Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3469, Heaven Devouring Battle Law


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The matter regarding the Myriad Demon Pills bothered Yang Kai a little. No wonder Demon Kings in the Demon Realm were far more numerous than Emperors in the Star Boundary. It was because of the existence of these pills.


According to his previous estimation, several tens of Myriad Demon Pills could promote a Low-Rank Demon King to a Mid-Rank one. In other words, Cloud Shadow Continent alone could promote a Low-Rank Demon King every ten years, and still have extra pills.


If this situation continued over thousands of years, how could there not be many Demon Kings?


Of course, although this calculation method was too idealized, with these Myriad Demon Pills, it would be much easier to cultivate Masters in the Demon Realm, and their growth time would be shorter than that in the Star Boundary.


Why did the Star Boundary not have such benefits? And how did Myriad Demon Caves appear? Why did they produce Myriad Demon Pills?


Maybe Yu Ru Meng knew the answers to these questions, but he could not ask her right now.


At this moment, He Yin smiled, “Speaking of which, Great King came at just the right time. The next Myriad Demon Pill harvest is not far away. Within six months, Great King will be able to see it with his own eyes.”


Hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed, “Since the Myriad Demon Cave is located in Lie Kuang’s territory, he must have sent someone to guard it.”


“Indeed!” Lao Ke nodded.


Yang Kai glanced at him and continued, “But as far as I know, Lie Kuang brought all the Demon Kings under his command to Cloud Shadow City. Who is guarding the cave now?”


Lao Ke was stunned when he heard these words and suddenly seemed to have realized something. Cupping his fists hurriedly, he declared, “Subordinate will go to the Myriad Demon Cave to investigate.”


The Myriad Demon Cave was the most important place on every continent and must not be left unguarded. Since Lie Kuang had brought all the Demon Kings under his command here, it was very likely that no Master was defending the cave, or others were guarding it on behalf of Lie Kuang. Since Lie Kuang had taken refuge under Yue Sang, it was not difficult to guess who was guarding the cave now.


Cloud Shadow Continent was Yang Kai’s territory, and the Myriad Demon Pills collected from Myriad Demon Cave would naturally belong to Yang Kai, so how could he allow another to seize what was his?


“Bring more people, Ke Sen will accompany you.” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Ke Sen responded, “Yes!”


The two of them did not hesitate and left immediately to avoid trouble caused by undue delay.


The only one left was He Yin, the unrecognizable Demon King shrouded in black Qi, “If Great King has no other instructions, this subordinate will take her leave.”


“Bring me those five Demon Kings!” Yang Kai ordered and closed his eyes.


He Yin glanced at him curiously, wondering what his plans for the five Demon Kings were, but she did not ask any questions and simply left to carry out his order.


After a short while, five Demon Kings with sealed cultivations were brought into the room. They looked defeated after a night of torture, but as they walked into the room and saw Yang Kai, their eyes were filled with anger and a few arrogant ones even spat unpleasant curses at him.


They knew that they were most likely going to have miserable deaths, and they were completely helpless against Yang Kai, so they figured they might as well just run their mouths to let out some of their resentment. It would be best if they managed to provoke Yang Kai into slaughtering them as a quick death was better than a long, drawn-out one.


The soldiers were dismissed, the doors were shut, and a barrier was opened. Yang Kai glanced at the five people indifferently, then grabbed at them with his hand.


In the next instant, Space Principles fluctuated, and all five of the Demon Kings vanished.


Immediately afterwards, Yang Kai too flickered, and vanished from the room.


Inside the Small Sealed World, the Embodiment sat down cross-legged in an empty land, his sixty-metre-tall body looking like a towering hill as he stared down at the five Demon Kings who Yang Kai brought in with great interest.


Yang Kai appeared, and without delay, he raised his hand, “Let’s start.”


The Embodiment nodded, placing his hands together as he assumed a strange posture. A moment later, an invisible force fluctuated, enveloping the five immobilized Demon Kings. The initially confused looks of the Demon Kings turned into panic due to the sudden change as their vitality, Demon Qi, and even Spiritual Energy began flowing out of their bodies uncontrollably.


Yang Kai watched as an aura that resembled blood gushed out of the five Demon Kings and converged towards the Embodiment, who consumed all of it into his abdomen with every breath he took.


In just a few breaths of time, the initially extremely strong scarlet aura dwindled drastically as the physiques of the five Demon Kings shrivelled up at a visible rate.


Yang Kai shuddered at the sight. 


The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was indeed overbearing and evil, and it was reasonable that the Star Boundary tried to purge it from existence.


Although the Embodiment had the body of a Stone Spirit and was not afraid of the many side effects of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, Yang Kai tried his best to avoid allowing the Embodiment to use this Secret Arts inherited from the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor when he was in the Star Boundary to avoid suspicions.


In the past, the Embodiment had consumed the essence of enemies but had always stopped just before it became obvious what had happened. 


But he did not even have to think twice here in the Demon Realm.


In the battle with Lie Kuang last night, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law executed by the Embodiment tormented Lie Kuang endlessly, and according to the Embodiment, one could grow stronger from the Heaven Devouring Battle Law even when fighting against another. When devouring the essence of, and weakening the strength of others, one could bolster himself. As long as one did not suffer from a one-time fatal injury, he was almost invincible.


The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor slaughtered many Great Emperors by himself in the Great Emperor War all thanks to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


Yang Kai was going to let the Embodiment freely cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law in the Demon Realm and increase his strength as fast as possible.


Even though these five Demon Kings were only Mid-Rank or lower, their essences could not be wasted. It was just perfect to be used to feed the Embodiment. As long as sufficient energy was available for him to devour, the Embodiment would become powerful very quickly.


In the Demon Realm, Yang Kai only had Embodiment as an auxiliary force so he wanted him to be as strong as possible.


The five Demon Kings were no longer cursing and shouting as all of their strength was put into struggling violently, but how could they resist the devouring power of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law when their cultivations were sealed?


After only a few dozen breaths, all life had left the five Demon Kings. What remained was only dried and withered corpses. The Embodiment kept the same posture as his aura swelled and his flames trembled. As his body suddenly shook, a jet-black aura permeated from within him; it was purified Demon Qi digested from the essence absorbed from the five Demon Kings.


It was apparent that the Embodiment had favourable conditions to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. The innate ability of the Stone Spirit Clan to expel all kinds of negative and unfavourable energies was put on full display here. If anyone else with a normal physique cultivated this Secret Art, even if they had a method to resolve most of the negative energies and impurities, they would be bound to suffer some negative effects; and in the long run, one’s temperament would inevitably be affected.


“I also have gotten clarification about this,” Yang Kai raised the three jade boxes in his hands and tossed them over while passing the information he had learned to the Embodiment.


The Embodiment caught the three jade boxes, raised an eyebrow, and muttered, “Myriad Demon Pills? En, this is a good thing.”


After that, with a thought, he opened the jade boxes, directly downed the three Myriad Demon Pills, and then immediately urged the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to begin refining them, all while Yang Kai watched with his eyes widened.

Myriad Demon Pills were generated by the world itself and contained a huge amount of energy. Demon Kings needed to be fully prepared before consuming one, and then spend a lot of time refining it. It was not something that could be done overnight.


However, the pills were just like candies to the Embodiment, who swallowed three pills in one go. This would baffle any Demon King if they really witnessed it.


Even High-Rank Demon Kings did not have the courage to act so recklessly!


Visible to the naked eye, the aura around the Embodiment’s body trembled. There was a steady stream of dark aura escaping from his body, which was on a much larger scale than when the essence of the five Demon Kings was consumed.


Only after a stick of incense worth of time did the Embodiment slowly open his eyes, flames flickering in their depths.


Yang Kai knew exactly what he was thinking and pressed his lips together, “You need about three thousand pills to reach the next stage. That’s quite a lot.”


Cloud Shadow Continent only harvested these pills once every ten or so years, and each harvest only yielded a few dozen to a hundred Myriad Demon Pills. It would require the entire Cloud Shadow Continent hundreds to a thousand years to produce three thousand pills.


But if these things could really allow the Embodiment to reach the next level, it would be worth it.


The Embodiment currently possessed the Divine Spirit Shi Huo’s Source, and had the body of a Stone Spirit as a foundation, leaving nearly unlimited room for him to grow. Already, the Embodiment was stronger than an ordinary Third-Stage Emperor. Compared to a Half-Saint, he was slightly inferior, but if he managed to reach the next realm, he would be able to compete with a Half-Saint all on his own.


Yang Kai could only try to collect more Myriad Demon Pills. If these things could greatly shorten the Embodiment’s development time, it was worth investing in doing so.


Suddenly, he regretted being so generous last night. He did not know if there were more Myriad Demon Pills in those Demon Kings’ Space Rings; however, seeing how Lie Kuang only had a surplus of three, it was unlikely that the other Demon Kings had any. Even if they had a chance to obtain one, those Demon Kings would have likely consumed it immediately to strengthen themselves.


In addition, Yang Kai could also capture more Demon Kings and throw them into the Sealed World Bead to feed the Embodiment. Although the effect was not as good as taking Myriad Demon Pills, it was not bad either.


After leaving the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai waited in the room for a while before He Yin brought back a large amount of information about the Territory Gates.


Yang Kai spent an hour reading these materials and pondered a while before getting up and walking out.


“Sir!” Xiao Wu, who was waiting outside the door, hurriedly saluted, her eyes twinkling with admiration.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, but just as he was about to speak, he suddenly turned his head to look at the room in the corner with a weird expression, and asked, “How long has she been in there?”


“What?” Xiao Wu did not know what he meant.


“Bo Ya.” Yang Kai glanced at her.


Finally understanding his question, Xiao Wu replied, “Since she came back last night.”


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he quickly walked over to the room and pushed the door open.


This was Li Shi Qing’s room. In order to take care of her, Yang Kai deliberately arranged for her to live next to his room. Over the past few days, Li Shi Qing had been very well behaved. She was probably too afraid of Yang Kai, so she had been locking himself in her room.


She did not come out, but someone had now gone in.


At this moment, Bo Ya was in her room, sitting side by side with Li Shi Qing, holding her hand and speaking to her.


Chills ran down Yang Kai’s spine as he saw a trace of lust in Bo Ya’s eyes. 


[This woman! She’s hopeless!]


Hearing the movement, the two women in the room both turned their heads to look. Li Shi Qing shivered instinctively and shrank to hide behind Bo Ya. She was really scared of Yang Kai to the extreme.


Bo Ya on the other hand let out a dissatisfied grunt, looking resentful, as if her good deed had gone bad.




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