Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3481, Really Found


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After a month quickly went by, Yang Kai finally re-opened the second Territory Gate, which was connected to Thunder Heaven Continent, the same continent he visited with He Yin previously by tearing space.


The main reason it took so long was that the Territory Gate had disappeared long ago. Even though some traces were left, it still took a lot of effort to restore it. This time, Yang Kai didn’t get the Embodiment to help him and instead completed the entire process himself. With this experience, it wouldn’t be as difficult for him to restore the other Territory Gates.


But he didn’t plan to restore any other Territory Gates just yet. The reason he restored this one was mainly as a precaution against Yue Sang. Now that he had an escape route though, why would he still have to restore the others? That would just benefit the Demon Race and not him in any way. In any case, there were two Territory Gates now, which was enough to ensure that Cloud Shadow Continent would not disappear any time soon, so the Embodiment did not have to worry about anything as the Master of the continent.


After adjusting his breathing and recovering for half a day, Yang Kai returned to Cloud Shadow City.


Halfway there, he suddenly paused again and turned his head to look in a certain direction, a pensive expression on his face.


A few moments later, he seemed to have made up his mind and sped off in that direction.


Above the wilderness, Yang Kai floated in the void, shutting his eyes and sensing his surroundings.


This was the place where the Territory Gate connecting to Blood Flame Continent was originally located. It was also the first of the five Cloud Shadow Continent Territory Gates to disappear. When Yang Kai was exploring the Territory Gate with He Yin last time, this was the only place where they found nothing, while the rest still had some traces left behind, which was enough for him to determine the location to tear space.


The reason he came here was also just on a whim.


Now that he could repair the Territory Gates that only had small traces of them left, Yang Kai had no idea whether he could do anything here. Naturally, he wanted to give it a try. If he could restore even this Territory Gate, then he could find the Blood Flame Continent again, and even find all of the continents that the Demon Realm had lost.


Of course, he would not be so kind to the Demon Race. Even if he managed to accomplish this, he would not announce it to them. At best, he would quietly explore the lost continents to find some treasures. Besides that, he still had to take precautions in case he was exposed in the future and this could become a bargaining chip to negotiate with the Demon Race with. He might even be able to use this ability in trade for Bright Moon Great Emperor’s life.


For the Demon Race, the return of all its lost continents would definitely be of greater value to them than killing a single Great Emperor from the Star Boundary.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai was disappointed to discover that even though he had succeeded in restoring Territory Gates twice, and also deepened his comprehension of the Dao of Space, he still couldn’t sense anything here.


He could not detect any trace that the Territory Gate used to exist at all.


Helpless, Yang Kai mentally connected with the Embodiment inside the Small Sealed World, opened a channel for him, and used his power to investigate the space, but still found nothing.


It seemed like there was really nothing he could do, but Yang Kai wasn’t disappointed. He had come here on a whim to try his luck and didn’t have high hopes to begin with. Having no luck here, he could just return.


Just as he was about to leave though, the Embodiment suddenly transmitted a thought over, which caused Yang Kai’s brow to knit. He quickly checked his Small Sealed World and couldn’t help but raise his brow.


At this moment, the Abyssal Returner was jumping up and down next to the Embodiment, its black eyes staring at the opening in the Small Sealed World as if it could see the world outside. With eyes shining brightly, it looked exhilarated and even her big tongue was hanging out, dripping with saliva.


When Yang Kai was preparing to come to the Demon Realm, he had specifically gone back to High Heaven Palace to bring the Abyssal Returner with him, but he had left her in the Small Sealed World the whole time and didn’t pay her any attention. He never thought that she would behave too strangely at this moment.


The Abyssal Returner was an ancient beast from the Demon Realm to begin with, and it lived by devouring both the Demon Race and Demon Qi. Now that she was behaving so strangely, could it be that she discovered something?


Yang Kai’s expression changed and he quickly brought her out.


As soon as she appeared, Ah Wang sprinted far away in excitement and disappeared in the blink of an eye. A few breaths later, she sped back from the distance. This behaviour repeated many times, but her excitement never reduced, as if she were a wanderer who had been away from home for many years and finally returned today. Running around like mad was just a way to vent the excitement in her heart.


Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter at this sight. He originally thought that the Abyssal Returner might have noticed something, but who knew that she just detected the Demon Realm’s aura and became excited…


But Yang Kai did not stop her. Even though Ah Wang only had a faint trace of the Abyssal Returner’s bloodline in her and could not technically be considered a true Abyssal Returner, in a way, the Demon Realm was still her hometown.


After Ah Wang fooled around for a while, she finally calmed down and returned to Yang Kai’s side, running circles around his legs. At a certain point though, she suddenly stopped, sniffed the air lightly, then opened her gigantic mouth and bit down on the Void abruptly.


Yang Kai could clearly hear a crunching sound, and a black cavity was literally bitten out of the nearby space.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai’s eyes widened in surprise as he stared dumbly at the hole, then down at Ah Wang by his feet, unable to compose himself for a long time.


He had long known about the many strange abilities the Abyssal Returner had. Even though this little girl was cute, she was in fact a terrifying beast, especially to the Demon Race. Ah Wang could even be considered the nemesis of all Demons as she was able to swallow up Demon King-level Masters in one bite while Emperor Realm Masters still proved to be troublesome for her. Back then, when Feng Ming was only a Second-Order Emperor, he was able to survive and ultimately escape despite being swallowed by Ah Wang.


But Yang Kai never would have expected that Ah Wang would actually be able to even take a bite out of the Void.


Through his perception, Yang Kai could clearly tell that the space that had been bit off was devoid of World Principles. Even with the power of this world acting on it continuously from the outside, it would take some time to repair this crack, at least a day or so.


Ah Wang had never done anything like this back in the Star Boundary!


Was it because this was the Demon Realm? 


The Abyssal Returner had the power to restrain all kinds of the Demon Qi, so it may also be able to restrain the Demon Realm’s Principles.


But things hadn’t ended yet. After a few more bites, more and more cracks appeared in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this sight. If he had known this would happen, then why would he have wasted his effort restoring those Territory Gates? He could have just tossed Ah Wang out and let her chew on the Territory Gates. Her bite was strong enough to shatter the local World Principles and keep them from restoring themselves for a long time, forming another Territory Gate that existed in a different state.


As he was about to reprimand Ah Wang and take her back though, the Embodiment suddenly made a curious exclamation and quickly stopped him, “Don’t stop her.”


Yang Kai frowned and asked doubtfully, “What happened?”


Embodiment muttered, “I think I feel the aura of another continent coming from beyond the crack.”


Yang Kai was visibly shocked to hear this statement. This place was where the Territory Gate connecting Cloud Shadow Continent and Blood Flame Continent existed long ago. Only, the Territory Gate had been gone for over a thousand years and all traces of it had supposedly been lost. Blood Flame Continent had even disappeared from the Demon Realm’s map.


If the Embodiment truly was able to detect the aura of another continent, that proved that they had more hints to trace back to their source, which was undoubtedly Blood Flame Continent.


Just as Yang Kai was feeling lost, the dense willow trees and bright flowers lead him to another village! With a solemn countenance, Yang Kai quickly focused his senses, but he couldn’t sense the other continent’s aura as the Embodiment claimed. But that was not a surprise considering the Embodiment was currently the Master of Cloud Shadow Continent. Naturally, its perception of this place was countless times stronger than Yang Kai’s own.


In any case, Yang Kai also began looking around excitedly. Lifting his head, he summoned the Embodiment out of the Small Sealed World, and with a thought, the Embodiment immediately used its power as the Master of the continent to completely isolate the surrounding thousand-kilometre region.


This way, no one would be able to enter this area, so even if they discovered any secrets here, they would not be exposed.


The sound of constant crunching could be heard as Ah Wang chewed on the Void ahead. Soon, a black hole about a meter in diameter appeared.


Yang Kai still did not notice anything, but the aura that the Embodiment perceived became more and more obvious. There was in fact the aura of another continent coming through vaguely, which formed a subtle impact on this continent.


[We really found Blood Flame Continent!] Yang Kai couldn’t help but sigh.


He recalled some information he read before, as well as what He Yin had told him. Blood Flame Continent’s last Territory Gate disappeared a thousand years ago, but before it did, all the Demon King level Masters had been evacuated. Even some of the Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals escaped from Blood Flame Continent. It can be said that not a single Demon King level Master existed on Blood Flame continent now, so Yang Kai wasn’t worried about facing any dangers as he prepared to explore.


However, the population of a continent was so large that even though the Demon Kings and a large part of the Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals had already left, a large number of Demons must have been left behind. Yang Kai had no idea how they lived during the past thousand years, or whether the disappearance of the Territory Gate and closure of the continent had any effect on them.


Besides that, the wealth of Blood Flame Continent was essentially withdrawn by the Demon Race Masters in advance, but they couldn’t take away an entire continent’s resources. Once Yang Kai found Blood Flame Continent, it would be equivalent to unearthing the natural resources of an entire continent. The resources of the Demon Race may be of no use to him, but the Embodiment would not turn them down. Especially as the Embodiment had now become the Master of Cloud Shadow Continent and was being influenced by Cloud Shadow’s Source, its huge body had become filled with Demon Qi, turning it into a living, breathing Demon.


Yang Kai could even silently subdue all of Blood Flame Continent and use its forces to stir up the Demon Realm, diverting attention from the Star Boundary.


What’s more, if he were able to find the Blood Flame Continent, it would mean he could find even more lost continents. If he could amass the power of dozens of continents in his hands, he may even be able to challenge a Demon Saint.


In an instant, many thoughts flashed through Yang Kai’s mind.


And, at that moment, he finally felt an aura coming from the Void that did not belong to Cloud Shadow Continent. Just as the Embodiment said, it was the aura of another continent that was leaking across space.


Even Yang Kai could sense it now, meaning that the walls between the two continents had become extremely weak and could be broken with a little more effort.


In fact, that was exactly what happened. After the Abyssal Returner worked through a few more bites, a huge suction force suddenly emerged from the Void in front of Yang Kai, as if an invisible barrier was broken through, causing the vigorous aura of a Sealed World to surge out.


By accident, the Abyssal Returner was sucked in directly, her face showing fear and anxiety.


Yang Kai and the Embodiment exchanged glances before they also stepped through the Void Crack and disappeared in the next instant.




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