Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3479, Myriad Demon Cave’s Secret


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After hearing He Yin’s explanation, Yang Kai nodded lightly. Right now, it was as if the Myriad Demon Cave was inhaling all of the World Energy from the entire Cloud Shadow Continent, naturally turning it into a cultivation paradise.


During the next few days, the phenomenon became more and more obvious. The World Energy that was gathered from all directions became stronger and stronger each day. Within a ten-kilometre radius of the Myriad Demon Cave, countless Demons were sitting cross-legged, quietly cultivating, eager to improve their strength.


Lao Ke, He Yin, and Ke Sen took turns on guard duty. While one person looked after the Myriad Demon Cave, the other two would search for a good place to sit down and cultivate.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, had nothing to do. Even though the cultivation conditions were good here, the World Energy in the Demon Realm wasn’t suitable for him. After watching for a few days, he still didn’t see any Myriad Demon Pills take shape. His initial surprise disappeared, and soon, things became boring. If things were like this, he might as well return to the Territory Gate to continue cultivating the Dao of Space.


But if he left now, he would need to come back again very soon after, so he could only be patient and wait.


Gazing at the Myriad Demon Cave which was gulping in the energy from all four directions, Yang Kai wondered whether he would be able to get a decent amount of benefits by throwing the Embodiment inside. As the efficacy of cultivating here was increased several times for the Demon Race, the effect for the Embodiment, who had the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, would likely be even greater.


Yang Kai could hardly hold himself back once the thought came to mind, which made him eager to throw the Embodiment out to test the results.


Looking around, he could see Lao Ke staying guard a short distance away, while the other Demons who were watching the surrounding area were all scattered about. None of them were paying attention to him, so with a flicker, his body disappeared from its place.


So as not to be seen, Yang Kai went to a place a hundred kilometres away, found himself a deserted area, and released the Embodiment.


As soon as his Divine Sense moved, the Embodiment understood his intentions and his huge body sank silently into the earth to approach the Myriad Demon Cave from underground.


A short while later, Yang Kai returned to the Myriad Demon Cave. Lao Ke gave him a curious look, but he didn’t dare to ask any questions.


Yang Kai put on a bored look and sat down, appearing as if he were resting his eyes, but he was in fact monitoring the Embodiment’s movements closely.


A thousand metres underground, the Embodiment swiftly swam forward. The dirt and gravel simply could not obstruct his movements, and in a short time, he approached the Myriad Demon Cave. After a short pause, he was able to break through the final layer of protection and enter the cave directly.


As the Embodiment entered, Yang Kai’s expression couldn’t help but twitch. The Embodiment was Yang Kai’s Soul Clone inside the body of a Stone Spirit, so he could feel everything the Embodiment could.


At this moment, this Myriad Demon cave that used to be plain and inconspicuous was filled with colour. The entire cave seemed to have turned into a restless living being that could swallow an ocean of World Energy with each breath.


But in addition to that, Yang Kai could also vaguely sense that something else was being swallowed up into the Myriad Demon Cave. However, he couldn’t distinguish what it was since he had to feel it through the Embodiment.


Fortunately, the Embodiment did not cause any abnormalities after entering the Myriad Demon Cave, otherwise, he would have been exposed.


After standing around for a short while, the Embodiment began moving deeper into the Myriad Demon Cave, and the further he went in, the more unbelievable the energy stored inside became. There were tuber-like existences on the walls of the cave that were about the size of fists. As the Myriad Demon Cave pulsed, so too would these orbs, like beating hearts.


These fist-sized tubers were neither flesh nor stone and looked very odd; however, Yang Kai could very clearly feel the terrifying energy that was contained within each one of them.


As it had no idea what those tuber-like things were, the Embodiment didn’t dare to touch them either.


After a short while, the Embodiment finally arrived at the deepest depths of the Myriad Demon Cave. This place had a wide-open cavern where an unimaginable amount of World Energy had gathered. The World Energy here was so dense it had become tangible. There was even condensed World Energy lining the walls that resembled water droplets.


After searching for a spot, the Embodiment sat down cross-legged and activated his Heaven Devouring Battle Law. His huge body suddenly turned into a bottomless pit that began swallowing up the energy in this place.


A few moments later, Yang Kai, who was outside ‘resting his eyes’ suddenly smiled. Just as he expected, cultivating inside of the Myriad Demon Cave at this time produced extraordinary results. If the speed at which Lao Ke and the others cultivated was several times higher than usual, then cultivating inside the depths of the Myriad Demon Cave increased that rate to several dozen, or even a hundred times the efficiency.


Perhaps only the Embodiment could achieve such a terrifying rate of absorption though as anyone else would not be able to devour so much World Energy even in the same conditions without the help of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. This opportunity would only be wasted on others.


Time passed, but the World Energy accumulated in the Myriad Demon Cave did not decrease at all; however, the rate at which it increased was slowed considerably. After all, the speed at which Embodiment devoured World Energy was clearly not slow.


Through the Embodiment, Yang Kai had been observing the situation inside the Myriad Demon Cave the whole time in hopes of figuring out the secrets of this place.


He had no idea how long had passed, but Yang Kai suddenly noticed something, and he couldn’t help but make a light exclamation, causing Lao Ke, who was on guard nearby, to turn his head to look at him. After watching Yang Kai for a long time though and seeing no other movements, he looked away again.


Yang Kai didn’t notice Lao Ke’s gaze at all as he was absorbed in investigating the situation inside of the Myriad Demon Cave.


Since the Embodiment entered, Yang Kai had sensed that something else was being swallowed up by the Myriad Demon Cave besides the enormous amount of World Energy, and that feeling was growing more and more obvious.


But despite his careful observations, Yang Kai couldn’t figure anything out. It puzzled him and made him wonder whether he had been mistaken.


Just now though, the Myriad Demon Cave began pulsing again, so Yang Kai quickly paid close attention to it through the Embodiment, and this time, he finally discovered a clue, which surprised him.


In order to make sure that his observations were correct, Yang Kai spent the next few days observing the Myriad Demon Cave with full attention each time it throbbed.


A few days later, an odd look appeared on Yang Kai’s face.


Through his observations over the past few days, he finally understood why the Myriad Demon Pills were so powerful. It was not because the Myriad Demon Cave formed them by devouring vast amounts of World Energy, which was only one of its reasons. The biggest reason was that the Myriad Demon Cave was absorbing the power of all living beings on the continent at every moment.


This siphoning of energy was almost imperceptible, and even Yang Kai could not discover anything unusual before. If he had not been able to perceive the deepest part of the Myriad Demon Cave through the Embodiment, he might never have noticed this truth.


The Demons living on Cloud Shadow Continent numbered in the hundreds of millions, and the Myriad Demon Cave was absorbing a tiny fraction of their strength at every moment. If this went on for an extended period of time though, how terrifying would the amount it collected be? But just as Yang Kai observed, the devouring was almost imperceptible and would not damage one’s foundation, so even Demon Kings were not aware it was happening.


The amount of energy collected from each living being was insignificant, but if all this power was brought to one place, then it could be condensed into Myriad Demon Pills with astonishing power. The Demons themselves were the roots of the Myriad Demon Pills while the World Energy that was pouring in at the moment was simply water to help the flowers blossom. That was the fundamental reason the Myriad Demon Pills were able to condense such a huge amount of energy.


It was possible that the Twelve Demon Saints knew about this but never made the knowledge public. Even those Half-Saints might be aware of the truth.


This discovery felt a little unbelievable to Yang Kai. According to the current situation, the Myriad Demon Cave seemed to have a life of its own, bringing together the power of countless living beings like rivers running into the sea to form Myriad Demon Pills, and in turn creating an endless number of Demon Race Masters.


While Yang Kai was mulling over his thoughts though, another change happened on the Embodiment’s side.


For some reason, an incredibly faint link suddenly appeared between the Embodiment and the Myriad Demon Cave, which gave Yang Kai the feeling that the entire Cloud Shadow Continent was under his control.


Examining this link further, Yang Kai was stunned as he clearly noticed that a white light had appeared inside the Myriad Demon Cave, one that was constantly dancing around the Embodiment. It was the existence of that very light that gave the Embodiment that strange connection with the Myriad Demon Cave.


After careful probing, Yang Kai realized that he could see the image of a continent that had been shrunk countless times down inside that white light, one that looked exactly like Cloud Shadow Continent. Yang Kai also noticed almost imperceptible threads of Principle Strength flowing and crossing each other inside this light.


[A Source?] Yang Kai could not help but be stunned. Even though this was his first time seeing it, it gave off a feeling that was very similar to a Star Source. He had refined Star Sources before back in the Star Field, and also refined a Star Field Source, so naturally, such things were not unfamiliar to him.


[Could this thing be Cloud Shadow Continent’s Source? There’s actually a Source even for this fragmented continent in the Demon Realm!]


This came as quite a surprise to Yang Kai. Since the Demon Realm had been broken into countless pieces, even if once had a source, it should have been annihilated long ago; however, what Yang Kai saw before him overturned his preconceived knowledge.


The Source of a continent was obviously its foundation, and as long as the Source could be refined, he could really become the master of this place.


Yang Kai had no idea why this Source would suddenly appear, but he knew that this was a Heaven-sent opportunity. If the Embodiment was truly able to refine this source, then from then on, he would really become Cloud Shadow Continent’s master, not just some figurehead appointed by Yu Ru Meng.


The Embodiment was obviously aware of the opportunity before him and began trying to refine the Source even without the need for any communication with Yang Kai.


The Source showed no signs of rejecting the Embodiment at all. Since it appeared on its own, it was clearly attracted here by something.


Yang Kai guessed that it must be the Heaven Devouring Battle Law that the Embodiment was using.


The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was called an evil art in the Star Boundary and its existence was not tolerated in the world; however, it seemed to suit the tastes of the Demon Realm. If Heaven Devouring Great Emperor could have been born in the Demon Realm, he would have been able to achieve great things.


So, without much effort, the Embodiment accepted the Source, swallowed it into his belly, and began refining it. All of a sudden, Yang Kai felt the connection between the Embodiment and the entire Cloud Shadow Continent become much stronger.


And, this close connection also confirmed his previous observations.


The Myriad Demon Cave really was devouring the power of billions of living creatures across the continent, transforming it into Myriad Demon Pills.


No other surprises followed this as, while devouring the World Energy gathered inside of the Myriad Demon Cave, the Embodiment continued refining Cloud Shadow Continent’s Source. 


As for Yang Kai, he watched for a while before collecting his thoughts.




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