Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3483, Bumper Harvest


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Naturally, the growths contained Myriad Demon Pills. Yang Kai was sure of this.


Only, what surprised him was the fact that the entire wall was covered in these tubers. They were densely packed, and he could roughly estimate there to be several dozen here at least.


Why were there so many?


Even though the Myriad Demon Cave on Cloud Shadow Continent looked similar to this, the number of growths was obviously much smaller. Only one growth could be seen after some distance. There would never be such dense clusters.


But before Yang Kai could figure it out, the Abyssal Returner, who had been resting on his shoulder, leapt out with great enthusiasm and pounced onto the wall. With a big curl of its tongue, half of the growths disappeared. Yang Kai heard an audible gulp, then an obvious bulge appeared on Ah Wang’s throat before rolling down into her abdomen.


The big tongue lashed out again, and the rest of the growths disappeared…


Yang Kai’s face instantly went black. He was still hoping to get more Myriad Demon Pills here for the Embodiment so that it could break through to the Half-Saint Realm as soon as possible and become his greatest source of support, but unexpectedly, Ah Wang swallowed up the crops instead.


Abyssal Returners fed on Demons and Demon Qi, and these Myriad Demon Pills were made from the vitality of Demons and Demon Qi. Naturally, Ah Wang wouldn’t reject such a delicacy.


But that was several dozen Myriad Demon Pills! And they were all gone, just like that. Yang Kai felt much heartache for the loss and quickly grabbed hold of Ah Wang, tossing her directly into the Small Sealed World despite her protests. Finally, peace returned to his ears.


Turning his head around to look at the empty wall, Yang Kai’s face twitched. He only hoped that there would be more Myriad Demon Pills in this Myriad Demon Cave, and that not all of them had grown in this outer spot.


Collecting his thoughts, Yang Kai went deeper inside, and after just a short walk, his eyes widened in joy again.


Sure enough, there were more Myriad Demon Pills inside. Just like the ones he saw earlier, they were grown in dense clusters, and there seemed to be another several dozen of them.


After having experienced the Myriad Demon Pill harvest before, Yang Kai reached out to touch the tubers, which instantly peeled back like the petals of a flower, and a round Myriad Demon Pill fell out from it, which he quickly caught.


As he was about to stuff it into his Space Ring, Yang Kai seemed to have discovered something. Bringing up the Myriad Demon Pill and examining it closely, what he saw caused his brow to rise in pleasant surprise.


The Myriad Demon Pills here were bigger than the ones he had previously gotten his hands on, and their quality also seemed to be higher.


Yang Kai was unsure why this was the case, but he had no intentions of finding out. In any case, the better the Myriad Demon Pills were, the better their effects would be on the Embodiment.


As he moved into the depths, the harvest could be described as a great joy to Yang Kai as the scene inside the Myriad Demon Cave went beyond his expectations. Almost every three paces, he would find a whole cluster of Myriad Demon Pills. The smaller clusters contained about 20 to 30 pills, while the bigger ones had up to 50. It was simply not an amount that the harvest on Cloud Shadow could compare to.


It took a whole hour before Yang Kai arrived at the deepest depths of the Myriad Demon Cave, which was already the end of the trail. There were no paths forward, and he had already collected all the Myriad Demon Pills he passed along the way.


At the very end, when he took out the pills from his Space Ring for counting, Yang Kai found he actually harvested more than 1,400 Myriad Demon Pills in total! If he counted the ones that were eaten by the Abyssal Returner at the very beginning, then this Myriad Demon Cave alone had produced almost 1,500 Myriad Demon Pills.


This number shocked Yang Kai. Despite having expected it from the beginning, he was still astonished by the amount of Myriad Demon Pills harvested.


If he were to calculate it in its normal state, then Blood Flame Continent had disappeared for about a thousand years. Even if Myriad Demon Pills could be generated every hundred years, then only ten batches could be produced in a thousand years, which would yield several dozen pills each batch. Ten batches only amounted to several hundred, far less than the 1,500 pills he harvested today.


But Yang Kai knew that the Myriad Demon Pills here were not produced under normal circumstances, but were rather the result of the dramatic changes on Blood Flame Continent. These were the results of the Myriad Demon Cave suddenly erupting with immense suction power and wiping out the continent’s inhabitants with its devouring abilities.


But of course, if the essence of the Demon Race of the whole Blood Flame Continent were to be converted into Myriad Demon Pills, it would surely be far more than just 1,500, 15,000, or even 150,000. However, this continent was a dying part of the Demon Realm to begin with, so it was possible that the Myriad Demon Cave did not function properly. The fact that it was able to produce 1,500 high-quality pills in the Myriad Demon Cave was already an opportunity born out of fortune. Asking for more would be too greedy.


When Yang Kai came out from the Myriad Demon Cave, the Embodiment was still nowhere to be seen. But there was no need to look for it either as there was a subtle connection between them. If he did not find him in the cave, then the latter would definitely look for him on his own later.


On the other hand, this continent they were on…


Yang Kai pondered for a long time before making up his mind. Summoning the Sealed World Bead, under the stimulation of his techniques, a cloud of smoke burst out from it and it transformed into a humongous creature that resembled a fat tadpole. Only, it was nothing more than an outline without any features other than a gigantic mouth that looked big enough to swallow the Heavens and devour the Earth.


Opening its big red mouth, it bit down on the continent beneath it and with a crack, a large chunk of the continent went missing.


An unexpected change happened to the Sealed World Bead back then when Yang Kai returned to Heng Luo Star Field. Through various coincidences, it gained the ability to transform into this huge creature that could even devour planets. Gun-Gun, as Yang Kai named him, had already devoured several Cultivation Stars in Grand Desolation Star Field, causing the space inside the Sealed World Bead to become extremely vast. Now, all the living beings from those Cultivation Stars were existing peacefully inside the Small Sealed World.


Since no life was left on Blood Flame Continent, and the continent itself turned into barren land, it was suitable to become fodder for the Sealed World Bead.


After all, the Demon Realm’s World Principles still existed in this place, which would be very useful for perfecting the internal space of the Sealed World Bead. Since Blood Flame Continent could no longer return to the Demon Realm’s territory, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t let such a huge resource go to waste.


After a few bites, the continent fragment Yang Kai was standing on quickly became smaller, leaving a haunting mass of nothingness where it used to exist.


In just a matter of days, the fragment was completely devoured by Gun-Gun, leaving no traces behind. Under Yang Kai’s control, Gun-Gun aimed at its next target, the neighbouring continent fragment.


The Embodiment finally returned at that point. He had obviously noticed the movements from this side and understood as soon as he saw Gun-Gun. Accepting the Space Ring that Yang Kai tossed over, he swept over it with his Divine Sense and instantly exclaimed, “So many!”


He was clearly surprised by the huge number of Myriad Demon Pills as well.


According to Yang Kai’s estimation, 3,000 Myriad Demon Pills would be enough for the Embodiment to break through to the Half-Saint Realm, which meant the goal was already half done. If they could find another place similar to the Blood Flame Continent, then they would be able to gather enough cultivation resources for the Embodiment to enter the Half-Saint Realm.


The Demon Realm had lost many continents over the years, with Blood Flame being just one of them. Now, with the help of Ah Wang, finding other lost continents couldn’t be simpler.


Yang Kai had already made the decision to search for other lost continents as soon as they were done here, so he could gather more Myriad Demon Pills. Once the Embodiment broke through to the Half-Saint Realm, his work in the Demon Realm would become much easier.


Wasn’t this just a perfect opportunity for him?


Before coming here, Heavens Revelations Great Emperor, Chu Tian Ji told Yang Kai that an opportunity was waiting for him in the Demon Realm, as well as a disaster. Yang Kai had a certain degree of trust in Heavens Revelations Great Emperor’s words as there was naturally a reason he was given the venerable title of Heavens Revelations. Only, if this was the opportunity, what was the disaster?


Could it be that his intentions were going to be exposed, and he was going to have a falling out with Yu Ru Meng?


Going against a Demon Saint in the Demon Realm would truly be a great disaster!


Gun-Gun needed time in order to devour all of Blood Flame Continent’s fragments so Yang Kai decided to oversee it himself while the Embodiment returned to the Small Sealed World to begin devouring and refining the Myriad Demon Pills.


The Myriad Demon Pills they obtained on Cloud Shadow Continent had all been swallowed up already but this time, the over 1,400 pills were obtained on Blood Flame Continent, which was no small number. Even with the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, the Embodiment would still require two months to completely refine this number.


Even though the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was powerful, it was not omnipotent. It was bound to have its own tolerances and limits. If too many Myriad Demon Pills were taken at a time, the Embodiment would need time to digest their essence so the effects could be maximized.


In the blink of an eye, more than 20 days passed. Gun-Gun finally managed to devour the entirety of Blood Flame Continent’s remnants. Not only had the space within the Sealed World Bead grown once again, it even adopted some of the Demon Realm’s World Principles.


The passageway that they came in from before had long disappeared, most likely because it was repaired by Cloud Shadow Continent’s World Principles.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had the Abyssal Returner, so he released her and had her search for traces before biting open a passage. Only then was Yang Kai able to return to Cloud Shadow Continent.


After gaining his bearings, Yang Kai made his way back to Cloud Shadow City.


When he entered the city and returned to the palace, the Demon Race guards all saluted him respectfully.


Lie Kuang was easily killed as soon as Yang Kai assumed his position, and the former’s dried-up corpse was still hanging from the highest spot on his former residence. No one dared to take it down. 


Then, Yang Kai led his forces to fight against Blue Plains Continent, securing victory against a supposedly far stronger foe and killing six High-Rank Demon Kings, completely subduing Blue Plains Continent before he stabilized the last remaining Territory Gate with his own strength…


The events that took place in just a short few months were so shocking that even if they did not participate in them personally, the Demons at the palace still heard of them, so they had no reason to be disrespectful.


For the Demon Race, having a powerful boss made them feel proud.


Yang Kai didn’t see Lao Ke and the others, and had no idea what they were busy with, but he didn’t not intend to look for them.


He summoned Xiao Wu and told her to prepare some warm water so he could bathe and change his clothes.


Having been out the past few days, Yang Kai had naturally been covered in dust, so now was a good opportunity for him to relax and properly think about his next plan.


After a while, a huge pool of water with a comfortable temperature had been prepared along with flower petals sprinkled on its surface to give it a pleasant fragrance. Leaning against the sides of the pool, Yang Kai immersed his body in the water. With one hand draped over the edge, he casually picked up some jade slips from the side and looked through them.


These jade slips had been handed to him by Xiao Wu earlier. He was told that they were the information that the scouts from the two continents he sent out to hunt for news had brought back. All of these slips had been collected by her as Yang Kai wasn’t around.


Yang Kai did not specify what sort of information he wanted the scouts to obtain, only instructing them to report on all matters whether big or small. After all, he was searching for news related to Bright Moon Great Emperor, so Yang Kai didn’t dare to act overtly. He only hoped to be able to find any spider’s threads or horse tracks that led to Bright Moon Great Emperor’s location through this myriad of information…




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  1. If this was the opportunity, can the fight to rescue the Bright Moon Great Emperor be the disaster? But now Yang Kai can use the “dog” to find and use Gun-Gun to consume all of the broken continents while gathering pills.

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