Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3474, Teleportation


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A dozen kilometres away, Bo Ya’s face was pale, and her chest heaved up and down violently as she panted while the hand holding her great-bow was trembling slightly. 


She used her Innate Divine Ability to launch that barrage of arrows just now. Otherwise, she could not achieve such an effect. The price she paid was thirty percent of her Demon Qi. In other words, even at her peak, she could only perform this skill three times before she was exhausted.


She paid a huge cost, but the outcome was quite satisfactory.


The High-Rank Demon King over there had died. Although there were still a lot of people remaining, they could not do anything in front of Yang Kai. He had breached an opening in the encirclement here, opening up paths of attack and retreat for Cloud Shadow Continent.


Suddenly, Bo Ya found that it was a good choice to be under Yang Kai’s command. With this guy’s Space Divine Abilities and her exquisite marksmanship, they could slay all the High-Rank Demon Kings who were caught off guard. This was similar to the events back in the Blood Arena, and the cooperation between them had even improved today.


After taking a deep breath, Bo Ya put away her bow and held a High-Rank Demon Crystal in each hand, restoring her consumed strength as much as possible. Although they had surprisingly neutralized an ambush site of Blue Plains Continent, there were still two remaining, not to mention the other six High-Rank Demon Kings guarding the gate. A fierce battle was inevitable today, and she did not want to miss any opportunities to recover her strength.


At this time, she suddenly heard a violent movement from the other side, and her eyes turned to it suspiciously.


There seemed to be a startling battle occurring hundreds of kilometres away, with light flickering fiercely as figures zoomed back and forth across the sky.


That was the location of another ambush site of Blue Plains Continent. [Have Lao Ke and He Yin arrived? They’re quite fast. With their help and the forces of Cloud Shadow Continent, the problem there can be solved easily.]


Subconsciously, she used her Eye Technique to peer at the situation on the other side, but what she saw stunned her greatly.


Because the scene over there was different from what she had imagined. There was no trace of Lao Ke, He Yin or even the forces of Cloud Shadow Continent. On the contrary, there was a stone giant over 100 metres tall rampaging about. The stone giant was covered in malevolent fire and sharp spines. Bo Ya had no idea what Divine Ability this Stone Giant was using, but under the observation of her Eye Technique, an invisible field had expanded some dozen or so kilometres with the Stone Giant as its centre.


The Demons, who were shrouded in this domain, could not control their own vitality as a blood-red aura was drawn out from their pores, converging towards the stone giant. This domain seemed to have the ability to devour all things within it.


The stone giant was undoubtedly a powerful and terrifying existence. Bo Ya witnessed him crushing a Mid-Rank Demon King into paste with her own eyes before sucking up all the vitality which escaped from his corpse, only leaving behind some dust on the ground.


Another High-Rank Demon King was guarding that position, but he was obviously no match for the stone giant. After a few breaths of time, he completely fell to a disadvantage. Fortunately, he was protected by his subordinates so he was able to hold on a while longer.


[Where did this guy come from? Why is he fighting the Demons of Blue Plains Continent at this time?]


Bo Ya vaguely felt that the stone giant should have something to do with Yang Kai, but she could not understand how he appeared silently. He actually appeared around the same time when Yang Kai launched his attack, resulting in two ambush sites being completely destroyed.


The next scene confirmed her guess that the Stone Giant was unleashed by Yang Kai, because the bodies of the Demons below the rank of Demon King over there rapidly shrivelled. It started with some Demon Generals, their bodies rapidly drying out, followed by the Demon Great Generals, all of which were devoured by the invisible domain.


Bo Ya was reminded of Lie Kuang’s corpse that was still hanging above his mansion, which was so similar to what she saw at the moment.


[So that’s how it is!]


That night, it was to the stone giant’s credit that Yang Kai could kill Lie Kuang in such a short time by sucking out all his Blood Essence and turning him into a dried-up husk, making him die with everlasting regret. 


Bo Ya’s eyes lit up. With this kind of helper, Yang Kai would be invincible in facing the Demons below the rank of Half-Saint. No wonder he was so fearless.


While Bo Ya was paying attention to the battle on the Embodiment’s side, Yang Kai was engaging in a great slaughter. 


The Strength Demon who commanded the ambush point Yang Kai struck had died, leaving only Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings as well as subordinate Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals. None of these Demons could even slow Yang Kai down, so within ten breaths, the entire force which consisted of roughly a thousand Demons was practically annihilated. Most of the Demon Kings had fallen, while the Demon Great Generals and the Demon Generals also suffered great casualties.


Seeing how hopeless the situation was, the remaining Demons dared not to remain and fled in horror, running in separate directions like a stampede one after another.


Yang Kai casually killed a few more Demons who attempted to escape, but he did not hunt them down to the last. While gathering the bodies of those killed Demons and preparing them to be devoured by the Embodiment, he turned to look into the distance a hundred kilometres away.


Given that the Embodiment had made a move, it was undoubtedly overwhelming the other side. If five High-Rank Demon Kings worked together, they might be able to tie down the Embodiment, but with only one High-Rank Demon King assuming command over there, there was no way to stop the Embodiment.


Yang Kai had secretly let his Embodiment out while he was circling the perimeter in his Tiger Head Chariot; otherwise, with Bo Ya’s ability, it would be impossible for him to go unnoticed by her.


Moreover, the Embodiment’s body was that of a Stone Spirit that was naturally proficient at Earth Escape Techniques. As such, he approached the ambush site silently beneath the ground, and successfully launched a sneak attack on them.


Followed by a light sneer, Yang Kai took a glance at the Territory Gate. Sure enough, the Demons over there were in a mess now. It was impossible for them to not be aware of the movements of the two battlefields, and it was obvious that what they saw that made them react this way.


He did not really care much about Ke Sen’s safety as, to Yang Kai, the more Demons that died, the better; however, since Ke Sen was his subordinate now, it was better to keep him alive, but it still would not hurt him if he died, so he was not worried that Blue Plains Continent would get desperate and kill Ke Sen to vent their anger.


With a single thought, Yang Kai surged his Space Principles, disappeared from his location, and reappeared next to Bo Ya with a flash.


Exchanging looks, Yang Kai noticed the way Bo Ya looked at him was different from before. Instead of being frivolous, her eyes showed a hint of solemnity. He immediately figured that she had spotted the movement of the Embodiment over there.


After pondering for a while, Bo Ya asked, “What should we do now? Go straight to the enemy’s den or head for the last ambush site?” 


If Yang Kai wanted to go straight to the enemy’s den, they had to go to the Territory Gate to fight with Blue Plains Continent’s forces, but there were only two of them now since Lao Ke and He Yin had not arrived yet. Bo Ya did not think their chances were good in such an uneven battle, so she preferred the latter option.


But now that they had made such a grand entrance, it was impossible for them to launch a sneak attack again, and the High-Rank Demon King at the last ambush site would certainly be on high alert now.


Yang Kai smiled faintly, “They made the choice for us.”


Bo Ya was slightly stunned and looked around, soon seeing that a group of Demons had suddenly broken off from the Territory Gate and were rushing towards them under the lead of three High-Rank Demon Kings. Moreover, the Demons at the last ambush site were also charging toward them. Both groups of Demons soon assembled together in an overbearing manner.


Bo Ya’s face turned slightly pale as she suggested, “I think it’s better to avoid fighting for the time being and make plans when Lao Ke and He Yin arrive.”


Four High-Rank Demon Kings joining forces together with a few dozen Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings. Even if Yang Kai’s performance was outstanding before, he was certainly no match against such odds. They would be in trouble if they stayed here; therefore, in order to secure the final victory, they should leave first and meet up with Lao Ke and He Yin.


“Wait,” Yang Kai replied faintly.


[Wait? What are you waiting for?] Bo Ya looked confused. Seeing the incoming Demon army, her heart could not help jumping to her throat.


Even though there was still a hundred kilometres between them, she could feel the anger of the Demons in front of her. Thinking about it, their behaviour was not surprising. Initially, Blue Plains Continent had the upper hand. They had every advantage, and they intended to crush Cloud Shadow Continent in one fell swoop; however, they did not expect one of their ambush sites to be destroyed just when they encountered each other. More than ten Demon Kings were killed or severely injured, including a High-Rank Strength Demon King.


Another ambush site seemed to be under attack at the moment and was unable to support them.


If Bo Ya were a Demon King from Blue Plains Continent, she would be completely embarrassed and want nothing more than to make her enemy pay.


One hundred kilometres seemed like a long distance, but for Demon Kings it wasn’t far at all, so the enemy forces would only take ten breaths of time to reach them.


Seeing the other party getting closer and closer, Bo Ya’s brow twitched, “Can you just tell me what you want to do? I don’t want to die here.”


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to her and just stared quietly ahead.


Seventy kilometres, fifty kilometres, thirty kilometres… 


When there were only twenty kilometres left between the two parties, and Bo Ya could even see their infuriated faces without using her Eye Technique, only then did Yang Kai suddenly stretch out his hand and grab her arm, yelling, “Don’t resist!”


Bo Ya was taken aback, but she reluctantly gave up resistance.


It was mainly because the Soul Puppet was still in this guy’s hand, and it would be useless even if she did try to put up a struggle.


In the next moment, Bo Ya felt space warping around her and for a moment, the world spun.


When she regained her senses, she was no longer in the same place, but appeared in another location. Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen though, leaving only a bead at her feet which gave off some residual energy fluctuations.


The bead looked quite familiar to Bo Ya and soon she recognized it. Li Shi Qing had one in her possession too, which seemed to have been given to her by Yang Kai a few days ago. He mentioned before that if one activated the seal in the bead in case of danger, they would be safe and sound.


[Does my appearance here have anything to do with this bead?] 


Suddenly, she recalled that Yang Kai had thrown something out from the Tiger Head Chariot when they were passing by this place. She did not see it clearly at that time, but now that she thought about it, it probably should be this bead.


Bo Ya looked up thoughtfully, and her eyes lit up.


Several kilometres ahead, the Demon army led by the four High-Rank Demon Kings was charging furiously like tigers descending the mountain.


But the funny thing was that she was actually facing their backs at the moment!


Bo Ya could not help laughing. How dare an enemy allow a Feather Demon who was proficient in archery to take their back? It was akin to suicide!


She immediately understood Yang Kai’s intention and why he told her to wait just now. He was preparing for this moment. At the same time, she felt horrified, for this guy was so terrifyingly precise in his calculations. It was going to be Hell for Blue Plains Continent today.




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  1. If been wondering about this for a while.
    What is MPs peasantry?
    The world is so full of World energy, so I don’t see a reason why ppl wouldn’t be able to reach Immortal Assencion Boundary or Smith like that fairly easily. Sure, some ppl might die during promotion or they might be unable to cultivate. But overall? Your village got some random cultivation technique a few thousand years ago and now everyone is a Immortal/remains as a spirit after death.

    Do they have ritualised getting new bodies for them?
    Do they live together?
    Does anyone need to eat? Are famins even a problem?

    Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng were shown to live the poor farmers live for a while.
    But honestly, why would those ppl exist?
    And why not cultivate if you can? Get stronger, live longer, be less perceptible to injury and illness…

    1. Mortals are generally separated from cultivators, but in some places they live together.

      Most people do not have talent for cultivation, so they are stopped by a single bottleneck. Besides, cultivation resources are vast but sects and strong masters like YK hoard them and most people can’t get any.

    2. If you recall Yang Kai’s first fight with a monster he was saving a hunter and his son from some spiders. The hunter’s son had joined a Sect but had washed out because he lacked the necessary aptitude to cultivate. I guess the majority of the population don’t have the option.

  2. Also, not everyone actually wants to live forever. Some people wouldn’t want to cultivate. Stories like Martial Peak focus on the glamorous/fun side of cultivation. Nothing about the loneliness and pointlessness that plagues many cultivators. If you read Renegade Immortal by Er Gen, you’ll have a more complete view about cultivation.

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