Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3442, Survival Of The Fittest


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Since it was none of his business, Yang Kai did not ask her about what she did wrong. After exchanging a few words, he changed the topic, “Good, this King is a newcomer, and not familiar with the places in the Demon Realm. Where can I get a map?”


“A map?” Xiao Wu thought for a while, “If Sir wants a map, you can ask the Holy Venerable. She must have one.” 


The Holy Venerable that she mentioned probably meant Yu Ru Meng.


Yang Kai twitched his lip and waved his hand, “There’s no need to bother the Holy Venerable with such a trivial matter.”


He did not want Yu Ru Meng to know what he was doing to avoid her being suspicious. Although the possibility was small, he wanted to be as safe as he could.


Xiao Wu thought for a moment before nodding and continuing, “Then Sir can try to look for one in the Holy City. I believe they should be for sale.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “Can it be purchased outside?”


Xiao Wu replied, “The Holy City has everything available.”


Yang Kai smiled, revealing his bared teeth, “Very good. Take me out.”


“Does Sir want to go out?” Xiao Wu looked up at Yang Kai in surprise, and quickly lowered her head again.


Yang Kai asked, “Why? Can I not go out? Did the Holy Venerable tell you not to let me out?”


“No…” Xiao Wu hesitated for a moment, “But if Sir wants to go out, let me ask the Holy Venerable for permission.”


“Ask for permission!?” Yang Kai stood up from his chair and strode towards the outside, “If the sky falls, I will hold it up. Follow me.”


Xiao Wu could not help being anxious when she saw Yang Kai’s determination and persistence; however, she could not stop him either, so she could only order the other maidservants to inform the Holy Venerable about Yang Kai’s plans while she hurriedly chased after him.


The two went out one after another, shuttling back and forth in the palace.


Although Yang Kai was not familiar with this place, he memorized the way when he came in with Yu Ru Meng the last time, so he quickly left the palace in the same manner. The maidservants and bodyguards along the way looked at him in surprise, and quickly exchanged whispers with each other after he walked a good distance away, but he did not encounter any obstacles.


Outside the palace was a wide road that could allow more than ten carriages to pass side by side that led straight to a prosperous city more than ten kilometres away. By the look of the city from a distance, it was no worse than the biggest cities in the Star Boundary, and in fact, looked even better in some ways.


The city had eight main gates, two in each cardinal direction. The gates were magnificent and the city wall was colossal.


Yang Kai led the way while the maidservant, Xiao Wu followed closely behind. They travelled more than ten kilometres and soon reached the nearest gate.


Yang Kai was worried that he would encounter some trouble when entering the city, for he was a Human and this was the Demon Realm. The Demon Race was naturally not friendly to Humans, and not every Demon was aware that he was brought here by Yu Ru Meng.


But when he arrived at the gate, he found that he had worried too much. Even if he was a Human and had no characteristics of the Demon Race, as long as he did not use his strength, most Demons were clueless about him.


They had never seen Humans before, so how would they know what Humans looked like? The Demons who had seen Humans were all in the Star Boundary now.


The reason why those Demons in the palace were astonished to see him was not due to his identity as a Human, but because he was a man brought back by the Holy Venerable!


Several ferocious-looking Demons guarded the city gate, and everyone who passed through had to pay something called Demon Crystals to enter.


The role of Demon Crystals in the Demon Realm was equivalent to that of Source Crystals in the Star Boundary. They were hard currency for transactions.


Of course, Yang Kai did not have any Demon Crystals, but he did not need to pay.


When several Demon guards approached them, Xiao Wu took out a token and showed it to them. After seeing this token, the Demons immediately made way for them respectfully.


After all, anyone who was from the palace of the Holy Venerable did not need to pay any fees.


Yang Kai was amazed by the lively atmosphere as he entered the city. The Demon Race was warlike and bloodthirsty, so he thought that life here would be primitive and brutal, but he now realized that whatever they had in the Star Boundary, the Demon Realm had too. For example, in this Holy City, there were many straight and spacious streets connecting the north and south, and there were a variety of shops lining the roadways, which bustled with people, shouting and bargaining with one another.


If it were not for the weird appearances of the Demons on the streets, Yang Kai would have thought he had returned to the Star Boundary.


“Sir!” Seeing him standing still, Xiao Wu called softly behind him.


“En,” Yang Kai answered casually, and immediately strode forward, looking around with great interest as he walked.


However, after walking just a few steps, a low cry came from Xiao Wu behind. When he turned around, he saw that Xiao Wu was on the ground, her hands covering her shoulders in pain.


Not far behind him, a burly Demon was seen striding on the street, swaying left and right, and the crowd in front of him was forced to make way for him.


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment but immediately understood what was going on. With a single step, he arrived behind the burly Demon and patted him on his shoulder.


Yang Kai’s pat sent the Demon’s back bending. Infuriated, he immediately turned his head around, but he saw no one behind him… 


“Over here,” Yang Kai looked up at him with a darkened face while thinking, [What the Hell? This guy is so tall!]


The Demon followed the voice and saw Yang Kai, who was two heads shorter than him. He slowly turned his body around, breathed out hot air from his nostrils, and looked down at Yang Kai, “What are you doing!?”


Yang Kai raised his thumb and pointed at his back, “You knocked my companion down.”


The Demon looked up, saw Xiao Wu slowly getting up from the ground, and sneered with a toothy grin, “So what?”


“Apologize!” Yang Kai returned with a smile.


The Demon was stunned for a moment before he suddenly burst out laughing. His laughter sounded like thunder, and his huge body was shaking violently, as if he had heard the best joke in the world.


Xiao Wu hurried over and remarked in fear, “Sir, I’m fine.”


She was clueless about Yang Kai’s strength and only knew that they should not provoke the Demon in front of them. If Yang Kai was injured in a conflict with him, she would be punished. Naturally, she wanted to end the matter peacefully.


“Even if you’re fine, he should still apologize for knocking you over.” Yang Kai waved to her and signalled her to stand aside.


Xiao Wu pursed her lips and was speechless, her face full of anxiety.


Hearing what Yang Kai said, the burly Demon snorted coldly, “What if I don’t want to apologize?”


Yang Kai nodded gently, “If we can’t settle this with words, we can settle it with fists.”


The Demon stared at Yang Kai in shock, “You want to fight me?”


“Only if you don’t apologize…”


The Demon guffawed again, but this time, not only was he laughing, but he also spoke to the Demons passing by, “This little brat wants to fight me!”


As soon as those surrounding Demons heard this, they all became excited and came closer one after another to watch the show, some even began cheering, “Fight!”


“Break his bones and pull out his guts!”


“This guy has delicate skin and tender meat. His blood must be delicious!”




A group of Demons clamoured as the burly Demon retracted his smile and replaced it with a ferocious look. Glaring at Yang Kai, he challenged “If you want to fight, I’ll fight!”


When the words fell, he clasped his fists together and held them up high before slamming them down at Yang Kai with a force as powerful as a thunderbolt. With such a burly figure and his advantageous height, the blow was as ferocious as a meteor and actually caused an air-ripping sound as it fell.


As soon as the burly Demon took action, the spectators became exhilarated, as if they found something fun and could not turn their eyes away.


Only Xiao Wu exclaimed, “Be careful, Sir!”


Yang Kai found all this to be incredibly funny of course. Although the Demon looked huge and muscular, he was actually just a Demon Great General, which was equivalent to a Human Dao Source Realm cultivator. What’s more, the Demon was a Mid-Rank Great General at best, yet he still dared to attack Yang Kai without realizing the difference between them.


But since the other party had already made a move, it was impossible for Yang Kai to just receive the blow.


Yang Kai raised his hand gently and held the fists that smashed down at him. His figure did not move an inch, but the floor under his feet cracked. He then slightly tightened his grip and sent a kick directly at the Demon’s ankle.


Before the burly Demon could react, his tall body had already fallen to the ground involuntarily with a bang, and the impact sent dust flying.


Yang Kai slowly squatted in front of the Demon, who was still in a daze, grabbed him by his collar with one hand and punched him as quick as wind with another hand.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


In the blink of an eye, the burly Demon’s face was badly battered, and he was seeing stars spin above his head.


Behind him, Xiao Wu covered her red lips and looked at Yang Kai in shock.


Those Demon onlookers were also stunned as the initial clamour suddenly ceased, but soon, they called out with even exciting shouts, “Kill him! Kill him!”


“Smash his head and beat his brains out!”


“Dig out his Demon Heart, it must be delicious!”




Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked around with a weird face.


In his mind, he suddenly recalled something Yu Ru Meng mentioned before. [In the Demon Realm, whoever is stronger is right, whoever is weaker is wrong in everything they do.]


The experience that he had at this moment was the best portrayal and interpretation of this sentence.


If this were the Star Boundary, this kind of fight would never happen. Even if the onlookers came to watch the show, they would never shout such violent words and show such excited looks.


The burly Demon passed out after receiving several tens of punches from Yang Kai, and even if Yang Kai did not use his full strength, the burly Demon was already half dead.


Losing interest, Yang Kai got up and kicked the Demon out of the way before he beckoned to Xiao Wu, “Let’s go!”


As soon as their eyes met, Yang Kai’s brow twitched slightly as he found that Xiao Wu was looking at him in awe. Not only she, the surrounding Demons who joined in the party too, revealed a look of respect, and many even smiled kindly at him.


This was the Demon Realm!




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