Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3445, Li Shi Qing


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The majority of the battles in the Blood Arena would end up with the death of one side. At this moment, the winning Demon was holding a blood-drenched severed head up high and a beating Demon Heart in his hand on a mountain peak, turning around to show the audiences his triumph. The Demons seemed to love this bloody and cruel scene, and they cheered loudly.


After a long time, the winning Demon stuffed the beating Demon Heart into his mouth and chewed on it with a delighted look on his face, as if he was eating the most delicious delicacy, all while blood seeped out of the corners of his lips…


The field in the center suddenly went pitch-black, and nothing could be seen. The cheers from all around gradually subsided at this moment, but no one was surprised. Yang Kai followed the crowds, and watched quietly for a moment before he and Xiao Wu found their seats and sat down.


While waiting, some women who were dressed in revealing clothing went through the audience seats with a tray. There were cups on the tray, which were filled with scarlet liquid. He had no idea what this liquid was; however, Yang Kai saw that many Demons holler at those women, bought this beverage in exchange for some Demon Crystals and drank it with great relish.


Out of curiosity, Yang Kai also bought a cup for a thousand High-Rank Demon Crystals.


Yang Kai took a sip of the drink and found it tasted a bit like blood, so he turned to Xiao Wu and asked, “What is this?”


Xiao Wu answered with a pale face, “When certain women make… mistakes, they are imprisoned and are fed with some special types of food. After a few years, their blood will undergo certain changes, then their fresh blood will be drawn out and after some modifications…”


She did not dare to go on, but Yang Kai already understood it.


“What an eye-opener.” He nodded slightly.


After saying so, he gulped down the liquid in one go and revealed a face looking like he still wanted more.


Xiao Wu was flabbergasted! [Isn’t he a Human? Why is he as bloodthirsty just like us Demons?]


After waiting quietly for a moment, the field in the centre below suddenly lit up again, but this time it was no longer a world of ice and snow, but a field covered with yellow sand. Sure enough, as Xiao Wu mentioned before, a Spirit Array was arranged in the Blood Arena, and the field could be changed freely by activating it.


A Demon King soared into the air and shouted excitedly, “The next battle is between Du Feng and Kuang Mang. If Du Feng wins this battle, it will be ten consecutive victories for him and he will win the rich prizes provided by the Blood Arena! Du Feng is experienced and cunning; however, although Kuang Mang has only fought three times in the Blood Arena, he cannot be underestimated, for he has crushed each of his opponents in the past three battles! Let us watch and witness which of them is stronger in this battle!”


When the voice fell, two Demons came out from opposite sides of the Blood Arena respectively.


Both Demons were Demon Kings and from the fluctuations of their Demon Qi, it was apparent they had almost the same cultivation. One was thin and small in size, while the other was burly and tall, forming a very sharp contrast between them.


The entire environment of the desert could be seen, and the two Demon Kings looked at each other from across the sand with cold, murderous eyes. Neither of them moved, seemingly waiting for something quietly.


Many audience members started getting busy, taking out their entry tokens and sending their Divine Senses into them.


Yang Kai looked at this curiously, and Xiao Wu explained, “They are betting. If Sir wants to bet, just pour your Divine Sense into the entry token. After everyone is done placing their bets, the battle should begin.”


[I see!] Yang Kai immediately immersed his Divine Sense into the entry token and sure enough, he found that there were some changes in the information inside. Betting options were added; however, by the look of the odds, the Blood Arena was obviously biased towards Du Feng, because the compensation was one to one for him, while the compensation for Kuang Mang were two to one.


Other than that, there was Yang Kai’s personal betting information, but everything was zero at the moment.


Yang Kai only had 900,000 Demon Crystals on hand and he was a newcomer who had never seen these two fighters before, so he was not ready to bet. Therefore, he planned to just spectate for now.


He at least had to understand the rules here before taking action.


After a short while, the Demons in the audience seats finished placing their bets and there was no need to further delay.


The gong sounded twice, and the battle began.


The two Demon Kings quickly soared towards the centre of the desert and came into contact with each other in just ten breaths of time. Just like the Demon emcee said, Du Feng was more experienced in battle. His moves were extremely tricky, and coupled with his dexterity, he suppressed the burly Kuang Mang as soon as the fight began.


However, Kuang Mang was probably a Stone Demon and with his copper skin and a strong physique, his defence was excellent. Although he was always on the defensive and did not attack, the scattered attacks of Du Feng had no effect on him. 


For a time, the two were locked in a heated battle in the centre of the desert.


The battle between the two Demon Kings was naturally extremely electrifying. Their Demon Qi surged and trembled, which kicked up dust and sand into a storm.


However, after watching for a while, Yang Kai already had an answer. He knew that although Kuang Mang had good defence, his opponent was too flexible and agile, so he could not effectively retaliate. On the contrary, his opponent was constantly pushing him to consume his energy and Demon Qi. If he did not have some kind of superb method to reverse the situation, the outcome would be worrying.


The battle lasted half an hour, and seeing Kuang Mang exhausted, Du Feng rushed in rashly with a dagger in hand, ready to land the fatal blow. However, against expectations, Kuang Mang’s body burst out a golden light, covering an area of a thousand meters in an instant.


Du Feng’s body suddenly stiffened, exposing an opening.


Kuang Mang grinned, strode forward, and smashed a heavy round Demon Artifact in his hand onto Du Feng’s head, with a look of victory on his face.


Du Feng, however, laughed too as just when the Demon Artifact was about to land on his head, his body suddenly split into two, then four, then eight, surrounding Kuang Mang.


The eight cloned figures flashed towards the centre and merged together again.


The scene seemed to have frozen at this moment, and Du Feng’s figure was revealed again with his back facing Kuang Mang, his hand slowly playing with the dagger in his grip.


Kuang Mang remained in his attacking stance, but his body was petrified in place. The smile on his face was still frozen there, but his eyes were filled with disbelief.


Followed by a cracking noise… The burly body collapsed onto the ground, sending the sand flying everywhere. There was no wound on him, but neither was there any vitality coming from his body!


A burst of cheers came out from the audience. The Demons who won their bet were naturally elated, while the faces of the Demons who lost their Demon Crystals turned ugly as they started cursing. If Kuang Mang had not died, perhaps they would charge up and rip him into ten thousand pieces to vent their frustration.


The central field darkened again, and the preparation for a new round of combat began.


The participants of both sides of each battle always had almost equal strength. At least, they were in the same Great Realm; after all, if there was a wide gap in their strength, the show would be boring. Countless Demons bet each round, but the Blood Arena was there to adjust the odds too. Naturally, the Blood Arena would be the biggest winner in the end.


[This place is really a money tree!] Yang Kai admired Yu Ru Meng secretly, wondering how rich this woman was.


After watching several rounds of battles, Yang Kai became familiar with the rules here, so he was done with waiting. He also bet several times in the next few battles. He thought that he had good insight, and he did not expect to stumble this time.


He initially was counting on the several hundreds of thousands of Demon Crystals to earn him a pot full of money, but it turned out that he had lost them all in just a few bets.


Seeing this, he almost cursed out of anger.


If he could sense the condition of the two sides, Yang Kai believed that he would not have lost so badly. It was mainly because of the isolation of the Spirit Array that he could not properly analyse the capability of the two fighters each time and he could only observe them with his naked eyes. After a mistake or two, there was nothing for him to bet any more.


His plan to earn Demon Crystals failed, and Yang Kai did not want to stay anymore, so he called Xiao Wu to get ready to leave.


Xiao Wu did not seem to like it here either, so seeing that Yang Kai wanted to leave, she naturally was delighted and quickly followed him.


Although he had been betting before, no one came to collect the Demon Crystals of the bet from him, because when each guest left the Blood Arena, their entry token would be taken back. The entry token recorded all their betting information, and the result of winning or losing would be clear at a glance. If he lost, he just needed to compensate the Demon Crystals to the Blood Arena before leaving. It was the same for winning.


No one dared to repudiate a debt in the Blood Arena, unless they were eager to die.


Yang Kai had 880,000 Demon Crystals left in hand, and the debt in his entry token was just about equal to that.


However, Yang Kai only took two steps towards the exit before the central field lit up again. At this time, the surrounding audiences let out sounds of surprise, as if they saw something incredible.


Yang Kai turned back to look casually, but his eyes suddenly widened and he stopped his feet as he stared at the centre of the stage for a moment.


Xiao Wu, who was following behind him, did not pay attention for a moment and crashed into his back directly. She immediately apologized in fear.


Yang Kai just waved his hand, indicating that it was fine as he took a closer look at a figure in the central stage. 


[That’s Yu Ru Meng over there!]


[No, no, that’s not Yu Ru Meng, that’s…]


[Li Shi Qing!]


Yu Ru Meng had been using Li Shi Qing’s face in the Star Boundary, so this face was naturally familiar to Yang Kai. For a moment, he thought that it was Yu Ru Meng when he suddenly saw this face in the central stage, but he quickly realized that it was actually Li Shi Qing.


Yang Kai had tried to probe Yu Ru Meng about Li Shi Qing’s whereabouts before, but she had never disclosed anything to him. Only now did Yang Kai realize that this young woman had been brought to the Demon Realm, the Blood Arena of Enchantment Continent to be specific.


He and the real Li Shi Qing had never been in contact, and neither of them knew the other, but this woman was the Disciple of Flower Shadow Great Emperor. Since Yang Kai encountered her in the Demon Realm, he naturally could not just ignore her.


[But what does this scene mean? Don’t tell me the Demon Race is letting Li Shi Qing participate in battles in the Blood Arena?]




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