Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3443, Enchantment Continent


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The more Yang Kai wandered around, the more he enjoyed the Demon Realm’s interesting customs and many novel sights that surprised him. However, some things, although good, were of no use to the cultivators of the Star Boundary, and were only useful for those from the Demon Realm, so he had no intention of buying these things. Besides, he did not have any Demon Crystals.


After walking around for a long time, he came to a shop. According to Xiao Wu, there should be maps for sale here.


There was no shop clerk outside the door, but many Demons still came and went.


Upon entering the shop, Yang Kai’s gaze was immediately attracted by the exquisite and small items on the counters on both sides. Those items looked like chariots, but each was only the size of a palm.


A Demon on the side seemed to be very interested in them too. He examined the goods, while a shop clerk beside him introduced the properties of the goods enthusiastically, showering the products in the shop with endless praise.


Yang Kai listened for a while and confirmed that these things were really War Chariots.


The Demon selected one of the War Chariots, and the shop clerk immediately took it with one hand, poured Demon Qi into it, and then threw it in front of them. With a swish, the War Chariot expanded into an object about six meters in length, with a hideous shape and sharp edges and spikes. On top of the War Chariot was a terrifying-looking, lifelike tiger head with its jaws opened widely.


The Demon customer circled the War Chariot a few times, reached out and touched it multiple times, and even sat on it to test it out, before finally revealing a satisfied expression. Then he began bargaining with the shop clerk and finally sealed the deal.


After sending the customer off, the shop clerk turned to Yang Kai and smiled, “What does Sir want to buy?”


Yang Kai motioned at the door and replied, “Bring me one of those things that guy was looking at just now.”


He was a little interested in this War Chariot. Such things were uncommon in the Star Boundary, but were often encountered when he was in the Star Field.


The shop clerk immediately took out the same model and enthusiastically introduced, “This customer has a good eye. This Tiger Head Chariot is a new model launched by the shop this year. Compared with the old model, its performance is much improved, and the speed is also greatly increased. Customers can go wherever they want with this at speed and in luxury.”


This was no different from what he said to the Demon just now, and Yang Kai was too lazy to listen to the whole pitch again, so he took the so-called Tiger Head Chariot into his own hand, poured his Emperor Qi into it, and threw it in front of them, just like how the shop clerk did.


The War Chariot immediately enlarged in front of them.


Yang Kai was startled. He merely gave it a try just now and did not expect that his Emperor Qi would actually have an effect on it. It seemed that both Humans and Demons could activate this thing.


Yang Kai immediately withdrew his power and the shop clerk did not perceive anything out of the ordinary and continued enthusiastically, “This customer may give it a try, if you are unsatisfied, we can offer you something else.”


Yang Kai had the same intention. Immediately sitting on it, he found that the interior design of this War Chariot was quite user-friendly, and it was very comfortable as well. The only drawback was the space, which could only accommodate two to three people, or a single person if they were someone burlier. 


After testing it for a while, Yang Kai got up nodding, “How is its defence?”


The shop clerk laughed, “Rest assured, it’s made by Twelfth-Order Demon Iron, and its defensive power is enough to pass through the Territory Gates unaffected. It can even withstand the full-powered blow of a Demon King.”


Yang Kai had no clue what Twelfth-Order Demon Iron was, but since it could withstand a strike from a Demon King, the defence was obviously not bad. He continued questioning, “What about its attack power? Why don’t I see any parts that can be used offensively? Could a special Spirit Array have been inscribed?”


As soon as he said this, the shop clerk’s expression suddenly became weird, and he looked at Yang Kai suspiciously.


Behind him, Xiao Wu walked up awkwardly, and whispered in Yang Kai’s ear, “Sir, this thing is not used for fighting. It’s used for travelling. There are countless fragmented continents in the Demon Realm, and not every Demon knows the routes leading to and from those fragmented continents. This War Chariot is inscribed with the locations of the Territory Gates between the continents and the routes leading to them. You only need to enter your destination in advance to travel without any trouble.”


[So it’s a flight-type artifact!] Yang Kai realized suddenly why the shop clerk was looking at him with a strange expression… 


Reaching out and patting the shop clerk’s shoulder, he spoke solemnly, “Just kidding.”


“Haha…” the shop clerk returned with a slightly stiff smile.


Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, clearing his throat, “Do you have maps for sale in your store?”


“Maps?” The shop clerk frowned, “What kind of map does Sir want to buy?”


“What kind of maps do you have to offer?” Yang Kai asked rhetorically.


The shop clerk answered, “We have all the maps of the territories of every Holy Venerable. There are twelve in total. Which Holy Venerable’s territory would you like?”


[Even the maps are split among the twelve Demon Saints in the Demon Realm?]


Yang Kai inquired, “Isn’t there a map that includes all continents?”


“There is, but the price…” The shop clerk smiled at Yang Kai. After the previous incident, he was very suspicious of this customer’s purchasing power. He entered this place without even understanding the purpose of a War Chariot. Obviously, he was not sincere in purchasing anything.


“Price is not a problem.” Yang Kai remained calm.


The shop clerk hesitated for a while before nodding, “Please wait a moment, I’ll get it for you.”


While speaking, he turned and walked into the inner hall.


After he left, Xiao Wu leaned in and asked him cautiously, “Sir, this maid forgot to ask you, how many Demon Crystals do you have?”


“I don’t have any,” Yang Kai glanced at her.


Xiao Wu was stunned when she heard the words, but quickly took off the ring from her hand, “I have some Demon Crystals here, but I don’t know if it’s enough. Sir, take these first.”


Yang Kai smiled and stretched out his hand to push the ring back to her, “Don’t worry, I have my own plans.” Since he dared to come, he naturally had a way around this minor issue.


Seeing his confidence, Xiao Wu did not persist but secretly prayed that nothing bad would happen today, otherwise she would definitely not be able to escape punishment.


After a short wait, the shop clerk returned, holding a round black ball in his hand supported by a stand underneath.


The shop clerk approached them, “Dear customer, this is the best map our shop has. Please take a look and check if this is what you need.”


Yang Kai reached out to take the black ball and began observing it. The object was about the size of a fist and was considerably heavy, made up of an unknown material. Although it was his first time coming into contact with this object, it was obviously similar to the Mountains and Rivers Projections in the Star Boundary, so he immediately poured his Divine Sense into it.


With a swoosh, a continent appeared in his mind, and an inconspicuous little black dot hovered over a certain spot on this continent. Yang Kai guessed that the little black dot represented his position, and the continent that appeared in his Knowledge Sea should be the land he was standing on.


Enchantment Continent!


The name of each continent was also marked on this map.


Yang Kai only knew now that the continent he was on was actually called Enchantment Continent, which was obviously named that way because Yu Ru Meng was a Charm Demon.


There were seven red dots hovering around the continent, which Yang Kai knew at a glance represented the locations of the Territory Gate. A thin white line also connected each red dot into the distance.


Yang Kai immersed his Divine Sense and followed one of the thin white lines to its other end, quickly reaching another red dot in a different continent.


After experimenting a bit, Yang Kai figured out how to utilize the map.


This was a good product, and it was exactly what he needed right now. With this map, he could grasp how to get to enter and exit the fragmented continents in the Demon Realm. Without this map, it would be extremely difficult to travel from one continent to another.


The shop clerk continued, somewhat hesitantly, “This customer should try to silently recite the names of two continents in your mind.”


Yang Kai raised his eyes at him but heeded decisively, muttering Enchantment Continent and Black Earth Continent in his heart.


He had heard about Black Earth Continent when he was exploring earlier. Apparently, it was far away from Enchantment Continent, separated by several fragmented continents.


But at that moment, starting from a certain red dot on Enchantment Continent, the connected white lines suddenly burst with bright light and lit up a path that spread all the way from one red dot to another, entering the adjacent continent, and through the Territory Gate of that continent into another continent… 


In the blink of an eye, the fastest route from Enchantment Continent to Black Earth Continent was outlined clearly before him. If Yang Kai really needed to go to Black Earth Continent, he would only need to follow this route and pass through a few Territory Gates.


“Good, good, good!” Yang Kai praised readily. The person who refined this map was definitely a genius. It was particularly useful for a newcomer like him.


“How many Demon Crystals is this?” Yang Kai held onto the ball tightly, and turned to look at the shop clerk.


[Does he really want to buy it?] The shop clerk was a little surprised. He initially thought that Yang Kai had little purchasing power, but who would have thought that he was actually a big customer. He immediately smiled and said, “It will be five million High-Rank Demon Crystals!”


Demon Crystals were also graded into Low, Mid, and High-Rank, and had the same conversion ratio as Source Crystals, ten to one from one grade to the next.


However, Yang Kai had no concept of the value of five million High-Rank Demon Crystals. He just estimated that it was not much different from five million High-Rank Source Crystals.


Five million High-Rank Source Crystals were not much for him, so he nodded and added, “What about that Tiger Head Chariot?”


The shop clerk was gleeful, “This would only be one million High-Rank Demon Crystals.”


The total was six million.


Yang Kai nodded, but Xiao Wu’s face turned pale, “It’s too expensive.”


The shop clerk persuaded, “Good quality products would naturally be priced highly. This customer can inquire anywhere in the Holy City. If there is a store that sells better quality War Chariots and maps than we do, we will gift you these two items for free.”




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  1. I have a hunch that Yang Kai will trade the Demon Hammer that the Embodiment has for these two items. It was owned by a Demon God so it is the most valuable demon item in his vast collection.

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