Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3476, Not In A Hurry


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After a while, the condition of Blue Plains Continent’s forces became progressively more miserable. Except for the High-Rank Demon King who was besieged by Lao Ke and He Yin, the rest had either fled, were killed by Bo Ya, or were intercepted by the reinforcements from Cloud Shadow Continent.


The High-Rank Demon King who was fighting with Yang Kai was also faltering. He was nearly killed by Yang Kai several times, and blood now coated his body.


He was aware of his dire situation. Not to mention that he was no match for Yang Kai, even Bo Ya would soon be eyeing him. Once he was targeted by this woman, he would have no chance to leave here alive. As soon as he thought of this, he quickly released his Divine Sense and silently sent a transmission to Yang Kai, “Sir, please be merciful! Tu Qia Luo is willing to submit to you and serve you faithfully!”


Yang Kai raised his brow, but he did not slow down his attacks and continued to send one killing blow after another with a smile, “You are Tu Qia Luo?”


According to Lao Ke’s earlier report, when Lie Kuang took his people to Cloud Shadow City, the Myriad Demon Cave was guarded by this Tu Qia Luo. However, when Lao Ke and He Yin brought their subordinates over to retake the Myriad Demon Cave, he had run away.


[So he’s that guy. What a coincidence.]


Tu Qia Luo was obviously begging for mercy as he felt powerless against Yang Kai. If he did not submit now, death would be his fate.


Looking at him faintly, Yang Kai smiled, “Give me a reason to keep you alive.”


While struggling to resist the incoming attacks, Tu Qia Luo sent another transmission, “After this battle, Blue Plains Continent will be unable to resist Sir’s majesty. Blue Plains Continent will certainly be controlled by Sir. However, as far as I know, Sir has only three High-Rank Demon Kings at his disposal. With two continents under your command, how could three High-Rank Demon Kings be enough to supervise them? Although this Tu Qia Luo is not talented, he is willing to share Sir’s burden.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Sounds reasonable.”


Tu Qia Luo was delighted as he thought that Yang Kai was about to take his offer, but instead, Yang Kai just stared at him coldly and teased, “Aren’t you afraid that Yue Sang will seek revenge against you in the future? No one will forgive a traitor.”


Tu Qia Luo’s face turned pale. Yang Kai pointed out exactly what he was most worried about. It was no problem for him to beg Yang Kai for mercy at this moment, but Yue Sang would certainly settle accounts with him after once he learnt about this. If Yue Sang, a Half-Saint, was truly determined to take his life, he was afraid that even Yang Kai would be unable to shelter him.


Nevertheless, Tu Qia Luo had obviously considered this point already and immediately responded solemnly, “Sir Yue Sang has been assigned to the front lines of the two worlds’ battlefield, so he has certainly done something to offend Holy Venerable. It’s unknown whether he will return alive, and even if he does, who knows when that will be? Furthermore, since Sir is anointed as Great King, it is obvious that Holy Venerable thinks highly of Sir. To serve Sir is equivalent to serving Holy Venerable. Sir Yue Sang would not dare to act recklessly.”


After a pause, he continued with a wry smile, “More importantly, if Sir doesn’t forgive me today, this will be this Tu Qia Luo’s burial place; therefore, please show mercy! Tu Qia Luo will follow Sir’s orders with all his heart in the future!”


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed and snorted coldly, “Seems you’re an expert at seizing opportunities.”


This guy showed his sincerity, and what he said was the truth too. If he could not convince Yang Kai to have mercy on him today, he would surely die. It was important to keep his life first rather than worrying about whether Yue Sang would settle accounts with him later.


Moreover, Yang Kai did not intend to kill all the Demons here. Although he wished all Demons on this side would die, as Tu Qia Luo mentioned, after today, Blue Plains Continent would fall under his control. However, he only had three High-Rank Demon Kings. How could those three guard two vast continents? Therefore, taking Tu Qia Luo in could make up for some shortage of manpower.


This was also the reason why Yang Kai did not kill him yet; otherwise, given that Tu Qia Luo was just a High-Rank Demon King, Yang Kai would have taken his life long ago.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai pressed on, “This King can let you live, but you need to open your Knowledge Sea and allow this King to implant a Soul Imprint on it.”


Tu Qia Luo did not have a clean background like Lao Ke, Ke Sen, and He Yin, whom Yang Kai did not need to worry about because they obeyed the order from Yu Ru Meng to serve him. On the other hand, Tu Qia Luo was under Yue Sang, so how could Yang Kai not worry that he would betray him without implanting a Soul Imprint?


Once he implanted the Soul Imprint, Tu Qia Luo would essentially be handing his life over to Yang Kai. He would not be able to resist Yang Kai’s orders from now on, which would be worse than Bo Ya being restricted by the Soul Puppet.


Therefore, Tu Qia Luo’s face changed drastically as soon as he heard this. Bitterly, he assured, “Sir, it’s not necessary to implant a Soul Imprint in me. I swear in the name of Great Demon God that I will serve only Sir in the future.”


“Tsk, if oaths were useful, why would we still need to cultivate? You can think about it, I’m not in a hurry.”


Tu Qia Luo’s face twitched, thinking, [You’re not in a hurry, but I am!] At this moment, the Feather Demon a dozen kilometres away had already notched an arrow, drawn her bow, and aimed at him. She could release this fatal arrow at any moment. Even from a dozen kilometres away, Tu Qia Luo could clearly perceive the threat of death pointing at him.


He wanted to dodge, but Yang Kai suppressed him to the point where he could not escape.


While he was hesitating, the aura a dozen kilometres away became even sharper, as if the arrow would be released shortly.


Knowing that he could not afford to hesitate any longer, Tu Qia Luo declared through gritted teeth, “Good, I will do as Sir commands. This subordinate will only follow Sir from now on, and hopes that Sir will treat me well in return.”


“You will know this King’s conduct in the future!” Yang Kai cackled before shifting his position, intentionally blocking Bo Ya’s line of fire. Only then did Tu Qia Luo relax. He looked at Yang Kai steadily and sighed as he opened his Knowledge Sea defences.


Yang Kai was quick to act and immediately pushed his Divine Sense, engraving a Soul Imprint in Tu Qia Luo’s Knowledge Sea.


The two reached an agreement secretly, but they did not stop exchanging blows. They were still fighting, mainly because they were afraid that the Demons by the Territory Gate would notice what they were doing.


After the Soul Imprint was implanted, a faint hint of depression flashed across Tu Qia Luo’s face, but he soon restrained his emotions and asked, “Sir, this subordinate can help you to subdue two more people. What do you think?”


“Why only two?” Yang Kai questioned suspiciously. There were still three High-Rank Demon Kings left around the Territory Gate. At this time, they were watching them while holding Ke Sen and his group hostage.


Ke Sen and the others were no match for them in the first place and it was only because they wanted to use them as bait that they were still alive. Seeing the situation turn dire though, the Demon Kings who remained at the Territory Gate immediately used their full strength and captured Ke Sen’s group.


They obviously wanted to negotiate with Yang Kai by using Ke Sen as a bargaining chip.


Tu Qia Luo explained, “One of them is Yue Sang’s confidant, so I’m afraid it won’t be easy to subdue him. It would be better to kill him directly than try to control him.”


Yang Kai chuckled and looked at Tu Qia Luo meaningfully.


Subduing a person was not difficult through implanting a Soul Imprint. Even if the Demon King over there was loyal to Yue Sang, as long as Yang Kai could control whether he lived or died, he would become Yang Kai’s subordinate too.


As for Tu Qia Luo’s proposal, Yang Kai believed that he had other intentions. Perhaps there were grudges between him and this Demon King, and he wanted to eliminate him through Yang Kai’s hand this time.


However, Yang Kai did not bother to solve this puzzle. Even if Tu Qia Luo really had the intention of borrowing his strength to commit evil, it would still be better for Yang Kai to get rid of Yue Sang’s confidants as soon as possible, to avoid any troubles in the future.


As their eyes met, a hint of panic indeed flashed across Tu Qia Luo’s, which confirmed Yang Kai’s guess.


Yang Kai then smiled faintly and asked, “Do you have any life-saving methods or tools?”


Tu Qia Luo was stunned but soon understood Yang Kai’s intentions and hurriedly answered, “Yes.”


“Then show me.” Yang Kai nodded gently, “But be careful not to be shot dead by Bo Ya.”


Tu Qia Luo’s face twitched and thought that it would be too unreasonable if he really died like that; however, he knew that Yang Kai had no way to inform Bo Ya about what was going to happen. If he wanted to live, he had to rely on himself.


With a loud roar, blood mist sprayed out of the pores of Tu Qia Luo’s whole body and he transformed into a stream of red light and escaped towards the Territory Gate.


Immediately after, two streams of light were shot out from a dozen kilometres away. Sure enough, as Yang Kai expected, Bo Ya had released her arrows.


The power of these two streams of light was exceptional and they travelled at extremely high speed. Tu Qia Luo managed to narrowly dodge one arrow with his life-saving Secret Technique, but the other arrow shot through his thigh, directly piercing a bloody hole through his leg, causing a rain of red.


However, such an injury should be nothing to Tu Qia Luo and would only require him to rest for a few days to fully recover. As for Bo Ya, after she ‘missed’ this time, she lost the opportunity to kill him again.


“Sir!” Not far away, Lao Ke and He Yin led the elites from Cloud Shadow Continent over together and cupped their fists. They carefully examined Yang Kai’s condition and confirmed that he had no injuries, only then letting out sighs of relief.


As for the High-Rank Demon King they had intercepted, Bo Ya had already assassinated him with her arrow.


“En!” Yang Kai nodded slightly before he turned to the Territory Gate and saw that Tu Qia Luo had gathered together with the Demons over there and was stirring up an uproar.


After a chuckle, Yang Kai glanced in the direction of the Embodiment. The activity there had subsided and none of the Demons at that ambush site had escaped. It was a complete annihilation of the army. Under the Heaven Devouring Domain, all the Demons had turned into dry corpses.


Right now, the Embodiment was hiding underground, approaching the Territory Gate quietly.


After a few more breaths of time, Bo Ya flew over bravely, looking up and down at Yang Kai, as if she just met him for the first time, “Did that guy submit to you?” She questioned.


Yang Kai glanced at her, “You noticed?”


Bo Ya sneered, “Otherwise, why would you deliberately block my shot?”


She was not a fool, so she had seen some clues. Moreover, she had long noticed the surge of Divine Senses between Yang Kai and Tu Qia Luo, and realized they were secretly communicating. In addition to all the signs that they showed so far, it was not difficult for her to deduce the truth.




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