Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3489, Assembling an Army


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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“A few days won’t be a problem.” Bai Ya smiled and turned his eyes back to the twisting Void Crack, “I have long heard of Brother Yang’s profound attainments in the Dao of Space, and it seems the rumours are true…”


As he said that, his face suddenly turned stern. After seriously identifying his location, he looked astonished and asked, “If I remember correctly, the continent this Territory Gate connects to has long disappeared. Could it be possible that Brother Yang is able to connect with it?”


The Space Principles around the crack seemed to be surging abnormally and leading towards a distant, obscure place. Even though Bai Ya was not proficient in the Dao of Space, he could still figure out some clues with his Half-Saint cultivation. He thought to himself that it was no wonder the Holy Venerable regarded this Human so highly, even to the point of sending a Half-Saint like him to greet him personally. Bai Ya was greatly dissatisfied when he received this task, thinking that he, a dignified Half-Saint, would actually have to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres in order to meet a mere Human. Regardless of how capable this Human may be, Bai Ya couldn’t help but wonder whether the Holy Venerable was regarding him too highly; however, he could not ignore Bei Li Mo’s orders and had no choice but to rush over unwillingly.


But now, it seemed like this Human did have some noteworthy skill. If Yang Kai could really find and retrieve the lost continents, then what would it matter if he had to suffer a small grievance?


Yang Kai smiled at his words and shook his head, “Not yet. I’ve only been making attempts under Holy Venerable’s orders. Even though I’ve found some clues, I am still unable to determine the Void Coordinates of the continent on the other side.”


“Void Coordinates?” Bai Ya had a suspicious expression.


Yang Kai explained with a smile, “Even though the continent has been lost, it must exist somewhere out in the Void, the difficult part is reaching it. If its location in the Void can be determined, then there may be an opportunity to open a corridor to it. Before building such a corridor though, it is essential to determine the exact Void Coordinates of the continent.”


Bai Ya nodded sceptically. Even though he was a Half-Saint, he did not understand the Dao of Space very well, so he had no way of confirming if the words Yang Kai had just spouted off so seriously were true or false, as such, he gently nodded and said, “Brother Yang’s methods are profound!”


If the words he said to him before were just perfunctory, then at this moment, there was an added sincerity in his praise. Just the opportunity of finding those lost continents was astounding in itself. If Yang Kai could really pull this off, then he would have done an outstanding service to the entire Demon Realm. Perhaps… he could even gain the approval of ‘that’ person. If that came to pass, even though he was just a Human, he still wouldn’t be someone that could be taken lightly.


Bai Ya had already quietly made up his mind that even if he couldn’t befriend Yang Kai, he should at least not treat him disrespectfully.


“If there’s nothing else Brother Bai Ya needs, then why don’t you go on ahead to Cloud Shadow Continent first? I will return there in a few days, we can leave together then.”


Bai Ya was slightly taken aback, but since Yang Kai had already said so, he naturally couldn’t be thick-skinned and stay, so he smiled and nodded, “A good idea. Then I’ll be awaiting Brother Yang’s return.”


“Please!” Yang Kai gestured with his hand.


Only after seeing Bai Ya leave was Yang Kai able to breathe a soft sigh of relief. It had been a tense moment just now. If Bai Ya had been a little more suspicious and insisted on entering the Void Crack to investigate, then his attempt to conceal the truth would’ve been exposed. Fortunately, this guy wasn’t too willing to offend him, allowing Yang Kai to get through the matter for now.


But with this, Yang Kai realized a problem.


In Yu Ru Meng’s territory, he could mobilize all the resources he wanted to in order to conceal what he was doing, but if he went to Bei Li Mo’s territory he wouldn’t have any security at all.


That was also the reason why he had the bright idea to have Bai Ya wait for him at Cloud Shadow Continent. He had to make a return trip to Cloud Shadow Continent and bring along some of his own men to make his work more convenient.


Yang Kai waited there for a few days until the Demon Realm’s World Principles finished repairing the corridor before moving back to Cloud Shadow Continent.


After riding the Tiger Head Chariot through several Territory Gates, Yang Kai made it back to Cloud Shadow City.


Without delay, he summoned He Yin and gave her a few instructions. Accepting his orders, she swiftly left to carry them out.


Bai Ya had already been here for a few days and was received by Lao Ke with great care. When he saw Yang Kai return, Bai Ya quickly came out to greet him. They chatted for a while, but the urgency in his voice amused Yang Kai.


Fortunately, there was no need for Yang Kai to dally. Even if Bai Ya wasn’t there to urge him, he was also in a hurry to head to Bei Li Mo’s territory, so as soon as He Yin returned and whispered a few words to Yang Kai, he nodded and proposed, “Let us depart.”


After walking out of the city palace, there were already a few thousand Demons gathered outside, 50 of which were Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings while the rest were Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals.


Bai Ya looked curiously at Yang Kai, wondering what his intentions were in gathering so many soldiers at this moment. Could it be that he wanted to bring them to Soaring Snow Continent? Yang Kai had clearly also keyed in on his doubts and smiled, “Please don’t mind, Brother Bai Ya. It’s not that this King does not trust Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo, it’s just that I need some assistants to help facilitate the repair of the Territory Gates, and these people are already used to working with this King, so it is more convenient if they accompany me. I’m afraid replacing them with others will delay progress.”


Bai Ya said with an odd expression, “I’ll leave that up to you then, Brother Yang. Obviously, Holy Venerable won’t refuse either.” 


[He claims that it’s not because he doesn’t trust Holy Venerable, but he’s clearly being distrustful of her. Only, since you’re already going to Soaring Snow Continent yourself, do you really need to bring this trash too? If Holy Venerable really does have any ill will towards you, don’t mention a few thousand men, even tens of thousands wouldn’t be of any help.] Bai Ya really couldn’t figure out what this man was thinking.


But he didn’t want to say much on this matter either and simply gave in to Yang Kai’s wishes.


Yang Kai then turned to Lao Ke and Ke Sen, “During the period when this King is away, make sure you take care of things properly in Cloud Shadow. If anyone dares to try anything untoward, inform this King immediately!”


Yang Kai wasn’t really worried, but the thought of Yue Sang suddenly returning from the Two Worlds Great War concerned him. Even though the possibility was low, it was still necessary to take precautions.


Naturally, Lao Ke and Ke Sen received his order respectfully.


Only then did Yang Kai wave his hand and shout, “Let’s go!”


After speaking, he gave a slight nod to Bai Ya and the two flew off side by side, followed by He Yin and the many Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings, then the Demon Great Generals after them. 


*Hua la la…* 


They formed a long line like a dragon, causing many of the Demons in Cloud Shadow City to stop and watch, wondering what was going on at the city palace.


Not long into their flight, a Demon Great General suddenly rushed up to them using a Secret Technique and stopped beside He Yin, transmitting a few words to her using his Divine Sense.


He Yin gently nodded and dismissed him with a wave.


“What is it?” Yang Kai turned his head to look at her.


He Yin responded, “Great King will know if he looks behind.”


Yang Kai looked back, only to see a white light tailing them from more than a dozen kilometres away, neither too slowly nor hurried. Inside the light, a delicate figure could vaguely be seen.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel his brow twitch at this sight, wondering to himself what this silly girl was up to and why she was chasing after him. But no matter what, since she was already following them, he couldn’t just ignore her either. So, he stopped and said to Bai Ya, “Brother Bai Ya, please wait for a moment. I’ll be right back.”


Bai Ya had clearly also noticed the situation at the rear and smiled meaningfully at him, “No rush, Brother Yang. Please.”


[If there’s no rush, then what were you rushing for just now!] Yang Kai complained in his heart as he turned around and flew backwards.


Once he stopped, the few thousand Demons also stopped mid-air, and the one who was following the group from behind also had to stop.


Arriving at the other side, Yang Kai stared at Li Shi Qing and asked, “What are you following for?”


Li Shi Qing dropped her head and muttered, “I… I don’t want to stay there alone.” 


No matter how badly Yang Kai treated her, he was still a Human, the only one besides her in the Demon Realm. Compared to the Demon Race, she would naturally much rather stay with Yang Kai.


Seeing her like this, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to feel annoyed or amused. After sighing for a moment, he said, “Forget it. Since you’re already here, then we can go together.”


The main point was that he also brought Xiao Wu with him this time since he really couldn’t feel assured with Bei Li Mo. With Xiao Wu by his side, it didn’t matter how dangerous it was, Yu Ru Meng could still arrive at any time using Soul Descend.


During the days prior, Li Shi Qing and Xiao Wu would also communicate with each other occasionally. Even though they weren’t that close with each other, they at least were not strangers. If even Xiao Wu left, then there would not be even a single person Li Shi Qing could talk to left in Cloud Shadow City.


For someone in her situation, staying in Cloud Shadow City would undoubtedly feel like torture for her. Even though Lao Ke and the others dared not be rude toward her, she would still constantly be fearful of them.


Seemingly not expecting that Yang Kai would agree so easily, Li Shi Qing’s beautiful eyes couldn’t help but bloom with vibrant joy. Looking fixedly at him, there was even a hint of gratitude within.


Yang Kai added, “But you have to be obedient. Otherwise, don’t blame my subordinates for being merciless!” Following that, he put on a fierce look which scared Li Shi Qing so much that she quickly nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice.


Yang Kai sighed in his heart. Looking her up and down, he said, “Won’t it have any effects on you if you use your strength so rashly?”


This was the Demon Realm, after all. The Demon Qi in the surrounding World Energy was constantly eroding the Emperor Qi protecting her body. Once too much of her power was consumed, she was bound to suffer some ill effects. If her body really was invaded by Demon Qi, then it wouldn’t be just a small problem.


Li Shi Qing answered quietly, “I’ll be careful.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Do you still have Source Crystals and pills?”


“Yes, you gave me a lot, and I only consumed a few of them so far.” Li Shi Qing raised her head and gathered up the courage to smile at him, but it looked incredibly stiff.


“Remember to see me before you run out.” After giving her a reminder, Yang Kai then wrapped his Emperor Qi around her and brought her along as he flew forward.


Li Shi Qing felt flattered by this treatment and suddenly realized that Yang Kai wasn’t as fierce as she imagined.


When Bai Ya saw Yang Kai return, he smiled, seemingly admiring his fortune in love.


Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to pay him any attention. After passing him together with Li Shi Qing, he brought along Xiao Wu as well, which left Bai Ya to grit his teeth at the back, red lips wriggling a few times. Even though no sound came out of his lips, there was no doubt from the shape of his mouth that he was cursing him.


Naturally, it was impossible for the speed of a few thousand people marching to be quick, so it took a full day of travelling before they could distantly see a Territory Gate.


Bai Ya showed a puzzled look and shot forward to catch up with Yang Kai suddenly, “Brother Yang, why are you going this way? The distance to Soaring Snow Continent will be further on this route. We should pass through another Territory Gate instead.”




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