Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3485, Bei Li Mo


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Yang Kai’s arrogant stance stunned the Snow Demon for a moment, as if she did not expect him to show no regard for even Yu Ru Meng. As her beautiful eyes carefully examined Yang Kai, she slowly revealed a look of surprise, “How extravagant of her that she’d actually be willing to spend so much on you.”


Yang Kai was puzzled by her words, but before he could inquire further, Xiao Wu, who was outside, stumbled in alongside Li Shi Qing who lived next door. They had clearly heard the commotion, so they ran over to investigate.


But when she saw Yang Kai’s almost naked body, Li Shi Qing immediately covered her eyes and turned around.


*Hua la la…*


Two rows of soldiers also rushed in from outside with Lao Ke in the lead, filling up the room in an instant. Though the previous exchange between Yang Kai and the Snow Demon was short, they did make a great deal of noise. If even that were not enough to attract Lao Ke’s attention, then that would’ve been a dereliction of duty; after all, he was the city palace’s Commander.


“Great King, what happened!” Lao Ke asked in an alarmed voice.


Yang Kai immediately cursed, “You group of wastes! If you can’t even realize when someone sneaks inside, what does this King need you for?” Even though the Snow Demon was a Half-Saint, and not someone Lao Ke could compete with, it was still very inappropriate to allow her to barge into his room. At the very least, he should’ve been aware of it.


Only then did Lao Ke see the silver-haired woman with the alluring figure in the room, and a layer of sweat instantly built up on his forehead. Swiftly, he cupped his fists and pleaded, “Please calm your anger, Great King!” 


Looking up once more, his eyes that were looking at the Snow Demon’s back were filled with an outpour of rage.


Yang Kai waved his hand impatiently, “What are you still standing around for? Take her down!”


He had been unable to test this woman’s depth earlier, but now he could use Lao Ke’s hand to probe her.


Lao Ke immediately accepted the order and while holding in his building anger, his Demon Qi surged and sent a palm towards the Snow Demon’s shoulder, changing into a claw mid-strike. He clearly intended to capture her before considering anything else.


Lao Ke’s anger-fueled strike was no joke. Despite his advanced age, Lao Ke was still a High-Rank Demon King after all.


But the Snow Demon remained nonchalant, staying calm as she stood there unmoving. Then, her body suddenly turned to her side and her beautiful eyes looked askance at Lao Ke, a light smile hanging on her lips.


Four eyes suddenly met, and Lao Ke’s pupils shrank to the size of a needlepoint. The burgeoning aura of a High-Rank Demon King disappeared into nothingness like a snowflake under the blazing sun. The claw that was less than a meter away from the Snow Demon’s slender shoulder stopped abruptly, and the mad winds it stirred up simply blew past the Snow Demon’s silvery hair.


Time seemed to freeze.


More and more sweat gathered on Lao Ke’s forehead, which converged into beads the size of beans before sliding down his face, his body trembling uncontrollably…


Xiao Wu also could not help but cover her mouth as she looked shocked at the Snow Demon’s profile.


Seeing this situation, Yang Kai frowned. He glanced at Xiao Wu, then at Lao Ke. All of a sudden, things seemed to become a bit complicated as he could clearly see the fear in Lao Ke’s eyes…


Did Lao Ke recognize this woman? What were her origins, to be able to cause so much fear in a High-Rank Demon King. Sure enough, she was a Half-Saint, wasn’t she?


But just as he was lost in thought, Lao Ke quickly withdrew his hand and fell to his knees, bowing his head low and shouting in a trembling voice, “Lao Ke greets Holy Venerable!”


*Hua la la…* 


The Demons who were all originally watching the Snow Demon vigilantly also fell to their knees.


Yang Kai’s eyes bulged so much they practically popped out of their sockets as he stared at the Snow Demon in front of him with utter confusion and shock.


[Holy Venerable?] He heard what Lao Ke called this woman just now. Only the twelve Demons who stood at the top of the world were qualified to possess the title of Holy Venerable. Even the Half-Saints under them were not qualified to be called so.


[This woman is actually a Demon Saint!?]


Yang Kai was instantly drenched in cold sweat as things were really not looking good!


He originally thought that the intruder was merely a Half-Saint and that if he joined hands with the Embodiment, with the convenience of them occupying Cloud Shadow Continent, they wouldn’t have to fear a Half-Saint too much. But if they were facing off against a Demon Saint, the situation was very different.


Even with Cloud Shadow Continent’s blessings, Yang Kai and the Embodiment would probably still be easily pinched to death by this opponent.


Yang Kai was now cursing incessantly in his heart, [If you’re a Demon Saint, then make it clear from the beginning! What are you doing sneaking in dressed as a maidservant?] 


It was no wonder why Lao Ke and the others did not notice anything. For a Demon Saint, sneaking in unnoticed by a bunch of Demon Kings was as simple as taking a stroll in their backyard.


But regardless of the situation, it was probably going to be hard to wrap things up peacefully now. Yang Kai had no idea what this Demon Saint came to Cloud Shadow Continent for, but she was clearly after him. If not, she wouldn’t have sneakily approached him. Fortunately, he had the Soul Warming Lotus; otherwise, he would have completely fallen under her influence just now.


This was a worrying situation. After Lao Ke called out the words ‘Holy Venerable’ Yang Kai’s eyes began drifting from side to side, searching for an escape route.


With things having reached this point, Yang Kai took decisive action and pushed his Space Principles with the intention of escaping from here. No matter what his opponent’s intentions were, a Demon Saint wasn’t someone he could possibly fight against now. If he were truly to fall into her hands, then even death would be an extravagant hope.


Unlike Yu Ru Meng who was restrained by the Heart Seal Secret Technique and would not harm him no matter how he treated her, this woman was completely free of such worries. Who knows whether she had any sort of torture session prepared for him…


The moment Yang Kai tried to push his Space Principles though, the Snow Demon suddenly turned her head around and smiled, “Where do you think you’re going?”


Saying so, she raised her hand gently and flicked a finger toward Yang Kai’s direction.


A prison formed around him, sealing off this section of the world. Yang Kai’s body, which was just beginning to flicker, was knocked back from the Void. Then, he heard a thud and a pain in his head. Suddenly, he saw stars in his eyes while his surroundings turned upside down. Affected by an impact force, he flew out backwards and smashed into a wall before falling to the ground.


When Yang Kai regained his footing, he grimaced in pain for quite a while, reaching a hand up to stroke his forehead, feeling a large bump on it…


Looking up, he saw the Snow Demon looking at him with an amused expression. A mischievous look on her face, her lotus feet gently stepping towards him.


Yang Kai quickly raised a hand, “Let’s have a proper conversation. Cultured people like us should use our words rather than our fists, right?”


The Snow Demon revealed a light but charming smile, but Yang Kai only felt that her smile was more vicious than any reaper’s blade. He laughed bitterly in his heart that his luck was truly bad. He was just minding his own business in the main palace when a Demon Saint suddenly snuck in.


Now, the only one who could save him was Yu Ru Meng, but that woman was still back on Enchantment Continent, which was over a hundred thousand kilometres from here. By the time she received the news, his corpse would probably have gone cold.


“Use our words rather than our fists?” The Snow Demon pursed her lips into a smile, causing her red lips to look even more glistening, “So you’re actually a gentleman? Did you have fun scolding me earlier?” By the end of the sentence, her voice had already grown slightly cold. Calling her ‘cheap slut’ really did ignite a flame of anger in her; after all, when had anyone insulted her, one of the Twelve Demon Saints, so blatantly before?


Even Yu Ru Meng would pester Yang Kai for quite a while if he were to curse her like that, much less a different Demon Saint he had just met.


Yang Kai said solemnly, “What happened earlier was just a misunderstanding, please don’t take it personally, Holy Venerable. Let me put it this way, if someone were to enter uninvited like Holy Venerable while you were enjoying a bath, how would Holy Venerable react?”


When Lao Ke, who was half-kneeling on the ground, heard this, his back immediately turned wet with sweat, thinking to himself that this Great King really dared to say whatever he wanted. The Holy Venerable was a woman, but he actually dared to mention bathing in front of her…


The Snow Demon replied indifferently, “Naturally I would destroy their body, then pull out their Soul, and torture it for all eternity. But how can you compare with this Saint? Rest assured, this Saint won’t kill you. At the very most, I’ll just rip out your tongue.”


Yang Kai grinned wryly. Seeing that his opponent’s murderous intent did not fall and instead rose as she approached him, he knew that there was no way to escape some suffering today. 


At that moment, his will to resist swelled, fueled by his anger and indignation, “This King may not be as strong as you, but I’m afraid ripping out my tongue won’t be that easy! If Holy Venerable insists on this course of action, then this King will have no choice but to resist to his death.” Raising the Myriads Sword horizontally in front of him, his expression instantly became tranquil as an ancient well.


The Snow Demon giggled, “Now things are getting interesting. If you don’t struggle, then this Saint won’t be able to have fun either…”


[Fun your mother’s head!] Yang Kai cursed in his heart. Today’s incident was purely an unwarranted disaster. If the other party had not snuck into this place, then he wouldn’t have been dragged into all these troublesome things. Watching the woman approach him step by step, Yang Kai quickly focused his thoughts, not daring to show the slightest carelessness.


The world hummed as everyone in the room felt like a mountain was pressing down on their chests, making them short of breath. The ones with lower cultivation, such as the Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals, were even bleeding miserably from their nose and their ears.


Ten paces, five paces, three…


As the Snow Demon came closer and closer to Yang Kai, her aura also reached a peak. Then, all of a sudden, a snort came from behind together with a certain voice, “Bei Li Mo, have you messed around enough yet?”


As soon as the words came out, the Snow Demon, who had arrived right in front of Yang Kai, finally stopped. Turning her head back, she smiled, “So you’re finally willing to show yourself? Are you afraid I’ll really rip out your man’s tongue?”


The voice answered icily, “You can try.”


Yang Kai looked stunned as his eyes travelled across the gap between the Snow Demon’s neck. The one speaking earlier was none other than Xiao Wu, who had followed him all the way from Enchantment Continent to Cloud Shadow Continent.


But at this moment, the maidservant, Xiao Wu, who was always subservient to Yang Kai, suddenly had a large change in her demeanour. Even though the crisscross of scars on her face remained, a terrifying aura now surged from her body and her bearing suddenly became extremely imposing. Her eyes were filled with anger, as if they were overlooking the masses from above the clouds.


[Yu Ru Meng?]


The aura emanating from Xiao Wu’s body at the moment clearly belonged to Yu Ru Meng. A thought flashed in Yang Kai’s mind and he immediately understood what happened.


[Soul Descent!]


Long ago, he had encountered the same situation with one of Yao Lin’s guards. Traversing across space, Serene Soul Great Emperor’s Soul descended to save his daughter. 


At this moment, Xiao Wu’s situation was exactly the same as that of Yao Lin’s guard. Yu Ru Meng’s Soul had clearly manifested in her body.




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