Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3452, Charge


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The Bone Demon lost track of Yang Kai at that moment, The two faint lights in his eyes became much brighter, and his Divine Senses expanded like a tide to scan his surroundings.


Yang Kai was neither at his left, nor right, nor rear.


The Bone Demon stared at the shield-holding Bone Golem who was advancing towards him and seemed to peer through it. With a hand seal, the shield-holding Bone Golem burst into pieces and turned into a rain of bones, pouring down in a dome shape that covered a wide region without any path of escape.


Unfortunately, there was no one behind the shield-holding Bone Golem as the Bone Demon expected.


The Bone Demon’s heart sank and he quickly looked up as a faint light immediately flashed in his eyes. Finally, he found a trace of his enemy.


From high above, Yang Kai dove head down towards the Bone Demon rapidly.


The bones of Bone Demon cracked under the mountain-like pressure of Yang Kai’s surging Emperor Qi and he desperately pushed his Demon Qi to resist, but the sensational pressure was crushing and immobilizing him.


[This guy is actually so powerful!]


Although he had long known that Yang Kai had killed many Demon Kings on the way, including some Mid-Rank Demon Kings, the Bone Demon had not realized how terrifying he was until he really faced him.


This was not the strength someone should have at such a cultivation. He… was unstoppable!




A pressure wave spread out as the ground shook for a moment. Even though there was a powerful Spirit Array that isolated the inside from the outside, all the audience members in the Blood Arena still felt this impact. Shocked by this terrifying palm strike, the same thought came to all their minds, [Where did this guy come from? Why haven’t I heard of him before?]


There was a moment of calmness as Yang Kai hovered one metre above the ground, looking down lightly.


In close proximity, the Bone Demon had been pummeled into the dirt, leaving only his head above ground. The faint light in his eyes flickered unsteadily as he was obviously dazed by Yang Kai’s strike.


His Soul was unstable, and the several Bone Golems under his control danced around groggily, as if they were drunk.


Just when the Bone Demon regained his senses after much effort, he felt that the light above him was obscured by a tall shadow. As he looked up, he saw that Yang Kai had squatted in front of him and stretched out his hand to pat his skull, even brushing it lightly like he was painting a picture. Yang Kai’s Emperor Qi had broken through the defences of the Bone Demon, poured into his body, and sealed his cultivation, making him lose the ability to resist.


Their eyes met, and the Bone Demon saw a hint of ridicule in Yang Kai’s gaze. The faint light in his eyes could not help flickering as he felt a sense of disaster was about to befall him.


“If you tell me who ordered you to do this, this King will give you a quick death!” Yang Kai whispered softly to him.


More than ten Demon Kings in this Blood Arena free for all had gathered to ambush him. Yang Kai did not believe such a huge incident was just a coincidence. There must be a mastermind behind this. He had not offended anyone since he arrived at Demon Realm a few days ago, except for one possibility… 


The Bone Demon remained silent. He knew that Yang Kai was going to kill him anyway, so he naturally would not let Yang Kai achieve his wish. As there was a saying, ‘silence is golden’.


Yang Kai smiled with his teeth bared, “Even if you don’t say it, I have a pretty good guess… It was Yue Sang, right?”


Yue Sang showed open hostility and murderous intent when they met for the first time, and as a Half-Saint, Yue Sang would also have the ability to influence the events in the Blood Arena.


There was no need for the Bone Demon to respond as when Yang Kai mentioned the name, he clearly felt the Bone Demon’s Soul tremble, which made him more certain of his guess.


“One more question.” Yang Kai looked at him with a grin, “Is a female Demon King named Bo Ya part of your scheme?”


Although Bo Ya’s previous behaviour was not suspicious, Yang Kai could not just trust her completely. It would be best if he could find out something about her from this Bone Demon’s mouth. It did not matter to him if he could not get anything in the end, but it would not cost him any effort or time to simply ask.


“Just kill me.” The Bone Demon’s jaws chattered, emitting a metallic screeching sound with its movement, “Why talk so much nonsense? Do you think this King will tell you anything?”


He had no idea what Yang Kai’s intentions were to inquire about this, but it was useless to say anything now. He only hated himself for taking the enemy too lightly and rushing ahead rashly. He could only hope that the others in his group learned a lesson from this and avenged him.


Yang Kai nodded as the Emperor Qi in his hand suddenly surged and poured it into the Bone Demon’s body.




A series of cracking noises rang out as every bone in the Bone Demon’s skeleton shattered and the two faint lights in his eye sockets went out.


After getting rid of the Bone Demon, Yang Kai immediately looked up and charged towards the mountain peak at lightning speed without any hesitation.


Just halfway up the mountain, fierce attacks suddenly blasted at Yang Kai from the top of the mountain. A burning fireball as large as a washbasin, a bolt of lightning as thick as a child’s arm, an ice cone, a wind blade…


As if dancing on the scythe of the reaper of death, Yang Kai dodged up and down, swaying his body from side to side, managed to evade all these deadly attacks at the critical juncture and reach the top of the mountain unscathed.


Without any warning, he suddenly slammed his fist out and shook the surrounding space.


A phantom-like figure appeared staggeringly with a ghostly cry of surprise. It was actually a Shadow Demon.


The Shadow Demon’s body was dimly discernible, but his eyes revealed a light of surprise, as if he did not expect that his concealment would be seen through.


Yang Kai guffawed and remarked in a deep voice, “Die!”


When the voice fell, he leapt in front of the Shadow Demon and stretched out his hand to grab him. Under the fluctuation of Space Principles, a dark black hole instantly appeared behind the Shadow Demon.


The Shadow Demon had an exceptionally fast reaction and with a flicker, he turned into a thousand black crows that flapped their wings and fled frantically in all directions.


The black hole started to devour and swallowed many of the black crows, but it failed to capture all of them and allowed a few to escape.


The escaped black crows merged together a short distance away, revealing the Shadow Demon again; however, at this moment, the Shadow Demon seemed to have been severely injured and his aura was unstable.


Although he had used a profound Secret Technique to flee, many of the black crows that were condensed with his essence and strength were swallowed into the Void, which naturally damaged his foundation. He stared at Yang Kai with a fearful look for a moment but dared not approach any closer.


At this moment, an extremely vicious and strong blood-red beam struck from the side, attacking Yang Kai by surprise. It was a Blood Demon Demon King, though Yang Kai could not be sure if this Blood Demon was the one who attempted to lure him into the trap before.


The timing of the Blood Demon’s attack was perfect. He struck when Yang Kai and the Shadow Demon had just finished exchanging blows, and sure enough, the attack was effective, allowing the strong blood-red beam to engulf Yang Kai.


In the next moment, the malevolent aura of the blood-red beam surged and a hissing sound came from inside it. Obviously, this attack had a potent corrosive power and was attempting to melt Yang Kai.


Yang Kai had already vanished, completely enveloped by a scarlet blood ball in the air. A face appeared on the surface of the blood ball, which should be the face of the Blood Demon, grinning ferociously as he radiated murderous intent.


The Demons in the surroundings appeared one by one, staring at the blood ball indifferently, waiting quietly for the moment when Yang Kai was completely melted down.


But soon, these Demon Kings started to reveal suspicious looks, because the face on the surface of the blood ball suddenly filled with shock. Then, the round blood ball began to expand unevenly, with many big boils emerging one after another. Although these boils recovered quickly under the suppression of the Blood Demon, it showed that the man inside was struggling.


The rate of formation of these bulges grew faster and faster, and the range became larger and larger, while the expression of the face on the surface of the blood ball turned more and more horrified.


A powerful aura permeated through the blood-red ball, like a sleeping giant dragon awakening from its slumber.


All the faces of the surrounding Demon Kings turned solemn.


All of a sudden, the face on the surface of the blood ball shouted, “I can’t hold him any longer!”


At this point, the blood ball burst to pieces, and a Human figure rushed out like lightning. It was a furious-looking Yang Kai who seemed to be disgruntled about being trapped for so long, his whole face looking ferocious and terrifying to the extreme.


The moment he got out, Yang Kai reached out his hand and grabbed a mass of wriggling blood that was hovering mid-air.


After the blood ball was snatched by him, the fresh blood floating nearby began to struggle, but the mass of blood that Yang Kai captured seemed to be its core.


The cloud of fresh blood gathered together in Yang Kai’s hand and condensed into the figure of the Blood Demon a moment later.


The Blood Demon looked like he wanted to cry… He had no idea how Yang Kai found his weakness so precisely. He could not move an inch with his neck grasped tightly by Yang Kai.


“Heh …” Yang Kai snickered and grinned as he drew the Blood Demon close to him and stared into his eyes. Then, he opened his mouth and breathed out a raging fire 


Fire Dragon Breath!


He had mastered various Secret Techniques of the Dragon Clan, and with his Golden Divine Dragon Source, Yang Kai was currently capable of executing most of the Dragon Clan’s Secret Techniques. The number of Dragon Clan Secret Techniques Yang Kai now owned surpassed even those of Great Elder Zhu Yan and Second Elder Fu Zhun.


After all, his Source did not have traditional limits, while the Great Elder and Second Elder had attribute restrictions.


A shrill scream resounded, as if someone was suffering the most terrible torture in the world. The Blood Demon in Yang Kai’s hand struggled hard but to no avail. Under the continuous scorching of the Dragon Fire, his Blood Qi evaporated wildly.


In less than three breaths of time, the Blood Demon had turned into a charred corpse.


Yang Kai dumped the lump of coal aside and turned to stare at the Shadow Demon who had been badly wounded by him previously.


Instead of facing everyone all at once, it was better to eliminate them one by one. Shadow Demons were good at concealment and assassination, so if Yang Kai did not work hard to eliminate this Shadow Demon now, he would definitely be a great hindrance in the coming battle.




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