Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3467, Lie Kuang Falls


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


As the central city of the whole continent, Cloud Shadow City had always been bustling and lively, but tonight, the city was strangely quiet.


The news about more than forty Demon Kings, thousands of Demon Great Generals, and tens of thousands of Demon Generals besieging a mansion had spread widely. Many Demons had no idea what was happening but had come to watch silently in the dark.


However, some Demons knew that this was Lie Kuang’s mansion and that he had just entered the city a day ago. The question was, why had the city hall sent so many people out to surround this mansion, were they going to kill Lie Kuang? Since when had Lao Ke been so daring?


Or was it the order of the new Great King?


In any case, there would be an interesting show tonight. Even those weaker Demons could feel that the entire Cloud Shadow City was shrouded in an inexplicable atmosphere, and a storm was brewing.


The Mountains and Rivers Bell covered a large area inside Lie Kuang’s mansion, and while Lao Ke and the others were watching from far away, the twenty or so Demon Kings under Lie Kuang were frowning, hesitating about what they should do next.


It had been almost half a cup of tea’s time since the artifact isolated the Human and Sir Lie Kuang from them, and none of them had any idea what was going on inside. All they knew was that muffled rumbling sounds were constantly echoing from inside.


It was beyond any of their expectations that the Human could last so long under Sir Lie Kuang’s assault. To them, with Lie Kuang’s cultivation, it was obvious that the arrogant Human would die quickly and everything would be over, but in fact, the activity inside actually showed the high intensity of the battle.


The more than twenty Demon Kings had lost their initial calmness as a trace of worry surfaced on their faces. Was Sir Lie Kuang having trouble inside? This artifact was owned by the Human, but they had not noticed it displaying its power yet. It seemed that the use of the bell was just for isolation.


Trying to calm their worries, they firmly believed that it was impossible that Sir Lie Kuang would fail to deal with a mere Human, so they continued to wait quietly.


In the meantime, inside the Mountains and Rivers Bell, Lie Kuang was running like a stray dog with maddened eyes, but where could he escape within less than sixty meters of space?


He never thought that he would fail miserably at such an easy task. He did not put the Human in his eyes previously, but when they really began to fight, only then did he realize that Yang Kai’s strength was not inferior to his own. With the aid of the Divine Spirit, Lie Kuang was completely outmatched.


His original burly body has shrivelled up, as if he was turning into a dried fish. All thanks to the Divine Spirit, his vitality and strength had been drained enormously. He had no clue what evil skill the Divine Spirit had cultivated, which allowed it to devour his blood and energy, but with every new wound on his body, a large amount of vitality would flow out to be devoured and refined by the Divine Spirit.


It was fine if it occurred just once or twice, but even Lie Kuang could not bear it when it happened over and over again.


At this moment, he felt that his foundation had been severely damaged. His High-Rank Demon King cultivation had dropped to Mid-Rank, and it was impossible to recover from that… 


His heart was filled with grief and anger. There was no light at the end of the tunnel for him, and all he could see was darkness.


Seeing Yang Kai blocking his way and stretching his sharp claws at him again, Lie Kuang hurriedly half-knelt on the ground and shouted, “I surrender, please forgive me. Lie Kuang is willing to follow and serve Sir with all his heart!”


He would undoubtedly die if he delayed any longer. At this time, integrity or reputation was not important anymore; keeping his own life was the top priority.


Yang Kai’s Dragon Claw stopped in front of Lie Kuang’s neck as he tilted his head slightly, but upon noticing the reluctance in Lie Kuang’s eyes, Yang Kai simply grinned, “It’s too late to surrender now… What do I still need you for?”


Yang Kai was interested in subduing Lie Kuang when he was still at the peak of the High-Rank Demon King Realm, but now, much of Lie Kuang’s vitality had been extracted by the Embodiment’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law, and his strength has dropped sharply. It was impossible for Lie Kuang to recover his peak state now, so it was meaningless to subdue him anymore.


He had given Lie Kuang a chance, but he did not know how to cherish it. Now that he was being cornered, Lie Kuang simply wanted to compromise to save himself; there was no deal that good in the world.


When the words fell, Yang Kai slashed out.




Lights flickered, and the Mountains and Rivers Bell spun and shrank rapidly.


All the Demons who were watching lit up, and Lie Kuang’s twenty subordinates also put on excited faces.


Bo Ya’s brow jumped as she really did not dare to watch for fear of seeing a scene she did not wish to see. She was still fine with the Soul Puppet in Yang Kai’s hands, because at least Yang Kai did not embarrass her much these past few days, let alone force her to do anything she did not want to do.


But if the Soul Puppet fell into Lie Kuang’s hands, Bo Ya was sure that her life in the future would be no better than death.


Therefore, although she did not have high hopes, she still secretly prayed that Yang Kai could pull off a miracle and appear before her eyes alive.


When the Mountains and Rivers Bell floated up into the air, the space within was finally revealed to everyone’s eyes.


Lao Ke and the others narrowed their eyes in shock, while Lie Kuang’s subordinate Demon Kings who were full of expectation could not believe the scene that they saw. A chill instantly ran down their spines to the bottom of their feet.


Bo Ya was stunned too. She wiped her eyes vigorously, as if to confirm whether she was seeing wrongly.


Yang Kai survived. Not only was he alive, but there were no injuries on his body at all. He stood there majestically, holding a long spear in his hand, and a shrivelled body limply hanging at the spear’s tip.


The body looked as if it had been dead for countless years. It was so dry that it had lost its original shape, but the face and figure were still recognizable. As for the dark eyes which were wide open, they clearly showed that this man died with incredible unwillingness and hatred.


The long spear was obviously the Demon Artifact of Lie Kuang.


[Lie Kuang… Is he dead?]


Feeling as though their hearts were hammered hard, everyone’s emotions were agitated violently, as if they were in a bad dream.


How did Lie Kuang die? How did it end like this?


Lie Kuang was the most powerful High-Rank Demon King among the four in Cloud Shadow Continent. He would not be in trouble even if he encountered another High-Rank Demon King. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s cultivation was just equivalent to Mid-Rank Demon King, a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master according to Human Race standards. It was completely unreasonable for him to kill Lie Kuang without taking any damage.


[Is it because of the bell-like artifact?] Although the big bell did not seem to release its power earlier, no one knew what kind of strange ability it had. Perhaps, Yang Kai could achieve such a victory all thanks to the big bell.


What terrified these Demons even more was the Secret Art cultivated by Yang Kai which was able to turn Lie Kuang into a shrivelled-up corpse. They could imagine that Lie Kuang must have suffered extreme torture before he died as all of his Blood and Spiritual Essence seemed to have been sucked out. This kind of Secret Art would undoubtedly be called an evil technique by the Human Race.


[No wonder this guy was exiled from the Star Boundary. Given that he cultivated this kind of wicked technique, how could the Star Boundary allow him to remain?]


Yang Kai was carrying Lie Kuang’s corpse with the spear as he looked around coldly with sharp and searing eyes. Perceiving the vicious aura, the twenty or so Demon Kings who were gathered closest to him took a few steps back together, terror-stricken.


“Lie Kuang dared to steal my treasure, damage Cloud Shadow Continent’s reputation, disobey direct orders, and offend his superior with evil intentions! This King has executed him, to serve as a warning today!” Yang Kai shouted loudly while pushing his Emperor Qi so his voice spread far and wide, allowing all the Demons in Cloud Shadow City to hear him clearly. After making this declaration, Yang Kai hurled the spear together with Lie Kuang’s corpse and pinned him to the top of the tallest building nearby.


The corpse swung with the strong wind, and his wide, unclosing eyes truly terrorized the surrounding Demons.


Things hadn’t ended yet though as Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and looked at the more than twenty Demon Kings around him, yelling, “Lie Kuang’s subordinates showed grave disrespect for their superior and assisted a tyrant to do evil! All of you should be executed for this crime, but this King believes that you were all put under pressure to follow unreasonable orders, as such, you will not be executed for the time being. Your fates will be decided after a thorough investigation is completed.” 


With a wave of his hand, Yang Kai looked at Lao Ke, Ke Sen, He Yin, and the others with a sharp glare, “Take them away. If anyone dares to rebel, execute them on the spot!”


Lao Ke and the others could not help shivering as the mild-mannered impression that Yang Kai gave them when they first met two days ago was totally overturned. They thought that this Human was a sheep putting up a strong act, but he turned out to be a ravenous wolf. Tonight, he revealed his true colours.


With Lie Kuang being an example, Lao Ke and the others naturally didn’t dare to neglect Yang Kai’s orders. Even Lie Kuang was killed by Yang Kai alone in just the time it would take to boil a cup of tea, so how could they be his opponents? If they really offended him, they definitely would not live well in the future, if they lived at all.


So as soon as the order was passed down, Lao Ke and the others immediately waved their hands and ordered, “Begin!”


All of a sudden, more than forty Demon Kings rushed out together and pounced at Lie Kuang’s subordinates.


Lie Kuang’s subordinates were still in a daze and had not recovered from the shock of their leader’s death, so when they heard Yang Kai’s ferocious order, they were all flustered. Although the twenty of them were still a potent fighting force, the other side outnumbered them two to one, and there were three High-Rank Demon Kings taking charge; therefore, most Demon Kings just surrendered with a gloomy face, allowing themselves to be arrested.


Not knowing whether they panicked or remained loyal to Lie Kuang though, three Demon Kings actually rebelled violently, breaking through the siege in anger. One after another, they performed their own Secret Techniques and fled outside in streams of light.


Fortunately, thousands of Demon Great Generals and tens of thousands of Demon Generals surrounded the periphery, so with the slight hindrance of these Demons, three shooting star-like arrows pierced through the air and hit the three fugitive Demon Kings precisely, killing them on the spot.


Yang Kai turned toward a certain direction just in time to see Bo Ya storing away her bow.


Soon after, the dust settled.


All the people in Lie Kuang’s mansion were captured or killed without any omission. Perhaps they wanted to make up for their previous cold shoulder, so Lao Ke, Ke Sen, and He Yin cooperated with Yang Kai quite well this time, following his orders without any hesitation.


After half a stick worth of incense, Lao Ke came to Yang Kai and cupped his fists, “Great King, all twenty-two Demon Kings under Lie Kuang have been dealt with. Nineteen were captured alive and three were killed. Besides them, 348 others were also arrested.”




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  1. The demon race is straightforward enough that the strongest shall rule without question. Tyranny is a fitting route for Yang Kai to follow here

    1. In fact, you could say the Demon Realm is a great change of pace for Yang Kai. Someone who no 3rd order Emperor is a match for would have a great time in a place where strength is king.

    2. they are still as cunning as other races and dont have any shame to gang up on sb even if his cultivation is lower or the same, i dont know if he is gona having a better time here but atleast in starboundary when you are known to have a superior backer other would yield but here yk has to show strentgth at every encounter (not that i don’t enjoy it😈🤣)

    3. It’s like YK was born a demon. Bullies those weaker than him just because he has bigger fists (Luan Feng and co). Never gets beat by people way stronger than him cus Deus ex machina.

  2. The Embodiment used his power to suck up that Demon King power. That was expected. If it continues to absorb more Demon Qi, he can become a new Demon King or better. It can back up Yang Kai with the mission.

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