Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3462, Great King


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According to Yang Kai’s prediction, within a hundred years, the Territory Gate here would collapse. By that time, Cloud Shadow Continent may be completely isolated and lose contact with the Demon Realm.


Moreover, the Territory Gate would be more and more unsafe with the passage of time. Perhaps one would accidentally be exiled to the Void when passing through it. The Territory Gate was similar to a Void Corridor, and this unstable Territory Gate was undoubtedly of great benefit to Yang Kai, because he could use it to study the Dao of Space.


But obviously, now was not the right time. Now that he had come to Cloud Shadow Continent, he needed to meet the Masters in this place; after all, he might still have to work with these people in the future.


Looking down from a high altitude, Cloud Shadow Continent covered a large area, and its border could not be seen at a glance. From the map that Yang Kai obtained yesterday, he learnt that among the continents in the Demon Realm, the size of Cloud Shadow Continent was above average, but because of the problem with the Territory Gates, this place’s strength wasn’t great. There were only ten High-Rank Demon Kings guarding this continent, while Demon Kings beneath High-Rank were not more than three hundred.


This couldn’t be helped though as no one knew when the final Territory Gate of this continent would disappear. Once the gate disappeared, Cloud Shadow Continent would be completely cut off from the outside world, trapping everyone here and dooming them. Therefore, some Masters, who had connections or were worried about the dangers of this continent, had long left and gone to work in other places. What remained here was either those who had other plans, or had no better way out.


In addition, with the war with the Star Boundary raging, many Demon troops were transferred out of Cloud Shadow Continent, leaving only four High-Rank Demon Kings behind and less than one hundred other Demon Kings.


This information was revealed casually by Bai Zhuo during their conversation.


There was a huge city at the centre of Cloud Shadow Continent. The buildings in the city were well-arranged in rows, with millions of Demons living within its perimetre. Cloud Shadow City was not only the most prosperous place on Cloud Shadow Continent, but also the hub of the whole Cloud Shadow Continent.


Clearly having received advanced notification, there were more than thirty Demon Kings waiting when the Tiger Head Chariot passed through the clouds and landed in front of a huge building in the middle of the city. Three people were standing in front, while the rest stood behind. After Bai Zhuo and the others got off the War Chariot, they cupped their fists, “Greetings, Sir!”


Bai Zhuo nodded faintly, swept his eyes across them, then raised his brow slightly as he asked, “Why are there only three of you? Where is Lie Kuang?”


There were supposed to be four High-Rank Demon Kings in Cloud Shadow Continent, but only three of them were here, and the last guy named Lie Kuang was missing.


The High-Rank Demon Kings in the middle immediately replied, “Lie Kuang reported that there was some matter that delayed his journey, and it will take some time for him to get here.”


Bai Zhuo remained nonchalant.


When he was asking the question, Yang Kai observed the three High-Rank Demon Kings; two men and one woman. The woman was a Shadow Demon and her figure was erratic with her face covered by black Qi. The High-Rank Demon King who spoke was a little elderly and showed signs of decline in vitality. As for the last one, he was a tall, pale, middle-aged man, who seemed to be malnourished and a little emaciated.


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth curved, showing a faint smile.


Yu Ru Meng gave him the task to prevent the collapse of the Territory Gate in Cloud Shadow Continent; however, while he was here, Cloud Shadow Continent would be his territory. Everyone here had to listen to his orders. In other words, these Demon Kings were all his subordinates now.


Yang Kai did not really care about this task, but he wondered if he could somehow use it to his advantage. It would be best if he could stir up a big mess among the Demons. Even if that was impossible, he should at least create a distraction for the Demon Race on this side to reduce their momentum in the war.


Bai Zhuo introduced the names and responsibilities of the three High-Rank Demon Kings to Yang Kai one by one, and Yang Kai just memorized them casually.


Among these three Demon Kings, the old Demon King was the one who had been guarding Cloud Shadow City, while the other two actually came from the other places far away. They all had their own territories to guard, and it was the same for Lie Kuang, who had not revealed himself.


After introductions were finished, Bai Zhuo waved his hand, “Let’s talk inside.”


Everyone agreed.


The crowd followed Bai Zhuo into a magnificent hall where sixteen pillars so thick it would take several people to wrap around them stood, carved with remarkable-looking Dragons and Phoenixes.


More than thirty Demon Kings lined up in several rows below while Yang Kai flicked his robe and sat at the head of the hall, glancing around casually.


Bo Ya stood ten metres in front and to his left with a valiant and heroic demeanour like a loyal guard, while Xiao Wu and Li Shi Qing stood on the left and right behind him.


The Demon Kings were dumbstruck by the scene and all of them turned to look at Bai Zhuo, before looking back at Yang Kai.


Given that Bai Zhuo was here, how could Yang Kai be so daring to take this seat without showing any courtesy? But at the same time, Bai Zhuo did not look mad at all, which made them even more confused.


Bai Zhuo beamed lightly, “Holy Venerable has an edict. She has appointed Yang Kai as Great King, and he will be in charge of all matters of Cloud Shadow Continent. All of you need to make great efforts to cooperate with him and demonstrate your loyalty to your duties. Those who dare act negligent will die!”


As soon as he announced this, all the Demon Kings became unsettled. They looked up at Bai Zhuo incredulously one after another, to confirm whether they had heard wrong. The female High-Rank Shadow Demon King even trembled violently, and it was obvious that she was greatly impacted by the news.


Although Bai Zhuo introduced Yang Kai in a friendly tone and let them know that this unknown man was special, they never thought it would be to such an extent.


There had never been any ‘Great King’ in the Demon Realm before; therefore, the Demon Kings had no clue about the meaning of this title, but by the look of the Holy Venerable’s edict and Bai Zhuo’s attitude, not to mention Yang Kai’s strength, he should at least have a status equivalent to a Half-Saint.


[Who the Hell is this guy? Why does Holy Venerable value him so much and entrust the authority of Cloud Shadow Continent to him?]


But since this message was conveyed by Bai Zhuo personally, it should not be wrong. After a little hesitation, the three High-Rank Demon Kings bowed together and saluted, “Subordinate greets Great King!”


The other Demon Kings behind them imitated them.


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched at being addressed as Great King, for he somehow felt like he had become some kind of bandit king… The title sounded pathetic, but he did not bother to correct them and simply waved his hand, “There’s no need for such ceremony. In the future, this King will be relying on you all in Cloud Shadow Continent. I hope we can cooperate with each other wholeheartedly.”


The old Demon King in the middle responded, “We shall not disappoint Great King’s trust!”


Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.


Bai Zhuo remarked as he looked at Yang Kai, “Since it’s done, I’ll take my leave now. If you have any problems, you can contact Holy Venerable directly.”


Yang Kai straightened up, “It has been a tiring journey. Doesn’t Brother Bai want to rest for a few days before leaving?”


Bai Zhuo smiled and shook his head, “No need.” For him, a half day’s journey was nothing. Given that the two worlds’ war was currently in full swing, he did not have time to linger here. Although he would not return to the Star Boundary for some time, he still had tasks in the following days, such as mobilizing reinforcements from various continents to support the front line.


The dialogue between the two reached the ears of the Demon Kings, which further confirmed their guess. The new Great King was really comparable in status to a Half-Saint; otherwise, how could he be brothers with Bai Zhuo? All of them turned solemn, secretly worrying that they would soon be very busy.


“Have a safe trip, Brother Bai!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


Bai Zhuo turned around and left. When he reached the gate, he suddenly turned back and grinned at Yang Kai, “Oh right, I forgot to tell you that the Blue Plains Continent that connects to Cloud Shadow Continent is Yue Sang’s territory!” After that, he winked at Yang Kai, and then turned into a stream of light that soared straight into the sky.


Yang Kai knit his brow as he stared off into the distance, as if deep in thought.


Bai Zhuo was clearly trying to warn Yang Kai to watch out for the activity of Blue Plains Continent before he left, but Yang Kai wasn’t worried since Yue Sang had been transferred to the front lines of the war by Yu Ru Meng. Even if Blue Plains Continent really came looking for trouble, Yang Kai would definitely make sure that they paid for it with their lives.


With a light sneer, Yang Kai put aside such thoughts and saw that the Demon Kings below were staring at him. He coughed lightly and declared, “By the order of Holy Venerable, this King is here to maintain the Territory Gate of Cloud Shadow Continent and to protect Cloud Shadow Continent. This matter is very important and no carelessness will be tolerated. So do your best to cooperate with me in the future.”


“Maintain the Territory Gate?”


The Demon Kings were shocked. They finally knew the reason the Holy Venerable sent Yang Kai here. This was great news to them, for these people had no ability and no chance to leave Cloud Shadow Continent. Once the Territory Gate vanished, they would be buried along with Cloud Shadow Continent. They initially thought that there was no hope for the future, but now they suddenly caught a glimpse of light in that endless darkness.


The old Demon King was exhilarated and asked, “Is Great King being serious?”


The other two High-Rank Demon Kings also looked at Yang Kai with scorching eyes that were filled with expectation.


Yang Kai could not hold his laughter and nodded, “Of course. There is no reason for this King to lie to you.”


The female Shadow Demon pressed on, “If Great King can really maintain the last Territory Gate, it would be a great grace to the whole continent. This subordinate will follow Sir through fire and water without hesitation!”


The voice of the female Demon King was surprisingly pleasant and refreshing to the ears.


Yang Kai looked at her in amazement as he did not expect she would have such a big reaction to his words. Thinking about what Bai Zhuo told him before though, he somewhat understood this woman’s thought. Keeping Cloud Shadow Continent connected was equivalent to saving their lives and futures. How could they not pay attention to it?


However, the pale middle-aged Demon King frowned and spoke, “Great King, please forgive this subordinate for asking, but in order to maintain the Territory Gate, one must be proficient in the Dao of Space, but as far as this subordinate knows, no one in our Demon Realm possesses such capabilities. How can Great King be so confident?”


Yang Kai smiled and replied faintly, “Indeed, no one in your Demon Realm is proficient in the Dao of Space, but that doesn’t mean this King is not. I forgot to mention this to you all, but this King… is Human!” As he finished his sentence, he stretched out his hand and slammed at the space in front of him.


Ten metres away, a dark black crack instantly appeared, one that emitted a fierce suction that seemed capable of devouring the whole world.




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