Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3487, No Bottom Line


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Yu Ru Meng was amused, “What do you need Myriad Demon Pills for?” Even though Yang Kai experienced cultivation dissonance in the Star Boundary and possessed Demon Essence, Myriad Demon Pills should still be useless to him. It would only cause him harm to refine them.


“Why do you care? Just tell me whether it’s a yes or a no.” Yu Ru Meng was aware of the Embodiment’s existence, but he didn’t intend to tell her about the details at this time either, lest she think too much. But then again, Cloud Shadow Continent was Yu Ru Meng’s territory. Now that the Embodiment had refined Cloud Shadow’s Source and become the Master of this continent, if Yu Ru Meng were to personally visit, she would definitely find a few clues.


After all, it wasn’t easy to deceive a Demon Saint. But right now, only a wisp of her Soul was visiting across space, so Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of exposing anything.


“Fine, fine. I’ll give it all to you, alright?” Even though 5,000 Myriad Demon Pills was a huge sum, equivalent to the harvest of several dozens to a hundred continents added together, it still wasn’t enough to enter Yu Ru Meng’s eyes. She had been a Demon Saint for many years, so the Myriad Demon Pills she had on hand were countless.


Following these words, Yu Ru Meng shot Yang Kai a glance that caused him to shiver and avert his gaze.


If it were Yu Ru Meng in her own body, then this would’ve been a pleasing sight to behold that would arouse one’s heart, but the key point was that her Soul Descend target was Xiao Wu. Even though this girl’s figure was not bad, the crisscrossed centipede-like scars on her face were a little revolting, so how could Yang Kai dare to look at it more?


But unexpectedly, Yu Ru Meng wouldn’t relent. She walked right to him and grabbed his collar with one hand. Looking up at him, she gritted her teeth, “Why aren’t you looking at me? Is it because you think I’m very ugly right now?”


Yang Kai shot a quick glance at her before averting his gaze again, “This is Xiao Wu’s face, not yours. What does it have to do with you whether it’s ugly or not?”


Yu Ru Meng was angry, “Good, all you smelly men are the same. You can’t take your eyes off beautiful women, but you wouldn’t even spare an ugly one a glance! If I were to become ugly one day, would you not even be willing to look at me anymore?”


[She even wants to argue about that?] Yang Kai really had no idea what she was thinking and had no idea whether to laugh or cry, “Stop joking, you’re a Demon Saint. Who could possibly ruin your appearance?”


Yu Ru Meng gritted her teeth, “I’ll disfigure my face and come to you right now! I’d like to see what sort of reaction you’ll have.”


Yang Kai wasn’t going to pay her any attention since this woman was obviously just being nonsensical, but when he thought about her actually doing it if he were to ignore her, then things would only get harder to deal with. Sighing in his heart, he lowered his head and looked in front of him, his eyes instantly becoming filled with tender love as he said in a deep voice, “Ru Meng, no matter what you look like, my feelings for you will never change. What I said was not for Bei Li Mo to hear, but words from the bottom of my heart.”


While saying that, Yang Kai caught her hand and placed it on his chest as if to allow her to feel his sincerity. After saying that, he leaned down slowly and firmly, moving closer and looking at her with an unmoving gaze.


Yu Ru Meng was stunned in place, but the quivering of her eye and lashes revealed the fluctuations in her emotions. Just as Yang Kai was about to place his lips on hers, Yu Ru Meng suddenly twisted her body and stepped back away from him. Biting her red lips, she said, “You’ll even kiss Xiao Wu? You really have no bottom line!”


Yang Kai smiled. At that moment, he felt a warm feeling inside him, “Since you’ve already manifested in her, then the one standing in front of me is not Xiao Wu, but the one who lingers in my soul and dreams.”


Of course, inside Yang Kai was breathing a sigh of relief. He almost had to go through with the act he’d put up. Fortunately, he was certain Yu Ru Meng wouldn’t allow him to have intimate contact with other women; otherwise, he would not have dared to act like that. Sure enough, it was worth taking risks sometimes.


But the last sentence undoubtedly broke through Yu Ru Meng’s final psychological line of defence. Despite being a mighty Demon Saint, she was acting shy just like a young, innocent girl. Both angry and happy, she muttered, “At least you still have some conscience. Seeing how well you performed, I’ll let you go on the matter earlier.”


Yang Kai was confused, “What matter earlier?”


Yu Ru Meng glared at him, “Shouldn’t you know what matter it is?”


Only then did Yang Kai realize that she meant Bei Li Mo pinning him to her chest, and immediately retorted, “But I can’t be blamed for that! She’s a Demon Saint. If she really did mean to do anything to me, then I wouldn’t have the power to resist her…”


“Hmph!” Yu Ru Meng spat disdainfully before eyeing him sidelong, “Did you enjoy yourself?”


A warm colour surfaced on Yang Kai’s face, “That matter was a shame on this King’s life. I’ll make sure she pays for it one day!” He made it sound convincing, but in fact, he really did enjoy himself…


“Forget it, if I say I’ll let it go, then I’ll let it go. You, on the other hand, best be careful with that cheap thing. I may have promised to have you visit her territory in order to repair the Territory Gates, but she definitely won’t give up so easily. I’ve always been at odds with her, so don’t fall for her tricks.”


Yang Kai frowned and asked, “Can I not go?”


He had just gotten clues about Bright Moon Great Emperor and intended to head to Eternal Sky Continent to investigate as soon as possible, but he didn’t expect something like this to happen. He had no idea whether Eternal Sky Continent was in Bei Li Mo’s territory or not, but if it was, then he wouldn’t mind; otherwise, it would be a waste of time.


Bei Li Mo’s territory bordered Yu Ru Meng’s, and from the distance between here and Eternal Sky Continent from the map, Yang Kai estimated that there was little hope that it was part of her territory.


Yu Ru Meng smiled bitterly, “You won’t be able to hide from this one. The reason why I took the trouble of bringing you back to the Demon Realm was for the Territory Gates. If the other Demon Saints know you have this ability, then how could they just leave you alone? You’ll have to work hard for a while. For a long time to come in the future, you may end up running around each and every continent in the Demon Realm. As for your safety, you don’t have to worry too much about that. They won’t put a finger on you with me around.”


Speaking up to this point, Yang Kai knew that he wouldn’t be able to refuse; however, the latter part of Yu Ru Meng’s sentence made him brighten up. It was as she said, the other Demon Saints also valued his ability to repair the Territory Gates, so he would be able to enter Eternal Sky Continent sooner or later.


But it was still better to do this sooner rather than later. If he delayed for too long, then it would not be good if Bright Moon were to meet with any accidents.


After a sigh, Yang Kai asked, “Then, when should I head over to Bei Li Mo’s territory?”


Yu Ru Meng answered, “After some time. Deal with the Territory Gates in my territory first. By the way, since you can even reactivate Territory Gates that have disappeared before, what are the chances you can find those lost continents?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Those lost Territory Gates can be repaired because the link between the two continents still exists and some traces can still be found. However, I’m helpless with the lost continents.” This wasn’t a lie. With his own abilities, it was in fact impossible for him to find those lost continents. With the Abyssal Returner’s help, however, things were different.


Only he knew about the situation in Blood Flame Continent. Maybe even Yu Ru Meng and the other Demon Saints had no idea that once a continent disappeared, it would become barren, lifeless, and slowly collapse. Even if they could be found, there would be no meaning to it.


But Yang Kai did not make things too definite, “Perhaps I can do something about it if I can gain deeper comprehension in the Dao of Space.”


Yu Ru Meng wasn’t too disappointed about this and just told Yang Kai to try his best, not asking anything more.


After that, Yang Kai asked her about matters relating to the Two Worlds Great War and got to know that the battle had escalated over on that side. Half-Saint and Pseudo-Great Emperors often appeared on the battlefield and fought to the death, causing casualties on both sides.


This fact stunned Yang Kai. It hadn’t been that long since the outbreak of war yet the fighting had already become so intense? If this lasted for a few more years, then he had no idea whether the Star Boundary could hold on. Before coming to the Demon Realm, he wasn’t too sure about the Demon Realm’s background and strength, but after arriving here he discovered that the number of top Masters in the Demon Realm was truly abundant compared to the Star Boundary. Even if they were to fight a mutually destructive battle, the Demon Realm wouldn’t suffer a loss.


Once the Demon Saints and the Great Emperors entered the battlefield, it would be the final showdown.


Time. In the end, it was all about time! Yang Kai was worried and had no idea what he could do here in the Demon Realm to help the Star Boundary. Even if he could shake up the Demon Realm with Cloud Shadow Continent’s power, that measly bit of disturbance would not be able to shake the Demon Realm’s foundation.


Yu Ru Meng left soon after, so Yang Kai picked up an unconscious Xiao Wu and carried her back to her room.


A Soul Descent did not come without side effects on Xiao Wu’s body. Even though Yu Ru Meng had already greatly restrained her power, the Soul of a Demon Saint was still not something that Xiao Wu could withstand. So, after Yu Ru Meng left her body, Xiao Wu collapsed limply.


Yang Kai had no doubt that if Yu Ru Meng were to really fight with Bei Li Mo, then no matter who won, Xiao Wu would surely lose her life.


After settling Xiao Wu down, he left the room just to see Li Shi Qing standing timidly in the doorway. Four eyes suddenly met, and Li Shi Qing had a somewhat complex yet fearful expression on her face.


“Is there anything you need?” Yang Kai tilted his head at her.


Li Shi Qing pursed her red lips and seemed to want to talk, but paused again. Even after struggling for a while, she still did not make a sound.


Impatient, Yang Kai turned around to leave, but he didn’t expect her to grab onto his sleeve to stop him.


Yang Kai sighed, “Just speak if there’s something you want to say. Don’t pester me if you don’t need anything. I’ve dealt with enough for the day.”


Li Shi Qing braced herself and said, “Can I follow you…”


“Follow me? Where?” It was impossible that she had heard anything from his conversation with Yu Ru Meng just now, so what did these words mean?


“I mean, can you take me with you whenever you leave in the future?” Li Shi Qing looked up and shot him a quick glance before quickly dropping her head again.


Yang Kai frowned, wondering to himself, [what am I going to do with a punching bag like you?] It was for that reason that he left her behind at the palace. Just as he was about to refuse, his heart suddenly clenched and he turned his eyes towards a corner of the corridor.


There, Bo Ya quickly retracted her head.


Yang Kai shot a thoughtful glance at Li Shi Qing and suddenly understood why she would make this request. It was because she couldn’t stand being harassed by Bo Ya any longer!


“Get over here!” Yang Kai yelled towards the corner, “What are you sneaking around for? Do you think I’m blind?”




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