Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3477, Bring All of You Down With Me


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A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai, “So you did it deliberately.”


Since Bo Ya could see through Tu Qia Luo’s intention of changing his allegiance, the two arrows previously must have been an act, not that she really missed. However, this allowed Yang Kai to have a deeper understanding of her superb archery, especially when she could still accurately shoot through Tu Qia Luo’s leg even when he used a life-saving Secret Technique.


Bo Ya snorted, “It was convincing, wasn’t it?”


Yang Kai did not reply, but just paused for a while before stepping forward with a smile, “Let’s go greet them.”


Thousands of troops followed closely behind, their morale sky-high.


At the Territory Gate, the Blue Plains Continent Demons looked bitter and resentful, especially their leader, a High-Rank Demon King whose face was so scrunched up that he looked particularly savage. He initially thought this ambush could subdue all of Cloud Shadow Continent in one fell swoop, but never did he expect that they would be wiped out by the opponent instead. In the battle today, whether it was the initial planning and deployment, or the confrontation in the later stage, there were no mistakes made. In terms of number and strength, Blue Plains Continent vastly exceeded Cloud Shadow Continent by several times. No matter how one looked at it, Blue Plains Continent had the advantage.


But ultimately, Cloud Shadow Continent achieved a great victory, while Blue Plains Continent was left in shambles.


Of the nine High-Rank Demon Kings who came, only four were still alive now. As for Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings, dozens had died while countless Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals had fallen. This result was truly shameful for Blue Plains Continent, and the culprits responsible for all this were one Human and one Feather Demon!


Blue Plains Continent had already lost the upper hand, and now the opposing army was converging on them with unstoppable momentum. It was quite possible that their whole army would be wiped out here.


Fortunately, Blue Plains Continent had a valuable hostage, so there was still hope to make a comeback.


The people at the Territory Gate became increasingly restless as they watched Yang Kai advancing toward them with the Cloud Shadow Continent’s army. The High-Rank Demon King, who was their leader, roared loudly to bring his people back to their senses. They still had four High-Rank Demon Kings; they still had the power to fight. As long as they could force Yang Kai and the others to retreat, Blue Plains Continent could be saved, and when Sir Yue Sang returned from the two worlds’ battlefield, they could get their revenge.


As for whether Yue Sang would punish them for what happened today, that was something to be considered later, because a little suffering would be better than certain death here.


After a short while, Yang Kai, leading the Cloud Shadow Continent Demons, stopped a thousand metres away from the Territory Gate. A group of Cloud Shadow Continent elites lined up neatly behind him, throwing fierce gazes at the enemy!


The pressure of the silence was almost unbearable for the Demons of Blue Plains Continent. They could not help but clench the weapons in their hands as their faces turned ugly. It was a great shame and disgrace for the tables to turn on them like this.


This confrontation lasted for only a few breaths before the Demons of Blue Plains Continent could no longer bear the tension. The High-Rank Demon King leader held Ke Sen by the head and condensed his Demon Qi in his palm, threatening to take his life at any moment. Staring at Yang Kai with a gloomy expression, he growled, “Human, this King thinks we should sit down and discuss this matter.”


Yang Kai could not help sneering as he looked at him sarcastically, “Discuss? What do you want to discuss? What right do you have to discuss terms with this King?”


The High-Rank Demon King snorted coldly and pushed the Demon Qi in his hand. Ke Sen’s face immediately contorted in pain while the Demon King threatened, “I have his life in my hands, how about that?”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly and refused just as coldly, “Not interested!”


A look of despair suddenly appeared in Ke Sen’s eyes.


The High-Rank Demon King was not surprised at all but sneered, “You don’t care about his life at all? He is your subordinate.”


Yang Kai snorted, “A subordinate of this King should be ready to sacrifice his life for this King! What use would this King have for a subordinate without even that much loyalty?” He turned to Ke Sen and declared, “Fear not, this King will kill them all to avenge you, not a single one will escape!”


As soon as these words came out, the Blue Plains Continent Demons shivered as panic filled their faces.


The corners of the High-Rank Demon King’s mouth twitched. He thought Yang Kai was just putting up a front before, but it seemed that he was serious and suddenly became hesitant. He would have no trouble killing Ke Sen, but that would mean losing the only bargaining chip he had, which would mean they could only settle matters today with strength. Once that happened, most of the Demons on his side would die, including him.


He gritted his teeth, and declared grimly, “If that is the case, be prepared to dirty your hands, for this King will bring all of you down with him if you dare to start anything!”


At this point, he could only retreat by pretending to advance, hoping that Yang Kai would compromise in the face of difficulty, giving him a chance to make peace.


Unexpectedly, Yang Kai just scoffed, “Bring all of us down with you? You’re not qualified.” His face darkened and shouted, “Kill!”


As soon as the order was given, the High-Rank Demon King’s heart jumped and his complexion changed drastically. The Human in front of him really didn’t care about the life of his subordinates at all, and it was clear that he would not allow any of them to survive today.


Ke Sen closed his eyes and prepared himself for death.




Bo Ya, who had been concealing herself in the dark, took the lead to shoot an arrow, targeting the High-Rank Demon King, who immediately felt the aura of death rapidly approaching.


He instinctively stretched out his hand and moved Ke Sen into the path of the arrow, hoping to use him as a shield.


However, the moment he took action, violent Demon Qi surged behind him and a terrible force sunk into his organs, causing him to stagger forward while blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth and nose. 


Understanding what just happened, he immediately gritted his teeth and roared, “Tu Qia Luo!”


Even though he did not look back, he knew who had hit him from behind. After associating with each other for so many years, he was naturally familiar with Tu Qia Luo’s Demon Qi fluctuations.


A thought flashed across his mind at that moment, and he realised that Tu Qia Luo turned rogue, otherwise, why would he attack him at this moment? Escaping back here with a special Secret Technique with an arrow in his body was all just a ruse, one designed to lower his guard… 


The hatred in his heart could never be washed away.


Tu Qia Luo quickly pulled back after unleashing this palm strike. At the same time, he hurriedly sent a Divine Sense transmission to the two other High-Rank Demon Kings who were still lost in a daze, “Don’t make a move, Blue Plains Continent is doomed, this is the only method we have to survive!”


The two were at a loss at what happened in front of them, but after listening to Tu Qia Luo’s words, they immediately understood the situation. After a moment of hesitation, they dispersed their Demon Qi and withdrew and retreated just like Tu Qia Luo did to display their sincerity. Of course, they could not help sighing as their expressions turned complicated.


At the same time, Bo Ya’s arrow had almost reached its mark and was just about to hit Ke Sen; however, the arrow strangely swerved and narrowly missed Ke Sen’s neck at the last moment and instead struck the shoulder of the High-Rank Demon King behind him.


Flesh and blood blasted everywhere as half of the High-Rank Demon King’s shoulder disappeared.


The violent power pushed his body back slightly, and before he could react, Yang Kai had already leapt over, stretched out his hand to snatch Ke Sen back, and tossed the latter back to safety without another glance. At the same time, Yang Kai placed both hands together and sent out a double palm strike.


Time Flows on Infinitely, like a Mighty Stream, like an Unending Dream!


Time seemed to stagnate for a fraction of a breath, and when everyone came back to their senses, the High-Rank Demon King had already been struck by Yang Kai, spurting fresh blood everywhere, and his aura was rapidly dissipating.


*Chi chi chi… *


Bo Ya shot three arrows at that moment which accurately pierced into the enemy’s body, sending even more blood spurting into the sky.


The sudden change of situation shocked everyone, whether it was the Demons from Blue Plains Continent or from Cloud Shadow Content, all were stunned except the few who had been prepared beforehand.


Yang Kai did not do anything after using his Time Flies Seal. He just waited indifferently. He knew that he did not need to do anything more as someone wanted this guy dead more than him.


Sure enough, after Bo Ya’s three arrows severely wounded the High-Rank Demon King, Tu Qia Luo immediately bellowed, “Now!”


Ignoring the backlash of the Secret Technique he used to escape earlier, Tu Qia Luo desperately surged his Demon Qi and struck the wounded High-Rank Demon King. At the same time, the other two High-Rank Demon Kings, who had been standing idly by before, followed suit, sending out attacks at the same time, besieging their former colleague.


Lao Ke and He Yin were watching dumbfounded and suddenly realised that they no longer needed to do anything.


First, this Demon King was attacked by Tu Qia Luo from behind, then he received a hit by Yang Kai’s Divine Ability, followed by three of Bo Ya’s arrows. The High-Rank Demon King was already heavily injured, so how could he stand a chance of winning against the joint forces of Tu Qia Luo and the other two High-Rank Demon Kings?


This man knew that he was bound to die, but he did not mean to beg for mercy. Instead, he decided to just give it his all to bring at least one other down with him.


However, Tu Qia Luo and the others did not give him the opportunity. They dealt with him extremely cautiously, without taking any unnecessary risks.


After a cup of tea worth of time, the dust settled.


Tu Qia Luo was out of breath, his face pale, and fear still etched on his expression; however, he cupped his fists forcibly and reported, “Sir, fortunately, I did not fail my mission!”


Yang Kai looked at him with a faint smile and gently nodded, “Good.” 


Turning his head again, Yang Kai looked at the other two High-Rank Demon Kings lightly.


These two had teamed up with Tu Qia Luo in this desperate situation, and at this moment, they naturally knew what to say so they declared in unison, “We are willing to submit to Sir, and hope that Sir will ignore the past demurs and give us a chance to redeem ourselves.”


Yang Kai replied faintly, “That will depend on your sincerity.”


The two High-Rank Demon Kings exchanged confused glances as they thought they had already shown their sincerity. They had killed Yue Sang’s henchman together with Tu Qia Luo, where else could they go besides surrendering to Yang Kai?


Embarrassment surfaced on Tu Qia Luo’s face as he awkwardly cleared his throat and sent them a Divine Sense transmission.


When the two Demon Kings heard it, their expressions twitched. They looked at Tu Qia Luo incredulously, as if this was the first time they had really known him.


Tu Qia Luo blushed slightly while sending another voice transmission.


After a moment, the two Demon Kings cupped their fists bitterly and reported, “We are willing to allow Sir to put a Soul Imprint on us. From now on, wherever Sir wants us is where we will be!”


At the same time, they were cursing to themselves. They have fallen into a trap! If they had known this would happen earlier, they would have fought back for the slim chance of coming out ahead.




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