Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3490, Soaring Snow Ice Palace


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Yang Kai laughed, “Indeed, it’s closer if we take another Territory Gate, but this King has some other business to attend to on the way, so I’m hoping Brother Bai Ya won’t be impatient.”


When he heard him say that, Bai Ya could only gently nod in response. In any case, his mission was only to bring Yang Kai to Soaring Snow Continent, so a little delay or taking a detour wouldn’t matter too much.


The army of a few thousand people had just passed through the Territory Gate and entered Blue Plains Continent, when a group of mounted Demons came over from the distance with the two at the front possessing towering Demon Qi. They were both clearly High-Rank Demon Kings. The number of Demon Race Masters following them were nearly identical to their side, and were all rushing towards them.


As soon as both sides met, the two men heading the group cupped their fists in unison, “Greetings Great King!”


Then, they glanced at Bai Ya before their faces turned serious and they bowed, “Greetings, Sir Bai Ya!” 


They were confused and had no idea how Yang Kai came to associate with Bai Ya. Naturally, they knew of Bai Ya as he was one of the Half-Saints under Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo, and his relationship with Yue Sang was neither good nor bad. They couldn’t be described as friends, but they did occasionally interact with each other.


The two who came here were naturally High-Rank Demon Kings of Blue Plains Continent. One of them was Tu Qia Luo, and the other was called Ba Zha. They had already received a communication from Cloud Shadow Continent, so they gathered their men in a hurry and rushed over to rendezvous with Yang Kai. They had no idea what Yang Kai intended to do, but when they saw Bai Ya and the elite Demons behind Yang Kai, their doubts were more or less cleared. Thinking their Great King intended to attack a different continent, they couldn’t help but feel as if pressure as heavy as a mountain was pressing down on them.


Bai Ya gently nodded but did not say much. Even though High-Rank Demon Kings were not considered bad by any standards, he really didn’t need to care much about them as a Half-Saint.


Yang Kai didn’t say much either and just waved his hand, “Form rank!” Without stopping, the Demon Beasts filed in and galloped forward.


The army of several thousand swelled to over ten thousand in an instant. Just the number of Demon Kings alone went up to over a hundred, while the High-Rank Demon Kings were lesser in numbers, but there were still three of them. Under Tu Qia Luo and Ba Zha’s command, the Demons from Blue Plains quickly joined with those from Cloud Shadow Continent while the two of them moved next to He Yin and privately had a few words with her.


After finding out that Yang Kai had received Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo’s regards thanks to his ability to repair Territory Gates, Tu Qia Luo and Ba Zha couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief that their trip was merely to deal with the Territory Gates on that side.


They really thought that they were about to start a war with some continent, but it turned out they were just going to repair Territory Gates. However, didn’t it seem like the situation was blown out of proportion? Was there really a need to travel with such a large entourage?


But the two of them weren’t the only two who were unable to understand the situation. Bai Ya had a hard time understanding it as well. Looking back at the army numbering around ten thousand troops, if he hadn’t known what was going on, then he would’ve thought that Yang Kai was sending his army to battle with Soaring Snow Continent with ill intent towards the Holy Venerable. Realizing that this was the matter Yang Kai said he had to deal with earlier, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a moment.


After passing through the Territory Gate, they went through one continent after another. Even though an army of ten thousand was not considered large, it definitely wasn’t small either. 


Two days later, when Yang Kai passed through a certain Territory Gate, a cold aura hit him head-on.


Looking around, he couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded.


The continent in front of him was a world of ice and snow. The silvery landscape was pure white without any trace of a stray colour. Snowflakes the size of goose feathers were constantly descending from the sky, and the hot breath exhaled from one’s nose and mouth was clearly discernible.


In the distance, the up and down ridges of several mountains looked just like a dancing White Dragon. Clouds tussled between the mountains, making for a magnificent view.


After coming to this place, it was as if one’s body and mind had been purified.


Without Bai Ya needing to explain anything, Yang Kai knew that they had arrived at Soaring Snow Continent. Bei Li Mo was a Snow Demon and loved this kind of icy environment the most, which was somewhat similar to the Dragon Clan’s Second Elder Fu Zhun. Her icy island was just like this spectacle in front of him, but naturally, a single island wouldn’t have the beauty and majesty of an entire continent.


The ten thousand soldiers following behind arrived one after another through the Territory Gate, and the ones who were here for the first time all seemed lost in thought.


Xiao Wu was full of praise, “What a beautiful place!”


Li Shi Qing nodded hard beside her.


Bai Ya smiled at Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, what do you think of this place?”


“It’s well-endowed with spirituality and its beauty is more than one can absorb. No wonder Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo rose to prominence in this place.”


Bai Ya smiled, “Brother Yang is right. Soaring Snow Continent’s presence intermingles with the Holy Venerable, that’s why this Bai would like to ask Brother Yang to help Holy Venerable with her problems!”


“This King is duty-bound!” Yang Kai responded readily, but he was less enthusiastic in his heart. If he hadn’t wanted to secretly visit Eternal Sky Continent, then how could he be willing to come to a place like this? If he could, he would have wanted to lay this continent to waste in hopes he could shake that cheap slut Bei Li Mo’s foundation.


However, Yang Kai had been investigating things a little on the way. Even though Eternal Sky Continent was not in Bei Li Mo’s territory, the chance of visiting it wasn’t null. One of Eternal Sky Continent’s Territory Gates was linked to one of the continents under Bei Li Mo’s jurisdiction. If he could use that continent as a springboard, he could definitely sneak into Eternal Sky Continent.


But he had no idea whether there were any issues with the Territory Gates of that continent. If there were, then it would be convenient for him.


Bai Ya naturally had no idea what he was planning, but seeing how readily he agreed, his impression of Yang Kai couldn’t help but improve. He beamed as he spoke, “Then I shall trouble you, Brother Yang. Please, follow me.” As he said that, he led the way forward.


Everyone followed along.


Soaring Snow Continent’s size was not small. Generally, the continents where Demon Saints resided would not be too small, and the World Energy there would also be very dense. If the Demon Realm’s continents were split into three classes, then Soaring Snow Continent and Enchantment Continent would belong to the top of the upper class. Cloud Shadow Continent on the other hand would be middle-class, while the Blue Plains Continent was considered upper-middle-class.


It wasn’t until a day later that a majestic building finally appeared in the distance. Before Yang Kai’s group had even gotten close, they were greeted by a majestic aura and as sunlight reflected off the building, it even emitted a beautifully colourful light.


Yang Kai was amazed and focused his gaze on it. Only then did he discover that it turned out to be a gigantic Ice Palace. The entire structure seemed to be carved from a single block of ice, and the colourful light was all refracted by the sunlight that shone into its walls, making the Ice Palace resemble an immortal realm.


Bai Ya pointed ahead and explained, “That is Holy Venerable’s Soaring Snow Ice Palace. Holy Venerable has already been waiting for some time now, so please follow me to meet her, Brother Yang.”


“Then I’ll have to trouble you, Brother Bai Ya!”


After a short while, the group arrived ten kilometres away from the Ice Palace. Bai Ya stopped his pace and looked at Yang Kai somewhat suddenly, “Holy Venerable does not like to be disturbed by too many people. So, Brother Yang, your subordinates…”


Yang Kai turned around and shouted, “All of you stay here and rest!” Even without Bai Ya telling him so, Yang Kai did not intend to bring everyone into the Ice Palace. Even though he didn’t like that woman Bei Li Mo, he still knew how to show the minimum of etiquette. And, now that he was in someone else’s territory, it would be better for him to behave himself in case she were to find fault with him. Since she needed his help, then she wouldn’t really do anything to him, but she could always play tricks and tease him at will.


After He Yin and the group answered his command, Bai Ya led Yang Kai forward.


After entering the Ice Palace, Yang Kai was slightly surprised to find how scarce the servants inside were. Or at least, compared to the size of the palace, the number of people inside was far fewer than expected. Other than the necessary guards stationed around, there were hardly any maids. However, the scenery inside the Ice Palace was still very beautiful. The surrounding walls and the floor under Yang Kai’s feet were all made of crystalline ice without the slightest flaw, which made him wonder whether it was Bei Li Mo who hollowed out this place personally to create this Ice Palace.


White ice flowers also sprouted on the ice walls, spreading a faint fragrance throughout the entire Ice Palace. Not only did it smell refreshing, occasional flashes of strange colours also shone through the transparent ice walls from time to time, making one feel as if they were lost in a dreamland.


Yang Kai looked left and right constantly. Even though he had already passed the age of being surprised by novelties, he still could hardly fight the urge to praise the Ice Palace for how amazing it was. He thought to himself, [As expected of women! Whether it be a Demon Saint or not, they are particularly fond of beautiful things. Even their living spaces are so sophisticated…]


But then again, even though this was an Ice Palace, it didn’t feel cold at all, but instead gave him a warm feeling. He had no idea why that was.


As he looked around, Bai Ya who was leading the way remained austere. He quietly sealed his pores and even his breathing stalled temporarily.


After walking for a short while, Bai Ya suddenly stopped in front of a door and cupped his fists, “As ordered, Bai Ya has led Yang Kai to greet Holy Venerable!”


Only then did Yang Kai realize that they had arrived, and immediately stood in a well-behaved manner.


The door was not closed shut and instead had a gap the width of several fingers. There was a faint noise coming from the inside, but Yang Kai couldn’t hear it too clearly.


After Bai Ya finished speaking, a woman’s voice came from inside, “Bai Ya, you’re back? En, bring him inside.”


The only person who dared call Bai Ya by name in the entire Soaring Snow Continent was Bei Li Mo. Only, this woman’s voice now sounded extremely lazy, without the brightness of when they met last time. The laziness gave one an indescribable feeling and hearing it, Yang Kai felt as if there was a small hand gently brushing his heart, causing it to jump abruptly.


[Damn it, I knew this woman was up to no good!] Last time, she had suffered a loss at his hands… or rather his mouth. This time, she was definitely planning to get her revenge. Yang Kai sneered in his heart as he raised his vigilance even higher.


Bai Ya turned around and gestured to Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, please!”


Yang Kai didn’t stand on ceremony. He pushed open the door and entered in a large stride. He glared his eyes, wanting to see what Bei Li Mo had set in store for him, but as soon as he looked over, he was disappointed. That was because there was no one in front of him. There was actually a curtain leading further inside behind which Bei Li Mo should be.


Without delay, and without the need for Bai Ya to invite him, he lifted his head and opened the curtain, entering head-first.


Behind him, Bai Ya looked at him with a pitying gaze.




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