Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3470, Lost Territory Gates


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After fiercely reprimanding Bo Ya and yelling at her to get out, Yang Kai turned to look at Li Shi Qing who was now curled up on the inner corner of the bed, holding her knees in her hands, the blood drained from her face, looking dreadfully afraid.


Yang Kai was speechless and eased up his face a little before advising, “Don’t get too close with that female Demon in the future. She’s not a good person!”


Li Shi Qing further curled her body, and nodded weakly.


Seeing her like this, Yang Kai knew she did not take his words to heart. He was probably the biggest villain in the world to her at this point, but he could not say anything more to convince her otherwise, so he could only stop here for now.


After pondering for a while, he flickered a Space Beacon and instructed, “In case of danger, activate the seal on that bead to protect yourself.”


He couldn’t take care of Li Shi Qing all the time, especially when he still had many things to deal with, but since he went through all that trouble to get her out of the Blood Arena, he naturally could not let her fall into any danger.


A Space Beacon was sufficient to protect her safety. As long as she was not too slow in reacting, she could be teleported to Yang Kai through this bead when she encountered unmanageable danger. Of course, the premise was that she had to be on the same continent with Yang Kai.


However, given that Yang Kai was fully in charge of Cloud Shadow Continent, he believed that she would not have the need to use the bead here. None of the Demon Kings under him would dare to disobey his orders now, so it was unlikely anyone would dare to lay their hands on his people.


After a brief explanation, he strode out without caring what reaction Li Shi Qing had.


Behind him, Li Shi Qing looked up at Yang Kai with mixed feelings and hesitated for a long time before keeping the bead with her.


At this moment, Yang Kai was already with He Yin, flying in the Tiger Head Chariot towards a certain place on Cloud Shadow Continent.


Half a day later, the Tiger Head Chariot stopped in the wilderness at a high altitude. Yang Kai and He Yin got off the chariot, and he asked as he looked around, “Are you sure it’s here?”


He Yin also turned around to look for a while, seemingly trying to confirm her position, but after a short while, she flew up slightly and declared, “It’s where I am standing now.”


Yang Kai nodded slightly and the Space Principle around him fluctuated as he closed his eyes and quietly perceived his surroundings.


He Yin stared at him curiously, but she did not dare to disturb him and just waited quietly.


After half an hour, Yang Kai opened his eyes, shook his head slowly, and looked at He Yin, “When did this Territory Gate vanish, and where did it connect to?’


Earlier, he checked the data about the Territory Gates of Cloud Shadow Continent and confirmed that Bai Zhuo’s previous statement was correct. There were once five Territory Gates, each connecting to a different continent; however, over the past millennium, four Territory Gates had disappeared one after another, with the last remaining gate being connected to the Blue Plains Continent. Cloud Shadow Continent was almost isolated because of this. 


A woodcutter must sharpen his axe if he was to do his work well. If Yang Kai wanted to stabilize and repair the last Territory Gate, he would first take a look at the four disappeared Territory Gates. At least, he must examine the situation and it would be best if he could understand the reasons for their disappearance. Even if he could not understand it, he must at least find some clues.


But although he had done his best just now, Yang Kai did not obtain anything. Nothing was unusual here. If it was not confirmed by He Yin, and also the data he collected that proved there was a Territory Gate here before, Yang Kai probably would think that he was in the wrong place.


He Yin disclosed, “This Territory Gate was the first to vanish. It happened about a thousand years ago. Before it disappeared, it had symptoms similar to the last Territory Gate now, showing the signs of instability. Previously, this Territory Gate led to Blood Flame Continent.’


After a pause, she pressed on, “Did Great King discover anything?” She did not have much hope looking at Yang Kai’s expression, but she still could not help asking.


To her disappointment, Yang Kai shook his head, “I didn’t find anything. Let’s go to the next place.”


He raised his hand and summoned the Tiger Head Chariot. He Yin naturally had no opinion about it, got on the chariot with Yang Kai, and guided the direction to the next place.


Half a day later, they arrived in the sky over a vast sea with endless waves rolling and crashing.


Just like before, Yang Kai closed his eyes and felt the surroundings, while He Yin waited patiently beside him.


A moment later, Yang Kai raised his brow, revealing a look of surprise. The Space Principles around him turned more and more turbulent. He Yin, who had been watching him, could not help but perk up, realizing that Yang Kai probably found something.


The next instant, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and stared toward a certain spot with a solemn look on his face. Following the faint traces of Space Principle fluctuations, he stretched out his hand to probe the area before him.


He pushed both his hands forward at an extremely slow speed, as if fighting against great resistance. What astonished He Yin though was that after Yang Kai pushed out about a hand’s length, Yang Kai’s fingers began to disappear, as if they were sinking into another space.


He Yin’s face turned solemn.


Then she heard Yang Kai shouting, “Open!”


Following his voice, Yang Kai suddenly spread his arms widely to both sides. Space seemed to be torn at that moment and a crack opened in front of him. The crack was filled with chaotic nothingness which not only devoured up her sight, but also drowned her Divine Sense into it.


Exhilarated, He Yin squealed, “Great King!”


Yang Kai ignored her as he applied more force with his hands. His clothes were flapping and flying without any wind while the crack in front of him got bigger and bigger.


Soon, there was enough space for the two to pass through, so Yang Kai immediately reached out his hand, grabbed He Yin’s arm, and rushed into the crack together with her. 


All of a sudden, the two vanished.


The world spun, and He Yin’s vision went blank. When she regained her senses, she had arrived in another world. She gathered her wits and looked down startled. After seeing a familiar scenery, she shouted in excitement, “Thunder Heaven Continent!”


The Territory Gate that disappeared was originally connected to Thunder Heaven Continent. He Yin had lived in Cloud Shadow Continent for thousands of years, and before these Territory Gates vanished, she often came to Thunder Heaven Continent for business, so she was familiar with the scenery. However, she had not been here since the Territory Gate disappeared.


She never expected that she could still have the chance to see this scenery again.


She instantly became fully confident in Yang Kai and realized that it was reasonable for the Holy Venerable to send him to Cloud Shadow Continent to maintain the Territory Gate. With such means, Yang Kai had proven that he could really open the vanished Territory Gates again, meaning Cloud Shadow Continent would no longer be isolated.


“Don’t get too excited.” Yang Kai suddenly said, immediately dampening He Yin’s excitement, “Look behind you.”


He Yin was stunned for a moment, and quickly turned back to look; however, the Void Crack that they had passed through was closing at a rapid pace and would probably disappear in less than ten breaths of time.


The exhilaration and expectation that filled He Yin just now instantly deflated as she asked in shock, “How can this be?”


Yang Kai laughed and explained, “I just followed the traces of the previous Territory Gate and forcibly broke through the Void to arrive here. The two continents have their own World Principles, so they will repair the interference of external forces to restore things to their original states.”


“Then the Territory Gate…”


Yang Kai continued, “It’s too early to be sure, but it’s not hopeless yet. Since the connection has not been severed, there should still be a way to re-establish it. Let’s go back first.” Then he turned around and tore open the crack that was about to be closed before returning the same way with He Yin.


After a moment, they returned to Cloud Shadow Continent.


Looking at the rapidly closing crack, He Yin sighed in her heart; however, after such an experience, she finally saw hope.


After that, they visited the other two lost Territory Gates and examined them carefully.


It took two days for this inspection and He Yin felt better after seeing the results, because the next two places were similar to the vanished Territory Gate that connected to Thunder Heaven Continent. There were still some traces remaining, which was enough for Yang Kai to tear through space and arrive at the other continents.


Yang Kai was only helpless regarding the first Territory Gate leading to Blood Flame Continent. In other words, three of the four vanished Territory Gates still had hope to reappear, but the first one was completely hopeless.


Yang Kai was a little puzzled about this. In theory, the four lost Territory Gates were no different from one another and should all have the same condition, but the place where they first investigated turned out to be somewhat different.


“He Yin, try to remember carefully, what are the differences between the four Territory Gates? Especially the difference between the Territory Gate connecting Blood Flame Continent and the other three.” Yang Kai could not figure it out; after all, he was a newcomer to this world, so he could only ask He Yin. This was also the reason he brought her with him.


“Perhaps it is about when they each vanished?” He Yin pondered for a moment and put forward a hypothesis, “The first Territory Gate was lost much longer ago. Could that be the reason why?”


“It’s only a thousand years versus several hundred, but we can’t rule out this possibility. What else?” Yang Kai frowned.


He Yin continued to recall. After a while, she looked up at Yang Kai and disclosed, “Oh right, Blood Flame Continent has completely disappeared. The Territory Gate of Cloud Shadow Continent that connected to it was the last Territory Gate it had.”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he showed a wry smile, “Why didn’t you tell this King such an important detail earlier?”


If there was no mistake, this was the reason that the traces of the Territory Gate had completely vanished. Given that even Blood Flame Continent had disappeared, how could the traces of the Territory Gate remain?


He Yin replied embarrassingly, “I had forgotten…”


Yang Kai shook his head, but he did not blame her. Since he had figured out the reason, what happened next would be simpler. If he wanted to maintain the Territory Gate, Yang Kai had to figure out why they could persist for so long. Logically, this kind of tear should have been repaired by the local World Principles, but in fact, there were still more or less Territory Gates in many continents of the Demon Realm, ranging from one or two, to more than ten. This phenomenon was very odd to him.


Therefore, in any case, he had to pay a visit to the only remaining Territory Gate. Not only could he examine and explore it, but he could also try to study the Space Principles involved in their formation and maintenance. It would be best if he could improve his comprehension of the Dao of Space in this way… 




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