Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3457, Repayment


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“Why are you here?” Yang Kai looked at Bai Zhuo in astonishment. [Shouldn’t this guy be in the Star Boundary? Why did he show up here for no reason?]


Bai Zhuo turned around and sat on a chair proudly before the middle-aged Demon King immediately walked over and poured him a glass of blood wine respectfully.


Bai Zhuo gently shook the transparent wine glass. The red wine looked like fresh blood as it sloshed around, emitting a fascinating aroma, “I’m one of the supervisors of the Blood Arena. Why can’t I be here?”


Yang Kai’s jaw dropped, utterly dumbfounded, “You’re one of Yu Ru Meng’s subordinates!”


Previously Yu Ru Meng told him that the whole Demon Realm was like a broken mirror. There were countless shattered continents and each of the twelve Demon Saints controlled a different number of them, as well as a different number of Half-Saints.


Now Yang Kai knew that Bai Zhuo was one of the Half-Saints under Yu Ru Meng. No wonder he recognized her at the city wall that day.


Listening to his words, the middle-aged Demon King’s brow could not help twitching, thinking, [This Human is truly audacious. He did not just call Bai Zhuo’s name directly, but even dared to address the Holy Venerable by her given name directly. I’m afraid that there will be a good show next! Sir Bai Zhuo may not care about what this Human said earlier, but given that he dared profane the Holy Venerable, Sir Bai Zhuo will definitely peel the skin off this Human even if he doesn’t kill him.]


However, to his disappointment, Bai Zhuo made no response at all, as if he had not heard Yang Kai’s blasphemy against the Holy Venerable.


“Good!” Bai Zhuo nodded with a smile, “This Bai is one of the many Half-Saints under the Holy Venerable.”


“I see.” Yang Kai looked enlightened. He sat down on a chair opposite Bai Zhuo with no trace of politeness and looked at him with a grin, “Did you just say that you are one of the supervisors of the Blood Arena?”


Bai Zhuo smiled lightly and nodded.


“Then this will be simple.” Yang Kai raised his hand, and pointed at the middle-aged Demon King, “This guy owes me a billion Demon Crystals, but he doesn’t want to pay up. Not just that, he wants to deny me my prize. Tell me, what are you going to do about this?”


Yang Kai was confident and fearless now. Most of the Demons here did not know the relationship between him and Yu Ru Meng, and they only knew that he was a Human brought back by the Holy Venerable from the Star Boundary, so they did not really fear him. But Bai Zhuo was different. He came back from the Star Boundary, so he must know how much Yu Ru Meng values him. In that case, there was no problem for Yang Kai to use Bai Zhuo’s prestige to settle this little squabble. 


Moreover, since Bai Zhuo appeared at this time, he must have known about the incident today, so Yang Kai did not need to explain too much to him.


Sure enough, Bai Zhuo put down the wine glass after hearing Yang Kai’s words before turning to the middle-aged Demon King faintly and asking, “Is that true?”


The middle-aged Demon King immediately answered, “Absolutely not. Sir, please ignore this man’s nonsense.”


Yang Kai slammed the table and stood up, “Bastard, how dare you lie so blatantly!?”


The middle-aged Demon King glanced sideways at Yang Kai, “This King just acts according to the rules.” Then, he turned to Bai Zhuo with his fists cupped, “Sir, the issue is like this. Brother Yang participated in a free for all battle and bet one hundred million Demon Crystals on himself. Although he won in the end, according to the investigation of this subordinate, Brother Yang did not have one hundred million Demon Crystals to begin with. According to the rules of the Blood Arena, this subordinate does not need to pay him the one billion Demon Crystals, and his prize will be forfeited too.”


Bai Zhuo nodded as he heard his explanation, “You’re right.”


Yang Kai glared at Bai Zhuo, thinking, [Are you here just to watch the show?]


The middle-aged Demon King was overjoyed, and he cupped his fists again, “Sir, this man is cunning and intends to break the rules of our Blood Arena. If he is not severely punished, this subordinate fears that the reputation of the Blood Arena will be ruined. Please allow this subordinate to make an example of this man in order to maintain the prestige of the Blood Arena and Holy Venerable!”


Yang Kai was stunned by this man’s speech. He thought to himself that this guy was really a sharp-tongued person. He managed to shift the issue of a gambling fight to an issue that involved Yu Ru Meng’s face. Furthermore, Yang Kai truly had no way to talk back about it.


“It’s not that serious,” Bai Zhuo ignored the suggestion of the Demon King and asked, “Have you checked his Space Ring to make sure that he doesn’t have one hundred million Demon Crystals?”


The middle-aged Demon King replied, “Not yet, because he refused to cooperate. I think it’s obvious that he doesn’t have so many Demon Crystals.”


Bai Zhuo nodded when he heard the speech, “It seems that the problem lies in the one hundred million Demon Crystals.” He turned to Yang Kai and continued, “Do you have one hundred million Demon Crystals? If so, just take them out and let them check it for you.”


Yang Kai really wanted to spit on Bai Zhuo’s face, thinking, [How can I have one hundred million Demon Crystals? If I had them, I would have taken them out long ago! Isn’t that a stupid question?] 


Just as he was about to erupt though, Yang Kai saw Bai Zhuo wink at him before turning his eyes towards his own hand, then slowly picking up his glass to sip his blood wine, deliberately displaying his Space Ring to Yang Kai. This gentlemanly manner, combined with the handsome face, had fully attracted Xiao Wu’s eyes.


Yang Kai frowned for a moment before he suddenly beamed and stretched out his hand to Bai Zhuo, “I remember now. Brother Bai, you should return the one hundred million Demon Crystals that you borrowed from me last time.”


Bai Zhuo almost spewed out the wine from his mouth as he looked at Yang Kai in shock and wanted to ask him, [Since when did I borrow one hundred million Demon Crystals from you!?]


His original intention was to lend Yang Kai one hundred million Demon Crystal and then have him return it when he got his prize, but how could he have anticipated Yang Kai not following his plan at all and coming up with such an approach. ‘Borrowing’ and ‘repaying’ were two completely different terms.


The middle-aged Demon King also gawked at Yang Kai with his eyes widened, then looked at Bai Zhuo, thinking that it was impossible.


“Ha ha…” Bai Zhou forced out a smile, put down his glass, clenched his fist and cleared his throat. He then glanced sideways at Yang Kai and wanted to get up and just leave, staying out of Yang Kai’s affairs forever, for he had never met such a thick-faced person in his life. But since things had reached this point, he could only play along with Yang Kai and nod, “En, I should pay you back now.”


After saying so, he really took out another Space Ring and fiddled with it.


The middle-aged Demon King was speechless. How could he not see through such bad acting? But he just could not understand why Bai Zhuo was willing to cooperate with this Human. He wanted to remind and dissuade Bai Zhuo, but he did not have the courage to speak up.


He had no way to stop Bai Zhuo if he really wanted to protect this person and would only offend Bai Zhuo if he opened his mouth. What’s more, Yue Sang had left long ago; otherwise, he would not need to go through such pains.


After a short while, Bai Zhuo threw a Space Ring to Yang Kai along with an angry glare.


Yang Kai pretended not to see anything and without checking the Space Ring at all, tossed it directly to the middle-aged Demon King opposite to him and put up an arrogant face, “Check it!”


The middle-aged Demon King held the Space Ring as if he were holding a hot rock, replying with a long face, “There’s no need for inspection.”


The Space Ring was given by Bai Zhuo, so even if there were no Demon Crystals in it, he still had to treat it as if there were a hundred million Demon Crystals in it. If so, why did he even need to check?


“In that case, shouldn’t the prize and the Demon Crystals I won be handed over?” Yang Kai snorted coldly.


The middle-aged Demon King did not look at Yang Kai and instead turned to Bai Zhuo with a helpless face, “There’s no problem with paying the Demon Crystals, but the prize…”


As far as he knew, the female Human brought by Yue Sang was just to show her face, she was then taken away by someone else. She was not in the Blood Arena at the moment so how could he give her to Yang Kai?


“What happened to my prize?” Yang Kai’s face darkened. He took part in the fight mainly for Li Shi Qing, while the one billion Demon Crystals were not his top priority. Now he had a bad feeling when he saw the Demon King’s speech faltering.


Cold sweat beaded on the middle-aged Demon King’s forehead as he continued to look at the Bai Zhuo with a helpless face.


However, Bai Zhuo simply smiled and gestured towards Yang Kai gently, “Calm down.”


As soon as he said this, a knock on the door came from the outside. Then, the door was pushed open and a burly Demon strode in. By the look of the Demon’s aura, he was a High-Rank Demon King.


Not only that, he was accompanied by a woman with a beautiful appearance and tall figure. It was none other than Li Shi Qing


Appalled, the middle-aged Demon King looked at Li Shi Qing with a pale face. [Wasn’t this woman taken away? Why was she brought back now?] Then, he turned to the burly High-Rank Demon King and a sudden realization dawned on him. Everyone knew that Bai Zhuo and Yue Sang were at odds with one another, so perhaps this entire series of events was a secret competition between them, with Bai Zhuo seemingly gaining the upper hand in the end!


His back was drenched in a cold sweat now as he truly did not want to be involved in a competition between Half-Saints. It was better for him to get out of this as soon as possible.


After the burly Demon came in with Li Shi Qing, he cupped his fists towards Bai Zhuo, then turned and left without saying a word.


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he vaguely understood something.


On the other hand, Li Shi Qing looked around anxiously after she was brought in. For her, she knew that she had been in danger since she was brought to the Demon Realm. Her efforts in keeping herself from being eroded by the Demon Qi now were actually just a futile struggle, because in the end, she would still eventually be demonized.


Therefore, she had not the slightest liking for the Demon Race.


She looked around, and her eyes found Yang Kai in a daze, and a trace of disbelief flashed across her face.


She did not know Yang Kai, but she could see that he was different from the other Demons, seemingly like a Human.


[How can there be a Human who is not affected by the Demon Qi in the Demon Realm?]


[Is this man being kept as captive too? But it doesn’t look like it.]


Just when she was lost in thought, Yang Kai walked towards her step by step and stopped a few steps in front of her.


“You…” Before Li Shi Qing could finish her sentence though, Yang Kai suddenly slapped her face.




The slap sent Li Shi Qing spinning a few times before she fell directly onto the ground, blood trickling from the corner of her mouth.


Xiao Wu’s jaw dropped, and the middle-aged Demon King was stunned too, while Bai Zhuo blinked a few times before he raised his wine glass again as if no one else was there, sipping the blood wine with a smile…




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