Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3456, Cross Swords


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Yang Kai raised his brow, “The Blood Arena is indeed wealthy! Now that it’s here, this King will take it.”


Still smiling, the middle-aged Demon King continued, “Brother Yang, please give me your Space Ring, and let this King examine it.”


“You want to examine my Space Ring? Why?” Yang Kai looked at him as his face darkened. [What does this guy mean? How can anyone allow others to check their Space Ring casually? Is he looking for faults?]


The middle-aged Demon King was taken aback for a while, and then he laughed, “It seems like Brother Yang is not very familiar with the rules of the Blood Arena.”


“What rules?” Yang Kai suddenly sensed that something was wrong, and looked towards the door.


The middle-aged Demon King explained, “It’s like this. To make it easier for everyone to bet in the Blood Arena, it has always been a rule that one must put the bet down before the payment of the winnings is given. If one wins the bet, the Blood Arena will naturally have to check if the bettor has sufficient Demon Crystals for the bet. Brother Yang is new here, so you may not know much about it. There used to be many people who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and bet even when they didn’t have enough Demon Crystals to pay up, causing significant losses to the Blood Arena. That’s why, since long ago, the hosts of the Blood Arena set rules for this inspection. As long as Brother Yang has the hundred million Demon Crystals used for the bet, this King will immediately pay you in full.”


The blood drained from Xiao Wu’s face as soon as this statement came out.


She was clearly aware of Yang Kai’s condition. Not to mention a hundred million, Yang Kai didn’t even have one million Demon Crystals on him. He had nothing in his pockets to take out for this inspection.


She secretly blamed herself. If she knew this would happen, she would have found out more information about the Blood Arena. She was not familiar with the rules; after all, she had never been here, and everything she knew about the Blood Arena was from rumours. She did not expect such a rule was in place when she told Yang Kai about the Blood Arena.


If he failed to pass this inspection, it would mean that he broke the rules of the Blood Arena, and it would be a dream to get that one billion Demon Crystals.


“Is there such a rule?” Yang Kai’s face twitched as he narrowed his eyes at Xiao Wu. By the look on her face, it was either she had no clue about such a rule, or the Blood Arena was targeting him.


“There has always been such a rule,” The middle-aged Demon King nodded gently with a smile on his face, “Could it be that Brother Yang is unable to provide a hundred million Demon Crystals?”


Yang Kai snorted, “What is a trivial hundred million Demon Crystals to me? It’s such a waste of time to inspect here and there, can’t Your Excellency be accommodating?”


The smile never fading from his face, the middle-aged Demon King shook his head, “The rules of the Blood Arena are unbreakable. This King is just doing his job. Please forgive me, Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai looked at him coldly, and the other party looked back without showing any weakness. There was even a hint of aggressiveness in his eyes, and Yang Kai immediately understood that it did not matter whether the Blood Arena had this rule or not, they were deliberating making things difficult for him.


As such, he curled his lip and spat, “In that case, this King no longer wants those Demon Crystals. Just bring this King the prize.”


The middle-aged Demon King rubbed his forehead at his words as if he got a headache, “Brother Yang is making things difficult for this King. According to the rules, if you cannot take out the hundred million Demon Crystals used for the bet, it means that you have broken the rules of the Blood Arena, and if the rules of the Blood Arena are broken, everything before that would not be accountable, and the so-called prize is…”


Yang Kai burst out laughing. He initially was wondering why he had to cause such a hassle about the Demon Crystals, but now he understood what it was about. It seemed that the Blood Arena never intended to hand over Li Shi Qing at all.


“Do you insist on doing this?” Yang Kai looked at him lightly with a look of eagerness in his eyes. If the other party dared to utter a word, he would immediately raise a ruckus here.


He could let go of the one billion Demon Crystals, but he must take away Li Shi Qing today. He absolutely would not compromise on this point.


It had clearly been a while since that woman was brought to the Demon Realm, and from the look of her condition, she was not doing well. Although Li Shi Qing had been using some Secret Technique to resist the invasion of Demon Qi, who knows how long she would be able to hold out. There would absolutely be no way to save her if it was too late.


The middle-aged Demon King smiled humorously. He was about to speak, but was interrupted by Xiao Wu, who suddenly took a step forward looking as pale as a sheet, and stuttered shakily, “T-the b-bet… The bet was entered by this maid, and has nothing to do with… Sir!”


Yang Kai and the middle-aged Demon King looked at her together. The former looked bemused, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry, while the latter’s face went dark and sunken.


From Xiao Wu’s point of view, as long as she took the blame for the bet, Yang Kai would not have broken the rules of the Blood Arena, and they would naturally not seize the prize that belonged to him. However, doing this would place her in a great disaster. The Blood Arena would punish her severely even if she was a maidservant in Yu Ru Meng’s palace. In all likelihood, she would end up dead.


As for Yang Kai, this was not the outcome he wanted! He was actually hoping that the other party would give him an excuse to make trouble. If Xiao Wu took all the blame, he would have no legitimate excuse to run wild.


“Do you know what you’re saying?” The middle-aged Demon King looked at Xiao Wu viciously, and the remaining colour in her already pale face vanished, accentuating the hideous scars on her countenance.


Yang Kai moved swiftly and stood in front of Xiao Wu, his eyes looking sharp, “Your Excellency is majestic indeed!”


The middle-aged Demon King glanced at Yang Kai slightly, a little surprised by his reaction; after all, Xiao Wu was only a trivial maidservant, was she worth defending? He sneered, “Brother Yang is a man of character too it seems.”


Yang Kai did not bother to pay him any attention, he simply glanced at Xiao Wu and commanded, “This has nothing to do with you, stand back.”


“But…” Xiao Wu raised her head to say something but swallowed the words when her eyes met Yang Kai’s.


Standing in front of her, Yang Kai cracked his neck and narrowed his eyes at the middle-aged Demon King coldly, “There’s no need to play games at this point. This King wants his prize, and this King is not going to give up those one billion Demon Crystals either. I’ll give you a stick of incense to prepare everything; otherwise, don’t blame this King for being rude.”


When the conversation was no longer agreeable, to say another word was a waste of a breath. It was better to speak with actions.


The middle-aged Demon King chuckled, “Where did Brother Yang get the confidence to cause trouble in the Blood Arena?”


Yang Kai replied indifferently, “Seventeen. Tsk tsk, Your Excellency really thinks highly of me.”


While these words were inexplicable to Xiao Wu, who did not understand them at all, the expression on the middle-aged Demon King’s face changed slightly, because seventeen was the exact number of Demon Kings hiding outside the room, waiting in ambush. The Blood Arena did not intend to allow Yang Kai to do as he pleased, and the repeated persecution here was simply to provoke Yang Kai into action. As soon as he dared to make a move here, the seventeen Demon Kings outside would storm inside.


During the free for all, Yang Kai had Bo Ya’s help killing the enemy, but he was alone now. It was impossible to escape when surrounded by a large number of Demon Kings. Even if the Holy Venerable found out about it later, she would not be able to blame anyone since it was Yang Kai who dared to make trouble first.


It was just that… This guy’s senses were a little too sharp. The Demon Kings outside had concealed their presence very well, but he was still able to sense them.


Laughing lightly, the middle-aged Demon King feigned ignorance, “What does Brother Yang mean?”


Yang Kai glanced at him contemptuously, and answered lightly, “Time waits for no one. A stick of incense is very short. Your Excellency should finish the preparations immediately.”


The middle-aged Demon King laughed lightly again, “This King doesn’t need to prepare anything, but you, Brother Yang, should learn to restrain yourself.”


Right after he finished, the atmosphere in the guest room suddenly became very tense. Xiao Wu nervously waited and watched, knowing that something bad was about to happen. She was confused too. She was just taking Yang Kai out for a stroll around the Holy City, so how did things escalate to this?


Just when the tension in the room was about to reach a breaking point, the sound of footsteps approached them from the outside, and at the same time, an aura that made Yang Kai feel uneasy quickly shrouded over him.


The aura of a Half-Saint!


And… it was a familiar aura.


This was not Yue Sang’s aura, however. Even though Yang Kai and Yue Sang only met once, he remembered that person’s aura vividly, so who was this Half-Saint? Where had he seen such a person before?


Yang Kai inadvertently raised his head and almost burst out laughing, because the face of the middle-aged Demon King, who was previously looking at him as if he was ready to jump at his throat, was scrunched up in misery, as if he was extremely fearful of the incoming person.


“Greetings, Sir!” The sound of many voices came from outside, obviously from the Demon Kings who were set to ambush Yang Kai.


With a creak, the door was pushed open, and a tall figure stepped in. The visitor was dressed in white, and carried a valiant and heroic manner. The smile on his delicate and beautiful face, and a pair of piercing eyes had a sense of allure and captivation, which was particularly attractive to women.


Yang Kai was stunned, and pointed his finger at him, “You…”


The middle-aged Demon King hurriedly bowed and saluted, “Greetings, Sir!”


The newcomer ignored and walked past the middle-aged Demon King though and stopped ten meters in front of Yang Kai, the corner of his mouth curved into a smile as he spoke, “I told you, we would meet again.”


“Bai Zhuo!” Yang Kai finally remembered this man’s name. 


No wonder that aura felt familiar. It was him.


Yang Kai had killed countless enemies while defending Tiger Roar City, so the Demon Race also seemed to recognize the horror of Tiger Roar City and invited a Half-Saint to settle the matter. How could they have anticipated that the Half-Saint who was sent would just make a few remarks before fleeing? Before leaving, this Half-Saint even told Yang Kai that they would meet again.


That Half-Saint introduced himself as Bai Zhuo!


Later, when he learned that Yu Ru Meng was one of the Twelve Demon Saints, Yang Kai realized why Bai Zhuo retreated that day. Other Demons might not recognize Yu Ru Meng, but he must have, so he left decisively.


But Yang Kai did not expect to see Bai Zhuo again in the Blood Arena of the Holy City.


“How dare a mere Human address Sir directly by his name!?” The middle-aged Demon King immediately raised his head to yell at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes at him, and replied contemptuously, “He hasn’t even said anything about it, so what are you barking for?”


The middle-aged Demon King was furious and raised his eyes to look at Bai Zhuo, but only saw a smile on the latter’s face, clearly not angry at Yang Kai’s rudeness. The middle-aged Demon King’s heart suddenly clenched as he had a bad feeling in his heart.


It seemed that Sir Bai Zhuo and this Human… were on good terms.




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  1. Not really on good terms, but Yang Kai is the favorite of Yu Ru Meng so who is Bai Zhuo to complain about unlike that useless Yu Sang.

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