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Martial Peak – Chapter 3450, Team Up

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As soon as his words fell, the female Demon King frowned and looked down at her chest. Yang Kai’s hand, that was bent into a claw, just touched onto her left peak, his fingertips flickering with a dangerous light.


“Tsk…” The female Demon King spat in frustration as Yang Kai had managed to gain the upper hand because of her carelessness.


However, realization dawned on her when she felt the fluctuation of Yang Kai’s power in close proximity. She looked at Yang Kai curiously with a slight frown, “Are you the Human who was brought back from the Star Boundary by the Holy Venerable?”


Yang Kai raised his brow and asked, “Do you know me?”


The female Demon King giggled, “It is rumoured that a Master from the Human Race had fallen to the Demon path, had no place to stay in the Star Boundary, and had to follow the Holy Venerable to Enchantment Continent. Looks like it’s you.”


“News spreads fast,” Yang Kai looked disgruntled, as if something he wanted to keep a secret was exposed, and a hint of murderous intent flashed across his eyes, like he was about to silence all witnesses to his crime.


The female Demon King sensed his intent, but remained unafraid and even pressed on faintly, “There’s no use in killing me alone. Many in the Holy City already knew about you; after all, you are the one who the Holy Venerable brought back herself.” After a pause, she continued, “Furthermore, if you really want to kill me, who knows who will die first.”


Yang Kai’s eyes flickered ferociously in hesitation and struggle, but behind his act he was actually wondering who was the one who spread this news.


[I just arrived in the Demon Realm a few days ago, and it’s impossible that Yu Ru Meng publicized such a matter recklessly, so it could only have been done by someone else, but for what purpose?]


“Hey, you should let go now.” While Yang Kai was still immersed in his thoughts, the female Demon King called out to him.


Yang Kai snorted and quickly retrieved his hand. No matter the circumstances, it was inappropriate for a man to lay his hand on a woman’s chest in public. A hint of surprise flashed across the other party’s eyes, but at the same time, she retracted her arrow too.


This strange scene confused the tens of thousands of audience members in the Blood Arena. The two were fighting with the intent to kill each other just now, so how was it that they were now coexisting peacefully all of a sudden?


Nevertheless, Xiao Wu and the Demon Great General behind her were relieved at the same time. When they saw Yang Kai with a sharp, poisoned arrow pressed against his head, they almost forgot how to breathe, for they were afraid of seeing the scene that they did not wish to see happen next. With the heavy stone lifted from their hearts, they sat down on the seats limply together. It was truly thrilling just now.


Inside the Blood Arena, Yang Kai looked sideways at the female Demon King with a complicated look.


The reason why he stopped his actions just now so readily was not out of compassion for women, but because he noticed something in her previous series of attacks. Although each one seemed sharp and vicious, there was no murderous intent behind any of them, as if she was probing him just now; or rather, she was testing him.


Besides, he also wanted to find out what this female Demon King was trying to achieve.


“Why didn’t you stay in the Holy Venerable’s palace and instead come out to this Blood Arena?” The female Demon King asked as she looked Yang Kai up and down a few times. After questioning, she suddenly was enlightened, “Oh, I see. Are you here for the prize?” She leaned closely in excitement, “How did you know there would be such a prize in the Blood Arena? Do you have any inside information? Can you let me in on the secret?”


[Inside information my ass!] Yang Kai cursed in his heart and replied impatiently, “If you want to say something, just spit it out!”


The female Demon King was obviously annoyed by his rude attitude and clicked her tongue, but as she played with the bow in her hand, she raised her eyes and remarked softly, “You owe me your life, shouldn’t you say thanks first?”


Yang Kai stared at her with a trace of pity appearing in his eyes, “Insane woman!” He muttered before turning away and leaving.


The female Demon King was stunned momentarily, but after she regained her wits, with a flicker, she blocked Yang Kai’s path and glared at him fiercely, “Did you just curse me?”


“Go away!” Yang Kai threatened her with a huge fist and a ferocious look, “I don’t like beating women, but it doesn’t mean I won’t. If you dare pester me endlessly, I’ll immediately take your life!”


He did not mind killing this unknown female Demon King here and now; after all, there would be one less enemy for Star Boundary to face if he did.


The female Demon King looked like she had choked and her big eyes widened. So angry she had to laugh, she snapped, “Do you think I’m playing with you? Do you know if I hadn’t stopped you just now, you would already be a dead man?”


“Oh?” Yang Kai was surprised, but he maintained a calm composure, and asked as he looked at her coldly, “Do you mind telling me how I would have died then?”


The female Demon King snickered, “You were being led into a trap where more than ten Demon Kings were waiting to ambush you, including three High-Rank Demon Kings. Do you still think that you could have kept your life?”


Yang Kai frowned, gazing thoughtfully in the direction that the Blood Demon had fled towards before, and then looked back at the Feather Demon, “How did you know?”


It would truly put him in trouble if he was besieged by more than ten Demon Kings, with several High-Rank Demon Kings among them. Even if he could break out of such a siege, he would certainly need to expose many of his cards to do so.


Yang Kai really did not want this situation to happen in front of everyone’s eyes. He came to the Demon Realm for a purpose, and while Yu Ru Meng knew about his skills already, others did not know yet. Yu Ru Meng was not so bored she would go around exposing his information; therefore, it was better to keep his abilities unrevealed for his own convenience in the future.


The Feather Demon sneered, “Are you afraid now?”


“Afraid?” Yang Kai guffawed, “This King betrayed the Star Boundary and escaped from the grip of a Great Emperor. He has also fought with and escaped from a Pseudo-Great Emperor, so there is nothing in this world I need fear.”


The Feather Demon was stunned. Although she was a Demon, she knew about the Great Emperors and Pseudo-Great Emperors. They were existences on par with the Holy Venerables and Half-Saints of the Demon Realm. To her, Yang Kai must be an extremely audacious guy who dared to betray the Star Boundary and fight against a Great Emperor and Pseudo-Great Emperor.


Not willing to be entangled in this matter any further, she curled her lip and said, “You don’t need to care about how I know about it. Anyways, in this current situation, some people have begun to work together to stop you from getting the final victory.”


Yang Kai stroked the stubble on his chin and nodded lightly, “If things are really as you said, this King owes you a favour. If you get into trouble in the future, look for me in the Holy Venerable’s Palace and this King will not refuse to help you if he can.”


He did not doubt what this Feather Demon stated because it was meaningless to deceive him in such a place. Moreover, the Feather Demon had excellent eyesight and archery skills. Some powerful Feather Demons could even cultivate an amazing Pupil Technique that allowed them to see many things that others could not see.


Of course, everything would be pointless if she could not survive this battle. Even if Yang Kai was not killing her now, it did not mean that he would not attack her at the end of this battle. If he really had to, he would not hesitate at all.


“Why would I still need your favour if you die?” The Feather Demon sneered.


“Then, what do you want?” Yang Kai glanced sideways at her, for he believed she did not stop him from falling into the trap after noticing some situation out of the goodness of her heart. She must have other intentions.


“Let’s team up,” Although the Feather Demon was a woman, she was notably straightforward and disclosed her purpose directly.


“You? Team up with me?” Yang Kai blinked his eyes, pointing his finger at her, then back to himself. The corners of his mouth slowly curved into a smile.


The Feather Demon’s face darkened, and she jumped like thunder, “Bastard, how dare you look down on me!?” After saying so, she pulled back the arrow nocked on the bowstring of her weapon, preparing to teach Yang Kai a lesson.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Yang Kai raised his hands, indicating to her not to make any impulsive move, “I didn’t mean anything like that.”


“Then what did you mean?” The Feather Demon gnashed her teeth, for she surely saw a trace of disdain in the bastard’s smile.


“I’m a Human, while you’re a Demon. It’s strange for us to work together…” Yang Kai simply made an excuse. However, thinking about it carefully, having such a helper would save him a lot of effort and perhaps he would not have to expose too many of his abilities later.


“Really?” The Feather Demon looked sideways at Yang Kai, with her bright eyes full of distrust.


Yang Kai raised his three fingers to the sky and shouted seriously, “I swear!”


The Feather Demon then put away the arrow and snorted, “You better not be lying to me, otherwise, your end won’t be pretty.” After a pause, she continued, “What do the Human Race and the Demon Race have to do with this? You’ve already been demonified and betrayed the Star Boundary anyway. Although you’re not a pure Demon, you have the attributes of a Demon. Sooner or later, you’ll be a member of our Demon Race! Besides, so what if you’re still a Human? This Lady wants to team up with you and I’ll beat whoever can’t accept this!”


“Good!” Yang Kai gave her a thumbs-up, and touched his head, “I have another question.”




“If you and I really work together to defeat our enemies, what should we do in the end?”


The Feather Demon pursed her lips and replied with a cruel, cold smile, “Of course, whoever manages to live to the end gets the prize.”


“Oh!” Yang Kai put on a face as if realization just dawned on him and he snapped his fingers, “That means there will be a fight between you and me in the end.”


The Feather Demon looked at him cheekily, “You can kill yourself too, since you are no match for me!”


Yang Kai cackled, “Keep up that confidence, it will be your downfall!”


An upset look etched on the Feather Demon’s face… 


Yang Kai suddenly stretched out his hand to her, and introduced himself solemnly, “Yang Kai!”


The Feather Demon frowned, and it took her a while to react to the situation, but she, too, stretched out her hand to shake his a moment later, “Bo Ya!” 


The palm of her hand was suddenly scratched. Feeling itchy, Bo Ya immediately castigated Yang Kai, “Bastard, are you taking advantage of me?”


After saying so, she quickly retracted her hand out of Yang Kai’s palm, wiping it on her clothes, shivering like she was disgusted to the core… 


Yang Kai stared at Bo Ya dumbfounded and asked, “Are you only fond of women?”


At the first sight of this woman, Yang Kai already wondered why a female Demon King would sign up for this battle, so he was curious if she had any other ‘special’ interest.


Now, after such a test, he found that it was really like what he thought. This enchanting and beautiful female Demon King in front of him, who had an ample and alluring figure, actually had a different type of fetish.



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