Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3463, Demonstration of Authority


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The black hole persisted for ten breaths before it disappeared with a slight grip of Yang Kai’s hand.


However, at this moment, the Demon Kings were still shocked to their core. For one, this newcomer Great King was truly proficient in the Dao of Space; he was able to shatter space with just a simple wave of his hand, creating a black hole that led to the chaotic Void. This demonstrated his profound control of Space Principles. On top of that, this Great King was actually a Human… 


[With the Great War still raging, why did Holy Venerable appoint a Human as Great King and put him in charge of Cloud Shadow Continent?]


Yang Kai noticed their expressions, and sneered slightly, “Although this King is a Human, he has already become enemies with the Star Boundary. There’s no place for this King there. Holy Venerable personally recruited me to the Demon Realm, so you need not worry about where my loyalties lie.”


The reason why he revealed his origin so readily was that he could not hide it; after all, he would have to stay here in the future and as long as he used his strength even slightly, his identity as a Human would definitely be exposed. Instead of creating suspicion and vigilance in the future, it was best to just be frank in the beginning.


Without giving these guys a chance to speak again, Yang Kai spoke sharply, “Bo Ya!”


Bo Ya froze for a moment, but quickly reacted, turned around, taking two steps forward, and cupping her fists, “Yes, Great King.”


Yang Kai looked at her solemnly, “I shall appoint you as Cloud Shadow City’s Vice Commander to assist Lao Ke in managing the affairs within the city. Cooperate fully with him.”


Bo Ya’s beautiful eyes flashed, and quickly replied, “As you command!”


Lao Ke was the old Demon King, who was the Commander of Cloud Shadow City before Yang Kai arrived. This city was the hub of the entire continent and played an important role in all functions. Before this, Lao Ke alone could make all the calls, but now, there was Bo Ya, an extra Vice Commander.


Bo Ya was not a fool either. She knew Yang Kai appointed her as Vice Commander to intervene in the matters in Cloud Shadow City; after all, controlling this place was equivalent to controlling everything in Cloud Shadow Continent. It would make it very convenient to execute any plans he had in the future only after establishing a firm foothold.


Lao Ke and the others were his subordinates, but in name only. Even if the order was from Yu Ru Meng, it was still not as convenient as having someone truly loyal to him in place.


Yang Kai did not have a choice either as he had no better option; Bo Ya was the only choice. Fortunately, with the restriction of the Soul Puppet, Bo Ya would not betray him.


If Bo Ya could really gain a foothold in Cloud Shadow City, it would definitely benefit Yang Kai in the future.


The three High-Rank Demon Kings frowned at this arrangement. Lao Ke was old and was in the waning years of his life, but he was actually the fastest to recover his composure while it was clear that the female Shadow Demon and the other High-Rank Demon King looked worried, fearing that Yang Kai would also intervene in their turf. If this was the case, they would be very unwilling.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had no intention of doing so, and only gave a few words of encouragement to Lao Ke, such as asking him to help Bo Ya adjust so that she would become familiar with Cloud Shadow City as soon as possible.


Lao Ke responded respectfully, but who knew if he was feeling the same way on the inside or not.


Since he had only just arrived here, Yang Kai had nothing much to say so he simply led Xiao Wu and Li Shi Qing into the inner hall, leaving Bo Ya alone to discuss the day-to-day matters with Lao Ke.


The best room was prepared here for him, and there were wing rooms on the left and right sides, which he assigned to Xiao Wu and Li Shi Qing. After ordering Xiao Wu to get someone to fetch a detailed map of the entire Cloud Shadow Continent and a record of the forces under each Demon King, Yang Kai secluded himself in his room and began his investigation.


Since Yu Ru Meng had given him this opportunity, he naturally had to make good use of it.


He would try his best to maintain the Territory Gate, though it did not matter to him even if he failed. Yang Kai was more interested in seizing control of Cloud Shadow Continent. At that time, whether it was for self-protection or to silently ambush the Demon Race, he would need to utilize the power here.


After two days of research, Yang Kai figured out the general condition of Cloud Shadow Continent.


Just when he was putting down the various objects of study, there was a knock on the door.


Yang Kai raised his hand to open the door, and Bo Ya walked in. At this moment, the woman had lost all the respect she showed before, and her tone became much more casual. She scanned him up and down with a smile before quipping, “Should I call you Sir or Great King?”


“It’s up to you!” Yang Kai glanced at her and asked lightly, “What’s the matter?”


Bo Ya said, “I’m here to report to you some of the information I learned over the past two days. Do you want to hear it? If you don’t want to, I’ll leave.”


Yang Kai chuckled and squinted at her, saying, “It seems that you don’t understand your situation.” While talking, he took out the Soul Puppet from the Space Ring, flexing his fingers in a playful gesture!


Bo Ya could not help backing up a few steps, her beautiful face turning pale as she immediately covered her forehead with her hands and yelled, “Don’t be impulsive, let’s be civilized about this.”


“I’m very calm right now. As for whether I am impulsive, that will depend on how you perform,” Yang Kai looked at her with a smile.


Bo Ya snorted and spat disdainfully, “Cloud Shadow Continent has four High-Rank Demon Kings. The three you met are fine, but I’m afraid you need to be more careful with Lie Kuang.”


“Why do you say so?” Yang Kai frowned.


Bo Ya answered, “Have you not realized that Lie Kuang has still not come to greet you? Two days have passed, Ke Sen’s and He Yin’s territories aren’t nearby, they managed to rush here two days ago, while Lie Kuang has not shown himself even today.”


Ke Sen was the pale middle-aged Demon King, while the female Shadow Demon was the one with the peculiar name, He Yin.


These three, together with the Cloud Shadow City Commander Lao Ke, were the only four remaining High-Rank Demon Kings on Cloud Shadow Continent.


Yang Kai did not notice anything until Bo Ya mentioned this, but now that he thought about it, there indeed was something abnormal with Lie Kuang. Yang Kai had been named the Great King and was put in charge of Cloud Shadow Continent, so by right, Lie Kuang should have rushed over to at least show his face to his new boss, but Lie Kuang still had not shown up.


The other day, Lao Ke said that Lie Kuang had sent them a message that he was going to be delayed, but no matter what it was, it was impossible for him to be delayed for two days. What could have delayed a High-Rank Demon King in this Cloud Shadow Continent for so long?


“Is he trying to challenge my authority because I’m new here?” Yang Kai raised his brow.


Bo Ya sneered, “Seem like you’re not stupid.” 


The corner of her mouth twitched when Yang Kai raised the Soul Puppet again though and she hurriedly continued, “I’ve asked around. Before you came, these four High-Rank Demon Kings held complete authority over their own territories with absolutely no restriction. You suddenly came here to become their Great King though, and from now on, they will have to listen to your orders. I’m afraid that none of them are happy with the situation. If you were really a Half-Saint, it would be fine, but your cultivation is only equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King. How can they allow you to command them?”


Yang Kai pondered, “That makes sense. What else did you find out?”


Bo Ya continued, “As I said before, Lao Ke is old and frail. Although he’s a High-Rank Demon King, there’s no need to fear him. He has been cooperating with me these few days and I now have almost half the power over Cloud Shadow City. He Yin and Ke Sen probably intend to test out your capability; after all, although they are looking forward to you stabilizing the Territory Gate and keeping Cloud Shadow Content connected with the rest of the Demon Realm, they don’t know what your skills are. Naturally, they wouldn’t trust you too much, but they won’t be causing you any trouble for now. The two of them can be ignored for the time being. As for Lie Kuang, you have to be careful about him. I heard that his strength is also the greatest of the four, and he is just one step from being promoted to Half-Saint. He is also on good terms with Blue Plains Continent. By the way, his territory is where the Territory Gate is.”


Yang Kai looked thoughtful, “How convenient.”


Cloud Shadow Continent only had one Territory Gate, which was connected to Blue Plains Continent. Since Lie Kuang’s territory was where the Territory Gate was, it was indeed convenient for Blue Plains Continent.


Bo Ya seemed to be indulging in his misfortune as she snickered, “So if you want to maintain the Territory Gate, you have to go to Lie Kuang’s territory, and if you can’t win him over, how can you get his cooperation?”


Yang Kai looked at her steadily, making Bo Ya feel uncomfortable, “What are you looking at? I warn you, don’t even think of doing anything strange to me, not even a single thought; otherwise, don’t blame me if we have a fallout.” She crossed her arms on her chest defensively as she spoke.


Yang Kai laughed lightly, “I just thought you were pretty capable.”


Two days ago, he named Bo Ya Vice Commander of Cloud Shadow City. Yang Kai originally intended to use that as a message to the Demon Kings that he had the final say on everything here, but he did not expect Bo Ya to be able to help him with anything. Who would have thought that Bo Ya could actually gather so much information in just two days, and also take charge of half of Cloud Shadow City’s power?


Hearing this, Bo Ya smiled complacently, “Feather Demons are not only good at shooting, we are also good at gathering information.”


Yang Kai crossed his arms, rested his chin on his hand, and gazed at her with scorching eyes, remarking, “If this is the case, you must know where Lie Kuang is now.”


Bo Ya did not say a word but just pointed at her feet.


Brow raised, Yang Kai asked, “He’s in the city?” 


Bo Ya nodded and replied, “He entered the city a day ago, but he’s in his own mansion now.”


“Very good!” A sneer crept onto Yang Kai’s face as he ordered, “Go, summon Lao Ke and the others over.”


Bo Ya could not help having a bad feeling as she frowned, “What are you going to do?”


Yang Kai stood up, and turned to look out the window, “Naturally, I’m going to demonstrate my authority. One must whip a disobedient dog lest others begin to underestimate him.”


Bo Ya gaped at him and objected, “Are you crazy? If you fight Lie Kuang at this time, Lao Ke and the rest won’t help you.”


“I don’t expect them to help me.”


Bo Ya pointed at herself and asked incredulously, “Don’t tell me you want to depend on me? This is not the Blood Arena. I can’t help you too much. And Lie Kuang is not alone; he brought a lot of Demon Kings into the city this time with him!”


She would not be afraid if Lie Kuang was alone. As long as Yang Kai could pin down the opponent, her shooting skills would be enough to make Lie Kuang suffer; however, according to the information she obtained, Lie Kuang brought almost all of the Demon Kings loyal to him into the city this time. He was clearly prepared.


“That’s even better,” Yang Kai gave her a faint look.


Bo Ya shuddered and was about to open her mouth to persuade again, but she saw the impatience in Yang Kai’s eyes and knowing that she would probably be punished if she raised any more objections, she finally voiced out in a resigned tone, “Since you insist on doing this, I will just obey it. If something happens, don’t blame me for not warning you.”




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