Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3449, You’re Dead


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“Can’t you see?” The Demon Great General pulled a long face. He looked so depressed and distressed as if someone had shaved a few pounds of flesh off him.


“See what?” Xiao Wu frowned even harder.


The Demon Great General kneaded his forehead in frustration, [It’s so obvious, how can she not see it? This woman is really stupid.] 


Still, he immediately explained, “Those guys are targeting your Sir!”


“What?” Xiao Wu was shocked when she heard the words. She quickly fixed her stare at the field and sure enough, something was not right. The Demon King who flew out from that mountain peak made a beeline towards Yang Kai, and it was only a matter of time before they met each other.


She clearly saw the setup made by this group of Demon Kings. A group of malicious Demons set up an ambush on the top of a mountain, but only one of them rushed out. It was obviously bait to lure someone into the trap.


Now that she received a hint from the Demon Great General behind her, Xiao Wu finally understood.


Yang Kai was their prey!


It could be accidental, or it may be intentional. If it was just a coincidence, it could only be said that Yang Kai was out of luck, but in the case it was intentional, it meant that Yang Kai’s previous record of killing more than a dozen Demon Kings had stirred up fear in the Demon Kings who participated in the free for all battle, leading to so many of them teaming up to deal with him.


Nevertheless, her Sir was in a dangerous situation now, so Xiao Wu could not help clenching her fists and screaming silently inside, hoping that Yang Kai would change direction or see through the enemy’s trap in advance.


Unfortunately, she got the opposite of what she hoped for as it was impossible for Yang Kai to perceive the trap ahead.


The Demon King who rushed out came to face Yang Kai after a bit more than ten breaths. Xiao Wu watched the Demon King initiate the first round of attacks without saying a word. Yang Kai easily resolved these attacks, and the Demon King immediately turned around and transformed into a blood beam, escaping at an extremely fast speed. It seemed like he had no intention to fight Yang Kai to the death, and was obviously just trying to lead him into the encirclement.


This was a Mid-Rank Demon King, and he was a Blood Demon!


In the Blood Arena, Yang Kai chased after this Demon with a grin. He did not want to show his hand up until the last moment, so he never used his Space Divine Abilities in any obvious manner. Even so, his speed was much faster than the Blood Demon’s, and it did not take long for him to reach a distance close enough for him to throw a killing move.


However, at that exact moment, a stream of light whizzed towards Yang Kai from the side with an ear-piercing sound.


Yang immediately came to a sudden stop as a strong wind swept across his cheek.


After another deep thud, an arrow was shot right next to Yang Kai’s feet. It was four metres long and as thick as a child’s arm, like an indestructible spear. The tail trembled slightly as the Demon Qi arrow buried itself almost a metre into the ground, radiating a heart-palpitating power, demonstrating the extraordinary strength of the shooter.


Yang Kai turned his head to look around coldly, and sure enough, a few kilometres away stood a graceful figure clothed in a tight black suit with a large bow in her hand, its bowstring vibrating slightly.


Due to the sudden change, the fleeing Blood Demon stopped as well and turned back to look with a frown on his face.


His purpose this time was to lure Yang Kai into the trap that has been set up, but an unexpected variable had suddenly sprung up, leading to a hiccup in the original plan. This naturally put him in a foul mood.


Taking a closer look at the Feather Demon who shot the arrow, the Blood Demon seemed to recognize her and instantly felt a headache coming on.


It was a problem to stay here; after all, his role was to bait Yang Kai into the trap and stopping to look for too long would only cause the latter to become suspicious, so after a brief hesitation, the Blood Demon turned around and flew away again.


There would always be a next time if the plan failed this time, but it would all be ruined if Yang Kai found out about their machinations.


Yang Kai did not continue his pursuit of the Blood Demon. It did not matter to him who it was, everyone in this Blood Arena was ultimately going to die, it was just a matter of time.


At this moment, he recognized the person who shot at him with an arrow in the distance. It was the same Feather Demon that he saw from a distance when he first came in.


A female Demon King, and a Feather Demon too. Who else could it be besides her?


Reaching out to grab the tail of the arrow at his feet, Yang Kai pulled it out with slight effort, dispersing the Demon Qi around it, revealing a normal-sized arrow. Weighing this arrow in his hand, Yang Kai raised his head and smiled at the Feather Demon who was a few thousand metres away.


In the next moment, he pulled back his arm and hurled the arrow in that direction.


*Xiu… *


The tip of the arrow flashed into a sharp ray of light and seemed to leap across space as it blasted towards the Feather Demon with a Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering power.


In the blink of an eye, the arrow was right in front of the Feather Demon.


However, she remained unmoved and calm. With the bow in her hand raised up in front of her, she twirled it slightly and brushed against the oncoming arrow. With a pull, the bowstring was pulled taught in an instant and with another twirl, the arrow was nocked on her bow once more.


At this moment, Yang Kai was already only three hundred metres away from the Feather Demon, having advanced towards her at the same time he hurled that feather arrow.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up in surprise and silently admired her skill.


The fluctuation of Demon Qi coming from the Feather Demon indicated that she only had a Mid-Rank Demon King cultivation, but her reflexes and her ability to respond quickly to situations was by no means something an ordinary Mid-Rank Demon King could possess.


The power of his hurl was immense, but she only used a slight twirl of her bow to nullify most of his strength. Such a superb skill executed so boldly in the heat of battle proved that this Feather Demon was outstanding and a rare talent.


Yang Kai even felt that he might have underestimated this female Demon King.


No sooner had the arrow been nocked on the bowstring again did it fire. Yang Kai did not back down, however, and just tilted his head slightly, evading the arrow by a hair as he charged towards the Feather Demon at lightning speed.


As an excellent archer, the Feather Demon naturally knew what her greatest advantage was and she did not give Yang Kai a chance to close in further. With minimum movement, her figure floated up and retreated. Tightening all five of her slender fingers, the bowstring was pulled taut again, releasing arrow after arrow in a constant barrage.


In an instant, more than ten sharp arrows were released, breaking through the barrier of space, piercing fiercely towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai evaded the first few shots but was unable to dodge the latter ones. His opponent’s archery was better than he expected and with no other choice, he stretched out his hand and grabbed in front of him. Space Principles fluctuated and a dark black hole suddenly appeared.


Although he also used Space Principles when he killed off some Demons earlier, he always did so inconspicuously so as not to be noticed by others.


But the appearance of this black hole would no doubt expose the cards in his hands.


However, this was not a big deal as he had many tricks up his sleeves, so exposing a few of them would not cause major damage.


The black hole devoured everything, and even the next few arrows were sucked into it and disappeared.


Yang Kai looked up and saw the Feather Demon show a trace of amazement on her face. She obviously did not expect Yang Kai to resolve her killing moves so easily, but she regained her composure a moment later and drew her bow again, releasing another arrow.


This time was different though as after three breaths, the released arrow released a dazzling light as it whizzed towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was unmoved by the sudden development and once again extended his hand, summoning the same black hole again.


However, when the black hole was just about to swallow the arrow, a slight pop was heard and the four-metre-long arrow exploded into a rain of black arrows that covered a wide area.


This move caught Yang Kai off guard as he stared at the scene in a daze.


*Ding Ding Dang Dang… *


Countless crisp sounds echoed, but while the number of arrows increased greatly, the power behind each one was proportionally decreased, so Yang Kai was able to defend against all of them with his Emperor Qi alone.


As the clinking sounds gradually faded, Yang Kai broke through the rain of arrows wrapped in a chilly aura, his face grimacing in pain before he disappeared from that place with a flicker.


The Feather Demon was admiring her own masterpiece with a smile, but her complexion changed slightly at this odd scene and she hurriedly flipped her bow behind her back.


At the same time, Yang Kai’s figure had reappeared behind her, throwing a punch with all his strength, but the blow landed on the opponent’s bow instead of her head


The bow groaned hard and bent severely, but it successfully nullified most of the blow’s strength. The Feather Demon flipped up and around, taking advantage of the force of Yang Kai’s blow as she tightly gripped her bow and pulled hard, drawing her bowstring towards his neck, gracefully arching herself to increase the speed to its maximum.


Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he quickly lifted his hand to protect the front of his throat.


With a twang, Yang Kai felt a sharp pain on his palm from the cut of the bowstring.


Even though he knew that the cut was not lethal, Yang Kai still broke out into a cold sweat. The instincts and reflexes of this female Demon King… were simply superb. He initially thought that all Feather Demons would be easy to kill in close quarters, but this particular Feather Demon seemed like an exception. Whether it was in long-range or close quarters, her combat prowess was outstanding and her flexible use of her own strength led Yang Kai into trouble just now.


With a push of his palm, Yang Kai knocked the bowstring away and clenched his free hand into a hammer fist that he swung backwards with full force.


The punch smashed nothing but air as the female Demon King swiftly released one hand from her bow, executed a half spin, and leaned back greatly in order to dodge.


Yang Kai glanced over his shoulder and saw the female Demon King’s towering chest facing towards the sky as she arched her back, while his fist brushed across the tip of her nose. Even from this angle, he could clearly see the fair white valley between her proud peaks.


In no position to appreciate this glorious sight though, Yang Kai sent out a spin kick towards his opponent.


The female Demon King kicked off of Yang Kai and rebounded upwards, flipping up her bow and tightening her grip around her bowstring again. Another arrow manifested and was pulled taut, but this time it was only one metre long. It was obviously made especially for close combat, and the tip of the arrow was green, probably laced with poison. The bowstring shook as the tip of the arrow pressed up against Yang Kai’s temple and the female Demon King looked at Yang Kai provocatively and mockingly, “You’re dead!”


Yang Kai faced her sideways, with the same provocative expression and grin, “We’ll see who dies first!”




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