Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3466, Desperate Fight


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With a bang, the Mountains and Rivers Bell fell over Yang Kai and Lie Kuang, who both disappeared and were confined together inside.


Lao Ke and Ke Sen were completely dumbfounded. When Lie Kuang’s subordinates finally stabilized themselves, frowning at the Mountains and Rivers Bell with strange looks.


[Judging from this situation, does the Human want to… fight Sir Lie Kuang alone? Otherwise, why would he use this artifact in such a way?]


[Where does he get such confidence from?] Although Lie Kuang was a High-Rank Demon King, he was only one step away from becoming a Half-Saint. It could be said that as long as he had the right opportunity and sufficient time, he would definitely break through.


Even Lao Ke and the others, all of whom were High-Rank Demon Kings, knew that they were no match for Le Kuang; but a trivial Human equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King was recklessly challenging Lie Kuang. Did he court death?


The Demon Kings could predict the following situation – the Human would be beheaded by Sir Lie Kuang on the spot. There was absolutely no second possibility.


One of the Mid-Rank Demon Kings glanced at Lao Ke and the others indifferently and waved his hand. Twenty-odd subordinates under Lie Kuang immediately swarmed and spread out around the Mountains and Rivers Bell. It was obvious that they did not want Lie Kuang to be disturbed before the battle ended.


The faces of Lao Ke and the others darkened slightly. They were not worrying about Yang Kai as there was nothing they could do if Yang Kai wanted to dig his own grave, but the disrespectful attitude of these Mid-Rank Demon Kings was annoying.


But that was all, they did not take any action. Lao Ke glanced at Ke Sen and He Yin, and could not help but sigh. This was going to be difficult to explain to the Holy Venerable, why the Human Great King was killed by Lie Kuang only a few days after arrival. Moreover, they were actually more worried about whether Lie Kuang would trouble them later.


They were suddenly overwhelmed with worry. Yang Kai had really burdened them this time.




Inside the Mountains and Rivers Bell, there was only a space of about sixty metres across. Yang Kai and Lie Kuang stood opposite each other, the former cracking his neck and stretching his muscles and joints, while the latter had fires blazing in his eyes as he glared at Yang Kai furiously.


He had fallen into a disadvantage. Although he was not in any life-threatening danger, it was enough to send Lie Kuang to the verge of eruption so his expression was absolutely hideous.


Despite his anger though, Le Kuang’s mind was still clear. He turned his head to look around and spread out his Divine Sense to feel the surroundings before quickly comprehending his own situation. Understanding this, he could not help but sneer, “Human, you are indeed courageous to act like this!” 


To be honest, what Yang Kai just did was beyond his expectations.


Yang Kai replied lightly, “You’re quite brave yourself. This King was ordered to take charge of Cloud Shadow Continent. Since you entered the city, why did you not come to greet me immediately?”


“What makes you think you’re qualified to be greeted by this King?” Lie Kuang sneered before he cracked his knuckles and shouted, “Do you think you can survive after crossing Sir Yue Sang?”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Yue Sang has been assigned by Holy Venerable to the front lines of the war. Didn’t you know?” 


At that moment, Yang Kai confirmed that Lie Kuang had close connections to Blue Plains Continent, and just as Bai Zhuo had mentioned before, Blue Plains Continent was Yue Sang’s territory.


Lie Kuang was stunned when he heard these words and his face went blank.


Yang Kai sneered, “It looks like you really didn’t know.”


Lie Kuang definitely would not react this way if he was not clueless about it.


Lie Kuang waved his hand angrily however and growled, “Don’t talk nonsense, Sir Yue Sang has won the trust of Holy Venerable, and is regarded as her right arm. How could Holy Venerable send him to the front lines of the war so suddenly? You, however… If you are willing to submit to this King, I may spare your life today.”


“I’ll return those words to you!” Yang Kai looked at him with a grin, “This King is a newcomer with a shallow foundation in this place, so I am eager to gather as much force as possible. Your cultivation is passible so it would be a pity to kill you. If you open your Knowledge Sea and allow this King to mark you with his Soul Imprint, you will be saved from death today!”


Lie Kuang burst out laughing, “What shameless boasting!” Looking around, he then asked, “Are you relying on this artifact? En, this artifact indeed is quite good. Although this King hasn’t experienced it, I can tell. It may not be easy to break through it, but your mistake is that you shouldn’t have confined yourself in here with this King. In this small space, if this King wants to kill you, where can you hide?”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head and smiled mockingly, “Last chance, surrender, or die!”


Lie Kuang’s face became cold as he exploded, “Die!” 


When the voice fell, he pounced at Yang Kai with his Demon Qi flaring, like an unleashed dog that no one could stop.


As if he had not realized the danger at all, Yang Kai just stood still and smiled at Lie Kuang.


Lie Kuang frowned, wondering what Yang Kai was up to when he showed no sign of resistance. Lie Kuang instinctually felt something was wrong, but at this moment, the arrow had already flown from the string, so all he could do was go all out with his attack.


In the next instant, he saw Yang Kai suddenly raise his hand, and a tall figure strangely appeared in front of him, blocking the way.


Before Lie Kuang could see exactly what this figure was, a fist with the size of a door appeared right in front of his face. Lie Kuang felt the force behind this punch before it even came in contact with him and suddenly had the impression that a mountain was falling towards him!


Responding as quickly as lightning, Lie Kuang crossed his arms across his chest, and at the same time hurriedly activated his Innate Divine Ability. The surface of his body glowed in a golden sheen that radiated solidity.


There was a bang and under Lie Kuang’s shocked gaze, his whole body was blasted away by a powerful force. The golden light on his body flashed wildly as he slammed into the Mountains and Rivers Bell.


Every organ in his body shifted violently, roiling his vitality. With great difficulty, Lie Kuang got up, spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and looked up in horror. Only then did he see exactly what had punched him.


It was a thirty-metre-tall stone giant covered in evil fire and sharp spines. A terrifying aura exuded from within the evil fire.


Divine Spirit!


There were also Divine Spirits in the Demon Realm, and even Half-Saints had no choice but to give way before the stronger ones. Although Lie Kuang did not recognize the origin of this Divine Spirit, he knew that he was not its match!


There was severe pain in both of his arms. The enemy’s punch had broken his limbs and even the bones in his chest were broken. If he was not protected by his Innate Divine Ability as a Stone Demon, that punch alone would have smashed him to paste. 


What terrifying power!


Lie Kuang’s brow twitched and his heart filled with anxiety. Rather than being intimidated by the strength displayed by this Divine Spirit, he was even more at a loss as to how it appeared here! It was obvious that he and Yang Kai were the only ones in here just now, and this space had been thoroughly sealed off by the strange artifact, so where did this Divine Spirit come from?


Just as Lie Kuang’s mind was spinning, the Embodiment shook his head and mumbled in a rumbling voice, “It’s a bit awkward in here…”


Although the Embodiment could change his size easily, he felt quite restricted inside these sixty metres of space.


Yang Kai walked out slowly from behind the Embodiment with a smile on his face, “Don’t complain, just do it!”


With Yang Kai’s current skills, dealing with Lie Kuang was naturally not a problem, but if he really fought on his own, it would cost him some time and effort. His main purpose tonight was to subdue the group of Demons in Cloud Shadow Continent, so the faster and more decisively he finished this battle the better. If he was delayed for too long, something unexpected could happen outside.


When the Embodiment heard these words, he took a big step towards Lie Kuang while Yang Kai’s flickering figure followed after him.


Lie Kuang’s heart clenched tight, knowing that he could not overcome this challenge today. This would undoubtedly be his burial place if he could not escape. Without any hesitation, Lie Kuang reached out and summoned a six-metre-long spear into the palm of his hand. Resisting the pain he felt, he roared as he surged his Demon Qi and hurled it towards the back. That toss contained all the strength Lie Kuang could muster, which was so immense that it could shatter worlds, and a fist-sized pitch-black ball appeared at its tip.


As long as he could break this artifact, he could get the support of his subordinates outside, and the situation could be reversed. At worst, he could just escape. This was undoubtedly his only option now.


With a bang, the Mountains and Rivers Bell trembled but remained completely unscathed.


On the contrary, Lie Kuang was forced back by the shockwave and a sense of disbelief flashed in his eyes. He had greatly underestimated the grade of this artifact. It would not budge even if he attacked with full strength. This was undoubtedly a Saint Grade Artifact.


This Human was only comparable to a Mid-Rank Demon King, so how could he possibly deserve such a divine artifact? Even though his life was on the line, Lie Kuang could not help feeling jealous.


At that moment, the Embodiment suddenly raised his hand and pressed downward.


In an instant, an inexplicable force enveloped Lie Kuang, causing him to feel extremely heavy, turning his movements sluggish. Not only that, strands of red aura escaped uncontrollably from his limbs and pores towards the Embodiment’s hand.


[What kind of evil Secret Technique is this!?] Lie Kuang was shocked, clearly aware that his strength was being absorbed by the opponent, albeit the speed was not very fast. However, given enough time, his foundation would be damaged. He would not even need to consider breaking through again because it would be a great fortune to even be able to retain his High-Rank Demon King cultivation.


Lie Kuang was horrified and quickly retrieved his long spear. He wanted to forcefully break the Embodiment’s Secret Technique.


Yang Kai suddenly launched an attack. His hands had turned into Dragon Claws, with Dragon Pressure pulsing from his body. 


Fear filled Lie Kuang’s heart as he realized now that he had severely underestimated this Human as well.


He looked over and saw the phantom image of a Great Dragon behind Yang Kai, falling into a stupefied daze as Yang Kai’s claw broke through his proud defence.


In normal times, such an injury could only be regarded as a minor wound, but under the influence of the stone giant’s strange Secret Technique, fresh blood poured out of the claw print like a river.


Even though Lie Kuang was quick to react to this situation by instantly sealing the wound with Demon Qi, his aura had plummeted greatly in that short moment.




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