Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3441, Love Rival


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With the sudden rush of information in his head, the Demon Half-Saint suddenly shouted, “How dare you profane Madam Saint! You court death!”


Raising the palm of his hand, a Blood Qi wave was shot at Yang Kai. The Blood Qi palm seemed unremarkable, but in fact, it was incredibly fast and powerful; after all, it was a move made in anger from a Half-Saint. How could it be underestimated?


Yang Kai’s expression, however, remained indifferent and he did not even try to evade.


When the Blood Qi palm was about to hit him, a jade white hand suddenly appeared out of thin air, accurately grasping it, and shattering it with a light pinch.


Yu Ru Meng then shouted, “Yue Sang, don’t be rude!”


The Demon Half-Saint, Yue Sang, suddenly widened his eyes and said in disbelief, “Madam…”


If he was only suspecting before, Yu Ru Meng’s attitude now was enough for him to confirm the Human’s statement earlier. [Does Madam really have an extraordinary relationship with this lowly Human? How can this be? How can this Human be favoured by a Demon Saint?]


Yue Sang’s heart was filled with rage and he was barely suppressing the urge to rip Yang Kai into ten thousand pieces. However, under Yu Ru Meng’s watch, he did not have this chance at all.


Yu Ru Meng did not even bother to explain herself as she simply raised her chin slightly and shouted in an authoritative tone, “Get out!”


Yue Sang’s face turned hideous as he glared at Yang Kai fiercely for a while before lowering his head, cupping his fists, and leaving.


Staring at his back, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly. [Damn, I just got here and I already have a love rival. This is not a good sign. It would still be fine if he was just an ordinary Demon King, but it’s not going to be easy to deal with a Half-Saint.] 


It seemed like Yang Kai would have to be more aware of this guy from now on.


Yu Ru Meng turned to Yang Kai, “The Demon Realm is not the same as the Star Boundary. Demons are straightforward and frank, we don’t try to conceal our intentions or use subtlety like you Humans. Don’t meet him when I’m not by your side in the future.”


“Would he dare to kill me?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.


“Didn’t you see it just now?”


Yang Kai felt even more strange, “Why would he? Isn’t he afraid that you might punish him? Isn’t he one of your subordinates?”


Yu Ru Meng chuckled, “The Demon Realm advocates strength above all else. Whoever is stronger is right, and whoever is weaker is wrong in everything they do. If he kills you, I have no standing to punish him. At most, I could only avenge you in secret.”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes, “Then what if I kill him?”


“As long as you have the ability, you can kill whoever you want.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, his eyes beaming, “The law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. The Demon Realm indeed is really a good place.” The fierce environment gave birth to a fierce race, and Yang Kai began to understand how the Demons cultivated their death-defying resilience and spirit.


“Let’s go, let’s get you settled first.”


After saying this, she led Yang Kai toward the palace.


The palace was huge, and the interior decoration was luxurious. Along the way, maidservants and guards constantly bowed and saluted them while simultaneously casting curious eyes at Yang Kai.


It could only come as a surprise when a Human suddenly appeared in the Demon Realm, and moreover, in the palace of a Demon Saint; however, nothing like the unpleasant scene before happened again.


Yang Kai deliberately walked side by side with Yu Ru Meng, putting up an air of arrogance.


After some twists and turns, the pair came to a garden where Yu Ru Meng turned around to look at Yang Kai, “What do you think of this place?”


Yang Kai circled around with a hand on his back with a calm expression. The environment was good and the area was quite large, he naturally did not have any opinions, so he turned around and asked Yu Ru Meng, “Are you living here too?”


Yu Ru Meng smiled lightly, “Do you want me to live here?”


Yang Kai stepped forward and took her hand, feigning shyness, “If you are not by my side, what if Yue Sang comes to make trouble again? I’m no match for him.”


Yu Ru Meng watched him and smiled, “Don’t worry. He doesn’t have the guts to cause any trouble in the palace, yet.”


“It’s always best to play it safe.” Yang Kai winked at her.


Yu Ru Meng poked his head with her finger in annoyance, shook her hand from his grip, and turned around, “You can stay without any worries, and I will see you when I am settled.”


“Don’t go, you!” Yang Kai yelled at her graceful back, “Why are you leaving when we haven’t finished talking?”


But Yu Ru Meng had already vanished. Yang Kai touched his chin and smacked his lips, inwardly rejoicing in her departure. It would be really inconvenient to follow Yu Ru Meng around all the time.


Turning around, he walked into a large hall, feeling refreshed, and asked a maidservant for some information, then found a room and went in.


After entering the Demon Realm, he discovered that the World Principles here were slightly different from those of the Star Boundary. It was still a Great World after all though, so there was no issue with strength suppression.


However, if he wanted to unleash his full power, he would need to familiarize himself with the local World Principles; otherwise, he would be at a loss when he really had to fight with others here.


Yang Kai stayed in his room with the door shut tightly for a few days, trying hard to coordinate his cultivation with the Demon Realm’s World Principles.


Days passed peacefully. Yu Ru Meng was nowhere to be seen, and no one knew what she was doing. Yue Sang did not come to make trouble either; it was just as Yu Ru Meng said, he did not have the guts to cause trouble in this palace.


A few days later, Yang Kai walked out of the room.


The few days of hard work had eliminated the adverse effects of the Demon Realm’s World Principles on him, and now it was time for him to get to work.


He did not come to the Demon Realm for sightseeing, nor did he come to enjoy himself. The Great Emperors had sent him here to rescue Bright Moon Great Emperor. Heaven’s Revelations had also said that Yang Kai would have to overcome a tribulation in the Demon Realm, and he would be able to soar into the skies if he succeeded. It would be simple to brush this off as nonsense if it was said by others, but it was a different story if it came from Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor.


Yang Kai did not know what kind of trial he would be facing, but now he could only take one step at a time.


After pondering for a while, Yang Kai decided to start with the geography of the Demon Realm. The Demon Realm was like a broken mirror, comprised of countless fragmented continents. He had to, at the very least, understand the arrangement of these fragments and which continents were connected to each other, otherwise, even if he could locate Bright Moon Great Emperor, he would not know how to go forward from there.


Settling his thoughts, Yang Kai came to the main hall and took a seat on a chair big enough to lie down in. The chair seemed to be made up of bones, with several hideous skulls decorating it, giving the chair a wild and ferocious look.


As he sat on the chair boldly, he stretched out his hand to pat the armrest. [Not too bad. Maybe I should get one just like this when I return to High Heaven Palace. It would definitely boost my supremacy.]


Clearing his throat lightly, Yang Kai opened his mouth and shouted, “Come in!”


There was a bustle of whispers outside the door, then five maidservants entered, all with their heads bowed down. They stopped several tens of meters away and knelt down on the ground.


“All of you get up,” Yang Kai raised his hand a little irritably. He did not like to practice such customs in High Heaven Palace, and his feeling did not change even when he came to the Demon Realm.


The several maidservants hesitated for a moment before they stood up shakily, their heads still lowered, not daring to look up.


Yang Kai saw this and couldn’t help laughing, “What are you afraid of? I don’t eat people, so just raise your head.”


The few maidservants continued to tremble while dawdling, causing Yang Kai to slap the armrest, “Are you all deaf?”


Seeing that he was angry, the maidservants finally raised their heads carefully.


Chills ran up Yang Kai’s spine with just a single glance, and he almost slipped off his chair. His stomach churned sickly as he watched the few people in front of him.


His adverse reaction was not caused by shock, but by disgust.


The maidservants were all hideous, and on top of that, they had strange features. One had lips split up to the roots of her ears, revealing jagged fangs, another one had eyeballs so protruded it looked like they would pop out at any time. Another one had tiny, densely packed holes all over her face like a honeycomb.


The only one with a relatively normal appearance had hideous earthworm-like scars all over her face.


[What a weird group of maidservants!]


Yang Kai knew that countless Clans inhabited the Demon Realm, each of which had its own characteristics, but he never thought that there were such ugly female Demons in this world.


Sensing Yang Kai’s less than pleasant expression, the several maidservants quickly lowered their heads again.


Yang Kai gave a dry cough as the corners of his mouth twitched, “Which one of you is the one in charge here?”


The maidservant with the hideous scars on her face stepped forward, answering in a small voice, “Replying to Sir, this maidservant is currently in charge of the palace’s affairs.”


[Oh good, it’s the most normal one.]


If it was one of the other women, Yang Kai would have lost all motivation to talk. He was not one to judge others based on their appearance, but these female Demons were just too strange. No one would have the courage to converse with them. 


Clearing his throat, Yang Kai stated in a deep voice, “I don’t seem to recall seeing you when I arrived the other day.”


When he arrived with Yu Ru Meng just a few days ago, all the maidservants he met were beautiful and charming, so why were they so different now?


The maidservant answered, “This maid is not clear. This maid was only been transferred here a few days ago.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Were they transferred here a few days ago too?”




[Damn, Yu Ru Meng did this!] Yang Kai finally understood. These maidservants were probably transferred by that bitch to serve Yang Kai, while the other maidservants with good figures and faces must have been transferred away.


[What kind of person do you think I am!?] Yang Kai was furious. Yu Ru Meng was obviously trying to prevent him from fooling around, so she deliberately transferred all the weird-looking women here because no one would be interested in such women.


However, Yang Kai had always been anxious and lustful towards Yu Ru Meng, and she had never let him succeed in getting what he wanted, so it was inevitable for her to be so defensive.


Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t have such intentions in the first place, so he just steadied himself after taking a deep breath, “What’s your name?”


The maidservant answered obediently, “This maid is Xiao Wu!”


“What happened to your face?” Yang Kai asked next.


Xiao Wu answered in a small voice, “I was punished for doing wrong.”


[Those scars were a form of punishment?] Yang Kai initially thought a fight caused it. It could be seen that behind these scars, Xiao Wu had pleasant features, but they were completely disfigured now. This was undoubtedly a very cruel punishment for a woman.




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