Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3453, Perfect Accuracy


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Shadow Demon knew that something was wrong when Yang Kai’s gaze swept over him. He was hit hard by Yang Kai even when he was in peak form, so it was now even more impossible to fight against Yang Kai after being seriously injured. As such, he decided to pull back as soon as he noticed Yang Kai’s murderous intent.


But when they locked eyes, the Shadow Demon suddenly noticed a majestic and awe-inspiring golden vertical slit in Yang Kai’s left eye that both fascinated and terrified him at the same time.


Demon Eye of Annihilation!


The short moment of hesitation had ruined the Shadow Demon’s best chance of escaping.


A silent blade of light suddenly blasted out from Yang Kai’s left eye and directly tore through the Shadow Demon’s Knowledge Sea defences.


The combination of the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Soul Splitting Saber was a perfect combo. Yang Kai had used this kind of combo to deal with powerful enemies countless times before when he was not as strong, and it had always achieved amazing results. It was now child’s play using it against the wounded Shadow Demon.


The Heaven Severing Slash Secret Technique combined with the Soul Splitting Saber was so powerful that Shadow Demon screamed in excruciating pain as his Knowledge Sea was sent into complete turmoil.


Enduring the piercing pain, he barely steadied his trembling Soul, only to hear several cries in his ear, “Be careful!”


“Retreat quickly!”


Looking up, Yang Kai was already right in front of him with the Myriads Sword in one hand, slashing down at him.


The Shadow Demon was petrified in place.


Like a building collapsing in ruins, the Shadow Demon’s body was smashed to pieces and his vitality quickly dissipated.


In the blink of an eye, two Mid-Rank Demon Kings had fallen. 


Atop the mountain, the remaining Demon Kings were horror-stricken. They had never seen someone with such a cultivation be so overwhelming. It really was frightening.


Yang Kai held the Myriads Sword obliquely, his aggressive gaze sweeping over every Demon King, and the corners of his mouth rising excitedly, “Killing makes people happy, I hope you can give this King some enjoyment!”


*Deng deng deng… *


Several Low-Rank Demon Kings subconsciously took a few steps back, their faces white as sheets, thinking, [This guy is completely insane!]


A Flame Demon, however, took a step forward, his body blazing furiously as he spat coldly, “Wastes! Why are you so afraid of him? There’s only one of him and a dozen of us!”


This Flame Demon was one of the three High-Rank Demon Kings present and was confident that he could do what Yang Kai did earlier if he used his full strength, so he naturally had no fear. How could a trivial loner not be taken down by the joint forces of so many Demon Kings? This boy was just a pompous fool.


Another High-Rank Demon King took a step forward too, the Blood Qi boiling richly around him which showed that he was also a Blood Demon, “Let’s finish this!”


As soon as he spoke, a cloud of dust suddenly rolled up from the ground, and that dust formed a terrifying storm that spiralled upwards within a very short time. It looked like it was planning to engulf Yang Kai and strangle him to death.


The last High-Rank Demon King, who was a Sand Demon, had made his move!


The sandstorm rose, and every grain of sand was filled with lethal Demon Qi.


Yang Kai could have avoided this, but he did not move at all and allowed the sandstorm to wrap him up with a smile on the corner of his lips. It was as if he was waiting for something.


A stream of light suddenly shot out at lightning speed from a dozen kilometres away. Everyone was caught off guard as this shot flew straight through the sandstorm. Not only that, the stream of light accurately pierced the head of a Low-Rank Demon King and exploded it to pieces.


“You finally made a move!” Yang Kai turned his head and glanced in the direction of the source of the stream of light, the doubts in his heart completely vanished.


At this time, if Bo Ya still did not make a move, it meant that she was part of the same group in front of him, and he would have an extra enemy to deal with. It was not fun being eyed by a Mid-Rank Feather Demon King from a long distance.


Fortunately, Bo Ya did not let him down.


As for the reason why this woman had been delaying her support and had not made a sound until now was probably because she was evaluating his capability. If Yang Kai could not even hold out for a few exchanges, Bo Ya would definitely have run away immediately and not shown up at all.


After witnessing him killing two Mid-Rank Demon Kings in the blink of an eye though, Bo Ya became confident that Yang Kai had the capital to cooperate with her.


Yang Kai could not help laughing heartily. 


It was not a pleasant experience to be the target of a Mid-Rank Feather Demon King, but having a Feather Demon as an ally made life much easier.


At that moment, a roar suddenly erupted from the raging sandstorm, like the wail of a wounded beast.


The High-Rank Sand Demon King wanted to kill Yang Kai with his sandstorm, but was ambushed by Bo Ya. Even if his life was not in danger, he was definitely not enjoying himself right now. The shifting sandstorm was proof of the pain and anger he was in.


The Low-Rank Demon King’s sudden death surprised everyone, so they naturally turned their heads in the direction of the source of the stream of light.


Only then did they realize that Yang Kai was not fighting alone, but actually had an accomplice! And it was a troublesome Feather Demon.


[How is that possible? He had an accomplice? Wasn’t he a Human brought back by Holy Venerable? He has only been in the Holy City for a few days, so when did he make such an ally?]


“It should be that bitch Bo Ya!” Someone suddenly realized the identity of the Feather Demon in the distance.


Even though there was no trace of Bo Ya, Feather Demons were fairly rare, and a Mid-Rank Feather Demon King was even rarer. Bo Ya was the only one participating in this chaotic battle.


“Damn it! She must be tired of living!”


“She actually dared to show up in the Holy City and participated in this Blood Fight? What are the people in the Blood Arena doing?”


The bunch of Demon Kings went into an uproar. Apparently, they knew Bo Ya’s name and her reputation very well. The Low-Rank and Mid-Rank Demon Kings subconsciously moved closer to each other in search of security, while even the two High-Rank Demon Kings showed some anxiety.


Although Bo Ya was only a Mid-Rank Demon King, as long as she kept a good distance, she would be a threat even to a High-Rank Demon King. In an environment like the Blood Arena, this was naturally quite troublesome.


Just when the group of Demon Kings fell into chaos, another stream of light made its way towards them ferociously, and once again penetrated through the sandstorm, causing the Sand Demon to roar maddeningly.


With the lessons learned from the previous accident, all of the Demon Kings were highly vigilant and as expected, after the stream of light passed through the sandstorm, it continued towards another Low-Rank Demon King. Fortunately for this Low-Rank Demon King, he was prepared and hurriedly dodged; otherwise, he would have followed in the footsteps of the other Low-Rank Demon King from before.


However, although he avoided the arrow, the stream of light suddenly changed course and flew towards another Low-Rank Demon King when everyone had just lowered their guard.




The stream of light penetrated the Low-Rank Demon King’s forehead, directly shattering his skull, but the headless body did not fall down immediately. The flesh around the wound wriggled vigorously as if another head was about to grow.


As long as the Demon Heart remained unscathed, the Demon would not die!


The vital point of this Low-Rank Demon King was not his head; however, it would take some time and a lot of Demon and Blood Qi to regrow his head again. Even if Bo Ya’s arrow did not kill him, it was enough to cripple his ability to fight.


“Cheap slut!”


The High-Rank Blood Demon King looked in Bo Ya’s direction in hatred, rushing out immediately towards her. As long as he could track down Bo Ya and kill her, their initial ambush plan would undoubtedly still succeed.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Yang Kai grinned. With the help of the two arrows from Bo Ya, Yang Kai had managed to escape from the sandstorm and block the Blood Demon’s path.


The Blood Demon did not even spare Yang Kai a glance though and instead turned into a stream of blood-red light and shot away.


Yang Kai naturally would not allow this Blood Demon to do as he pleased, but before he could stop him, the Demon King Flame Demon had already pounced on him with a pair of flaming wings spread wide on his back and flames wrapped around his fists, and smashed down with a ferocious punch, roaring, “Where do you think you’re going!?”


Yang Kai frowned and raised his Myriads Sword to meet the Flame Demon’s attack.


With a bang, both of them took a dozen steps back, but the Blood Demon took advantage of the momentary opportunity to escape, and it was now too late to stop him.


Yang Kai snorted as he glanced back, hoping that Bo Ya could handle things. It wouldn’t be too bad if she could not though as they were not really close to begin with… 


Just when he was still thinking that to himself, Bo Ya took action. Three streams of light pierced through the void.


At this moment, the Sand Demon, whose sandstorm ability had been pierced by the two arrows already, finally could not hold his dispersed form any longer and retracted his Divine Ability, revealing his presence.


The three arrows came just at the right timing when the Sand Demon appeared, as if they were fired intentionally for this moment.


The Sand Demon’s eyes widened but he did not have the time to hesitate, so he immediately dispersed his body into a mass of loose sand in an attempt to evade Bo Ya’s attack.


Unexpectedly though, the three arrows exploded at that moment, sending a hail of Demon-Qi-infused light splinters into the cloud of sand.


The loose sand, together with the splinters, reassembled into the Sand Demon’s full form again, but he was now petrified in place and glared into the distance, roaring, “Bitch!”


Yang Kai watched with joy as although he had no idea what was hidden in Bo Ya’s three arrows, he knew that this woman must have used some insidious method to cause great suffering to this High-Rank Sand Demon King.


And this was indeed the case. After reassembling his body again, the Sand Demon had no intention to remain any longer. He turned around and dashed away in a stagger, as if he was poisoned, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. He needed to find a refuge quickly to expel the foreign substances in his body; otherwise, his life would be in danger.


A High-Rank Demon King was chased off by Bo Ya. Although it was not a kill, such methods were enough to demonstrate this woman’s terrifying skill and strength.


Yang Kai wanted to keep this Sand Demon here forever, but the Flame Demon was pestering him persistently, tying him down, so he could only sigh and let Sand Demon flee.




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