Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3454, Burn The Bridge After Crossing It


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The loud explosions never ceased as the World Energy in the Blood Arena became disordered with dust and sand flying all around the mountain peak. After each attack, the mountain would collapse by several tens of meters.


The High-Rank Flame Demon King held a fire spear in his grip, its blazing flames burning high into the sky, releasing a powerful spear aura, seemingly able to ignite the whole world.


Yang Kai swung the Myriads Sword in his hand against the Flame Demon’s attacks, looking full of valour, but he actually fell into a disadvantage in a notably short time because he did not want to expose too much of his true strength.


The two clashed fiercely, but the other Demon Kings could not intervene at all, nor they did not dare to intervene. Bo Ya was eyeing them from a distance, so they dared not to make a move easily. They could only wait for the Blood Demon who left earlier to locate Bo Ya and get rid of the threat before making further plans.


All of a sudden, an Earth-shaking sound came from the distance, and when they looked over, a mushroom cloud could be seen rising into the air.


The Demon Kings were overjoyed as they recognized this location as the spot Bo Ya launched her sneak attack from. Such an event must indicate that the Blood Demon had found Bo Ya, fought with her, and then killed her.


The Flame Demon who was fighting against Yang Kai relaxed and grinned, “You will die without a burial today!”


When Bo Ya was supporting Yang Kai from behind, the Flame Demon dared not to use his full strength lest he leave himself exposed; however, now that the biggest threat was eliminated, he had no scruples anymore. The fire around his body and his dark Demon Qi suddenly burst out together and spread towards Yang Kai.


But at that moment, an air-piercing sound rapidly struck from the opposite direction as a five-coloured light stream leapt across space and blasted in front of him in an instant.


The Flame Demon was stunned.


He did not expect that a sneak attack would come from such a place at such a time. These fluctuations and arrow techniques clearly belonged to Bo Ya, but what was the giant explosion from before then? 


The Flame Demon could not afford much time to ponder though and instinctually attempted to dodge.


Even though he was a High-Rank Demon King, he dared not take Bo Ya’s arrow head-on.


But how could Yang Kai allow him to do as he wished? When the arrow suddenly flew over, not only was the Flame Demon shocked, but Yang Kai was also surprised for a moment. But soon, Yang Kai realized that this should be Bo Ya’s plan to lure an enemy away from the group. Although he had no idea what kind of means Bo Ya used to move from one place to another, since she had this kind of ability, he did not need to worry too much anymore.


With a surge of Space Principles, the space around the Flame Demon was solidified and the Flame Demon’s face instantly turned dreadfully horrified.


*Chi… * 


The five-coloured stream of light penetrated through the Flame Demon’s chest with great accuracy, piercing cleanly from back to front, spilling a large amount of fresh boiling, magma-like blood.


The Flame Demon roared in pain as the blazing flames on his body burned more and more wildly in response to the rage he felt.


The Demon Kings, who thought Bo Ya had been taken care of and were preparing to join the fray, gasped and stopped their steps one by one. Chills ran down their spines, and all of them secretly rejoiced at their stroke of luck.


*Chi Chi Chi…*


Three arrows were released again.


Without any warning, the two Demon Kings who were watching from the side had their heads blown to pieces, while the remaining arrow was shot directly at the Flame Demon who was still battling with Yang Kai.


After suffering such a big loss, the Flame Demon was already on guard though and saw the incoming arrow clearly. Even if he was injured at the moment, it was not difficult for him to evade it.


Just when he was about to dodge, he saw Yang Kai smiling strangely as he bellowed, “Bind!”


The familiar feeling of his body trapped in a mire and the compression of the surrounding space appeared again, and the more he struggled, the more stuck he felt. 


The Flame Demon’s eyes widened as he tried his best to push his Demon Qi in order to break free from the invisible confinement; however, before he could achieve his wish, Bo Ya’s second arrow had arrived. The arrow pierced through his abdomen, spilling a large amount of fresh blood that scorched the ground again.


Both shots were critical hits and the tens of thousands of Demons in the audience shouted in amazement. They did not know what exactly happened in the Blood Arena, but they saw that these arrows were extremely accurate and terrifying, strong and fast enough that even a High-Rank Demon King failed to avoid them and was badly injured.


If the Flame Demon continued to be shot like this, he would die very soon.


Before everyone could finish their thoughts though, the third arrow had been shot. The stream of light flew across the air and its sharp tip pointed directly at the Flame Demon’s head.


Bo Ya clearly understood the situation. With the help of Yang Kai, she did not have to worry about her shots missing. As such, she just continued to focus on firing her arrows.


Seeing that the stream of light was getting closer and closer to him and he could not move at all, the Flame Demon finally panicked. Despite his life not being at risk from the previous two arrows, if he took the third to his head, it would not end well for him.


His pupils condensed to dots as thin as needle tips and a wall of hot flame formed in front of him as a barrier.


The arrow pierced into the wall of fire and into the Flame Demon’s face with a thud, but it only entered a finger-length into his skull and did not crack open his head. The flame that was the condensation from the full strength of the Flame Demon’s fire reduced the power of this arrow by more than half.


The violent force pushed the Flame Demon’s head backwards though, and before he could regain his posture, Yang Kai had already raised his Myriads Sword and slashed through his protective Demon Qi around his neck.


With angry, glaring eyes, the Flame Demon’s head flew up, and his scorching blood shot out like a volcano eruption from his severed neck. 


Surprisingly, the headless body actually quickly retreated with a flicker.


Yang Kai chased after him with a cold face as his Myriads Sword flashed, sending out a barrage of sword waves that enveloped the Flame Demon’s body.


When Yang Kai withdrew his sword, the Flame Demon’s body had been thoroughly chopped up and scattered all over the sky.


*Pa… * 


At that moment, the severed head fell on the ground, its eyes glaring at Yang Kai, its mouth twitching a few times as if he wanted to say something, but to no avail. He gaped at Yang Kai as his vitality dissipated, and died with everlasting regret!


Tens of thousands of Demons in the audience seats fell silent as everyone was in a chaotic state of mind, gaping at the Blood Arena incredulously.


Both Yang Kai and Bo Ya only had Mid-Rank Demon King cultivations, but the two of them had defeated the combined force of more than ten Demon Kings. The battle had only lasted a stick of incense worth of time, with two Mid-Rank and four Low-Rank Demon Kings having been easily killed, and one High-Rank Demon King retreating while another just died… 


Such unbelievable achievements had never appeared in the long history of the Blood Arena.


In the eyes of those who had no clue about the truth, they thought that eighty percent of the credit belonged to Bo Ya. It was her tricky arrows that killed and repelled the Demon Kings. As for Yang Kai, except for his domineering actions at the beginning, he was just playing the role of decoy.


Only Bo Ya herself knew that without Yang Kai, she would never have hit the Flame Demon so easily. The Sand Demon earlier was overconfident and courted death himself, giving her an opportunity to force him back, but that was nothing compared to Yang Kai’s efforts in this fight.


Among the three High-Rank Demon Kings, one retreated and one died, while the Blood Demon, who was the last High-Rank Demon King, had been led elsewhere. Given such a situation, how could the remaining Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings still have the spirit to continue fighting?


When the Flame Demon was crushed, the rest of the Demon Kings knew that the situation had gone bad and after exchanging looks, they immediately scattered in all directions.


Streams of light reappeared at that moment.


This time, even without Yang Kai’s help, the several Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings could not avoid Bo Ya’s arrows.


One collapsed after another as they burst into mists of blood, with not even their bones remaining.


Only two Low-Rank Demon Kings who were enveloped in white flashes of light managed to escape. It was unknown what kind of skill they used to flee from this place, causing Yang Kai to frown because even his Divine Sense failed to perceive them.


In the distance, a blood beam flew over.


It was from the Blood Demon who had left earlier. He wanted to kill Bo Ya initially, but he was surprised to find only a kind of Soul Clone when he rushed over, realizing it was all a trap in the next moment.


After returning in a hurry, he was shocked to find that the battle here had been settled. More than ten Demon Kings had vanished, leaving the ground full of fragments of corpses… 


The Blood Demon’s pupil contracted as he almost thought that he was dreaming! After all, he had not left for long, so what could have happened in such a short time that led to such a disaster?


Below, Yang Kai looked up with a hint of mockery in his eyes while the Blood Demon’s expression grew notably heavy and a sense of crisis flared in his heart.


The Blood Demon’s eyes changed slightly as he suddenly looked up in a certain direction and shouted in a deep voice, “Bo Ya, you will die miserably for spoiling our plan!”


The response that he got in return was a sharp arrow.


Yang Kai immediately surged his Space Principle to trap the Blood Demon.


But to his surprise, the Blood Demon did not struggle or attempt to dodge at all. He just stared at him coldly before summoning some item into his hand and crushing it. The next moment, his body turned into a white light and he disappeared from the spot.


Yang Kai could not help looking at the scene in disbelief, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.


Previously, the two Low-Rank Demon Kings also vanished in a similar manner. He thought that those two had mastered some miraculous escaping technique, but now it seemed that was not the case.


They definitely disappeared using some other method, but no matter how Yang Kai thought about it he had no idea how they accomplished this!


When he was still immersed in his thoughts though, Yang Kai suddenly noticed a sharp aura locking onto him from the horizon.


[Is she going to burn the bridge after crossing it?] Yang Kai smiled with his teeth bared. 


Bo Ya was indeed a decisive woman. The time had come, and one of them had to die.


He slowly turned around, facing Bo Ya’s hiding place with a deep gaze that seemed like it could penetrate space.


The aura was only locked, but no shot had been fired, only becoming sharper and sharper as Yang Kai stared back.


Yang Kai stood boldly in a completely exposed stance, which made Xiao Wu, who was watching from the audience seats, turn pale. She had witnessed Bo Ya’s marksmanship just now and obviously felt Yang Kai was courting death by doing this.


But even after waiting for a long time, there was no movement from Bo Ya, which made Xiao Wu anxious to the extreme.


Inside the Blood Arena, Yang Kai felt Bo Ya’s aura rising gradually, and it soon reached its peak. The invisible tension brought a sense of excitement to him, and he immediately realized that he had still underestimated this woman. Even if he had Space Divine Abilities, he was not sure if he could completely dodge this arrow.


As long as Bo Ya shot, there was a high probability he would be wounded.




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