Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3451, Good Idea


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“It’s none of your damn business who this Lady likes!” Bo Ya scolded, completely unashamed by Yang Kai’s exposure of such private information.


Yang Kai grumbled in his heart, but was too lazy to be bothered by her bad attitude. He thus turned his head and looked in the direction where the Blood Demon had fled, and asked, “Since you have seen through their plot, you obviously have a way to deal with it, right? Let’s hear it, how can you and I work together?”


The corner of Bo Ya’s mouth twitched as she looked at Yang Kai mockingly, “Of course you will be the one charging forward and attracting their attention while I ambush from behind and shoot them down one by one!”


This was the most straightforward solution. It had zero guarantees of safety for Yang Kai; after all, no one could guarantee whether Bo Ya was in on this conspiracy, and there was no guarantee that she would not shoot Yang Kai from behind as well. She thought Yang Kai would refuse her, and then try to come up with a better plan together, but he simply nodded after a brief moment of contemplation, “Good idea, let’s do that.”


Astonishment flashed across Bo Ya’s eyes as Yang Kai’s reaction was quite different from what she had expected, [Is he that confident?]


In the next moment, Bo Ya felt a tap on her shoulder, but was shocked to realize that Yang Kai was staring at her solemnly, “Let’s join hands and wreak havoc!”


Bo Ya’s back was suddenly covered in a layer of cold sweat as she did not even notice when Yang Kai had gotten so close to her. In other words, if this man in front of her wanted to kill her, she would have died just now… 


[Is this a warning?] Bo Ya frowned before she suddenly laughed. The stronger Yang Kai was, the higher the chances of success were if she teamed up with him. Right now, she was only afraid that Yang Kai was not strong enough.




Above the mountain, the blood-red beam flew down and stopped at the summit, revealing the figure of the Blood Demon who had fled before, his face full of helplessness.


All the hidden Demon Kings came out when they saw him, gathered around, and whispered together. Several Demon Kings suddenly revealed resentful expressions.


No one knew what they were discussing, but the Demons in the audience could pretty much guess the content of their conversation. It could only be about the failed plan to lure the enemy into their trap, and about what they would do next…


At this moment, there was an uproar from the audience as everyone fixed their eyes at Yang Kai and Bo Ya in a daze.


The man and the woman seemed to have sealed their deal to team up and were now heading towards the direction where the Blood Demon had fled.


Xiao Wu covered her red lips with a look of disbelief on her face.


The Demon Great General behind her was pulling his hair out as his face scrunched up in pain as he wailed, “What is he doing? Isn’t he walking right into their trap? Crazy, this is crazy. My poor Demon Crystals!”


Initially, he naively thought Yang Kai was very lucky that the Feather Demon’s sudden appearance stopped him at a critical moment, but how could he have known that this Feather Demon was also an idiot and followed Yang Kai to walk into the trap together?


[Were these two bored of living?] The Demon Great General could not bear watching anymore for fear that he would have a nervous breakdown.


Inside the Blood Arena, Yang Kai flew forward unimpeded, with no sign of Bo Ya next to him. The woman had already concealed her aura and was trailing Yang Kai by about ten kilometres, keeping a constant distance between them.


It was almost impossible to detect her presence unless she made a move.


They travelled several kilometres and reached their destination in short order.


Yang Kai arrived at the foot of the mountain and looked up at the lush and verdant forests. A breeze swept through the dense trees, giving Yang Kai a sense of danger and hostility. Based on his Divine Sense, there were more than ten Demons Kings of all rankings hiding within the luscious greenery, including a few High-Rank Demon Kings. The situation corresponded to the information provided by Bo Ya.


He stood calmly and watched for a while. Xiao Wu, on the other hand, almost passed out in her seat, silently screaming inside, [Don’t go in, don’t go in, it’s a trap!]


The Demon Great General behind her was also holding his breath, his eyes glued to Yang Kai’s figure, praying that he could sense something abnormal and then leave that place.


In the next moment, in front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai cupped his hands around his mouth, sucked in his breath and shouted, “Anyone home…”


The sound waves converged and swayed the trees left and right as if thunder had struck, and the leaves rustled noisily.


The Demon Great General slumped on his chair, looking close to collapsing.


Several kilometres away, Bo Ya, who was slowly approaching in concealment, was also annoyed. She could not help slapping her forehead as she grumbled, [This guy… What the Hell is wrong with him? All the enemies would know that you’re here when you’re shouting like that. How are we going to ambush them now?]


Suddenly, the decision of teaming up with Yang Kai felt like not such a good idea after all. She even had the urge to just turn around and leave, since she didn’t really care if Yang Kai lived or died.


On the mountain peak, the more than ten Demon Kings were still gathered together. It seemed that there was a dispute among them and they were still deep in discussion, but at this moment, they all turned their heads and looked down at the foot of the mountain with expressions of pleasant surprise on their faces.


They initially thought that since the plan to lure the enemy into an ambush had failed, they would have to come up with another one, but now that the prey had taken the initiative to send himself to their doorstep, it was their lucky day.


More than ten pairs of eyes quickly exchanged glances before one of the Demon Kings rose into the sky and flew straight to the foot of the mountain, Meanwhile, the others quickly concealed their presence.


The Demon King this time was a different one, after all, the Blood Demon earlier was ‘repelled’ by Yang Kai once, so his reappearance would cause some suspicion. As such, another Demon King took over the task of baiting the enemy!


This was a savage-looking Bone Demon. There was no flesh on his frame and every inch of his skeleton was inky black, except for the two flickering lights in the eye sockets.


Like the Blood Demon, this Bone Demon was a Mid-Rank Demon King; after all, according to the news these Demon Kings received, Yang Kai had killed a lot of Demon Kings in this Blood Arena already, so sending a Low-Rank Demon King to confront him would only be courting death while sending a High-Rank Demon King might risk frightening Yang Kai away. A Mid-Rank Demon King was the only choice.


It only took a few breaths of time to reach the foot of the mountain from its peak. Then Bone Demon’s glowing eyes were locked onto Yang Kai as he pointed downward, and a sharp bone spur wrapped in dark Demon Qi shot out, reaching right in front of Yang Kai as soon as it appeared, as if it had completely ignored the barrier of space.


With a sneer, Yang Kai stood in place with his head slightly hung, the bone spur nowhere to be seen.


[Did I hit him?] Then Bone Demon was also surprised. [Didn’t they say that this guy was very strong and killed a lot of Demon Kings along the way? How could he be so vulnerable?] 


He wanted to laugh. If Yang Kai had really died at his hands, he would have made a huge contribution.


At this point, there was no need to consider how to lure the enemy into their trap. If Yang Kai could be killed here, why would they need to go through the trouble of baiting and ambushing him? The idea of getting all the credit to himself was far more tempting than having to share it with more than ten others.


As such, the Bone Demon dived down with a flicker and pulled out a pitch-black rib bone from his abdomen. The bone glowed, looking like a sword sharpened to the extreme. It was actually a high-quality Demon Artifact, one refined from the bones of the Bone Demon himself.


All Bone Demons liked to do this. They would pick the hardest piece of bone in their body and refine it into a Demon Artifact, using it to enhance their strength when confronting an enemy.


With the bone sword in hand, the Bone Demon’s murderous intent soared as he seemed intent on finishing off Yang Kai in one go.


Suddenly, Yang Kai’s drooped head rose, revealing a grin on his face to the approaching Bone Demon.


This smile frightened the Bone Demon out of his wits because the bone spur that he thought had hit Yang Kai was actually clenched tightly between this strange man’s teeth, having done no harm at all.


[It was a trap!] The Bone Demon reacted immediately, but because of his greed, he advanced rashly and now he was only a hundred metres away from Yang Kai. It was too late for him to retreat, so he made a decisive move and swung the bone sword in his hand down fiercely.


Yang Kai spat out the bone spur, grabbed it in his hand, and flipped his wrist up to meet the Bone Demon head-on.


The bone spur collided with the bone sword with a resounding clang. An extremely ear-piercing sound rang out as sparks flew in all directions.


Yang Kai did not move, while the Bone Demon felt a huge and incomparable force knock against him. The bone sword in his hand almost flew out of his hand and his entire skeletal body tumbled backwards several times from the impact.


When his vision was no longer spinning, the Bone Demon saw Yang Kai rushing toward him like a bolt of lightning with the bone spur still in hand.


An indescribable sense of dread rose from the Bone Demon’s heart as a sense of crisis shrouded him. The Bone Demon’s eyes flickered madly as an impossible thought flashed across his mind, [I will undoubtedly die if he gets close!]


He was a Mid-Rank Demon King in the end though, so although he accidentally put himself at a disadvantage, it was not a fatal error.


He raised his hand fiercely, and the bones of his five fingers flew out and expanded in the air, suddenly transforming into five Bone Golems that were several tens of metres tall and advanced towards Yang Kai in a row. These Demon-Qi-coated skeletons held a blade, sword, shield, axe and hammer respectively.


The five skeletons transformed by the Bone Demon’s hand exuded aura fluctuations on par with a Low-Rank Demon King, and they were closely coordinated like an arm and its fingers.


The Bone Golem that held a shield rushed forward, providing the most powerful protection to the other Bone Golems that were now flanking Yang Kai from other directions, their jaws chattering with clicking sounds.


Completely ignoring them though, as if he had not seen the five Bone Golems, Yang Kai advanced and directly collided with the huge shield.


The Bone Golem that was holding the shield could not withstand the violent impact and its huge several-dozen-metre-tall body was knocked back like a meteor, all while the other four Bone Golems swung their weapons and hit nothing but vague afterimages.




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