Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3473, Besieging A Stronghold To Cut Down Reinforcements


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


At first, Bo Ya did not know what Yang Kai’s intentions were, but she soon began to understand.


Within a hundred kilometres, there were three places where ambushes were laid, each with a High-Rank Demon King assuming command! Although she was only a Mid-Rank Demon King and her Divine Sense was far weaker than Yang Kai’s, as a Feather Demon, she had cultivated a wondrous Eye Technique and could see some traces that others could not, allowing her to figure some things out.


This was obviously Blue Plains Continent’s plan. Bo Ya’s face turned solemn while thinking about it as she suddenly seemed to understand something. When she turned her attention to the Territory Gate, she saw Ke Sen leading a group of Demons to battle Blue Plains Continent’s forces in a seemingly intense melee.


Although Ke Sen was strong too, he had no chance to resist against six High-Rank Demon Kings on his own and win. Besides, a large number of other Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings were surrounding his group too, with someone being killed from time to time.


Logically, it was impossible for Ke Sen to have held out until now, but under Bo Ya’s observation, she found that the Blue Plains Continent forces did not seem intent on killing Ke Sen. Instead, they seemed to be toying with him. They just besieged Ke Sen without giving him a fatal blow, putting Ke Sen’s life at risk, but not in immediate deadly danger.


[Are they besieging a stronghold to annihilate the enemy reinforcement?]


A realization dawned on Bo Ya. 


It seemed that Blue Plains Continent was truly aiming for Yang Kai. First, they trapped Ke Sen here with overwhelming power, and they were now trying to lure out reinforcements from Cloud Shadow Continent.


Once Yang Kai, Lao Ke, and the others entered the encirclement, they would be sealing their own fate. 


Bo Ya was immediately drenched in a cold sweat.


All of a sudden, her level of admiration for Yang Kai increased significantly. She had no idea how Yang Kai found the three ambushes, but judging by the calm way he was reacting, it was obvious he had anticipated all of this from the start.


However, Cloud Shadow Continent was still at a huge disadvantage in this battle. The gap between the two sides was too great. Whether it was in terms of High-Rank, Mid-Rank, or even Low-Rank Demon Kings, the odds were against Cloud Shadow Continent. Even if Lao Ke and He Yin arrived immediately, they would not be of much help to the current situation.


It seemed everything would depend on Yang Kai’s methods now. Bo Ya did not have high expectations of him, but she could not simply persuade him to escape, so she could only wait and act accordingly.


As they circled the battlefield, Bo Ya suddenly saw Yang Kai flicking something out of his hand. Before she could see it properly, the Tiger Head Chariot had sped up and flew straight in a certain direction.


In that direction, a group of Demons of Blue Plains Continent were hiding in ambush.


In just a few breaths of time, the Tiger Head Chariot had flown over ten kilometres. Yang Kai suddenly grinned at Bo Ya, revealing a mouthful of pristine teeth as he remarked meaningfully, “Don’t disappoint this King!”


Just when the last word came out of his mouth, Yang Kai flickered and disappeared from the War Chariot, reappearing a few kilometres away. Emperor Qi surged around him and a brilliant flash erupted, like a small sun rising, illuminating the surroundings as he charged straight into the ambush.


The corner of Bo Ya’s mouth could not help twitching. She initially thought that Yang Kai had some clever plan in mind, but who knew this guy would just charge in recklessly while making such a sensational entrance.


[Is he afraid that the enemy won’t spot him or something? How can there be such a stupid person in this world?]


Since they had figured out the enemy was aiming to lure them in then annihilate them, they should have taken this opportunity to resolve the ambush from the outside. With her marksmanship and Yang Kai’s abilities, as long as they acted carefully, they should have been able to silently achieve that much.


However, now that Yang Kai has exposed himself, a sneak attack would no longer work.


But soon, Bo Ya frowned as she vaguely felt that perhaps Yang Kai was doing this on purpose. She immediately focused her mind and a faint blue light appeared in her beautiful eyes. With the help of her Eye Technique, everything within a hundred kilometres was captured in her eyes.


“Who is that?”


At the same time, a dozen or so kilometres away, a High-Rank Demon King stared at the small charging sun and questioned. Another Demon King beside him glanced at it and answered, “It must be the Human!”


The incoming aura was strange, and the energy fluctuations were only equivalent to those of a Mid-Rank Demon King. Given that the aura was different from a Demon’s, it was obviously Yang Kai.


“He’s the so-called Great King?” Eyebrows rose while the High-Rank Demon King guffawed with both hands on his waist, “Everyone says that the Human Race is cunning and insidious, but it seems that they’re just a bunch of fools. This King is happy to accept such easy prey today! Who will take that man down for this King?”


The main purpose of trapping Ke Sen this time was to bait Yang Kai to come to the rescue; however, these Demon Kings were not sure whether Yang Kai would come. If he didn’t, Ke Sen’s death would definitely be a heavy blow to Cloud Shadow Continent, which would be enough to affect Yang Kai’s power and ability to rule over Cloud Shadow Continent. If Yang Kai did come though, it would be the best case as their Blue Plains Continent’s army was enough to ensure that he would never go back.


Before that, they estimated that the probability of Yang Kai coming to the rescue was no more than thirty percent.


But facts proved them wrong. It was not long after the news of Ke Sen spread that the Human appeared and rushed directly towards them. The High-Rank Demon King was delighted, as he thought that pie had fallen from the sky. He never expected that he could have such a good opportunity.


Naturally, he did not want to miss the chance in front of his eyes. As long as he could take the Human down, Sir Yue Sang would certainly reward him. Even though Yang Kai approached with impressive momentum, his cultivation was only equal to a Mid-Rank Demon King, so how strong could he be? Even the High-Rank Demon King lost his interest in capturing Yang Kai on his own.


“This subordinate is willing to go!” Four or five Mid-Rank Demon Kings immediately volunteered. Sure enough, they would not let go of this opportunity to win honour and merit.


The High-Rank Demon King casually picked three Mid-Rank Demons and ordered them to bring Yang Kai back, dead or alive.


The three chosen Demon Kings accepted the order gratefully, while those who were not selected were dejected and glared at the backs of the three with jealousy in their eyes.


Yang Kai and the three Mid-Rank Demon Kings were swiftly approaching each other, and they would clash within three breaths of time.


A loud explosion rang out, and space itself shook, causing the surrounding world to tremble. A dazzling light rushed out from the centre of the chaos, continuing to charge toward the Demons with unstoppable momentum. Inside the light, Yang Kai was completely unscathed, his expression unchanged, and even his clothes unwrinkled.


Behind him, a shower of blood rained down from the sky.


The smile on the High-Rank Demon King’s face immediately stiffened as he gawked toward the front absent-mindedly. As for the Demons beside him, they gasped in disbelief.


Three Mid-Rank Demon Kings were killed off without complete corpses in a single exchange while the Human was completely unscathed.


Those Demons who were feeling envious just now suddenly felt fortunate that they were not chosen, otherwise they would not have had good ends.


In that short moment of shock, Yang Kai had already crashed into the ambush point with unstoppable force, his power frightening the wits out of all the Demons.


“Courting death!”


The High-Rank Demon King, who was guarding that area, finally regained his wits and summoned a thick copper-coloured staff into his hands. Pushing his Demon Qi, he swung the copper staff, whipping up a torrent of wind as he smashed towards Yang Kai’s head.


His blow was not fancy at all. Instead, it looked extremely ordinary.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai’s turned slightly pale seeing the power of the staff blow and dared not take it head-on. He had no idea what Clan this High-Rank Demon King belonged to earlier, but the movement of this staff was enough to reveal his origins. This High-Rank Demon King was a Strength Demon, born with innate great strength. The High-Rank Strength Demon King possessed physical prowess on par with a True Dragon of equal cultivation, and that strength was only magnified by the rage this Demon King was feeling right now. If Yang Kai took the blow, he would spew at least three litres of blood even though he had his own Half-Dragon physique.


Yang Kai tried to dodge but found that he could not avoid this blow at all. The movement of this staff seemed simple, but it actually confined the surrounding space, making it impossible to evade.


At the critical moment, Yang Kai had no choice but to surge his Space Principles and execute his Nihility Secret Technique.


His figure turned ethereal as he merged himself into the Void.


The staff struck and passed through Yang Kai’s body. The violent force exploded and shattered the Void, which forced Yang Kai’s figure to reappear, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.


Although he used his own Secret Technique to avoid most of the power of this blow, the fallout was still enough to shake space and send his vitality tumbling, causing Yang Kai to fall short of breath.


He did not feel well at the moment, but the Strength Demon did not seem to look good either. He thought that Yang Kai would not be able to escape from his fatal blow, but to his surprise, it was as if his staff had struck cotton, resulting in him losing his balance and footing.


Just when he looked up at Yang Kai in shock, wondering how this Human had managed to dodge his blow, Yang Kai stretched out his hand at him and roared as Space Principles surged, “Bind!”


The surrounding space turned into an invisible mire which bound the Strength Demon’s body in place without him being able to move an inch.


Eyes widened, the Strength Demon released a powerful blast out of his body, shaking the space around him and forming small cracks in the force binding him in place.


If he kept this up, it would not take more than three breaths of time for the Strength Demon to escape from this entanglement.


But Yang Kai looked at him with the corners of his mouth slightly curved upwards, like he was staring at a dead man.


The Strength Demon vaguely had a bad feeling as a chill shot up his spine, sensing an unprecedented aura of death.


When he looked up, a streamer of light was shot from over ten kilometres away. Inside the light, a giant arrow was flying towards him, one that emitted a piercing aura so sharp he felt it on his skin even from a distance.




Following a thunking sound, the stream of light penetrated the Strength Demon’s body and accurately pierced through one of his Demon Hearts, which caused it to explode violently.


*Du du du… *


Eight arrows were fired in a row and travelled through the air in a seemingly uncoordinated manner; however, each arrow accurately pierced the Strength Demon’s body, turning him into a hedgehog. Each arrow that struck, hit a vital point, destroying the few Demon Hearts in his body as well as a number of vital organs.


The Strength Demon stiffened in place as he stared at a spot ten kilometres away, where a beautiful figure was floating mid-air. His mouth twitched, as if he tried to say something, but he could not utter a word in the end. The copper staff-like Demon Artifact slipped out of his hand silently, and his vitality quickly dissipated.




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  1. Honestly, YK should be mowing through all of those Demon Kings with ease, no matter what rank or clan they are from. Always annoyed when they retconn enemies to be stronger like that. Even on the battlefield in the Star Boundry only a Half-Saint could provide trouble for YK, while he killed Demon Kings of all power levels in the hundreds without even any real effort.

    1. Actually he is in an unknowed land, trying to have a low profile to collect info about the GE, i dont think that expose to much strength would be good, if he doesnt cared about it he could release the shi huo instead

      1. The issue is that it is described as a challenge for him unless he goes all out. But on the war front he was dropping Demon Kings like those left and right as if they where ants, with no challenge. He should be so much stronger than all of those fodder to the point where he should not need to expose most of his tricks to get rid of them. Even when he killed the one DK under the bell he didn’t do it himself because “it would take too long”, which it just shouldnt. But the plot needs it to. And I am pretty sure he did release the embodiment last chapter for some plan.

  2. I think fighting against Peak Demon Kings is close to fighting against a divine spirit ( Qilin excluded ). They are similar to the Monsters. Both races have their Innate abilities . Look at them as if they were Liu Yan or Zhu Qing sure it won’t be Ezzy

  3. It was literally stated in the chapter that the embodiment killed a peak demon king on the verge of becoming a demon half-saint that they are no match for divine spirits. And the 3 divine Venerables of the ancient wild lands are divine spirits comparable to Pseudo great emperors while the embodiment is below that.

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