Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3458, Fainted


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Li Shi Qing was stunned.


Although she was taken captive and brought to the Demon Realm, she was never abused. Stars danced before her eyes now though and she was left completely baffled. The Demons were a little bit violent with her verbally, but she did not expect to be slapped by someone who looked like a Human today. 


[Who is he? Why did he hit me?]


Before she could think of anything else, Li Shi Qing felt a tightness pinch her chest. She raised her eyes and saw the same man who slapped her was now standing above her, leaning down slightly with one foot on her chest. He looked down at her condescendingly with a hideous look on his face and sneered darkly, “Do you know who I am?”


Li Shi Qing shook her head in panic, crystal tears overflowing from her eyes.


Yang Kai was taken aback for a moment wondering [Why was it so easy to toss this woman around? She’s a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master! Also, what’s with those teary eyes?] He did not really want to hit Li Shi Qing, but to everyone else, he was chased out of the Star Boundary because he had fallen to the Demon path, which was an intolerable crime. At this time, it was only reasonable that he showed some anger and resentment, but how could he have known a simple slap would cause Li Shi Qing to burst into tears.


Without thinking too much about it though, he continued to maintain that hideous face and barked at Li Shi Qing, “Look clearly, this King is Yang Kai!”


Li Shi Qing seemed to be greatly shaken by this statement and stared at him incredulously.


She obviously knew of Yang Kai, but the person in front of her was completely different from what she had heard. The Yang Kai she had heard about was the brightest rising star in the Star Boundary, but the man in front of her was like a vicious gambler who lost everything he had.


Yang Kai continued to smirk, “From now on, you’re my slave. You will do whatever I tell you whenever I tell you to. Your fate will be worse than death if I hear a word of objection! Do you understand?”


Li Shi Qing looked like she was in a trance. It wasn’t until Yang Kai repeated his question and a severe pain struck her chest that she nodded in a hurry, big fat tears sliding down the corner of her eyes, making her look absolutely miserable.


Yang Kai snorted, looking like he was bored of her, then lifted his foot before turning around and stretching out his hand to the middle-aged Demon King, “What about my Demon Crystals?”


The middle-aged Demon King immediately handed over the Space Ring he had prepared, looking like he was struggling with himself internally. [This must be why Holy Venerable brought this person back to the Demon Realm, his nature is pure evil.]


Yang Kai took the Space Ring and scanned it with Divine Sense to check its contents. After confirming everything was there, he grinned at Bai Zhuo and declared, “Brother Bai, since the matter is settled, I’ll take my leave.”


Bai Zhuo smiled lightly and got up, “Let’s go, I also happen to be going to the Holy Venerable’s palace.”


Yang Kai naturally did not have any objections and just ordered Xiao Wu to bring Li Shi Qing out of the room.


The two chatted all the way, and Yang Kai soon discovered that Bai Zhuo seemed to be interested in befriending him, which confused him slightly, [Perhaps he’s doing this because of my relationship with Yu Ru Meng?]


Bai Zhuo did not mention the one hundred million Demon Crystals, and Yang Kai did not plan to return them either. For a Half-Saint, a hundred million Demon Crystals meant nothing.


After a short while, they found someone standing in front of them, blocking their way. There was no one else within a thousand meters of where that person was standing and his aggressive aura seemed to permeate the air, causing many Demons to retreat.


Yue Sang!


He probably received news from the Blood Arena and hurried over. Yang Kai glanced at Bai Zhuo thoughtfully and secretly guessed that he might have already expected this, which was why he chose to accompany Yang Kai back to the palace.


Yang Kai would probably be in deep trouble if he was caught alone outside by Yue Sang.


At this moment, Yue Sang’s eyes were blazing, his blood boiling furiously all over him. The murderous intent was apparent as he glanced at Yang Kai and Li Shi Qing. He then fixed his gaze on Bai Zhuo and declared coldly, “You seem intent on interfering with this King’s business.”


Bai Zhuo chuckled, “Since I have nothing to do, I came here to have some fun.”


Yue Sang snorted again and raised his finger at Yang Kai, “Thirty Myriad Demon Pills for him.”


[Myriad Demon Pills?] Yang Kai’s eyes flashed. [What the Hell is that?] However, from Yue Sang’s tone, he obviously wanted to exchange thirty of these Myriad Demon Pills in order for Bai Zhuo to stop interfering in this matter. In this place and at this time, as long as Bai Zhuo withdrew, Yue Sang could do whatever he wanted. Although this place was under Yu Ru Meng’s jurisdiction, as long as Yue Sang was fast enough, there would be nothing to object about later.


Yang Kai glanced at Bai Zhuo and saw his face change slightly, which made him realize that these so-called Myriad Demon Pills were something incredibly valuable.


However, Bai Zhuo slowly shook his head, “I’m afraid I can’t give you what you want.”




Bai Zhuo rubbed his forehead, and replied with a wry smile, “It really is a tempting bargain, but…”


“Eighty!” Yue Sang raised his voice, with a painful look on his face as if a few kilograms of meat were shaved off him, “This is the most this King can offer.”


Bai Zhuo turned his head and looked at Yang Kai, then at Li Shi Qing, causing Yang Kai’s heart to tighten. Fortunately, Bai Zhuo still did not agree and simply said, “How about a slight change? I’ll give you back this woman.” 


He stretched out his hand and pointed at Li Shi Qing.


“Don’t even think about it!” Yang Kai was furious and stared at him, “She’s my property now!”


Bai Zhuo shrugged at Yue Sang upon Yang Kai’s words, “Then that’s too bad.”


Yue Sang’s face darkened as his voice turned as cold as ice, “Are you sure you won’t regret this? You should know that irritating this King will not do you any good.”


Bai Zhuo smiled slightly, “Don’t be such an alarmist. This King is perfectly aware of how capable you, Yue Sang, are. However, if I were you, I would worry about myself. Do you think Holy Venerable is going to let this incident slide?”


Yue Sang could not reply as the aggressive aura around him was threatening to explode, causing Yang Kai to become vigilant.


Bai Zhuo, on the other hand, stroked his chin lightly before saying, “If you’re not going to make a move, we’ll be leaving.”


As he said that, he gestured to Yang Kai and the others to follow him. He led the group of people past the Half-Saint, whose aura just felt like a breeze sweeping by them, unhindered.


As the few of them walked past Yue Sang, Yang Kai turned to glance at him, whose face was contorted to the extreme, his fists clenched tightly as if he was trying his best to suppress his urge to pounce at them.


Yue Sang knew that if he really engaged Bai Zhuo here, on top of his uncertain chance of winning, the thought of Yu Ru Meng’s wrath descending on him was unimaginable, so all he could do was watch Yang Kai and the others leave.


When they pulled a good distance away from Yue Sang, Yang Kai let out a breath softly in relief as he squinted at Bai Zhuo, “Did you really want to trade me to him just now?”


Bai Zhuo laughed, “How can that be? If I really did that, Holy Venerable would kill me.” While speaking, he glanced at the teary-eyed Li Shi Qing, “But eighty Myriad Demon Pills would be a good deal in exchange for this woman.”


“What are Myriad Demon Pills?” Yang Kai took the opportunity to ask.


Bai Zhuo replied mysteriously, “It’s useless to ask this now. You will know in the future.”


Since he did not want to answer, Yang Kai just changed the subject.


Not long after, they arrived at the palace where Bai Zhuo, who wanted to meet Yu Ru Meng, parted ways with Yang Kai.


Returning to his residence again, Yang Kai asked Xiao Wu to arrange a room for Li Shi Qing, while he took out the map he bought and studied it in his quarters.


In the Demon Realm, he could not count on anyone, and it was not practical to just inquire about the whereabouts of Bright Moon Great Emperor, so he could only work hard on his own.


After a while of careful study, Yang Kai discovered that the Demon Realm was truly vast. There were no fewer than five hundred fragmented continents, and although there were large and small ones, their combined area was definitely much larger than the Star Boundary’s.


To track down Bright Moon Great Emperor in so many fragmented continents was like looking for a needle in a haystack!


Yang Kai could not help feeling powerless as he did not find a single clue.


While he was at a loss, he suddenly remembered Li Shi Qing. This woman had been in the Demon Realm for a long time now, so although her situation had been less than pleasant, there was a chance she might know something.


He stored the map, opened the door, and walked out.


Summoning Xiao Wu, he found where Li Shi Qing was and headed there straight away.


The place Xiao Wu arranged for Li Shi Qing was not far from Yang Kai’s room, so it took just a short time to arrive.


Pushing the door of the room open impolitely, Yang Kai strode in and glanced left and right. He found Li Shi Qing curled up in the corner, arms around her legs and chin on knees, her eyes still wet, looking absolutely pitiful.


Hearing the movement, Li Shi Qing looked up and shuddered at the sight of Yang Kai. She obviously remembered the treatment Yang Kai had shown her before so she could not help wanting to retreat; unfortunately for her, there was a wall behind her.


Yang Kai snickered, which escalated her anxiety.


With a wave of his hand, the door slammed shut and Yang Kai walked toward her.


Li Shi Qing was completely petrified as her breath caught in her chest, watching the menacing figure that obscured the light above her head with her beautiful wide eyes.


Yang Kai looked down at her condescendingly while feeling a little odd; after all, Yu Ru Meng had disguised herself using this face for a long time so he was quite familiar with it, though it never looked like this.


Raising his hand slightly and a chair flew over.


Unexpectedly, Li Shi Qing suddenly hugged her head with her arms, and whispered, “Don’t hit me, please don’t hit me…”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. [Is this woman really the only Legacy Disciple of Flower Shadow Great Emperor? She’s so timid! How did she even become a Second-Order Emperor? Could it be that the Flower Shadow Great Emperor sheltered her too much, causing her to develop such a weak character?]


Sitting on the chair, Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked on her head with his knuckle.


In the next instant, Li Shi Qing fell limp and collapsed on the ground with her eyes shut.


Yang Kai blinked dumbly for a moment before he stretched out his hand to check her breathing as a weird expression filled his face. He then examined her with his Divine Sense and confirmed that Li Shi Qing had fainted.


[What the… I didn’t even say a word…] He initially wanted to ask her something, but it was impossible now.


In irritation, Yang Kai could only wait. 




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      1. She’s a greenhouse flower, a summer child terrified of the abuse she had plenty of time to imagine after the first real wanton violence she encountered. Nah, sounds like the right girl.

  1. He should put her in the sealed world for a bit. Continuously using her emperor qi to avoid erosion has to be exhausting. Also she has to be faking a legacy disciple gotta be tougher than that

    1. Closed-door disciples are routinely shown as weaker and weak-willed in comparison to cultivators who
      travel the world, regardless of the story. At this point (even not knowing how LSQ was captured) you’ve
      gotta make the assumption that she’s not a cultivator who’s had to struggle or fear, and now the one
      person in the entire Demon Realm who can protect her has been violent towards her.

      1. But it was never mentioned that she is a closed-door disciple, was it? If you look at the disciples or children of other Great Emperors, they also go outside sometimes, so Li Shi Qing likely does as well (otherwise they couldn’t have caught her if she always was next to her master).
        I think it’s more likely that she is just weakened by the demon Qi. After all, the kidnappings began about 3 years or more ago, and if die was then immediately sent to the demon realm, then she had to continuosly use her Qi to defend herself against the corruption. And back in the revolving world, Li Jiao was corrupted after a few days and the demon corruption in the revolving world is likely not stronger than in the demon realm.
        Combined with the fact that the only human she saw in the last year or more immediately abused her when they met, I’d say her losing consciousness is not because she is a closed door cultivator (or rather, experienced cultivators might not act better than her in such a Situation)

  2. She fainted. She didn’t pass out due to his bonk. Also, how is she protecting herself for 3 years from the demon qi. It may not be super thick qi… BUT, you are in the proximity of a demon saint, so the demon qi in the atmosphere HAS to be pretty good… and to run constantly for 3 yrs without corruption? It would have been smarter to say she was wearing an artifact [neck collar or bracer] that physically and mentally drains her (almost close to sealing her cultivation) but protects her from demon qi. (Of course there would need to be a plot to keep her sanity in check vs demonizing her outright.. but this is another blatant plot hole currently. Maybe it will be patched, but I doubt it.

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