Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3488, Bai Ya


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Having been called out by Yang Kai, Bo Ya had no choice but to walk over reluctantly and squeeze out a smile, “What a coincidence, you’re both here?”


Yang Kai shot her a firm look and pointed at Li Shi Qing, “Stay away from her in the future. If you dare disturb her again, I’ll break your legs!”


Bo Ya’s face turned white before she fumed, “Don’t go too far! This is my freedom, who are you to control me!?”


Yang Kai sneered, but instead of retorting, he calmly took out the Soul Puppet and curved his finger, pointing it at the Soul Puppet’s forehead as if he were going to flick it…


Bo Ya immediately reached up to cover her forehead and took several steps back, a look of fear in her eyes, “Don’t be impulsive! We can talk about this!”


“Do you remember what I said?” Yang Kai asked sternly.


Bo Ya looked reluctant, but she could only nod.


Only then did Yang Kai turn back to Li Shi Qing, “Come to me in the future if you have any problems.”


Li Shi Qing answered with an ‘okay’ and shot him a grateful look.


Yang Kai waved his hand and left, leaving Bo Ya to stare at Li Shi Qing. The look in her eyes was sorrowful and she almost seemed like she was going to cry, only to receive an apologetic smile in response.


Once he returned to his room, Yang Kai studied the Demon Realm’s map again, focusing on where the Territory Gates of Eternal Sky Continent connected to. He also called Lao Ke over to ask some questions before he could get a lead.


The next day, he set off alone.


Since he had already agreed with Yu Ru Meng that he would deal with the Territory Gates in her territory, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t delay things. The Two World Great War had already escalated, and the battle between the two races could turn cataclysmic at any time. There was not much time left for him and Bright Moon Great Emperor.


Yu Ru Meng controlled roughly 50 continents, nearly half of which had Half-Saints overseeing them. In other words, the number of Half-Saints among Yu Ru Meng’s subordinates alone was 23. Bai Zhuo and Yue Sang were only two of them. The rest of the 11 Demon Saints were also not too different from Yu Ru Meng in this regard, so there were nearly 300 Half-Saint level Masters in the entire Demon Realm, which was a terrifying number.


Yang Kai had no idea how many Pseudo-Great Emperors there were in the Star Boundary, but it was obviously impossible for it to reach such a number. Even half of that number would have been an unexpected boon to them.


And each one of these Half-Saints was the master of one continent. But of course, among the many continents, masterless continents like Cloud Shadow also existed, making up more than half of the numbers.


But there would always be a chance for new Half-Saints to be born in these masterless continents. That was why Bai Zhuo said back then that the number of continents a Demon Saint controlled was directly related to their strength, not just because more Myriad Demon Pills could be harvested with a larger territory, but partly because of the comparison of Half-Saint subordinates one would have.


Yang Kai finally understood why Bai Zhuo was so friendly to him back then, even going as far as to keep him safe even at the cost of confronting Yue Sang.


This was due to his relationship with Yu Ru Meng, and also due to his sour relationship with Yue Sang to begin with. But mostly, because he needed Yang Kai’s help. As a Half-Saint, Bai Zhuo had his own continent as well, and the situation of his continent was not too far from Cloud Shadow’s. Most of its Territory Gates have already disappeared, leaving only two behind, and one of them was extremely unstable. For the past hundred years, no one had dared to pass through that Territory Gate.


Since he needed Yang Kai’s help, he naturally had no choice but to view Yang Kai in a positive light.


Cloud Shadow was a masterless continent, that was why Yu Ru Meng asked Yang Kai to come here as his first stop. She definitely had the intention to test Yang Kai using this place. If Yang Kai really was able to repair the Territory Gates, then there could be no better result than that. If he were unable to repair them, or even caused the last one to collapse, it wouldn’t be too big of a loss. In any case, Cloud Shadow Continent’s final Territory Gate was going to disappear within a hundred years, so it didn’t make a difference whether it happened sooner or later.


Now that Yang Kai had shown such an amazing performance on Cloud Shadow Continent, not only maintaining the stability of the final Territory Gate, but even repairing one of the lost ones, Yu Ru Meng could rest assured allowing him to do this job.


Of the several dozen continents under her jurisdiction, nearly one-fifth of them had Territory Gates that had issues. The serious ones suffered the loss of Territory Gates, while the less severe cases simply had unstable Territory Gates. Regardless, all of them needed Yang Kai’s assistance.


Yu Ru Meng told him about the location and names of these continents before leaving, and also told him that she would have each continent cooperate with him to the best of their abilities and meet any of his needs.


So, Yang Kai’s trip went very smoothly. He received warm hospitality in each continent that he visited, and even met a good many Half-Saints.


Since they needed his help, these Half-Saints naturally wouldn’t put on airs like Yue Sang, much less since Yu Ru Meng seemed to favour Yang Kai quite heavily. Yue Sang had only been in a small conflict with Yang Kai before being sent off to the battlefield by Yu Ru Meng, and he was not allowed to return without direct orders. With Yue Sang as the example, how could any of these Half-Saints dare to be careless?


They even speculated whether this Human who was well versed in the Dao of Space was the Holy Venerable’s little white face!


Though their Holy Venerable was a Charm Demon, she had a pristine reputation. None had ever heard any strange rumours about her and the opposite sex, so it was no guarantee that others would not overthink the situation when she was suddenly favouring a Human man so much.


But in this way, it made things convenient for Yang Kai to do his work.


Everywhere he went, his requests would immediately be met. Many Half-Saints even called him Brother, so how could the Demon Kings from the continents without Half-Saints dare to neglect him? They were practically treating him as their grandfather.


Great King Yang Kai’s name also began to spread widely in Yu Ru Meng’s territory. All the Demons of any degree of status had heard of him.


It took a full month’s time before Yang Kai could repair the Territory Gates of a dozen continents. During this time, he had also secretly found two other lost continents. Together with Blood Flame that he found before, that made three continents that were devoured by the Sealed World Bead.


There were more than just three continents that had disappeared in Yu Ru Meng’s territory of course. From the information that Yang Kai received, there were six in total, but the other three required entry from other continents without issues with their Territory Gates. Yang Kai couldn’t just enter them freely, lest he draw suspicion.


After devouring two more continents, the Sealed World Bead expanded again, and the World Principles of the Demon Realm region inside became far more consolidated, making Yang Kai wonder whether another Demon Realm could possibly form inside the Sealed World Bead if it devoured a few more continent fragments.


The only thing that made Yang Kai feel pity was that he was unable to extract any Myriad Demon Pills from these two continents. These two continents had disappeared so long ago that even the Myriad Demon Caves had been devoured by the Void. Naturally, he could not get any Myriad Demon Pills from them. Yang Kai was a little disappointed since he thought he could gather enough Myriad Demon Pills for the Embodiment to advance to the Half-Saint Realm.


One day, Yang Kai had just returned from a lost continent, but before he could get his bearings and move on, he saw a stream of light rapidly approaching him.


The light was just like a bolt of lightning, shooting over at an incredible speed. Before it even got close, a terrifying pressure had already shrouded him.


Yang Kai’s face changed as he looked back at the Void Crack that was bitten open by the Abyssal Returner and cursed under his breath.


Since he was searching for the lost continents, Yang Kai had the Demon Kings of this continent scatter a hundred kilometres away in order to cordon off this place, giving them the excuse that he did not want to be disturbed while investigating the lost Territory Gate here.


These Demon Kings wouldn’t know what he had been doing here either way, and in just a few days, the gap that was bitten open by the Abyssal Returner would restore itself, leaving no trace behind.


But how could Yang Kai have anticipated that someone would actually come here at this exact moment, and from the aura, it seemed to be a Half-Saint!


[Wasn’t this continent’s Half-Saint fighting on the battlefield right now? They couldn’t have coincidentally returned right this moment, right?] However, hiding all traces right now would be too difficult and the other party might have already figured out what was going on here.


As his thoughts turned, Yang Kai made a quick decision. Pushing his Space Principles wildly, he sent a punch out towards the Void Crack. World Principles tumbled and the Void Crack became even more chaotic. Even though this couldn’t hide the traces completely, it would make it hard for one to investigate it clearly.




The stream of light stopped 10 meters from Yang Kai a moment later, revealing a tall figure that was looking curiously at the churning Void Crack. Only after observing this phenomenon for a while did he turn his eyes to observe Yang Kai and cup his fists, “Are you Brother Yang Kai?”


Yang Kai was used to being called ‘Brother’ by the Half-Saints already, so he didn’t show much reaction to being addressed so politely and just nodded proudly, “It is this Yang. May I ask who Your Excellence is?”


As soon as he revealed himself, Yang Kai knew that this Half-Saint wasn’t the Master of this continent.


Based on his understanding, the master of this continent was a female Half-Saint, while the visitor was clearly a man.


[Who is this guy? Why’d he come here?] Yang Kai’s mind was full of suspicions.


The Demon smiled, “As expected, it’s Brother Yang. Seems like I have the right person. I am subordinate of Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo, Half-Saint Bai Ya. I was ordered by the Holy Venerable to lead Brother Yang to Soaring Snow Continent.”


Yang Kai’s face twitched at this. Turns out this was a subordinate of that Bei Li Mo woman. Yang Kai didn’t have a good impression of her. Even though the woman was a Demon Saint, her behaviour was a little absurd. If Yu Ru Meng had not used her Soul Descend last time, there was no telling what kind of loss Yang Kai might have eaten at Bei Li Mo’s hands.


But since the other party was being so polite, Yang Kai couldn’t greet him with a grimace and had no choice but to cup his fists politely, “So it is Brother Bai Ya.” After a pause, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo seems to be the anxious type.”


Yu Ru Meng had already discussed with her and promised that Yang Kai would go to her territory once things were settled on her side, but Bei Li Mo actually sent a Half-Saint over to fetch him. To put it nicely, Bai Ya was here to welcome him, but in reality, he was acting as an escort, which left an unpleasant feeling in Yang Kai’s gut.


Bai Ya could not understand the meaning behind his words and smiled instead, “Since Brother Yang is capable of repairing the Territory Gates, it is only natural for Holy Venerable to regard you highly. I’m hoping Brother Yang can excuse that.” After a pause, he added, “Not only Holy Venerable, we Brothers and Sisters are also looking forward to Brother Yang’s appearance.” The Brothers and Sisters that he mentioned were naturally the other Half-Saints like him.


A flowery palanquin requires more than one to lift. Since even a Half-Saint was being so polite with him, there was nothing Yang Kai could say but to smile, “Brother Ya is too polite. Since the two Holy Venerables have already come to an agreement, this Yang will naturally do his best.”


Bai Ya then glanced back at the churning Void Crack and frowned, “Has Brother Yang finished with everything here?”


“Almost. I will still be a few more days.” He would have to wait for the gap to close completely before he left; otherwise, there was no guarantee something would not go wrong…




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