Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3480, Harvest Myriad Demon Pills


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No longer needing to pay as much attention to the Embodiment, Yang Kai opened his eyes and found that the guard in charge had now been changed to He Yin. So, he beckoned her over to ask her about the Demon Realm’s Continent Source.


Surprisingly, Yang Kai realized that this was no secret at all, making him feel like he had made a fuss over nothing.


According to He Yin, the reason why those Half-Saints could surpass other Demon Kings was that they had refined a continent’s Source, so it could be said that every Half-Saint was a true Master of a continent.


For example, the Blue Plains Continent’s Source had long been refined by Yue Sang, and the same was true for the other continents with Masters. But since the Continent Sources weren’t very tolerant, even Half-Saints were only able to refine one Source each.


Back then, when Lie Kuang joined Yue Sang’s side, he was promised by Yue Sang that he would be able to refine Cloud Shadow Continent’s source, and once Lie Kuang succeeded, he would have a good chance of becoming a Half-Saint.


This was good news for Yang Kai, who had experienced the convenience of being a Star Master and a Star Field Master. Now that the Embodiment had become the true Master of Cloud Shadow Continent, he would also receive this continent’s recognition and shelter. It could be said that the road to becoming a Half-Saint had already been paved for him. As long as enough power was accumulated, the Embodiment could become a Half-Saint.


During this trip to the Demon Realm, even though Yang Kai hadn’t accomplished his primary mission yet, or obtained many benefits, he was at least able to open up a future for the Embodiment, which was still considered a great fortune to stumble upon.


Faced with Yang Kai’s questions, He Yin seemed to misunderstand something and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Since Great King is a Human, and Great King’s power is also different from ours, so I’m afraid refining the Source will be difficult. What’s more, Lie Kuang had already been searching for Cloud Shadow’s Source for many years, but he still hadn’t found anything. If Great King truly does receive the continent’s favour, it may still be impossible to refine its Source.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “I was just asking.”


Sceptical, He Yin excused herself.


During the time after that, everything was peaceful. It wasn’t until eight days later that more changes came to the Myriad Demon Cave. The entire Myriad Demon Cave seemed to grow restless as the World Energy that it had been devouring was now being spat out uncontrollably, sending tides of energy straight to the horizon and clouds. Soon, it almost seemed to be raining World Energy within a hundred-kilometre radius around the cave.


Lao Ke and the others were also roused from their cultivation and gathered around Yang Kai, excited.


This was a sign that the Myriad Demon Pills were about to take shape.


As expected, when everything settled down half a day later, there were no more movements in the Myriad Demon Cave.


Lao Ke cupped his fists, “Great King, the Myriad Demon Pills have been formed. I request Great King to please collect them.”


Yang Kai gently nodded before leading Lao Ke and the two others over. The Embodiment had also quietly disappeared before they entered the Myriad Demon Cave. The Cloud Shadow Source had already been refined by it, so it was now the true Master of this continent. With just a thought, it could go anywhere, so it naturally revealed no traces.


It wasn’t the first time Yang Kai was entering the Myriad Demon Cave either. Previously, he was constantly monitoring the Embodiment when he entered, so Yang Kai was naturally familiar with the way.


In just a short while, he arrived at a wall with a tuber-like object, which was exactly the things that the Embodiment saw before.


Lao Ke pointed to the flesh-like lump and said, “Great King, the Myriad Demon Pills are inside. You can take them out just by plucking them lightly.” He knew that Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with this, so that’s why he explained it to him.


Only then did Yang Kai understand what these strange lumps were. Turns out the Myriad Demon Pills were growing inside of them.


Without hesitation, he reached out to touch one, and when his hand made contact with the lump, it actually opened up like a flower while a longan-sized Myriad Demon Pill fell to the ground after.


Yang Kai reached out to catch the pill in the palm of his hand, but taking a closer look, he immediately frowned.


Three pairs of fervent eyes looked over from around him.


Lao Ke suddenly exclaimed with confusion, “Why does it feel like this time’s Myriad Demon Pills look smaller than normal?”


In fact, it wasn’t just a bit smaller, it was smaller by a sizable amount. It was so obvious that the other Demon Kings naturally noticed as well and instantly revealed looks of suspicion. They had collected Myriad Demon Pills many times before, and even though the sizes differed each time, the average size was basically the same. They had never encountered such an obvious reduction of size as this time.


Yang Kai knew what went wrong as soon as he heard this. It must be because the Embodiment had swallowed up too much of the World Energy previously, causing the formation of the Myriad Demon Pills to be affected. If that were the case, then this may not be the only pill that shrunk in size.


He didn’t comment about it since Lao Ke and the others didn’t know the reason either and simply said, “Go and harvest all the Myriad Demon Pills.”


He was just trying it out for its novelty, so he naturally wouldn’t actually be picking each and every one of the Myriad Demon Pills.


After receiving the order, Lao Ke and the others immediately headed deeper into the Myriad Demon Cave.


It was less than an hour later when Lao Ke and the rest returned, and they all had uncertain expressions on their faces. They handed a Space Ring to Yang Kai and said, “Great King, we were only able to collect 67 Myriad Demon Pills this time…”


“67?” Yang Kai looked at him in feigned surprise.


Sweat laced Lao Ke’s forehead as he explained nervously, “I don’t know what happened, but the output this time doesn’t seem right. Not only is the number much less than what I predicted before, the size is also smaller.”


Ke Sen and He Yin both nodded at the side.


When he saw Yang Kai looking at him, Lao Ke immediately said, “Great King, this subordinate swears in the name of Great Demon God that he did not embezzle any for himself. All of the Myriad Demon Pills collected this time are right here.” He thought that Yang Kai was suspecting him of theft so he anxiously tried to explain himself.


Even though Yang Kai knew the reason and also knew it was impossible for him to lie, he still glanced at Ke Sen and He Yin with a grim face, causing the two of them to quickly swear in the name of Great Demon God as well in case Yang Kai should misunderstand them.


Only then did Yang Kai nod, “It seems like something unexpected really has happened. Can any of you guess the reason?”


Lao Ke and the others looked at each other, but they all shook their heads. They were also very confused in their hearts. From the behaviour of the Myriad Demon Cave this time, the harvest should have been at least 70 to 80 pills, possibly up to 100; however, the fact of the matter was, the number they collected was far less than anticipated.


“No matter,” Yang Kai waved his hand in a pretentious act of generosity, “If it’s 67, then it’s 67.”


After a pause, he asked, “When you collected the Myriad Demon Pills in the past, how did you distribute them?”


Lao Ke responded, “When we were in charge of collecting the pills in the past, we always offered the full amount to Holy Venerable, and Holy Venerable would grant us a few pills as a reward. We High-Rank Demon Kings would generally receive one to two pills each. As for the Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings, they were generally rewarded with some Demon Crystals according to their level of cultivation. After Lie Kuang began collecting them, these pills no longer had anything to do with us.”


Yang Kai nodded, taking out six Myriad Demon Pills from the Space Ring directly and giving each of them two, “The rewards for the others are up to you to decide.”


Lao Ke and the others were overjoyed. They thought that they would not be able to get a share of the Myriad Demon Pills this time because of the poor harvest, but they never expected that Yang Kai would actually reward them with two pills each right away, which was simply an astounding level of generosity. They quickly offered their thanks to him, each of them feeling overjoyed.


Ke Sen then said, “Great King, the Myriad Demon Pills of Cloud Shadow Continent have already been collected, but those of Blue Plains Continent should be just about ready as well. Should this subordinate go and take a look?”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment and nodded, “Good. Once it’s time, send the collected Myriad Demon Pills over to me.” Even though he had already planted his Soul Imprint on Tu Qia Luo and the others and controlled their life or death, who knew whether they would pocket some of the pills in private or not?


It was one thing to hand out rewards, and another to embezzle. With Ke Sen watching over them, he figured that Tu Qia Luo and the others wouldn’t dare to try anything even if they wanted to.


As for offering the rest to the Holy Venerable, Yang Kai straight up ignored it. Obviously, Yu Ru Meng wouldn’t mind either.


“Yes,” Ke Sen cupped his fists.


With the Myriad Demon Pills collected, Yang Kai was naturally going to return to the Territory Gate.


After such a long time, he only had a vague idea of how to stabilize the Territory Gate, but made no substantial progress towards that end.


But after returning this time, he progressed at a stunning rate.


That was mainly because the Embodiment was able to refine Cloud Shadow Continent’s Source, thus becoming the Master of this place. With the Embodiment’s support, Yang Kai could easily sense the reason for the Territory Gate’s instability, which turned out to be the encroachment of the continent’s World Principles!


Just as how Void Cracks would disappear without a trace soon after Yang Kai tore space, the World Principles would naturally try to repair any tears or cracks in the world, restoring everything to its original state. The Territory Gate was no exception.


Only, the Territory Gate was so massive that it would not be easy for the World Principles to repair it even if they wanted to. Naturally, this situation would not appear if the Territory Gate was completely stable, but once any problem occurred, within a limited number of years, it would be broken down by the World Principles and completely sealed.


Now that Yang Kai had found the cause of the problem though, it wasn’t difficult to fix.


Yang Kai pondered for a long time before finding a safe solution. By using his ability to manipulate Space Principles, he slowly isolated the Territory Gate from the encroaching World Principles and then stabilized it again.


But Yang Kai guessed that this method would only treat the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem, even if the Territory Gate remained stable for some time, it would not be for long. The Territory Gate would have problems again after another thousand years. If the problem was to be dealt with completely, then his attainments in the Dao of Space would have to be further improved.


But what happened a thousand years later wasn’t something Yang Kai needed to concern himself with. If not for the fact that the Embodiment had refined this continent’s Source, he would not have even paid this matter this much attention to begin with.


After the Territory Gate was stabilized, Yang Kai did not remain idle. Since he had already succeeded once, he felt he may as well restore the other lost Territory Gates. Not only would doing this help him comprehend more about the Dao of Space, it would also provide more options to him if Yue Sang really returned from the battlefield. It would be bad to have only one way out of Cloud Shadow Continent in such a future.


As long as the other Territory Gates were restored, Yang Kai would still be able to escape to other continents even if Yue Sang returned.


The other Territory Gates had already disappeared a long time ago, so restoring them would be no easy task. Fortunately, Yang Kai had some experience now, so even though it was going to be a little more difficult, the process shouldn’t be much different.


This time, he did not need to block the Territory Gate anymore. Even Lao Ke and the others were sent back before he headed to the places where the other Territory Gates disappeared by himself.




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