Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3472, Deceitful and Insidious


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Everything was calm and peaceful the next few days. Yang Kai was still standing still before the Territory Gate with his eyes closed while Space Principles from his body were fluctuating the whole time, resonating with the Territory Gate.


Below, Lao Ke, He Yin, and the others watch in astonishment. They were all anticipating what would come next. The situation now showed that Yang Kai was studying the secrets of the Territory Gate, and if he was able to thoroughly comprehend them, he just might be able to stabilize the gate.


In truth, Yang Kai had gained a lot over the past few days. His comprehension of Space Principles had grown by leaps and bounds, especially when the Territory Gate fluctuated unstably. He was able to peer through secrets that he normally could not see, all of which enhanced his own knowledge and reinforced his experiences. Every breath was a huge harvest for him.


This was indeed an excellent place to cultivate the Dao of Space. If it was an intact Territory Gate, he would not have gained so much. Only this unstable Territory Gate could help him.


Yang Kai did not even think about how to stabilize the Territory Gate but was immersed in the joy of comprehending and prying into the mysteries of the Dao of Space, taking in the nutrients that would strengthen him.


A few days later, even though Yang Kai did not spend a single moment pondering how to stabilize the Territory Gate, he had some vague ideas about how to maintain it now. Of course, it was still too early to put these ideas into practice as he still had to pry into the secrets of the Territory Gate to be more certain.


At a certain moment, another trace of abnormal fluctuations came from the Territory Gate in front of him, interrupting the state Yang Kai had been in for many days, awakening him from a condition similar to meditation. 


With a scowl on his face, Yang Kai growled, “Bastards!”


Lao Ke’s and He Yin’s faces changed slightly as they quickly flew upwards together.


Yang Kai turned his head to look at the two of them, his eyes dark as he barked at them, “Go see what the Hell Ke Sen is doing! Why does this King even need him if he can’t accomplish such a simple task?”


The situation just now was obviously because someone shuttled through the Territory Gate on the Blue Plains Continent side, otherwise, it would be impossible for the sudden ripples on the Territory Gate.


Lao Ke and He Yin took the lead, flew down quickly, and selected some people to go through the Territory Gate to the Blue Plains Continent. On the other hand, Bo Ya was taking pleasure in Yang Kai’s misfortune and watched him gleefully. She had been boiling in anger since Yang Kai’s summon.


However, before Lao Ke and He Yin could make a move, a Demon King flew over from nearby and shouted, “Great King, Sir Ke Sen is in danger, please help him!”


When the last word fell, he had already reached right in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked and could not help narrowing his eyes. It was a Mid-Rank Demon King who was covered in blood and had many bone-deep wounds on his body. Obviously, he had experienced a fierce battle. This Demon King was one of Ke Sen’s subordinates who he had taken to Blue Plains Continent.


The movement of the Territory Gate just now should be caused by this man who travelled back here.


Lao Ke, He Yin, and the others looked over when they heard those words with the former asking anxiously, “What happened?”


The Mid-Rank Demon King was panting as he replied hurriedly, “By the order of the Great King, we went to Blue Plains Continent to seal off the Territory Gate. The past few days were fine, but today, all of a sudden, six High-Rank Demon Kings and a thousand of their subordinates came to besiege us. This subordinate was protected by Sir Ke Sen just so I could shuttle back through the Territory Gate to deliver a message. I hope that Great King and Sirs will help rescue Sir Ke Sen. He was already severely injured before this subordinate returned and I’m afraid he won’t last much longer.”


“How dare they!?” Lao Ke was furious and raised his head to look at Yang Kai, his face filled with righteous indignation.


Although he was old and lacked the fighting spirit of his youth, it did not mean that he would just accept being bullied without any resistance. Ke Sen was a Demon King of Cloud Shadow Continent and was regarded as his colleague. They had been working with each other for so many years and even developed a friendship. Now that Ke Sen was seriously injured, Lao Ke was naturally incensed. In addition, Lao Ke had existing resentment towards Blue Plains Continent for many years for intervening in the harvests of Myriad Demon Pills in Cloud Shadow Continent’s Myriad Demon Cave.


Now that Yue Sang was exiled to the battlefield, and Cloud Shadow Continent had the backing of Yang Kai, the Great King, who presided over the overall situation, if they still allowed the other side to walk all over them, Lao Ke could no longer call himself a Demon. He immediately cupped his fists, “Great King, nothing can happen to Ke Sen. We don’t have many High-Rank Demon Kings in Cloud Shadow Continent now so each one is precious.”


Originally there were only four High-Rank Demon Kings left here. Lie Kuang was killed a few days ago so now there were three. If Ke Sen died, who else could watch over Cloud Shadow Continent?


When his voice fell, Yang Kai had already sneered, “All of you come over when you’ve martialed our forces, this King and Bo Ya will head there first.”


There was a problem travelling through the Territory Gate; the location of arrival was random, and unless a method was used to bind everyone together, in which case everyone would appear in the same place after the shuttle, everyone would be scattered. So Yang Kai did not plan to wait for Lao Ke and the others. It would take some time for them to gather their people while Ke Sen’s situation was unknown, so he naturally had to go on ahead.


“Yes!” Lao Ke and He Yin responded in unison, thinking that their Great King was indeed a fearless leader. Originally, they were a little worried that Yang Kai would become timid when they heard that six High-Rank Demon Kings were causing trouble, so they certainly did not expect him to be so decisive.


But on second thought, this man killed Lie Kuang just a few days after arriving at Cloud Shadow Continent. If he was really a coward, how could he behave like this? 


They did not expect anything else and simply hoped to rescue Ke Sen and as many of his subordinates as possible. In this way, they could reduce the damage to Cloud Shadow Continent’s foundation to a minimum.


Bo Ya obviously also realized the seriousness of the problem and completely set aside her frustration with Yang Kai for now, quickly flying over after hearing his orders.


Yang Kai’s Emperor Qi wrapped around her and the two of them plunged into the Territory Gate.


By doing this, while he could not control where the Territory Gate would send them, he could guarantee that he and Bo Ya would not be separated.


After a moment of blurriness, the pair arrived on Blue Plains Continent. Yang Kai then waved his hand and summoned the Tiger Head Chariot, boarding it together with Bo Ya.


The place where Ke Sen and the others were being besieged was obviously the Territory Gate between Blue Plains Continent and Cloud Shadow Continent, and while Yang Kai did not know how to get there, thanks to the Tiger Head Chariot, in which the route was already set, he only needed to let the War Chariot navigate for them.


Their destination was not too far away from where the Territory Gate was.


After passing through the Territory Gate, although they would be randomly transported, in general, they would appear within a thousand kilometres of the other end of the Territory Gate. Only rarely would one be transported to a place beyond a thousand kilometres.


No one knew the reason for this, but at this time it was convenient for Yang Kai’s rescue efforts; after all, if they were transported too far away from the Territory Gate, Ke Sen’s bones would probably have turned cold by the time they arrived.


Bo Ya could not help shivering when she felt the murderous intent exuding from Yang Kai’s body. She glanced at him but suddenly saw a faint grin form on his lips, so she asked dumbly, “What are you laughing at, Sir?”


Ke Sen’s situation was worrying, and if he died, there would only be two High-Rank Demon Kings left on Cloud Shadow Continent.


Yang Kai scoffed, “I’m laughing at how Blue Plains Continent has finally made a move.”


Bo Ya was startled, “Did you expect this?”


Yang Kai looked at her and explained, “Yue Sang has a grudge against me, and although he was assigned to the two worlds’ battlefield by Holy Venerable, he would still try every means to take my life. Lie Kuang was acting on Yue Sang’s orders before, and if that was the case, what more needs to be said about Blue Plains Continent? The Demon Kings on Blue Plains Continent must have received similar orders from Yue Sang. They would be a bunch of pig brains if they didn’t grab hold of the opportunity that I gave them.”


The meaning in this sentence was simple and clear, but Bo Ya was still confused. She thought for a while, then inquired, “Did you send Ke Sen to block the Territory Gate on Blue Plains Continent just to anger them?”


Ke Sen was a Demon King of Cloud Shadow Continent, but he interfered in the matter of the Territory Gate in Blue Plains Continent. If she was a Demon King of Blue Plains Continent, she would not sit back and watch either. Who could tolerate another crossing over into their territory and imposing their will arbitrarily?


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “Angering them wasn’t the primary reason, this King really does need to seal off the Territory Gate to keep it from fluctuating. However, it was expected that they would not cooperate, and once they made a move, this King would have an excuse to attack them and take this opportunity to completely subdue Blue Plains Continent. Without taking control, it will basically be impossible for this King to study the Territory Gate with peace of mind in the future.”


Bo Ya pressed on with a confused face, “Didn’t you hear the report from that Demon King? Blue Plains Continent dispatched six High-Rank Demon Kings and a thousand soldiers. Where are you getting your confidence from to provoke them?”


Cloud Shadow Continent’s high-end combat power was vastly inferior to the other side, but when she thought of Lie Kuang’s death again that night, could the big bell be Yang Kai’s secret ace?


Until now, Bo Ya still did not know how Yang Kai killed Lie Kuang. The only thing that she could suspect at the time was the big bell. Lie Kuang, a peak High-Rank Demon King, died in a matter of moments under that bell, so many people suspected he died so quickly because of the artifact’s power.


During the days she was ‘bonding’ with Li Shi Qing, Bo Ya acquired some information about Yang Kai and learnt that this man was renowned throughout the Star Boundary. He had always prevailed over opponents who were stronger than him, but Li Shi Qing did not know many details about Yang Kai. Most of her information was from rumours she heard, and she had no idea how Yang Kai killed Lie Kuang that day.


Looking up, Yang Kai appeared to have no interest in talking anymore, but the smile on his face was turning more and more unreadable. This made Bo Ya very annoyed. The Human Race was indeed as treacherous, insidious, and untrustworthy as rumoured. They were a Race that should have been wiped out long ago.


Yang Kai’s following behaviour was even stranger though. It was clear that the Territory Gate was already in sight, just several tens of kilometres away, and many figures over there were engaged in battle. Obviously, it was Ke Sen and his subordinates fighting hard, but Yang Kai did not show any intention to rescue them and instead flew around the area in a wide circle.




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