Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3448, My Condolences


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In the Blood Arena, Yang Kai blew a whistle and looked down at his feet. A big withered hand with Demon Qi condensed in its palm appeared out of nowhere around his ankles, attempting to catch him off guard; however, the owner of the big withered hand seemed to have noticed something wrong as his hand was frozen under Yang Kai’s feet and could not move an inch.


When Yang Kai looked toward it, the big hand immediately retracted back into the ground and vanished without a trace.


Yang Kai grinned and stomped his foot on the ground.




The ground where his foot landed immediately split apart with a huge crack that spread forward like a spirit snake coming out of its hole, swaying its head and tail at a rapid speed.


A dull grunt was heard from the ground, and a skinny figure soared into the sky from the tip of the crack, covered with sand and dust that concealed his appearance.


It was a Sand Demon, and it was unknown when it started to hide under Yang Kai’s feet. It seemed that this Demon King was waiting for an opportunity to ambush Yang Kai and give him a fatal blow, but the previous five Demon Kings died so fast that they failed to create a suitable chance for him. At the moment, since he was forced to expose himself, the Sand Demon had lost his biggest advantage.


The Sand Demon dashed frantically in one direction as soon as he was exposed. The sand spinning around him shook violently. Wrapped by the trembling Demon Qi, the gravel cast over the entire sky and ground shrouded Yang Kai. Each gravel stone was the product of countless years of cultivated Demon Qi, and their lethality was as powerful as the full blow of a Demon Great General at his peak.


Countless gravel stones bombarded together, forcing even the Demon Kings to retreat.


*Chi Chi Chi… * 


A persistent noise filled the air as the Sand Demon turned back to look in a fluster. However, he soon frowned because there was no one behind him, and all his effort struck only air.


Just when he was lost in confusion, a grim aura suddenly appeared in front of him, blocking his way.


The Sand Demon was taken aback and quickly turned his head back towards the front, only to see Yang Kai, who should have been behind him, had now appeared just ten metres in front of him, looking at him mockingly.


[Since when?]


There was no time for him to think about it as he reacted instinctually. Followed by a shake, the Sand Demon came to a halt before trying to sweep past Yang Kai from the side.


Yang Kai lightly stretched out his hand and gently grabbed at the fleeing Demon King, as if he was catching a fly.


The next moment, the Sand Demon felt that his neck was being held by a big hand, his breathing completely obstructed. He hovered high above the ground and was drawn involuntarily towards Yang Kai.


He struggled hard, but he lost his strength to resist the moment a violent Emperor Qi poured into his body.


“You…” Only now did the Sand Demon realize the true extent of Yang Kai’s overwhelming power. What poured into his body was not Demon Qi at all, but rather the Emperor Qi of the Human Race. At this moment, the Sand Demon could not help staring at Yang Kai with his eyes widened in bewilderment.


[Is this guy really a Human?]


Before he could finish his thought, the power that poured into his body began to roil, destroying his flesh, bones, and internal organs. A painful look filled the Sand Demon’s face before a few breaths later he burst into pieces.


Within this short moment, six Demon Kings had died at Yang Kai’s hands.


As if he sensed something, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head to the side and looked into the distance.


A graceful figure stood quietly on the top of a mountain far away, watching him from a distance.


Yang Kai was confused.


[What the Hell? Isn’t the final prize of this fight Li Shi Qing? How come there is a female Demon King contesting for her? Does this female Demon King have some special interests? It could be… After all, the world is so big and anything is possible.]


They exchanged looks across a distance and Yang Kai instantly recognized the female Demon King to be a Feather Demon, because she carried a pair of delicate wings behind her. He grinned at her, but the female Demon King just turned around and left, with a hint of fear flashing across her eyes.


She obviously witnessed Yang Kai’s actions in crushing the Demon Kings just now, and listed Yang Kai as her one of the strongest enemies here, otherwise, she would never have retreated so quickly.


In the audience seats, Xiao Wu covered her red lips with her hands and looked at Yang Kai with a blank mind.


She did not see the scene of Yang Kai killing the previous five Demon Kings, but now she clearly saw how he finished off the Sand Demon. The Sand Demon was also a Demon King, but he was just as vulnerable as a three-year-old child in Yang Kai’s hands.


Her confidence in Yang Kai rose as she suddenly felt that it was not impossible for him to live to the end, so she immediately began paying close attention to his movements. As for the Demon Great General behind her, he remarked with a hearty chuckle, “See, your Sir is really strong. I didn’t bet wrongly this time!”




It seemed that in order to accommodate this large-scale free-for-all battle, the space inside the Blood Arena had become much larger than before. After Yang Kai killed the six Demon Kings, he started to roam around curiously.


To him, the ultimate goal was to win Li Shi Qing, so he treated all the Demons in the Blood Arena as enemies and planned to kill all of them.


Perhaps due to his harmless appearance, in contrast to the vicious looks of the other Demon Kings, he came off as an easy target. Nevertheless, all the Demons who challenged him were killed miserably without exception.


Yang Kai was unstoppable. Besides the achievements of the first six Demon Kings, Yang Kai also killed an additional eight Demon Kings in the following hour.


In other words, more than a dozen Demon Kings had died at his hands in the Blood Arena.


This was an extremely horrifying score. The total number of people participating in this chaotic battle was only between seventy and eighty, so Yang Kai’s actions attracted the attention of countless Demons in the audience seats. All of them kept asking where this guy came from and why they had never seen him before.


Many Demons rooted for Yang Kai with excitement, hoping he could kill more and more and survive to the end.


These were naturally the people who bet on Yang Kai. The Demon Great General behind Xiao Wu was not the only one who bet on Yang Kai. Many Demons wished to become rich overnight too. In the previous betting information, only Yang Kai and several foolish Demon Great Generals had ten to one odds of winning. Those Demon Great Generals definitely could not be relied on, but Yang Kai seemed like a possible winner.


At least a thousand among the tens of thousands in the audience in the Blood Arena had bet on Yang Kai, so at this moment, these thousand people were watching Yang Kai closely, praying he would not die.


After two hours, the chaos in the Blood Arena gradually subsided as less than half of the eighty or so participants were still alive, while the rest were dead.


Nevertheless, those who could live up to now basically had their own life-protecting skills, or were simply far more powerful than the others.


“Eh, what are those guys doing?” The Demon Great General behind Xiao Wu looked at a certain place in surprise as if he suddenly noticed something.


After hearing it, Xiao Wu looked around the Blood Arena, and soon, she found something wrong too.


She had been paying attention to Yang Kai before and did not see the movements of the others at all. Now that her attention was attracted by the Demon Great General though, she suddenly saw many Demon Kings had gathered together in a serious discussion.


[What is this? Is such a scene really happening in the Blood Arena?]


Xiao Wu was astonished. This was her first time coming to the Blood Arena, so she did not understand the rules and norms of this place. She could only turn around and ask the Demon Great General, “Are they teaming up? Are they allowed to do so?”


The Demon Great General smiled, “This fight is a free-for-all and there are no rules. As long as you can survive until the end, nothing is forbidden. It’s just that…”


“Just what?”


“There are too many of them,” The Demon Great General frowned. There was no precedence for such a sight. It was normal for a few people to form temporary alliances in a free-for-all battle, advancing and retreating together, and then decide the victor at the last moment.


But usually, only two or three people would work together while even four would be considered too many; after all, there were more uncertainties in a large group of people and no one could guarantee that the others had no ill intentions. What if they were betrayed by their own ‘allies’ at a critical moment?


However, there were not just three or four Demons gathering together now, but seven or eight of them.


“Someone else is going that way!” Xiao Wu pointed to that place.


The Demon Great General looked in that direction and found that it was true. A Demon King was speeding towards the place where those people gathered. After a while, he arrived at the place and joined them while the initial Demon Kings over there just glanced at him and accepted his presence.


[What are they doing?] The Demon Great General was puzzled. [Even if they wanted to team up, there is no need to gather so many people, right? Moreover, who is the one who managed to bring them all together and make them seek common ground?]


Vaguely, he could feel a conspiracy brewing, and then looked at Yang Kai with a frown.


No matter who these people ultimately wanted to deal with, it would be difficult for Yang Kai. If he wanted to survive until the end, Yang Kai had to break the joined force of these people. Although Yang Kai had killed more than a dozen Demon Kings already with his outstanding skills, it was unclear whether he could pass through this obstacle.


At this time, the group of Demon Kings seemed to have come to an agreement. They all straightened up and flew off in one direction, reaching a certain mountain peak in just a short while. They then executed their own Divine Abilities one after another and hid in different parts of the mountain peak, leaving only one Demon King standing mid-air.


“Are they planning an ambush?” The Demon Great General gaped at them with a dumbstruck look.


They were already almost invincible given that so many Demon Kings had teamed up, yet they were still setting up an ambush? Who deserved so much of their attention?


When everyone was done hiding, the remaining Demon King suddenly flew out into the distance with a flicker.


“Ah?” The Demon Great General behind Xiao Wu suddenly shouted, his face ashen, as he cried with a sad face, “It’s over, it’s over!”


Xiao Wu was startled by his excessive reaction and could not help turning back to glare at him.


The Demon Great General smacked his mouth and looked at Xiao Wu sympathetically, “My condolences!”


“What are you talking about!?” Xiao Wu was extremely infuriated. At this time, she was dreadfully worried for Yang Kai, but this guy behind her was making it worse by talking nonsense. He was cursing her Sir!




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  1. It’s never been specified how many emperors there are in the star boundary, but I do recall it being said that there were a few hundred (around 500 at least I assume) in each territory, and this doesn’t incude those in the revolving world or dragon island or the ancestral wild lands. So all in all I would guess that the star boundary would have 3000 emperors. How many does the demon realm have? I mean Yang Kai is just casually killing 70 to 80 demon Kings in one day. It seems like the demon realm doesn’t just have more great emperor level figures, but also way more emperors. Doesn’t really make sense to me though. Why is the demon realm so much stronger than the star boundary? Why doesn’t the star boundary have someone comparable to the great demon god? Or does it have one and we just haven’t seen or heard of them yet.

  2. “Does this female Demon King have some special interests? It could be… After all, the world is so big and anything is possible.”
    Does Bi Luo mean nothing to you? He speaks as if there are almost no women attracted to women in the world.

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