Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3464, Stolen Hallowed Treasure


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On the field of the city hall, more than forty Demon Kings assembled, led by Lao Ke, Ke Sen, and He Yin, standing at attention and facing forward.


Behind these Demon Kings, there were thousands of Demon Great Generals of varying strengths as well as tens of thousands of Demon Generals.


Although there was a large number of people, the field was dead silent, and the atmosphere was heavy and tense.


The three High-Rank Demon Kings exchanged doubtful looks. They had no idea why the Great King summoned them here this time, but they all had a premonition that something serious was about to happen.


Yang Kai stood in front of the Demon Kings, and swept his eyes across them lightly before he spoke, “This King has only been here for two days, but my Hallowed Treasure has been stolen! It proves the incompetence of the security of Cloud Shadow City. This King is truly disappointed!”


Lao Ke, who was standing in the centre of the front row, had his brow jump when he heard this speech. He was the Commander of Cloud Shadow City, who was in charge of everything in the city. If something had really been stolen from Yang Kai, he would not be able to avoid responsibility. Moreover, given that Yang Kai was making a big scene out of this, it seemed that the lost object was truly valuable. Lao Ke suddenly felt a little uneasy, and he was afraid that he would face disaster if he could not handle things well today.


He immediately stepped out from the line, and asked, “Great King, may I ask what exactly it was you lost and when it disappeared? This subordinate is willing to lead the team personally to investigate this matter and give Great King a satisfactory response.”


Yang Kai raised his hand, “That won’t be necessary. Vice Commander has already discovered the whereabouts of the thief, but this thief is powerful and has much manpower at his disposal. Today, the reason this King summoned you is to catch the thief and restore the reputation of our Cloud Shadow City.”


When Lao Ke heard the speech, he could not help glancing at Bo Ya. The woman’s head was hung low; her eyes pointed at her nose, while her nose pointed at her heart. The uneasiness in Lao Ke’s heart only grew more and more intense seeing this.


He knew that the new Vice Commander was trying every means to fight for power with him these two days, but he was not as ambitious as he was in his younger years. In addition, Bo Ya’s actions had all been within a reasonable limit, so he had just allowed her to do as she pleased. However, he only shared half of his authority with her, and the other half was still firmly held in his own hands. Even if he had lost his ambition, it did not mean that he did not have the intention to protect himself.


However… When did this Vice Commander inquire about this kind of news? How come he had not heard anything about it?


Not only did Lao Ke have doubts in his mind, but even Bo Ya was secretly cursing Yang Kai’s mother. She certainly knew what Yang Kai was up to. Capturing the Hallowed Treasure thief was indeed a good excuse, but even though there were many people and Masters here, could they really be of any help to him? She suddenly found that Yang Kai was too naive. He really thought that he could do anything with the little bit of authority given to him, and she was afraid that he might suffer a great loss if he did not handle the matter well tonight.


She secretly made up her mind that if the situation really turned bad, she would not care for Yang Kai’s life at all. She would find a chance to snatch the Soul Puppet, and then run away from here.


On the other hand, Yang Kai simply continued, “This King will lead this operation personally and expects all of you to obey his orders. Where is the Vice Commander?”


The corner of Bo Ya’s mouth twitched but she still stepped out of the line and answered, “Subordinate is here.”


“Watch over them carefully. If anyone dares to disobey orders or disrespect this King, execute them on the spot!” Yang Kai scanned his eyes across the Demons in front of him coldly.


“Yes!” Bo Ya had no option but to accept the order.


“Very good.” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, and waved his big hand, “Depart!”


When the words fell, he was the first one to soar into the sky, with Bo Ya following closely behind. The three High-Rank Demon Kings exchanged looks, then hurriedly ordered their men to keep up with them. For a time, tens of thousands of figures filled the sky over the city hall.


Although it was late, Cloud Shadow City was still noisy and lively, so with the cover of night, this large group of people was able to depart without anyone being the wiser.


At the front, Yang Kai looked indifferent and calm, but Bo Ya was clearly uneasy. Her eyes drifted from side to side, as if she were looking for a way to retreat later.


Behind them, the three High-Rank Demon Kings quietly released their Divine Senses, obviously communicating with each other about something.


Yang Kai noticed it, but he did not bother to stop them. By the look of it, these three were trying to figure out his intentions, but he believed that they would understand soon enough.


And facts proved Yang Kai correct. Not long after, He Yin suddenly sent a Divine Sense transmission, “Is the Great King actually planning to deal with Lie Kuang?”


Both Lao Ke and Ke Sen were taken aback before they turned to look at her together and Ke Sen asked, “Did you notice something?”


Yang Kai’s so-called mission to capture the thief who stole his Hallowed Treasure was definitely a cover. They were not fools, so how could they not see at least that much? Given that such treasures were usually stored in one’s Space Ring, how could it be stolen for no reason? Previously, Lao Ke and the others thought that Yang Kai was making up some story to pressure or punish them, but now, they knew that it was not the case.


Nevertheless, he definitely was up to something for making such a scene.


He Yin sneered, “Don’t tell me that you didn’t know about Lie Kuang entering the city yesterday.”


Lie Kuang did not hide when he entered the city; rather, he came in swaggeringly and even contacted the three of them to inquire about the so-called Great King. As such, how could they not know about his presence?


Then, He Yin pointed to the front, “Lie Kuang’s residence is up ahead!”


When she mentioned this, both the faces of Ke Sen and Lao Ke turned solemn. They suddenly believed that the Great King was truly going to find trouble with Lie Kuang; otherwise, why would he use his ‘stolen Hallowed Treasure’ as an excuse to act like this in the middle of the night?


Ke Sen frowned, “If so, what should we do?”


In principle, they had to obey Yang Kai’s orders, but they were not close to this Great King yet nor were they convinced of his strength or leadership yet. If Yang Kai asked them to fight it out with Lie Kuang, they would surely be unwilling to act.


Lie Kuang was indeed unruly and disrespectful, but he was strong. If he was cornered, he could bring at least one of the three of them down with him, and none of them was willing to be a sacrifice.


He Yin frowned, feeling like Yang Kai had given them a big problem. At the same time, she was extremely infuriated too, because this guy thought that he could just do whatever he wanted with the support of the Holy Venerable. It seemed he was nothing more than an arrogant fool. Although the Holy Venerable appointed him as ‘Great King’ and gave him control of Cloud Shadow Continent, who would be willing to obey a person who had insufficient strength? Furthermore, the Territory Gate of Cloud Shadow Continent was about to disappear, and the whole continent would be completely isolated within a hundred years. The ones residing here were the kind of people that were not favoured by the higher-ups, so death was just waiting for them. If Yang Kai really tried to force Lie Kuang’s hand, he would be the one who would suffer losses.


After pondering for a while, He Yin spoke again, “Let’s observe the situation first.”


No matter what, she would not raise her hand against Lie Kuang. Although Yang Kai had given her some hope when he first introduced himself, that hope was so faint that it was not enough for her to risk her life working for him.


She hoped that the matter tonight would end peacefully; however, if things got out of control, she would not stand on Yang Kai’s side. At most, she would just betray Cloud Shadow Continent and take refuge under a different Holy Venerable.


A High-Rank Demon King would be accepted anywhere, though she might need to bear the name of a traitor and would certainly have a harder time in the future.


Ke Sen and Lao Ke obviously had the same idea and agreed with her with a nod.


While the three were secretly communicating, their group arrived above a huge mansion. Yang Kai, who was the leader, suddenly stopped, looked down at the bright lights below, and the corners of his mouth curved into a bantering smile.


Lao Ke, and the other two looked at each other, and realized that it was just as they thought! This Great King was really so reckless that he dared to provoke Lie Kuang!


Yang Kai pointed below, and ordered, “The thief who stole this King’s treasure is hidden here. You three, capture him for this King!”


He darted his gaze to the three High-Rank Demon Kings, but they just looked back at him quietly, not moving an inch


To the side, Bo Ya gave herself a facepalm. It was so embarrassing that she dared not to look. Awkwardness filled the air… she could not help feeling utterly ashamed about it.


Yang Kai, however, did not seem to sense anything off and just smiled faintly, waving his hand as he bellowed, “Surround this place!”


Lao Ke and the others frowned at this new order. It was not difficult to carry out this task, but it was just that it was unexpected. They thought that Yang Kai would force them to attack directly, which they were unwilling to do, but if it was just forming a perimeter, they could still cooperate with him.


As long as they did not have a direct conflict with Lie Kuang, then it would not count as really offending him.


Therefore, after a moment of pondering, Lao Ke nodded at Ke Sen and He Yin, and followed the order. Leading more than forty Demon Kings, thousands of Demon Great Generals and tens of thousands of Demon Generals, they immediately spread out and surrounded the mansion below. At the same time, they secretly gave orders to their subordinates not to attack without their explicit command.


In the meantime, in the main hall in the middle of the mansion below, lights were bright, cups went gaily round, and the atmosphere was filled with songs and dances.


A fierce and slovenly-looking Demon King with big arms and a robust chest was sitting at the head of the hall. He was clothed in black, with hair so rumpled he resembled a madman, and he had a woman in both of his arms. At the bottom of the seat, more than twenty Demon Kings were seated in lines on either side. Their tables were filled with exotic wine and delicacies.


In the centre of the hall, a group of young women were singing and dancing, and music filled the air.


From his seat, Lie Kuang looked down with a smile, looking extremely elated. The two women in his arms were particularly good at flattery and flirting, and they served him wholeheartedly.


Suddenly, a Demon King got up from the banquet, and cupped his fists as he questioned, “Sir, when shall we meet the Great King?”


As soon as he asked, the noise in the surroundings suddenly quieted down, and all the Demon Kings stared at the guy who spoke. Lie Kuang too, shifted his sharp eyes from his women to the speaker. His gaze was piercing cold, causing the Demon King’s back to be drenched in a cold sweat, thinking, [Did I say something wrong? Isn’t Sir here at Cloud Shadow City this time to meet the new Great King?]


While he was still wondering this, he saw Lie Kuang grab a wine jug in front of him and tossed it at him.




The Demon King who spoke had his head smashed back. He could have dodged this blow, but he dared not do so. He did not even dare to use his Demon Qi to protect his body; therefore, even though he had a strong physique, his head was bleeding from this impact.


The pain in his head was not important though as he was more frightened by the reaction of Lie Kuang. Surely, he had said something wrong.


“Is this your first day following this King?” Lie Kuang looked at him coldly.


The Demon King was terrified and hurriedly half knelt on the ground with his head bowed, “Sir, please calm your anger. This subordinate knows his mistake.”


“What is your mistake?” Lie Kuang snorted coldly.




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