Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3471, Lockdown


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After making the decision, Yang Kai immediately rushed to the only remaining gate with He Yin without any delay.


When he first travelled to Cloud Shadow Continent, he and Bai Zhuo came through this Territory Gate, but he had no idea that the place was Lie Kuang’s territory at that time. Now that Lie Kuang was dead and the Demon Kings under Lie Kuang’s command had been broken up, this place had become ownerless. However, Lao Ke and the other High-Rank Demon Kings dared not to occupy this place without Yang Kai’s authorization; therefore, they just waited for him to make a decision about it.


Lao Ke and Ke Sen were nearby. 


A few days ago, Yang Kai instructed them to investigate the situation of the Myriad Demon Cave, so now they probably must have come out with a result.


On the way, He Yin sent them a message.


When Yang Kai arrived near the Territory Gate, Lao Ke and Ke Sen were waiting respectfully with a group of Demon Kings. Before Yang Kai landed, they quickly saluted and welcomed him courteously.


“What’s the situation?” Yang Kai asked as he looked at Lao Ke.


Lao Ke replied with his fists cupped, “As Great King expected, Lie Kuang colluded with Blue Plains Continent. When he came to Cloud Shadow City, the Myriad Demon Cave was guarded by Tu Qia Luo!”


Seeing Yang Kai’s confused look, He Yin explained in a low voice, “Tu Qia Luo is a Demon King from Blue Plains Continent who serves under Yue Sang. He’s quite strong.”


Given that He Yin evaluated him as such, this Tu Qia Luo must be a High-Rank Demon King.


Yang Kai nodded, “Where is Tu Qia Luo now?”


Lao Ke and Ke Sen could not help revealing embarrassed looks.


Noticing this, Yang Kai knew that they had let him escape; however, this was still acceptable. Although it was Blue Plains Continent’s fault for interfering in Cloud Shadow Continent and laying their hands on the Myriad Demon Cave and the Myriad Demon Pills, they had a Half-Saint backing them, very much unlike Lao Ke and the others, who were unfavoured people and were placed in an awkward situation here. Even though Yang Kai had given them a little confidence by killing Lie Kuang, they still did not dare to really stand against Yue Sang. It actually would not take much to kill Tu Qia Luo with the forces Lao Ke and Ke Sen brought, but trouble would surely follow after. If Yue Sang wanted to settle accounts in the future, they would all die miserably.


Therefore, they snatched the Myriad Demon Cave back under Yang Kai’s order, but as for Tu Qia Luo, they decided just to let him go.


As such, they felt embarrassed being questioned by Yang Kai at this moment.


Fortunately, Yang Kai did not mean to look into the matter and just stared into their eyes, curling his lips into a sarcastic grin as he waved, “Since the problem of Cloud Shadow Continent has been settled and we’ve regained control of the Myriad Demon Cave, from now on, this King will start his inspection of this Territory Gate and find a way to maintain this last passage. All of you need to cooperate with me. Henceforth, this gate is to be temporarily closed, and without this King’s orders, no one is allowed to pass through it.” 


In order to study the Territory Gate and understand the principles governing its existence, Yang Kai required a quiet and undisturbed environment; therefore, the Territory Gate naturally had to be closed and people had to be stopped from going in and out.


Fortunately, they had a lot of manpower here, so it should be enough to cordon off the surroundings.


“Yes!” Lao Ke and the others responded respectfully. Their good days were indeed over. The coming of a new owner of Cloud Shadow Continent meant that they would not be free anymore; however, if Yang Kai truly could stabilize the gate and ensure that it would not vanish, it would also be of great benefit to them. At least, they would not have to worry about their backup plans in the near future.


Yang Kai continued, “Lao Ke.”


“Reporting,” Lao Ke stepped out.


“Go back to Cloud Shadow City and bring me Bo Ya.”


Although he had warned Li Shi Qing to be careful of Bo Ya before, who knew if Bo Ya would do anything to Li Shi Qing after he left; therefore, it was better to have her here. Moreover, if he wanted to comprehend the secrets of the Territory Gate, he could not afford to be distracted. He did not trust Lao Ke and the others much, so only Bo Ya could help him in guarding this place. With the Soul Puppet in his hand, Bo Ya would not dare to betray him.


Lao Ke left after receiving the order.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment, then turned to Ke Sen and He Yin, “I’ve been meaning to ask you, are Myriad Demon Pills purchasable?”


Myriad Demon Pills were incredibly useful to the Embodiment, but the quantity that he needed was way too high. It would be much easier if they could be bought. Since he was now in charge of Cloud Shadow Continent, it could be said that everything here was under his control. According to the current situation of Cloud Shadow Continent, financial resources were not a problem if he wanted to buy some Myriad Demon Pills.


“Yes, but they’re difficult to find.” Ke Sen frowned, “Every Demon King needs them, so one would immediately refine and consume them as soon as they obtained one.”


He Yin continued, “In the past, every time we collected Myriad Demon Pills, we could get one or two each, but we quickly used them instead of saving them.” After a pause, she proceeded, “Great King, are you thinking of buying Myriad Demon Pills?”


Yang Kai nodded, “En, I’m considering it.”


He Yin replied, “Then I shall advise Great King not to do so. Each one is ridiculously expensive.”


“How expensive exactly?” Yang Kai looked at her curiously.


He Yin answered, “One pill would cost about fifty to eighty million High-Rank Demon Crystals. They’re always overpriced yet usually not for sale.”


Yang Kai could not stop his brow from twitching when he heard her statement. He initially thought that since he had won a billion Demon Crystals from the Blood Arena he would be rich enough to purchase anything he wanted, but according to He Yin, he could at most buy ten or so Myriad Demon Pills with his current wealth, and that was only if he found someone willing to sell them.


At such a price, perhaps the Embodiment might achieve a better result by simply refining the one billion Demon Crystals directly.


This was terrible news! Yang Kai instantly lost interest in buying Myriad Demon Pills. Even if he could mobilize the resources of the entire Cloud Shadow Continent, he could not buy many.


After the conversation was over, Yang Kai waved his hand to dismiss the two. With a flicker, he flew towards the Territory Gate and examined it carefully, the look of amazement hardly concealed on his face.


This gate was like a massive Void Corridor and the chaotic aura of nothingness fluctuating from it seemed pretty hazardous. With his current attainments in the Dao of Space, Yang Kai couldn’t create such a thing, but he might still have ways to stabilize it.


He took a soft breath, closed his eyes, and began using his Divine Sense to thoroughly examine the Territory Gate… 


Below, Ke Sen and He Yin began to deploy their subordinates within a radius of thirty kilometres from the Territory Gate. All commoners were strictly prohibited from approaching the Territory Gate, so as not to interfere with Yang Kai.


Before Yang Kai cracked the secrets of the Territory Gate, the Demons of Cloud Shadow Continent were not allowed to leave through the Territory Gate. Even if this restriction would annoy some Demons, their complaints would be ignored as this matter was related to the future of the whole Cloud Shadow Continent.


Up in the sky, Yang Kai scanned through every inch of the Territory Gate with his Divine Sense, comprehending the mysterious Space Principles that maintained it with a thoughtful look on his face. As he expected, studying this Territory Gate was greatly beneficial to his understanding of the Dao of Space. After all, such a huge Void Corridor did not exist anywhere in the Star Boundary, so he had never experienced such a mysterious thing before.


Just when he vaguely felt that he had gained some insights, a rush of Space Principles came from the Territory Gate.


This made Yang Kai raise his brow as he thought that it was the unstable fluctuations of the Territory Gate itself. But the next moment, a Demon suddenly appeared in front of him.


The cultivation of the Demon was not too high, only a Demon Great General. He bumped into Yang Kai as soon as he appeared and was also taken aback, for he thought that someone was ambushing him here so he immediately flickered aside with his Demon Qi condensed.


After steadying himself, he saw Yang Kai looking at him coldly.


What’s more, there seemed to be countless eyes glaring at him right now.


Frowning, the Demon Great General immediately looked around and was instantly drenched in cold sweat … 


As many as ten Demon Kings were eying him nearby, and there were even more Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals surrounding the area within a radius of thirty kilometres, which made him feel like he was a sheep who had broken into a wolves’ den by mistake. He was horrified, and forced a smile at Yang Kai as he asked in an awkward tone, “Sir, what’s the matter?”


“Scram!” Yang Kai waved his hand to him in a rather foul mood.


The Demon Great General quickly turned around and flew far away from here, only feeling relieved after escaping a great distance.


Yang Kai then shouted down to the people below, “Ke Sen!”


Ke Sen hurriedly flew up and cupped his fists, “Great King!”


“Take some people to the other side of the Territory Gate and seal it off. Do not allow anyone to pass through.” The previous Demon Great General must have travelled from Blue Plains Continent and just happened to have teleported to the Territory Gate here.


Even if he did not teleport near here, once someone passed through the gate, it would cause some interference which would disturb Yang Kai. How could he comprehend the secrets of the gate under such circumstances?


Hearing this order, Ke Sen seemed like he was in a tough position as he hesitated, “Isn’t this… not good? It is Sir Yue Sang’s territory over there, and we have no right to interfere.” Furthermore, they just drove Tu Qia Luo away a few days ago. If they brought people over there to block the Territory Gate at this time, Blue Plains Continent would definitely not sit idly. One mistake would trigger a confrontation between the two continents.


Yang Kai sneered, “What are you afraid of? Yue Sang has been sent to the front lines by Holy Venerable.”


Ke Sen replied awkwardly, “Even if Sir Yue Sang is not here, there are still ten High-Rank Demon Kings on Blue Plains Continent. We are by no means a match for them.” With Yue Sang looking after Blue Plains Continent, there were naturally more Demon Kings there than on Cloud Shadow Continent, even if some had been transferred to the battlefield. If a fight was started, Cloud Shadow Continent would definitely suffer a great loss.


Yang Kai squinted at him, “If they have any opinion, let them come and talk to this King.”


Ke Sen felt helpless as he knew that Yang Kai insisted on blocking the other side of the Territory Gate, so it was useless to say more and he could only accept the order and leave.


After selecting some Demon Kings to follow him, Ke Sen travelled to Blue Plains Continent through the Territory Gate, only then did Yang Kai continue to probe the gate with his eyes closed.


The next two days were peaceful as no one dared to disturb Cloud Shadow Continent. All those who wanted to pass through the Territory Gate were intercepted, as was the case on Blue Plains Continent. It seemed that Ke Sen did his job well.


Bo Ya had already arrived and was glaring at Yang Kai ferociously not far away, with so much hatred like she could not wait to drink his blood and eat his flesh.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai ignored her, or perhaps he did not notice her gaze at all as he was fully immersed in studying the Territory Gate.


Of course, it was impossible for Yang Kai to completely rely on Bo Ya for his own safety, so inside the Sealed World Bead, the Embodiment was carefully monitoring the situation. If anyone attempted to hurt Yang Kai, the Embodiment would immediately rush out of the Sealed World Bead to secure his safety.




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  1. It seems to take time for Yang Kai to examine and analiza how the Territory Gate works, since they are different to the Arrays that he can build in the other realm.

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