Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3465, It’s You


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Cold sweat was trickling down the Demon King’s forehead. He knew that Lie Kuang was on the verge of erupting into a rage. If he could not handle it well, he would certainly have to suffer, but if he really knew what his mistake was, he would not have offended Lie Kuang with his words. At this time, he racked his brains, but he still could not think of an answer. Fortunately, someone on the side reminded him, and he hurriedly answered, “It should be that guy who comes to greet Sir, not the other way around.”


Only then did Lie Kuang’s face become a little calmer, shooting a glare at the Demon King who spoke first before ignoring him.


He definitely would punish him if he was someone else, but this particular subordinate had an accident while cultivating a Secret Art in his early years, resulting in him being a bit mentally dim; therefore, it was meaningless to argue with him.


Seeing this, the Demon King smiled awkwardly before sitting back down.


However, as soon the topic was brought up, the other Demon Kings could not sit still anymore. Someone immediately stated, “Sir, I heard that the so-called Great King seems to be weak.”


“Not only is he weak, but he’s also a Human!”


They had connections in Cloud Shadow City, and they used those connections to inquire about Yang Kai after entering the city yesterday. Since Yang Kai admitted in public that he was a Human, it was not a secret.


However, there was still a person who heard this for the first time, and he immediately exclaimed, “Human? How could it be a Human? Is the news confirmed to be true?”


“It’s true, he’s indeed a Human. I heard that this guy had committed some kind of crime in the Star Boundary, was demonified, and fell to the Demon path, causing him to be hunted by the Great Emperors and Pseudo-Great Emperors over there. He seems to have come to the Demon Realm as a last resort. Somehow, he won the favour of the Holy Venerable and was entrusted with an important task!”


“Is Holy Venerable blind? Our Sir should be the one who takes charge of Cloud Shadow Continent. Why did she send a Human over here? It’s ridiculous!”


“It would be fine if he was strong enough, but his cultivation is only equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King. Alas, Holy Venerable has erred this time.”


“The Human Race is cunning and treacherous. Who knows what kind of lies and deception he used to persuade Holy Venerable; after all, she is a woman.”


The group of people started gossiping, all looking like they were defending Lie Kuang against injustice, implying that Yu Ru Meng had been deceived somehow.


“Bastards!” Lie Kuang suddenly bellowed, putting a stop to all the conversations of the Demon Kings below. He looked around with his dignified eyes and growled, “Holy Venerable has her own reasons. How can you speak so casually about her commands? If a single word of this were to spread out, none of you would be able to bear the consequences!”


It was indeed wrong to speak ill of the Holy Venerable behind her back. If the Holy Venerable learned of this slight, she would definitely punish Lie Kuang heavily, even if she did not kill him.


After stating that, he snorted coldly, “I’m still fine with Lao Ke, for he was in charge of guarding Cloud Shadow City and was thus already here, but Ke Sen and He Yin, those two fools, rushing over to greet some Human as soon as they received the news, it’s shameful to our Demon Race! However, I, Lie Kuang, will not put him in my eyes. Does he really think that he can take charge of Cloud Shadow Continent with just an order from Holy Venerable? In his dreams!”


“That’s right, we don’t need him here in our Demon Realm. Strength is all that matters here, if he is not capable, how can he sit in that position?” A loud voice echoed from below.


Lie Kuang sneered again, “I’m afraid that you all don’t know about this. This little brat offended Sir Yue Sang in the Holy City a few days ago. Sir Yue Sang ordered this King to eliminate this person. As long as this task is completed, Sir Yue Sang guaranteed that this King will take charge of Cloud Shadow Continent. After assuming command, with the resources available, it will be possible for this King to break through to the Half-Saint Realm!”


The Demon Kings were overjoyed as soon as they heard his statement. They looked up at Lie Kuang and congratulated him, “With the trust of Sir Yue Sang, Sir definitely can control Cloud Shadow Continent, and be promoted to Half-Saint in no time.”


“Hahaha!” Lie Kuang could not help laughing. It seemed that he had seen the scene of his promotion to Half-Saint already and raised his hand and continued, “It’s too early to say this now. We need to finish Sir Yue Sang’s task as soon as poss… Huh?”


Before he finished, Lie Kuang suddenly frowned, looked up into the sky, and pounded the table angrily, shouting, “How dare you!?”


The table was smashed apart and the food and drink splashed everywhere while Lie Kuang soared into the sky.


There was a loud explosion as Lie Kuang opened up a hole in the roof of the hall while the other Demon Kings present only now noticed something was wrong. There seemed to be a lot of auras outside, surrounding the mansion.


Without further ado, more than twenty Demon Kings flew into the air together, flying out through the newly-opened exit.


At this moment, tens of thousands of Demons were scattered around the mansion in an orderly manner, surrounding a large area.


Lie Kuang flew up with a darkened face. He swept his eyes across them, then immediately fixed his gaze on Yang Kai, an obvious murderous intent flashing across his cloudy eyes.


*Shua Shua Shua…*


Many figures flew out and appeared behind Lie Kuang. They were all his subordinates.


Looking at each other, Yang Kai smiled lightly and looked at the High-Rank Demon King in front of him. He was indeed outstanding, with an intense vitality pulsing from his large body. This Lie Kuang was undoubtedly stronger than Lao Ke and the others. It seemed that Bo Ya’s information was right, this guy was only one step away from becoming a Half-Saint.


Lie Kuang, who was opposite Yang Kai, was stunned for a moment; however, after seeing Lao Ke and the others behind Yang Kai, he immediately understood Yang Kai’s identity. [Is this the Human Great King? We were still talking about him just now, but I didn’t expect to see him so soon. Especially not under such circumstances.]


It seemed that he was aware that Yang Kai was teasing him from his eyes, and he could see that this guy was not simple. He pretended that he did not know anything though, stretched out his hand and pointed at the front, yelling furiously, “Who are you? Report your name!”


With a faint smile, Yang Kai replied, “This King is the Great King who was appointed by Holy Venerable to command Cloud Shadow Continent. Who are you?”


“Great King? Since when has there been a Great King?” Lie Kuang’s eyes flashed fiercely as he bared his teeth and grinned, “This King has never heard of something so ridiculous. As for me… This King is Lie Kuang!” Since the other party did not come with good intentions, the matter today probably would not end peacefully. Lie Kuang planned to take this opportunity to kill this bastard. Even if Holy Venerable investigated later, he could just blame it on Yang Kai for picking a fight with him.


Yang Kai tilted his head, “Lie Kuang? Oh, I remember. This King has a subordinate named Lie Kuang, but I haven’t seen him yet. How can you prove that you are him?”


Lie Kuang sneered, “What proof do you want?”


The group of Demon Kings behind him burst into laughter, with a hint of mockery in their eyes. They thought, [Is this Human out of his mind? Why did he actually ask Sir to prove his identity? Isn’t his High-Rank Demon King cultivation the best evidence? Or is this Human just giving himself a way out?]


Yang Kai nodded, “It seems that you have no proof.” Then, he suddenly bellowed, “Vice Commander!”


Bo Ya really wanted to just ignore Yang Kai as she knew that things were going from bad to worse as soon as Lie Kuang came out. This guy was stronger than any Demon King she had seen before; moreover, it was said that he was a Stone Demon with incredible innate defence. Her archery might not be strong enough to stop him.


But Yang Kai yelled so loudly that she could not turn a deaf ear, for the Soul Puppet was still in the bastard’s hands, so she immediately braced herself and responded, “Yes Sir!”


“Take a closer look at this savage. Is he the one who stole this King’s treasure?” Yang Kai pointed at Lie Kuang.


Lie Kuang could not help frowning, [Who stole your treasure? What the Hell is this about?]


Bo Ya did not even look at Lie Kuang and she just followed up Yang Kai’s sentence, “He does… look like him… a bit,” She did not dare to answer too clearly, so that she would not gain hatred from Lie Kuang because of this.


“So it’s you,” Yang Kai nodded before charging toward Lie Kuang like a ghost right after he finished speaking.


Lie Kuang was taken aback. He did not notice how Yang Kai moved at all, and suddenly their faces were about to crash into each other. Acting on instinct, he surged his Demon Qi and his body instantly took on a stone lustre. There was no doubt that he was a Stone Demon now, born with thick skin and tough flesh.


At the same time, Lie Kuang swung a fierce punch forward.


Since the other party acted first, he would not return with a weak response. In any case, he was going to kill this person tonight, so he showed no mercy when he punched.


However, as soon as he made a move, he suddenly saw a golden vertical pupil appear in Yang Kai’s left eye. The vertical pupil radiated a strange power, which almost sent him into a trance, but that was all. Lie Kuang was a peak High-Rank Demon King, and his Soul was naturally quite powerful; therefore, even the Demon Eye of Annihilation could not affect him too greatly.


Nevertheless, what Yang Kai wanted was just this short moment.


The Soul Splitting Saber was used once not long ago, so Yang Kai had not condensed enough power to use his Heaven Severing Slash again. Instead, he executed his Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique.


For a moment, Lie Kuang’s vision was covered by a budding lotus, blinding him to everything else.


The lotus rooted strangely in his mind, and absorbed his Spiritual Energy crazily as the petals bloomed gently. Unimaginable pain struck Lie Kuang and he could not help letting out a pained grunt.


At the same time, his fist hit Yang Kai’s left shoulder.


Everyone was stunned. Even Lao Ke, Ke Sen, He Yin, and Bo Ya were all dumbstruck and did not regain their senses until this moment.


They initially thought that Yang Kai wanted to borrow the strength of the tens of thousands of troops under them to deal with Lie Kuang, so all of them had secretly been making their own plans, but how could they have anticipated that Yang Kai had no such intentions at all and would start a fight with Lie Kuang all on his own without hesitation.


[Does he not know how to write the word ‘death’?]


Even though Lie Kuang was a Stone Demon and his strength was inferior to a Strength Demon, could a Mid-Rank Demon King take his punch head-on?


Seeing that punch hit Yang Kai on the shoulder, everyone’s eyes flashed as they subconsciously thought that Yang Kai would die without a doubt. Bo Ya even readied herself to pounce, preparing to snatch Yang Kai’s Space Ring as fast as possible and then flee as far as possible.


But what she saw at the next moment made her jaw drop.


Lie Kuang’s punch indeed hit Yang Kai, but Yang Kai was not blown up or even away. His body only sank slightly as he stubbornly withstood the strength of the fist.


Immediately after, Yang Kai opened his mouth, and a deafening Dragon Roar resounded, sending a visible blast of air towards Lie Kuang in the shape of an awl.


Lie Kuang was already tormented by the Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique, and was even more stunned when he was hit by the Dragon Roar Secret Technique directly. His Soul was shaken and dazed while the Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings behind him looked horrified, their footing becoming unstable as their formation was instantly disrupted.


Taking advantage of this good opportunity, Yang Kai raised his hand and the Mountains and Rivers Bell was summoned, grew rapidly as it spun, and then covered Lie Kuang and himself directly.




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