Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3460, The Soon To Disappear Continent


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Early morning the next day.


Yang Kai felt refreshed as he walked along the main road of the Holy City, his lips slightly curved upwards as he recalled the ecstasy of last night.


Yu Ru Meng truly lived up to her name as a Charm Demon. Her skills were almost unbearable for him even with his Half-Dragon Body. With just her sweet, little mouth alone, the things she did… If not for his strong physique, Yang Kai probably would have begged for mercy.


Even an enchantress like Shan Qing Luo was a novice compared to her.


The only flaw in the perfect scenario was that he failed to seize the ultimate prize. The last line of defence was held firm by Yu Ru Meng, leaving Yang Kai helpless.


According to Yu Ru Meng, it was not because she was unwilling, but because the Primordial Yin of a Demon Saint’s body was simply too potent, and there would be damage to Yang Kai’s foundation if he insisted. She could only ask him to work hard on his cultivation; as soon as he reached the Half-Saint Realm, he would finally be able to have his way with her.


Yang Kai was greatly looking forward to it.


As he reached the main city gate, a person’s voice suddenly came from up ahead, “Brother Yang, you look simply radiant, and there’s a certain sparkle in your eyes. Looks like you had a happy night.”


Yang Kai looked up in surprise, “Brother Bai, why are you here?”


It was Bai Zhuo, whom he met yesterday, and from the looks of it… Yang Kai could not help wondering, “Brother Bai, were you waiting for me?”


Bai Zhuo beamed lightly, “Brother Yang, don’t tell me you thought that Holy Venerable would really let you go to Cloud Shadow Continent alone.”


Yang Kai suddenly realized, “Is Brother Bai coming with me?”


Bai Zhuo replied, “I’m only responsible for escorting you and also then handing things over to the Demon Kings over there. Brother Yang will have to rely on himself for the rest. The battle between the two worlds is raging right now, so I can’t stay in the Demon Realm for too long.”


Yang Kai wanted to inquire about the situation of the battlefield, but was also afraid that he would expose himself if he asked too much, so he just nodded, “Then I shall have to trouble you, Brother Bai!”


“Brother Yang, please!” Bai Zhuo stretched out his hand in a gesture so polite that made Yang Kai wonder if he had any other intentions. This guy was a Half-Saint, so even if it was for the sake of Yu Ru Meng, was it necessary for him to be so polite? Yesterday was the same.


He could not understand, nor did he think he could get an answer if he asked, so Yang Kai decided not to think about it for now.


Outside the city gate, when Bai Zhuo was about to take off and head towards the Cloud Shadow Continent, Yang Kai stretched out his hand to stop him and summoned his newly bought Tiger Head Chariot.


In any case, he was not in a hurry for this trip, and he did not even understand the purpose of going to Cloud Shadow Continent. Since there was no need to hurry, Yang Kai took this opportunity to try his new flight-type artifact.


After some effort, the route was set up and Yang Kai boarded the War Chariot together with Bai Zhuo, Li Shi Qing, and Xiao Wu. The internal space of the War Chariot was not big, so four people was its limit.


He had to bring Li Shi Qing with him for the convenience of guarding her. He would have sent her into the Small Sealed World a long time ago if he did not have to consider raising any suspicions as that would save him a lot of trouble.


On the other hand, Xiao Wu was ordered by Yu Ru Meng to serve Yang Kai personally.


Yang Kai highly suspected the reason Yu Ru Meng arranged for Xiao Wu to stay by his side was to keep an eye on him. He had no objection to it though, for she was just a maidservant. Although her appearance was less than pleasant, Yang Kai had become fond of Xiao Wu after spending some time together. It was at least better than getting a new maidservant on the other side.


With a slight urging of his Emperor Qi, the Tiger Head Chariot immediately turned into a stream of light that soared straight into the sky, heading towards the nearest Territory Gate.


Yang Kai very soon discovered the benefit of this artifact. No control was needed as long as the route was set in advance, and as long as there was enough power, the Tiger Head Chariot would speed all the way towards its destination. Even if it could not be compared to Bai Zhuo’s flight speed, it definitely was not slow.


Emperor Qi, Demon Qi, or even Demon Crystals that had been inserted could be used as fuel to drive the War Chariot. Yang Kai spent some time playing around with it in fascination. 


When he finally settled down, Yang Kai turned to look at Bai Zhuo, who was sitting next to him, and asked, “Brother Bai, do you know why Holy Venerable is sending me to Cloud Shadow Continent?”


Bai Zhuo answered questioningly, “Holy Venerable didn’t tell you?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “She only told me that someone there will explain the situation to me.”


When Bai Zhuo heard the words, he nodded, “Since that’s what Holy Venerable said, she must have…” He failed to stifle his laughter when he saw Yang Kai rolling his eyes, “Good, then I will reveal a little bit.”


“I’m eager to hear the details!” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.


“Cloud Shadow Continent is about to vanish.”


Bai Zhuo looked at Yang Kai with scorching eyes, “I’m afraid that only you can prevent this from happening.”


“It’s going to disappear?” Yang Kai was astonished, “What happened? How can a continent just disappear all of a sudden?”


Bai Zhuo explained, “It’s not disappearing in the sense of it being destroyed. Strictly speaking, Cloud Shadow Continent will still exist, but the Territory Gates that connect to Cloud Shadow Continent are about to vanish. Originally, there were five Territory Gates that led to five different continents connected with Cloud Shadow Continent, but four of them have disappeared during the previous thousand years. Right now, there is only one left and it seems to be extremely unstable. Once the last Territory Gate disappears, Cloud Shadow Continent will be completely cut off from the Demon Realm, and we will lose another piece of territory. Brother Yang should understand what I mean.”


Yang Kai was startled for a while but soon nodded.


Each of the fragmented continents in the Demon Realm was equivalent to a Small World. These Small Worlds were not independent but were connected to each other by Territory Gates. If the Territory Gates of a fragmented continent disappear, then they would be completely cut off from the outside world, becoming completely isolated. To the Demon Realm, it was equivalent to a continent disappearing.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before asking, “So Holy Venerable wants me here in the Demon Realm just for Cloud Shadow Continent?”


Bai Zhuo smiled wryly and shook his head, “It’s not just for Cloud Shadow Continent. Brother Yang may not know, but over the past few tens of thousands of years, many continents in the Demon Realm have disappeared. Cloud Shadow Continent is just the latest example, and it certainly won’t be the last.”


Yang Kai was shocked, “This has happened to many continents?”


Bai Zhuo answered solemnly, “This more or less happens to every Holy Venerable’s territory. In the past ten thousand years alone, the Demon Realm has lost more than ten continents, and it is more than likely that number will only grow as more time passes.”


“The entire world is unstable!” Yang Kai’s face turned pensive as he suddenly reached an epiphany. When he first came to the Demon Realm, despite being blown away by the wonders of the Demon Realm, he still faintly felt something was off.


The Demon Realm was like a shattered mirror, its pieces once part of a whole but unable to maintain long-term stability after it was shattered. The disappearance of Territory Gates and continents were definitely related to this.


Bai Zhuo nodded, “Brother Yang is correct, only those who are proficient in the Dao of Space can possibly solve this problem. This is also why Holy Venerable values you so much.”


Yang Kai nodded firmly, “I see now, to keep Cloud Shadow Continent, we must stabilize the last Territory Gate at the very least, right?”


“Indeed!” Bai Zhuo laughed slightly, “Brother Yang, you must know that in the Demon Realm, the strength of a Holy Venerables and Half-Saints like me is closely related to the size of the territories under their command. The more continents we control, the stronger we are.”


“What’s the reason for this?” Yang Kai was stunned, as he had never heard of such a thing.


Bai Zhuo laughed without saying a word, acting mysteriously.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth and gave up questioning. He just contemplated on his own with a frown on his face. As Bai Zhuo said, if the strength of the Holy Venerable was closely related to the size of the territory under his or her management, then Cloud Shadow Continent may be just the beginning. If he could stabilize the last Territory Gate and salvage the Cloud Shadow Continent, Yu Ru Meng may want him to stabilize other places and even search for the disappeared continents.


This was not nonsense. Based on his expertise in the Dao of Space, a continent lost to the Void was not actually lost, just difficult to reach. As long as the location of the previous Territory Gates could be found, it may not be impossible to recover those lost continents.


Once the lost continents were retrieved and the Territory Gates were rebuilt, Yu Ru Meng’s strength would also increase.




Bai Zhuo let out a sound when Yang Kai was still deep in thought.


Yang Kai raised his head abruptly, manipulating his Emperor Qi to bring the speeding Tiger Head Chariot to a stop.


With a swoosh, a stream of light flew past them. 


Someone was secretly ambushing them, but this person had no malicious intentions as the previous blow was only intended to stop the Tiger Head Chariot.


Yang Kai looked up, and found a slim figure standing a thousand meters ahead, with a pair of white wings behind her. She waved over at him vigorously with a strong bow in her hand and a smug smile on her face.


“Bo Ya!” The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched. He was still wondering who wanted to ambush him, but he did not expect it to be this woman.


Previously, this woman left the Blood Arena abruptly without giving Yang Kai any time to react, but today she took the initiative to approach him.


[Could she be here for ten percent of the winnings? Then she is going to be disappointed!]


“It’s this girl…” Bai Zhuo obviously recognized Bo Ya, and smiled slightly, “Brother Yang, if possible, it would be good to subdue her. She may be of use to you when you’re in Cloud Shadow Continent.”


Yang Kai snorted coldly, “She’s fairly strong, but there’s nothing worth complimenting about when it comes to her character.” The sole fact that she liked women was enough to unsettle Yang Kai. This woman entered the free for all battle in the Blood Arena for Li Shi Qing, and it was uncertain what she would do if he kept her by his side. 


Bai Zhuo did not say much after hearing Yang Kai’s response.


As the two continued talking, Bo Ya flew over with a grin, and greeted Yang Kai enthusiastically, “Hello!” 


She then suddenly noticed Bai Zhuo, and was slightly taken aback, but she hurriedly composed herself and cupped her fists, “Greetings, Sir!”


Bai Zhuo smiled, “Are you in trouble again?”


An unnatural smile appeared on Bo Ya’s face, and she replied shyly, “Sir, since when did I ever get into trouble?”


Not giving Bai Zhuo a chance to speak again, she turned her head and looked at Yang Kai with a solemn expression, and immediately got down on one knee and cupped her hands, “Feather Demon Bo Ya is here to serve under Sir. Please take me in!”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded as he stared at Bo Ya in confusion, wondering, [What is this woman up to now?]




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