Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3447, As Easy As Chopping Melons and Vegetables


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Despite being worried, Xiao Wu remembered Yang Kai’s previous orders clearly. Quickly taking out her entry token and pushing her Divine Sense into it, she saw the betting information for this free-for-all battle in the entry token.


The betting system was different from the previous ones. The previous bets only had two options, but this time, there were as many as seventy or eighty choices. In other words, there were at least seventy Demon Masters in the Blood Arena at the moment, and they were basically all Demon Kings.


Each Demon participating in the fight had their own identity number listed in rows and columns, followed by a simple introduction of their cultivation. Some famous ones even had their own nicknames. Du Feng, who won the Blood Fight before, was impressively listed.


Yang Kai naturally did not have any nicknames. Xiao Wu browsed column by column and quickly found Yang Kai’s number. She glanced at the odds at the back and was startled, thinking she must have read it wrongly.


She took a closer look and confirmed that she did not misread. Yang Kai’s odds were ten to one!


She felt a little odd because the odds are a bit too skewed and seemed very abnormal. Looking at the odds of other Demons, they were all within a normal range. There were a few others whose odds were also ten to one, but those Demons were all Demon Great Generals so it was basically impossible for them to survive to the end.


However, the odds for Demon Kings basically fluctuated in the range of one to one, to two to one at worst.


But the information marked beside Yang Kai’s name listed him as a Mid-Rank Demon King! What was happening? With such unreasonable odds, it was as if the Blood Arena was sure that Yang Kai was bound to die and deliberately decreased the odds to scare off betters.


Xiao Wu didn’t understand it, but she could not afford to contemplate too much at this point. If she delayed any further, the time for betting would end.


She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, then followed Yang Kai’s instructions and bet one hundred million on him!


After doing all of this, Xiao Wu fell limp, as if all her strength had escaped from her body. She had never felt this much pressure in her life.


On the other hand, in the Blood Arena, Yang Kai stood calmly, gazing at the Demon Kings gathered around him. He swept his Divine Sense over them, getting a full view of their details. There were four Low-Ranks and one Mid-Rank… 


Converting their cultivation to Human standards, it was equivalent to four First-Order and one Second-Order Emperor.


[What gave them the confidence to surround me here?]


He intertwined his fingers, stretched his arms downwards, shook his neck, and loosened his shoulders, seemingly stretching before a big fight. The several Demon Kings looked at him with a grin, as if they were looking at a dead man.


With two loud bangs, the free-for-all battle had officially begun!


A Low-Rank Demon King on the left, who seemed to be angered by Yang Kai’s provocation earlier, immediately launched at Yang Kai, wanting to teach him the cost of being so rampant. He grinned cunningly as he approached Yang Kai in just two steps, thickly coated in Demon Qi, as if he could not wait a moment longer. He drew his fist, and threw a punch with a dark ball condensed in front of it towards Yang Kai’s chest.


The destructive aura spread out suddenly, and the Demon King smiled triumphantly.


At the same time, Yang Kai threw out a punch, but there was no flutter of power or fancy display of light, it was just a simple punch.


*Hong… *


The smile on the Demon King’s face instantly stiffened, and a look of disbelief surfaced in his eyes. An unimaginable sense of crisis enveloped him as time seemed to freeze at that moment.


Inexplicably, he felt that everything around him became extremely slow, and he could even clearly see his opponent’s punch smashing his fist into a mist of blood. The violent power did not stop there though as it travelled up his arm, crushing it as easily as dry weeds and rotten wood until it reached his chest.


In an explosion of blood mist, the Demon King vaporized. The Low-Rank Demon King was instantly blasted into nothing by Yang Kai.


Everyone was slow to react.


The other four Demon Kings who were standing nearby, planning to get a better understanding of Yang Kai’s capabilities before making their next move, failed to even come to their senses before Yang Kai, wrapped in a cold murderous intent, charged through that cloud of blood mist and rushed towards another Low-Rank Demon King.


He threw another casual punch, then without taking a second look, turned and flew towards a third Low-Rank Demon King.


When the force of his punch landed on the second Demon King, he too exploded into a blood mist.


The remaining Demon Kings’ faces turned pale in horror as they could hardly believe their eyes. In a brief moment of hesitation, the third Demon King who was punched by Yang Kai had already followed the footsteps of their previous two companions.




The last two Demon Kings instinctively wanted to distance themselves from Yang Kai, but before they could, Yang Kai glanced back suddenly, and grinned at the two of them, sending chills up their spines.


Stretching out his hand, Yang Kai grasped towards these two and with a flicker of Space Principles, the retreating figures were immediately frozen in place, as if they were bound by some invisible shackles. Not only could they not move, but the two Demon Kings were also quickly drawn towards Yang Kai by a strong, irresistible force. Their eyes darting around in panic, the two Demon Kings struggled violently, but only got even more desperate when they watched themselves getting closer and closer to the murderous monster.


Yang Kai leaned back slightly and withdrew his arms. He looked like a stretched bow, and released his fists when he was stretched to the limit.


With two loud bangs, and almost simultaneously, two fists hit the two remaining Demon Kings. The Mid-Rank Demon King and Low-Rank Demon King were almost indistinguishable at this moment as their bodies burst into raining chunks of flesh and blood, dying the ground around them blood red.


In the audience, many Demons witnessed this shocking scene and applauded madly with wild excitement. The abnormality of the situation attracted the attention of others, and more and more Demons began paying attention to Yang Kai’s situation.


Even though most of these Demons did not see the scene where Yang Kai crushed and killed five enemies alone, the condition of the battlefield showed that a bloody battle had broken out here a moment ago, and it did not look like a solo fight, because the battle traces left behind definitely were not left by the death of a single person.


The one who was still alive was undoubtedly the only survivor, which surprised many Demons; after all, the free-for-all battle had only begun three breaths ago. How did so many Demon Kings die so quickly?


After a little inquiry, these Demons learned about the situation, and their curiosity turned into amazement. They paid extra attention to Yang Kai, wanting to see if this guy was really that strong that he could kill five Demon Kings by himself in the blink of an eye.


Some Demons even started investigating Yang Kai on their entry tokens. After discovering the horrible ten-to-one odds, they instantly became upset. Had they known that this guy was so powerful, they would not have hesitated to place their bets on him. Who knows, they just might have gotten rich overnight!


In the corner of the auditorium, Xiao Wu covered her eyes with trembling hands. She did not dare to watch the scene in the Blood Arena. If Yang Kai died here today, she would be doomed. The best she could hope for was a swift execution, but her most likely fate was having her Soul extracted and tortured day and night in excruciating agony for a thousand years!


She did not dare to remove her hands even when cheers erupted all around her, lest she was shown the scene that she dreaded most.


A hand suddenly patted her shoulder gently as a Demon sitting behind her told her kindly, “Hey, your Sir isn’t dead.”


“Not dead?” Xiao Wu was stunned, and slowly removed her hands from her face. She opened one eye anxiously and glanced into the Blood Arena. Yang Kai stood there safe and sound, but the Demon Kings who had gathered around him before had disappeared.


[Where are those Demon Kings?] Before the free-for-all started, there were clearly several Demon Kings near Yang Kai, so Xiao Wu could not help feeling a little confused.


As if seeing through her doubts, the Demon behind her explained, “They were all killed by your Sir.”


Xiao Wu was even more surprised now. Those were five Demon Kings! How were they killed by her Sir so quickly? She then turned around to look at the Demon behind her with a look of shock. She really could not believe it and did not dare to believe it.


The Demon behind her was just a Demon Great General, and when he saw the hideous scars on Xiao Wu’s face, he was taken aback for a moment but quickly returned a smile, “Where did your Sir come from? He looks quite strong.”


Xiao Wu shook his head slowly, she obviously would not answer this question.


That Demon seemed to be unusually chummy so he just asked a different question, “Do you think he will win till the end?”


“I don’t know.”


“I hope he can hold on to the end.” The Demon Great General stared at Yang Kai with bright eyes, his expression exuberant, “If he can live till the end, it will be my lucky day.”


Xiao Wu frowned, “What does it matter to you?”


The Demon Great General gave a low sneaky laugh, “Because I bet two million Demon Crystals on him!”


[So that’s why.] Xiao Wu was speechless for a moment. No wonder this guy cared so much about her Sir, it was because he was betting on him! On second thought, maybe he overheard their conversation before and decided to take a chance; otherwise, with such fishy-looking betting odds, which Demon Great General would be willing to bet on Yang Kai, and with many Demon Crystals at that?


If this man really won his bet, he would be getting twenty million out of his two million bet, which would be enough to purchase many King Rank Demon Artifacts! For a Demon Great General, this was a huge windfall.


Xiao Wu’s guess was accurate. The Demon Great General indeed had overheard the dialogue between Yang Kai and Xiao Wu, which was why he bet on Yang Kai. In his opinion, since Yang Kai dared to wager a hundred million on himself, he must have been very confident about winning. As such, the Demon Great General took decisive action to put all the Demon Crystals he could afford at stake.


Originally, he was still a little worried and felt that he had been too impulsive just now. The odds of ten to one were never seen here in the Blood Arena for a true competitor, so since the Blood Arena dared to offer such odds, it was almost assured that Yang Kai would not survive till the end.


But as soon as he saw Yang Kai’s terrifying power displayed right at the beginning of the battle, this Demon Great General burst into laughter.


With such strength, no regular Demon King would be a match for Yang Kai!




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