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Martial Peak – Chapter 3455, Won

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The Feather Demons indeed lived up to their reputation of being outstanding archers, especially Bo Ya. As a Mid-Rank Demon King, as long as she kept a sufficient distance, she would even be able to take down a High-Rank Demon King.


The mountains went quiet. A light breeze swept through the woods, swaying and rustling the trees.


Suddenly, the fierce aura that locked onto Yang Kai from afar dissipated. Yang Kai squinted his eyes, showing a look of surprise, but he did not let his guard down, for he had no idea whether this was part of Bo Ya’s plan.


Only when Bo Ya flew over slowly did Yang Kai reveal a meaningful smile.


Bo Ya stopped a thousand metres in front of Yang Kai. This gap was for her own safety and was enough for her to buy time to counter any of Yang Kai’s assaults. She tilted her head up and swept her eyes over Yang Kai, remarking, “You are… a little weird.”


“Weird how?” Yang Kai laughed.


Bo Ya shook her head slowly and remained silent.


It was not because they teamed up that she did not release that arrow. Since this was a free-for-all battle, everyone was her enemy. She chose to join hands with Yang Kai only because it was the most convenient way to eliminate the biggest threat, and the results proved that she was right. She initially thought that it would be a tough battle, but to her surprise, with Yang Kai’s cooperation, those dozen or so Demon Kings became completely vulnerable.


The reason why she withdrew her arrow just now was because her instincts told her that if she let it fly, while she could wound Yang Kai, his counterattack would kill her.


This man was definitely still hiding his strength! Considering his previous performance, Bo Ya was increasingly assured of her instincts; therefore, she withdrew her arrow decisively, so as not to put herself in unneeded trouble.


“Let’s negotiate,” Bo Ya declared to Yang Kai.


“Negotiate what?” Yang Kai looked at her with a frown. He did not understand what else they could negotiate at this point. The only way out was to go all out and fight each other, with the strongest coming out the winner.


“How many Demon Crystals did you bet on yourself?” Bo Ya suddenly asked a seemingly irrelevant question.


Yang Kai pondered for a while, then disclosed without any hiding anything, “A hundred million!”


Bo Ya’s eyes lit up, pursed her red lips attractively, and whistled, looking playfully frivolous, “That’s a lot!”


“It’s none of your business!” Yang Kai snorted. [What’s wrong with this woman? Don’t tell me she’s eying my Demon Crystals before I’ve even collected them?]


Bo Ya continued with a giggle, “Give me half of it.”


“You don’t deserve it!” Yang Kai hissed.


“Thirty percent!”


“Scram!” Although he did not really care about the Demon Crystals, Yang Kai would not allow others to covet them. What belonged to him was his own.


“How about ten percent? You give me ten percent and I’ll forfeit right now!” Bo Ya did not mind his rudeness and continued to smile, “I really don’t want to be enemies with you, but it’s a pity if I just quit now. Just consider ten percent as a fee for my hard work. Don’t be a stingy man.”


“I’m stingy, it’s simply not for you to decide…” But before Yang Kai finished, a sudden realization dawned on him and he looked at her in a daze, “Can you choose to leave here?”


He remembered the previous two Low-Rank Demon Kings and the last High-Rank Demon King disappearing in flashes of white light just now and finally understood what had happened!


Bo Ya answered, “It seems that you really don’t know anything. Of course you can choose to leave the Blood Arena.” She took out an item as she said so.


Yang Kai fixed his eyes on it, and found that it was her entry token. He also had one with him.


Bo Ya waved her entry token in front of him, “It’s settled. I’ll leave first, and you’ll give me ten percent of your winnings later!”


When the words fell, Bo Ya turned into a white light and instantly vanished from the spot.


“No one agreed with you!” Yang Kai snapped. He did not promise her anything at all. This woman was just speaking to herself, and quit on her own. In any case, her departure favoured him as he really did not want to fight against Bo Ya unless it was necessary because her marksmanship was so outstanding that it would certainly cause him some headache.


However, thanks to her reminder, Yang Kai hurriedly checked his entry token and found that there was indeed an option to forfeit inside. He believed that as long as he touched this option, he could immediately be teleported out of the Blood Arena.


He put away the entry token and turned to look around.


He had killed many Demon Kings in this battle, but unfortunately, their Space Rings had disappeared. He had encountered this situation before; whenever someone died here, his Space Ring would immediately vanish.


Now that he thought about it, the Blood Arena was probably the one that plundered them.


[This is robbery!] Yang Kai cursed in his heart. Countless Demons died here every year, and all their wealth flowed into the Blood Arena just like that. How could this damned place not be rich?


Yang Kai was essentially broke after coming to the Demon Realm; therefore, he could only count on the hundred million Demon Crystals bet he made, otherwise he would not be able to purchase anything in the future.




There was not much suspense in the following battles. Although a lot of Demon Kings signed up for this free-for-all, there were only a total of five High-Rank Demon Kings. Among those five, one was killed by Yang Kai and Bo Ya, one was forced to leave, and the last one, the Sand Demon, was injured and had probably quit as well. As for the remaining two High-Rank Demon Kings, they were nowhere to be seen so Yang Kai had no clue if they were already killed earlier or quit.


As for those Low-Rank and Mid-Rank Demon Kings, Yang Kai did not put them in his eyes. If he encountered them, he could easily eliminate them. Those who reacted fast enough would immediately quit to protect their lives, while those who were a little slow would stay here forever.


Half a day later, when Yang Kai finished off his last opponent, the surrounding space suddenly distorted. The mountains and trees rapidly disappeared, and the empty field appeared in front of him again.


The audiences were boiling in exhilaration and Xiao Wu was so excited that she was jumping up and down with a totally flushed face.


[Sir won, he really won!] Yang Kai had survived until the end in such a chaotic battle involving almost eighty Demon Kings. This felt like a dream and it was not until now that the rock on her heart was lifted.


Behind her, the Demon Great General who bet everything on Yang Kai laughed and cackled insanely.


He bet two million Demon Crystals, and the odds were ten to one, which meant that he won twenty million! Such a number was a great fortune for a Demon Great General! It was enough to support his cultivation to the Demon King Realm with enough leftover to buy a good set of equipment to arm himself.


He had heard that quite a number of people had gotten rich overnight in the Blood Arena before, but now it was his turn to feel such a sense of euphoria.


The emcee Demon King of the Blood Arena went up to the stage again, made a casual speech and congratulated Yang Kai on his victory… 


Yang Kai was keenly aware that the Demon King’s expression was a little gloomy but this man was doing a good job hiding it.


Yang Kai could not help snorting coldly in his heart. Perhaps, the Blood Arena had something to do with the scheme plotted by those dozen Demon Kings or was even the one behind the whole plot.


Although Yang Kai believed that Yue Sang was the mastermind behind the scenes, Yue Sang was a Half-Saint in the end so it was inconvenient for him to execute such a plan in-person in this Blood Arena. Therefore, Yue Sang had probably used others to carry out this plot. Now that most of the Demon Kings involved were dead while Yang Kai was still alive and kicking, how could those responsible feel good about it?


After a short while, Yang Kai was led to a VIP room of the Blood Arena and was served the best blood wine.


Xiao Wu, who was standing by his side, glanced at him from time to time with her face filled with awe and worship.


This battle took Yang Kai quite some effort, and now it was the time for him to collect his prize. The thought of getting a hundred million High-Rank Demon Crystals and having Li Shi Qing by his side put Yang Kai in a good mood.


Now, Flower Shadow Great Emperor owed him a favour. If he asked her for anything in the future, she probably would not refuse him.


However, Yang Kai was annoyed because he had already been waiting for a long time but no one actually came to greet him.


[There’s no way the Blood Arena would go back on their word, right?] Given that this place in the Holy City was under Yu Ru Meng’s jurisdiction, it should be impossible for them to do something to sabotage her reputation; however, since the Blood Arena had participated in a plot against Yang Kai, they might not really let him obtain what he wanted.


Yang Kai snorted coldly in his heart. If that really happened, he would turn the entire Blood Arena upside down. When that happened, Yu Ru Meng would inevitably be alarmed, and someone would stand up for him. He wondered whether those guys could bear Yu Ru Meng’s anger. It would be best if he could take this opportunity to drag Yue Sang into this and let Yu Ru Meng deal with him.


After having this thought, he actually hoped that the Blood Arena would renege and give him an excuse to make a fuss.


Yang Kai waited for two hours, and only then did the door to the VIP room open. The middle-aged emcee Demon King from the Blood Arena entered the room with a smile, and greeted Yang Kai with cupped fists, “Greetings, Brother Yang.”


“Do you know who I am?”


Yang Kai looked at him meaningfully.


The middle-aged Demon King beamed, “I didn’t know before, but I do now. Please forgive me for not giving Brother Yang a proper welcome.”


Yang Kai raised his hand, “Cut the courtesy. I’m here for my prize. Where is it? Why don’t I see it?”


The middle-aged Demon King explained, “Brother Yang, the female Human will be brought over soon.” He could be mistaken, but the middle-aged Demon King thought that he spotted a hint of disappointment in Yang Kai’s eyes. He could not help showing a trace of surprise in his eyes, wondering what Yang Kai was disappointed about.


After a short pause, he continued, “Before that, let’s settle another matter first.”


“What is it?” Yang Kai looked up at him.


The middle-aged Demon King glanced at Xiao Wu as he asked, “Is this woman Brother Yang’s maidservant?”


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.


The middle-aged Demon King smiled faintly, “Congratulations to Brother Yang. According to our records, this woman bet one hundred million Demon Crystals on Brother Yang before you participated in the fight. Based on the odds offered by the Blood Arena, Brother Yang will be paid one billion Demon Crystals for obtaining the final victory.” While speaking, he took out a Space Ring and shook it as he grinned, “I have the Demon Crystals here.”


Xiao Wu’s eyes were instantly stuck to the Space Ring, her breath quickening.


One billion Demon Crystals. It was an unimaginable number. Although she did not make much effort this time, she felt glorious seeing Yang Kai suddenly winning such tremendous wealth.



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  1. Not to mention that any gambling institution wouldn’t collect the fee up front for the bet… but, the pay out should be 900KK, not 1KKK. You should have to pay 100,000,000 for the bet… if you win 1KKK then you technically gained 900KK… since they didn’t have the collateral up front, they should only be rewarded 900KK. This is simple math, but I’m sure the author gave them 1KKK. What DEMON arena would ever do such a thing? Not mine… that is for sure!

  2. So for the life of me, I cannot fathom any gambling institution that would allow a person who enters a contest where you could your lose your life to place a bet on themselves without first verifying that they had the money. Where’s the downside? You lose, who cares your dead, so if you don’t have the money the house won’t get paid. If you win, well your alive obviously, so it again doesn’t matter cause you don’t have to pay the house. Unless they verify you had the money to make your original bet, the house is guaranteed to come out the lower everytime.

    1. You’re absolutely right, I would highly doubt any gambling place would function this way unless they had some sort of collateral or they were dealing with a frequent customer. It’s just how the author wants to get his self-insert instantly rich ofc.

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