Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3459, Very Good


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After about five to six hours, Li Shi Qing finally woke up. Her eyelashes quivered, her eyes opened, and the first thing she saw was Yang Kai sitting in front of her.


She could not wait to pass out again!


Before she was able to close her eyes and pretend to faint again as Yang Kai shouted with an annoyed face, “Sit properly!”


Li Shi Qing’s body trembled and it was obvious that she was dreadfully afraid of him. She gently bit her red lips as her gaze drifted away for a while before she slowly knelt down in front of Yang Kai with her head bowed down humbly, as if she were an ill-treated daughter-in-law.


Yang Kai found her pathetic, but he maintained his stern expression, asking, “Are you Li Shi Qing?”


She nodded.


Yang Kai rubbed his temples, “Is Flower Shadow Great Emperor your Honoured Master?”


She nodded again.


“Are you a mute?”


She nodded again, then quickly shook her head, and answered as she looked up at Yang Kai in fear, “No.”


Yang Kai snorted coldly, “Since you’re not, then answer when this King asks you a question. Lie, and you will suffer the consequences.”


“Yes, yes…” Li Shi Qing held her head with her hands, as if Yang Kai’s voice was too loud and it overwhelmed her.


Yang Kai suddenly pitied Flower Shadow Great Emperor. How did she raise such a weak-willed Disciple?


After pondering for a while, Yang Kai continued, “Judging from your previous reaction, you must have heard of me, right?”




“Ha!” Yang Kai sneered, “This King doesn’t care what you heard before, but listen well to what this King is about to tell you. This King has betrayed the Star Boundary. We cannot coexist now, we are absolutely irreconcilable! Sooner or later, this King will trample that damned place flat and show those fools my strength.”


Initially, Yang Kai wanted to explain the truth to Li Shi Qing so that she could cooperate with him, but seeing her condition now, it was better for him not to disclose anything, lest she let slip his secret. At this moment, he could not trust this woman.


Li Shi Qing raised her head, looking at him seriously and blinking.


Yang Kai pressed on fiercely, “Do you hear me clearly?”




“Good.” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, “Let’s begin. How did you get here?”


Li Shi Qing shook her head, “I’m not sure. I was knocked out, and I was already here when I woke up.”


[That should be Yu Ru Meng’s work, Bai Zhuo probably helped too.]


Yang Kai suddenly changed the topic, “It was said that Bright Moon fell into the Demon Realm. Do you know where he is now?”


“You mean… Senior Bright Moon?” Li Shi Qing almost could not react to it.


“Who else could it be?” Yang Kai replied as he stared at her.


“Is Senior Bright Moon here?” Li Shi Qing was shocked.


Yang Kai sighed in his heart, showing a look of disappointment. By the look of her reaction, she probably did not know the whereabouts of Bright Moon Great Emperor, so Yang Kai immediately lost his interest in talking, because it was pointless for him to ask anymore.


Yang Kai went silent, and Li Shi Qing did not dare to make a sound, so for a moment, the room fell into dead silence.


After a long time, Yang Kai pronounced, “I see that you’ve been resisting the erosion of Demon Qi, but how long can you keep that up?” He had no idea how long she had been holding on like this; however, Yang Kai could feel that the power in her body had almost completely depleted. If Yang Kai had not protected her when she passed out just now, perhaps she would already have been contaminated by the Demon Qi. The Demon Qi would have some impact on her more or less if it invaded her body, and would ultimately demonify her if left unchecked.


Speaking of this, Li Shi Qing looked a little pitiful. She shook her head slowly as she answered, “Ten days at most… My Space Ring was taken from me, and I don’t have any recovery items.”


Yang Kai had long noticed this as Li Shi Qing did not have a Space Ring with her. If she had sufficient resources, she would not be in such a pathetic state.


Yang Kai casually flickered a Space Ring to her, and snorted coldly, “Live well. This King has no use for you if you become a Demon.” After saying so, he got up and went outside.


Behind him, Li Shi Qing picked up the Space Ring and did a brief inspection. Joy immediately crept onto her face as there were Source Crystals and various Spirit Pills that she needed the most at this time inside. With these things, she could restore her strength and continue to resist the erosion of the Demon Qi.




When Yang Kai walked out of Li Shi Qing’s room, he saw Yu Ru Meng standing outside in the flower garden with a meaningful smile on her face.


Yang Kai was taken aback as he had not noticed her aura at all. He secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, he did not reveal anything when chatting with Li Shi Qing just now, otherwise, his end would probably have been dreadful.


“Why are you here?” Yang Kai approached and held Yu Ru Meng’s soft waist without showing any trace of politeness.


Yu Ru Meng looked down at his big hands, and revealed a faint smile, “Am I interrupting you?”


Yang Kai curled his lip, “There’s nothing to be interrupted.”


Yu Ru Meng nudged her chin towards the room and continued, “Given that you’re willing to go through all that trouble to bring her back from the Blood Arena, don’t tell me that you’re interested in her?”


Yang Kai retorted angrily, “Speaking of this, I need to ask you. What’s the matter with the maidservants here? Why do all of them look like this? Did you do it on purpose?”


Yu Ru Meng giggled, “So what? Who knows if you will cheat behind my back. I can’t watch over you all the time, so I have to take some precautions.”


Yang Kai bared his teeth, and replied painfully, “You don’t trust me.”


Yu Ru Meng glanced sideways at him, “You have to be trustworthy first.” As soon as she turned around and got rid of Yang Kai’s arms, she went to the flower garden, picked one, turned around, and went to place it on Yang Kai’s head.


Yang Kai stared at her, alarmed, “What are you doing!?”


“Don’t move!”


“Don’t even think about it!” As a man, Yang Kai found it to be embarrassing to have a flower in his hair. He quickly dodged her, but unexpectedly, Yu Ru Meng caught up like a shadow and landed the flower with a gentle motion, then quickly floated backwards. She looked at Yang Kai with her head tilted, then burst into laughter.


Yang Kai’s face went as black as the bottom of a pot and raised his hand to pull the flower out of his hair before throwing it to the ground and trampling on it, “Just you wait! You’ll regret this sooner or later.” After a fierce statement, he turned around to leave.


However, his arm was grabbed by Yu Ru Meng.


“What else do you want?” Yang Kai was full of frustration. In the Star Boundary, Yu Ru Meng only had a Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivation, so he could do anything he wanted to her, but here, when this woman restored her cultivation, he stood no chance when competing with a Demon Saint.


Yang Kai suspected that she was now taking revenge for everything he put her through.


“Are you angry?” Yu Ru Meng leaned her head close to him.


Yang Kai turned his head away, answering sarcastically, “I wouldn’t dare.”


“Good, then let me get down to business.” Yu Ru Meng turned solemn. Seeing that Yang Kai was still unresponsive and had no intention to listen, she immediately smiled and grabbed Yang Kai’s big hand and put it on her chest.


Feeling an amazing elasticity, Yang Kai instantly beamed and started kneading and playing with it, nodding, “Go ahead, go ahead, I’m listening.”


Yu Ru Meng stared at him, irritated, but still pressed on, “I need you to go to Cloud Shadow Continent.”


“Cloud Shadow Continent?” Yang Kai frowned, and quickly recalled the location of Cloud Shadow Continent. Fortunately, he had studied the new map diligently, otherwise, he might still be clueless at this moment.


Cloud Shadow Continent was not far from Enchantment Continent, but it was not close either. One would need to go through several Territory Gates before reaching there. Based on his current mobility and with the aid of the Tiger Head Chariot he purchased, it would take him about half a day to arrive.


“What for?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


“It’s where your help is needed of course, which is also the reason why I brought you here to the Demon Realm. As for what to do, someone will explain the situation to you there.”


Yang Kai fell into contemplation. He always wondered why Yu Ru Meng did not hesitate to use her Heart Seal Secret Technique to tie them together just to bring him to the Demon Realm. She certainly was up to something, but this was actually a good opportunity for him to probe her intentions as well.


Furthermore, he could not find out the whereabouts of Bright Moon Great Emperor here. If he went somewhere else, he may have a chance to inquire about it.


As soon as he thought about this, he had already made a decision in his heart, but he pretended to be reluctant and asked, “Can I not go?”


“Just help me with this.” Yu Ru Meng winked at him.


Yang Kai could not bring himself to say no. This woman was not only a Demon Saint, but also a Charm Demon, so she simply exuded seduction. Even just a little wink was enough to pull out the soul of any man.


“What benefit would I get from this?” Yang Kai snorted.


Yu Ru Meng chuckled, stared at Yang Kai, then glanced at the room, “You can do whatever you want with that woman inside, and I won’t stop you.”


“What kind of benefit is that!?” Yang Kai pouted.


“What do you want then?” Yu Ru Meng looked at him playfully.


Yang Kai’s eyes quivered, and then he whispered into her ear. Yu Ru Meng could not help rolling her eyes as she stretched out her hand to pull his ear over, whispered back, and tapped on her own red lips.


Yang Kai could not help gulping, and stared at her shimmery red lips, “Splendid!”


Provoked, Yu Ru Meng pinched his waist furiously.


Yang Kai grimaced in pain, “Anyway, I’m fine with you sending me to Cloud Shadow Continent, but what about Yue Sang? I’m afraid he’ll stop me halfway. You know he treats me like an arch-enemy, and with my current strength, I won’t end well facing him.”


Yu Ru Meng reassured, “You don’t have to worry about this. I have punished him for taking Li Shi Qing out on his own and using her to lure you to participate in the Blood Arena battle this time.”


“Did you kill him?” Yang Kai was overjoyed.


“He is a Half-Saint, so how could I just kill him?” Yu Ru Meng could not help laughing. If she really killed a Half-Saint for something so small, she would lose face, and it would be bad if the other Half-Saints under her became distrustful of her. Instead, she explained, “Bai Zhuo just came back, so I sent Yue Sang to the battlefield, and told him not to return without orders; therefore, you don’t have to worry that he will give you trouble.”


“Very good.” Yang Kai sneered, “I’ll let him live for now. When I get stronger, I will take his dog life!”


“We’ll see.” Yu Ru Meng smiled lightly.


But the next moment, Yang Kai hugged her waist and carried her up, flirting with his head lowered, “I’ve heard for a long time that Charm Demons are unrivalled when it comes to seducing people and stealing hearts, but this King doesn’t believe it. Let’s find out today!”


Yu Ru Meng stretched out her hand to hug Yang Kai’s neck, giggling, “Be careful of what you wish for.”




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