamed slightly.


Yang Kai understood. Before, Yu Ru Meng had already stated that there were twelve Demon Saints in the Demon Realm, and each of them had a different number of Half-Saints serving them who were in charge of a different number of fragmented continents. This land that he was stepping on was obviously one of the continents she ruled.


It seemed that after returning home, Yu Ru Meng had become more and more joyful. She led Yang Kai forward for a while more before arriving at a huge palace.


The palace was encircled by hundreds of millions of flowers so even the air was thick with their fascinating fragrance.


Before they could get closer to the gates though, a scarlet stream of light came out from the palace in front of them. It travelled incredibly fast, and reached them in the blink of an eye. A man with an extraordinary appearance appeared. He was a heroic and handsome young man that was dressed in a blood-red cloak which was flapping majestically behind him in the wind. He had an outstanding demeanour equipped with shining armour.


As soon as he appeared, he cupped his hand, “Madam!”


Blood Demon! Yang Kai was able to identify his Clan as soon as he laid eyes on this man because of the faint blood stench on him. This man was a Blood Demon Half-Saint and seemed to be a capable subordinate under Yu Ru Meng, otherwise, he would not be working in her palace.


Yu Ru Meng nodded noncommittally and asked, “Did anything happen recently?”


The Blood Demon Half-Saint replied, “Nothing, but I received the order to send many people out from Madam’s territory.” As he reported, he looked at Yu Ru Meng with scorching eyes, his possessive desire not hidden in the slightest.


Yang Kai could not help raising his brow as he thought, [How dare this Blood Demon Half-Saint! Isn’t he afraid of provoking Yu Ru Meng by showing this kind of look in front of her?]


After stealing a glance at Yu Ru Meng, Yang Kai became even more upset though because she did not respond, as if this was all very normal to her.


[This bitch!] Yang Kai cursed in his heart furiously. Although he passed on the Heart Seal Secret Technique with the power of Soul Warming Lotus, which greatly reduced the impact on himself, these days, he and Yu Ru Meng’s relationship had progressed all the way to the last step of intimacy. Naturally, he regarded her as his own woman.


Now, having his woman ogled at by another man, and seeing her indifferent about it, was enough to put Yang Kai in a foul mood, 


On the other side, Yu Ru Meng nodded, “I see.”


In the battle between the two worlds, the Star Boundary was not the only one that needed to recruit more soldiers, it was the same for the Demon Realm too. Each fragmented continent mobilized much manpower, and the continents controlled by Yu Ru Meng were no exception.


While talking, the Blood Demon Half-Saint suddenly turned to look at Yang Kai and questioned doubtfully “Madam, what is up with this Human?”


Humans and Demons were sworn enemies. Yu Ru Meng suddenly returned with a Human, but he did not look like a slave. The Blood Demon Half-Saint could not help feeling irritated seeing this man standing beside Yu Ru Meng. Even he had to keep a certain distance behind Yu Ru Meng when he followed her, so how dare this Human be so bold!


When he thought about this, a murderous intent was born within him, and his Half-Saint pressure began to permeate the air.


Yang Kai grinned at the Half-Saint, however, and quickly took a step closer to Yu Ru Meng. He also put his hand around Yu Ru Meng’s waist and announced lightly, “I’m Ru Meng’s husband!”


[Husband?] The Blood Demon Half-Saint’s eyes widened, and he immediately turned his gaze to Yu Ru Meng. To his shock though, Yu Ru Meng actually looked indifferent at this statement. The Blood Demon Half-Saint’s heart clenched tightly as he panicked, [Don’t tell me it’s true? Otherwise, why didn’t Madam have any intention of resisting when this bastard put his arm around her? If she really wanted to, she could have easily crushed this Human brat into dust!]




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