Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3468, Myriad Demon Pill


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Yang Kai nodded lightly and replied calmly, “Take all of them back.”


Lao Ke received the order and left.


He Yin strolled forward, and handed over a bunch of jingling rings, “Great King, these are the spoils of this battle.”


The Space Rings of the group of captured Demon Kings were naturally confiscated. There were exactly twenty-two of them, all belonging to the Demon Kings under Lie Kuang. As for Lie Kuang’s own Space Ring, Yang Kai had already taken it earlier.


Yang Kai glanced at her, and waved his hand, “It has been a difficult night for everyone. Divide these things amongst yourselves, consider it as a small gift from this King.”


The resources of the Demon Race were not useful for Yang Kai, and he was satisfied with just collecting Lie Kuang’s Space Ring. As such, he might as well put these things to use to win over his new subordinates. Killing Lie Kuang was enough to deter Lao Ke and the others, so now it was time to reward them.


He Yin was silent for a while before she cupped her fists without saying much, “Many thanks for your reward, Great King.” 


Although there were many good things in the twenty-two Demon Kings’ Space Rings, it was not enough to share with everyone since Yang Kai had gathered many forces tonight; however, the sign given by Yang Kai made her feel at ease, for she knew that he still had to rely on them, and would not blame them for their previous indifference.


After a moment, everything was sorted out so Yang Kai waved his hand and led the Demons back to the city.


Lao Ke looked back at the corpse nailed to the tallest building and could not help sighing. Although he had never gotten along with Lie Kuang, he never expected this guy’s death to be so tragic.


Lie Kuang’s death did not matter to him, but after tonight, it was clear a true ruler had risen in Cloud Shadow Continent.


The next day, inside his room, as soon as Yang Kai came out of the Sealed World Bead, he noticed several auras waiting outside. It was Lao Ke and the others, but he had no idea how long they had been waiting.


With a swing of his hand, the door was opened and the trio entered in turn, all of them approaching close before cupping their fists, “Greetings, Great King!”


“What is it?” Yang Kai began to pour himself a cup of water from a nearby jug and looked up at them while he could not help sneering in his heart. These three did not care so much about him the first few days of his arrival, and they did not even bother to pay him a visit; however, they actually approached him together early this morning. It seemed that the incident of last night had a great impact on them.


Lao Ke announced, “Reporting to Great King. We have interrogated Lie Kuang’s subordinates overnight as ordered. This is what we discovered.” While speaking, he handed over a jade slip.


Yang Kai took the jade slip and sent his Divine Sense into it to examine its content.


It was nothing else other than all kinds of information regarding the nineteen captured Demon Kings, including their Clans, origin, and even cultivation, as well as their relationship with Lie Kuang, their level of loyalty, and so on.


Among them, five were highlighted.


Lao Ke further explained, “The highlighted five have been followers of Lie Kuang for a very long time, with the shortest having been under him for over a thousand years. May I know what Great King wants to do with them?”


These five people were undoubtedly Lie Kuang’s confidants, similar to the three people who were executed by Bo Ya last night. Since they were Lie Kuang’s confidants, they should not be kept alive. In any case, Yang Kai did not care about the lives of the Demons here; therefore, he looked up at the three in front of him, and asked, “What do you think?”


Lao Ke pondered for a moment before he answered, “This subordinate thinks that it’s better not to keep them around, so as to avoid any trouble in the future.”


He Yin and Ke Sen nodded in agreement.


Yang Kai responded plainly, “Since all three of you agree, do as you see fit.”


The corner of Lao Ke’s mouth twitched when he heard Yang Kai’s words because it sounded like he was the one who sentenced the five Demon Kings to death. Lao Ke felt that these five Demon Kings were just following orders too, but he dared not to express opposition here. After a short pause, he continued, “The other fourteen people don’t seem problematic and are unlikely to seek revenge for Lie Kuang.”


“Then break them up and assign them to work under the three of you.”




Yang Kai sipped some tea. Seeing that they had no intention of leaving, he could not help laughing, “What else do you have to say?”


Lao Ke and the others exchanged glances, but in the end, it was still Lao Ke who took the courage to speak, “Great King mentioned that the purpose of you coming to Cloud Shadow Continent was to maintain the Territory Gate and protect Cloud Shadow Continent. Now that Lie Kuang has fallen and Cloud Shadow Continent is totally under Great King’s control, we can start to make arrangements as soon as possible. May I know when Great King wishes to begin?”


This was a constant worry in their hearts, so they wished to settle the issue as soon as possible; therefore, even if they felt like they were in no position to urge Yang Kai, they still could not help asking about it.


Yang Kai chuckled, “I shall begin shortly, but before I do, I have something for you to do.”


“We await your orders, Great King.”


“Find me all the information about the Cloud Shadow Continent’s Territory Gates, including those that have already vanished. I need as much as you can gather.”


Although they had no clue what Yang Kai wanted with this information, it was a simple task so Lao Ke and the others readily accepted the order.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment, then reached out his hand and took out a delicate jade box, “On a different note, I want to ask you about one thing.”


Lao Ke and the others immediately responded humbly.


Yang Kai opened the jade box and took out a pill-like object the size of a pigeon egg. It was black all over and looked just like an unimpressive black pill; however, this black pill had no medicinal fragrance. All Yang Kai knew was that when he probed it with his Divine Sense, he found that this black pill contained a horrifying amount of energy.


However, this kind of energy could not be absorbed just by anyone. The energy contained in it was chaotic and malevolent. If a Human consumed this thing, he would be demonified in an instant. On the contrary, if a Demon took it, it would surely be of great benefit to their cultivation.


He found this object in Lie Kuang’s Space Ring, three of them in fact. Each one was put in a jade box and was placed in the deepest place of the Space Ring, so it was obviously very valuable.


Yang Kai knew nothing about this thing, but he believed that Lao Ke and the others should know about it.


To his surprise, when he took out the black pill, the three Demon Kings gaped at it with scorching eyes and even some light panting.


Yang Kai raised his brow at them and asked, “What is this?”


Lao Ke gulped and cupped his fists. “It’s reasonable that Great King doesn’t know about this since you’re a Human. But to the Demon Race, it is a supreme tonic, especially for we Demon Kings. This is a Myriad Demon Pill!”


“Myriad Demon Pill?” Yang Kai was shocked, “This thing is a Myriad Demon Pill?”


Yin replied, “Has Great King heard about the Myriad Demon Pill before?”


Yang Kai put on a weird look, “I heard someone mentioned it a few days ago.”


Previously, when Yue Sang attempted to stop Bai Zhuo, he offered eighty Myriad Demon Pills to him in exchange for Yang Kai’s life. Although Yang Kai asked Bai Zhuo about the Myriad Demon Pill that day, Bai Zhuo just smiled without saying anything, leaving him clueless.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai did not expect to obtain such a thing so soon.


No wonder the Half-Saints used these to barter with. It was indeed extraordinary. The internal energy was enormous to the extreme, comparable to a Pill Cloud enveloped Emperor Pill that had been nourished for thousands of years.


Yang Kai estimated that a Low-Rank Demon King would only need to consume a few dozen of these pills to break through to the Mid-Rank Demon King Realm. Of course, this would depend on if said Low-Rank Demon King had sufficient time to digest the energy.


As for the Mid-Rank Demon King, they would probably need four to five hundred pills to break through to the High-Rank. However, this was only his own estimations as he did not really know the facts about this thing.


“Who refined this?” Yang Kai was an alchemist himself, so he understood that it would definitely not be easy to refine such a thing. The energy was too massive, so those who were not powerful enough would not be able to condense such energy in the first place. He was truly interested in whoever refined this pill as such a marvellous Alchemy technique was probably comparable to those of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s.


He did not expect that there was such a Grandmaster in the Demon Realm.


He Yin could not help laughing as she heard this and explained, “Great King is likely unaware, but Myriad Demon Pills are not refined by people, they are generated by the World itself.”


“Generated by the world?” Yang Kai was stunned.


“These are indeed natural products!” Lao Ke nodded solemnly and explained, “There are hundreds of continents that make up the Demon Realm, and eighty percent of them have a Myriad Demon Cave. After a set number of years, a Myriad Demon Cave will produce a batch of Myriad Demon Pills. These pills will contribute to a Demon King’s cultivation after consumption and shorten our cultivation time. We have all taken Myriad Demon Pills at least once.”


Flabbergasted, Yang Kai asked, “Eighty percent of the continents have Myriad Demon Caves?” He froze for a while, then proceeded to ask, “What about our Cloud Shadow Continent?”


“It has one.” Lao Ke nodded. “Similar to the Territory Gate, it is located in Lie Kuang’s territory. Every time the Myriad Demon Pills ripen, he would be the one who collected them and offered them to Holy Venerable.”


“You’re not involved?” Yang Kai looked at the three in front of him, puzzled. Since the pills were so useful to them, and given that they were the top Demon Kings in Cloud Shadow Continent, they must also have the right to participate in the harvest. But according to Lao Ke’s words, it seemed that Lie Kuang was doing it all by himself.


A look of embarrassment suddenly appeared on the faces of Lao Ke and the others.


Ke Sen disclosed, “Great King, in the past, the task was given to all our High-Rank Demon Kings, but ever since Lie Kuang took refuge under Sir Yue Sang, we… have been excluded.”


“Having a strong backer is certainly a good thing,” Yang Kai sneered and wanted to ask them why they did not take refuge under Yue Sang too; however, after he thought about it carefully, he believed that they might not have the choice, because Yue Sang probably would not want to accept them either. After collecting the Myriad Demon Pills, Yue Sang definitely had to share some profits with the collectors as a reward. If he accepted more collectors, he would have to give out more of his profits too. As such, why should he accept others when he already had Lie Kuang working for him?


“How did the Myriad Demon Caves come into being? Why do eighty percent of the continents have one?” Yang Kai questioned curiously.


This was a difficult question for Lao Ke and the others as they had no idea how the Myriad Demon Caves were formed. Ever since ancient times, it had been the case in all continents of the Demon Realm. They were simply used to it now as it was normal for them to collect Myriad Demon Pills in the Myriad Demon Caves. If they wanted to know the truth behind all of this, they would probably have to ask those older Half-Saints or the Holy Venerables.


Seeing that they were clueless about it, Yang Kai did not make things difficult for them. He further inquired about the Myriad Demon Pills, and learnt that the collection frequency and quantity of the Myriad Demon Pills were different in each continent.


On Cloud Shadow Continent, they were basically collected every ten years, and there were typically several dozen to a hundred Myriad Demon Pills each time. The quantity varied widely. There could be many during one harvest, and then only a few in the next.




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  1. Yea, especially with the frequency and amount generated. 80% of the territories (and there are alot of them) have a cave. They didn’t act like their cave was super amazing so you can probably take it as the median. With that kind of production, either they have an absolute shit load in storage, or they should have High Rank Demon Kings coming out of their ears. This cave alone would produce enough pills to create a High Rank demon every 100 years. If they have really been planning this invasion for so long, there should have been just a completely overwhelming amount of Demon Kings.

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