Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3444, Blood Arena


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“I want them,” Yang Kai did not even try to bargain. Since these things were useful to him, he naturally wanted to buy them.


The shop clerk lit up at once.


“But I don’t have any Demon Crystals.” Yang Kai continued.


The shop clerk’s smile stiffened on his face, and he looked at Yang Kai with a look that said ‘are you kidding me?’.


Yang Kai swiftly took out a bottle gourd half the height of a man that was pulsing with Demon Qi. The shop clerk was taken aback, for he thought that he was about to get robbed, but then he heard Yang Kai saying, “Would you accept this instead?”


Only then did the shop clerk understand Yang Kai’s intention. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and replied awkwardly, “This shop doesn’t accept this kind of bartering, but your Demon Artifact seems to be of good grade, so I can ask the Shopkeeper for you.”


“Good,” Yang Kai replied and the clerk turned around and walked towards the counter.


There was no one at the counter, but the shop clerk went there and stayed for a while. After that, he quickly came back and looked at Yang Kai with a smile, “The shopkeeper wants to meet you.”


Yang Kai glanced at him curiously before following him to the counter where the shop clerk pointed below and stated, “This is our shopkeeper.”


Yang Kai followed and finger and found a dwarf behind the counter. He was only half the average height of a Human and was completely blocked by the big counter, making it obvious why Yang Kai hadn’t seen him just now. It was unknown which Clan this dwarf came from. He had a funny appearance, with a big head and short stature, but also with a pair of shrewd eyes. He eyed Yang Kai up and down and asked, “I heard that you wanted to leverage your Demon Artifact in exchange for the map and War Chariot?”


Yang Kai put the bottle gourd on the counter and nodded, “Yes, have a look at this. How much is this worth?”


The dwarf reached out and touched the gourd before releasing his Divine Sense to examine it slightly. Immediately after, he raised his brow and uttered, “King Grade Demon Artifact!”


The so-called King Grade Demon Artifact was probably the Demon Artifact that could only be used by Demon Kings. Yang Kai had many of them, all of which he had plundered from the many Demon Kings he had killed a while back.


The cultivators in the Star Boundary could not use the artifacts of the Demon Race, but they would collect a lot of them after each battle in Tiger Roar City, as did Yang Kai.


Now that he thought of it, he should have looted a lot of Demon Crystals too, but those things were full of Demon Qi and were useless for him, so he did not keep them. If he had known he would end up in this situation, Yang Kai would have kept those Demon Crystals and saved some trouble like this.


The dwarf carefully checked the quality and grade of the bottle gourd, and nodded gently, “This shop usually doesn’t accept these things, but since it is a King Grade Demon Artifact, we can make an exception for it. However, this thing is only worth a million High-Rank Demon Crystals, which is far from enough. Do you have other things that can be leveraged?”


If it were not for the sake of this King Grade Demon Artifact, the shopkeeper would not bother to pay attention to Yang Kai; however, if Yang Kai could offer this thing up so casually, he would certainly have other good things. If the shopkeeper could trade and resell them, he would make a fortune.


“One million?” Yang Kai turned to look at Xiao Wu questioningly. He really did not know the market here in the Demon Realm, so he could only ask this maid for advice.


Xiao Wu transmitted him a message quickly, “It’s a little low. Sir can try to raise the price a bit.”


If it was just a little low, then it was still acceptable.


Yang Kai nodded and waved his hand. Immediately, a few clanking sounds rang out as five Demon Artifacts of different shapes and sizes were presented in front of him. Turning to the dwarf, Yang Kai asked plainly, “Are these enough?”


The dwarf shopkeeper and the shop clerk were dumbfounded. The several newly presented Demon Artifacts were rich in Demon Qi, not inferior to, and in some cases even better, than the bottle gourd from just now.


In other words, these were all King Grade Demon Artifacts!


A King Grade Demon Artifact could only be used by a Demon King, so seeing this unknown man take out so many of them at once could only mean that they weren’t all his. In other words, this unassuming young man must have killed and robbed others to get them.


If each Demon Artifact here represented a Demon King… 


For a moment, the way the dwarf shopkeeper and the shop clerk looked at Yang Kai changed, as they felt a gloomy, bloody aura was enveloping them. 


The dwarf shopkeeper did not dare to delay and hurriedly said, “Wait a moment, Sir. Let me have a look at them first.”


After some inspection, the dwarf was sure that these were all King Grade Demon Artifacts, and each of them was worth at least a million High-Rank Demon Crystals. Perhaps, he knew that Yang Kai was not a person that could be offended, so he even took the initiative to raise the price of three of the Demon Artifacts.


In the end, the six Demon Artifacts were valued at 6.9 million High-Rank Demon Crystals, more than enough to leverage for the map and Tiger Head Chariot.


A short time later, Yang Kai came out of the shop with Xiao Wu. He stored the map and the Tiger Head Chariot into his Space Ring while at the same time holding another Space Ring in his hand which contained the extra 900,000 High-Rank Demon Crystals.


His purpose of this trip was mainly for the map, so now his goal has been achieved, Yang Kai had nothing else to buy.


While strolling with Xiao Wu, he took out the map and probed it with his Divine Sense to get familiar with the geography in the Demon Realm. His Divine Sense shuttled through the map, and the names of one continent after another appeared before him. Yang Kai memorized this information silently, thinking it was time to inquire about the whereabouts of Bright Moon Great Emperor.


Since Heavens Revelations Great Emperor and the others wanted him to rescue Bright Moon Great Emperor, he needed to find out the latter’s location first before he began making other plans.


Just as he was deep in thought, Yang Kai suddenly heard a roar of cheers which drew his attention.


As Yang Kai looked up, he saw a huge dome-like building not far away near the centre of the Holy City. This place’s doors were guarded by several powerful Demons, and the previous sound was clearly coming from within, making it seem quite lively.


“What is that?” Yang Kai asked while pointing to the dome. The buildings that he had seen before were not that large, but this one actually covered a vast plot of land and obviously had some great backing.


“The Blood Arena.” Xiao Wu pursed her lips and glanced over to that side, a hint of fear in her eyes, as if she was quite afraid of that place.


“What is it for?” Yang Kai asked curiously.


Xiao Wu explained, “Replying to Sir, it is a place for battles. Many powerful Masters enter to compete, and the winner obtains prizes provided by the Blood Arena, while those who lose may lose everything, even their lives.”


“There are prizes to take?” Yang Kai was amazed.


Xiao Wu nodded, “En, and many times the prizes are very grand. One can also enter purely to bet and gamble. Some got rich overnight, while some became completely broke!”


“You can bet too!” Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly lit up. He spent 6 million on the map and Tiger Head Chariot just now while his several Demon Artifacts were leveraged for 6.9 million High-Rank Demon Crystals. Now, he had only 900,000 left. He would certainly have to stay in the Demon Realm for a long time, and it would not be easy for him to move about without Demon Crystals. He was thinking of a way to get more Demon Crystals just now, but he did not expect a solution to present itself in front of him.


“Let’s have a look inside.” Yang Kai immediately led Xiao Wu to the Blood Arena with great interest.


There was a guard at the door and one had to pay the fee to even enter the Blood Arena. There were exciting and fierce fights inside, so it was impossible for people to watch them for free day and night. This entrance fee was one of the sources of income of the Blood Arena.


Ten thousand High-Rank Demon Crystals were charged for each person, a number that ordinary people couldn’t afford.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had some Demon Crystals on him now; otherwise, he would have had to sponge off of Xiao Wu.


After paying the fee, Yang Kai received two entry tokens and went straight inside.


It was Xiao Wu’s first time actually entering this place, so she was a little nervous and followed closely behind Yang Kai.


Through a long corridor, the two quickly came to an extremely large internal space. It was a circular arena covering a few dozen acres of land. Snowflakes fluttered in the sky, coating the ground with thick snow, and to Yang Kai’s surprise, there were a few towering and rugged mountains inside the arena.


The surrounding auditorium was arranged in a trapezoid manner, rising step by step. It could roughly accommodate forty to fifty thousand audience members to watch the battle at once.


At this moment, although it was not full, roughly eighty percent of the seats were occupied.


Everyone had to pay an entrance fee of ten thousand High-Rank Demon Crystals, and with eighty percent of the seats filled, it meant the Blood Arena collected hundreds of millions in fees alone from those present.


Before, Yang Kai was wondering what kind of grand prizes the Blood Arena would be able to provide, and how they would make a profit from this business. But now, he understood this was definitely a ‘no lose’ business.


Not only this, but what surprised Yang Kai more was that the space inside the Blood Arena was obviously different because the scene inside the arena was more than ten times smaller than it should have been. In other words, the Blood Arena’s several tens of acres stage before him was actually hundreds, if not thousands of acres in size, just shrunk down manyfold using some special method.


[Space Folding?]


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes. [Didn’t Yu Ru Meng say that none of the Demons in the Demon Realm was proficient in the Dao of Space? If so, who compressed the space of the Blood Arena here?]


He turned around and asked Xiao Wu, only then did he find out that it was not like what he thought.


The space in the Blood Arena was originally a small fragmented continent, which was moved here by Yu Ru Meng using her powerful Divine Abilities then integrated into the arena by powerful Array Masters to achieve this effect.


[I knew this Blood Arena had a serious backer.] It turned out that this was Yu Ru Meng’s private enterprise. She was the ruler of Enchantment Continent, so it was not surprising for her to do such a thing.


Xiao Wu continued, “This maid is also here for the first time, but she has heard that there are several tens of choices of environments and terrains in this Blood Arena which can be transformed by activating various Spirit Arrays.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brow. [Does she mean that the snowy scenery in front could actually be changed to another environment and venue?]


If so, the variety of fields the Blood Arena could sport would be truly great. Fighters might be of equal strength, but one might have the upper hand if a certain environment or terrain was favourable to them.


While they were talking, another roar erupted from the surrounding audience. It seemed that the result of the battle in the Blood Arena had been decided.




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