Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3491, Upside Down


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“Yang Kai greets… Uh…” Originally intending to err on the side of caution, Yang Kai tried to cup his fists as soon as he entered so as to not give Bei Li Mo the opportunity to find any fault in him, but halfway through his words, he could continue no longer. His already wide eyes widened even further as he stared blankly in front of him.


What caught his gaze was a delicate body lying lazily on her side on the daybed in front of him, dressed in a thin fabric where the beautiful figure inside could vaguely be seen. Though described as a thin fabric, it was in fact just sheer silk that was barely able to cover the vital parts. However, the magnificent scenery in front of her chest was greatly exposed. Almost half of her snow-covered peaks were laid out with her delicate collarbone and slender neck unhindered from view. The sight of the two fair and beautiful legs below was enough to dazzle a man’s eyes, and a slit ran practically all the way up to her full moon. One was seemingly able to enjoy the beautiful scenery within, but it was just out of view, causing one’s heart to feel itchy with unrest.


When he heard the lazy yet slightly seductive voice earlier, Yang Kai had already prepared himself psychologically. He knew that Bei Li Mo would definitely tease him, and if a woman wanted to tease a man, then her body would be the best capital to do so. Supplement that with her supreme status as one of the Twelve Demon Saints, then she could definitely stir up a man’s strong desire to conquer, swelling their veins with blood and making them unable to help themselves.


But when he laid eyes on this scene, Yang Kai was still slightly taken aback.


[This woman is really too generous with her assets! You’re still a Demon Saint at the very least, is it really fine for you to dress so immodestly? Even if you want to dress like this, do it secretly…] Both he and Bai Ya were men, after all.


Even the Charm Demon Yu Ru Meng didn’t dress like this. If Bei Li Mo was a contradiction of purity and charm blended perfectly within one body the last time he saw her, then she was anything but holy at this moment. Each and every part of her delicate body was the very peak of seduction.


This gave Yang Kai some doubts. Was this really that Bei Li Mo he saw last time in that white dress, who looked pure and flawless no matter how he looked at her?!


She alone would’ve been enough, but this woman was actually surrounded by five other women, all top-tier beauties. Each woman had a face that could charm a city and were all dressed similarly to Bei Li Mo in the same thin fabric that barely covered half their bodies.


At this moment, Bei Li Mo was resting her head atop a woman’s slender thighs. The woman’s head was lowered, and from her mouth, a faint aura was gently being exhaled that swept through Bei Li Mo’s ear and neck inch by inch, inciting a soft giggle from Bei Li Mo with her narrowed eyes.


Only then did Yang Kai understand what that faint noise he heard was earlier. Turns out it was this.


On the other side of the daybed was another woman, hands gently massaging Bei Li Mo’s legs as if she were fondling the most exquisite piece of artwork in this world. Her movements were both careful and joyous. Yang Kai even saw with his own eyes how her hand ventured between Bei Li Mo’s inner thighs…


The three remaining women were gathered to her left and right, either caressing her sensitive parts or licking her earlobes, doing their best in order to please this Demon Saint whose each and every move, complimented by the faint sounds in the room, was almost the very peak of seduction.


Despite having prepared himself mentally, the sight before his eyes still felt like lightning to Yang Kai, which stunned him out of his senses. His throat went dry in that instant as he thought to himself, [Damn it, you reincarnated into the wrong body, didn’t you? You should be the Charm Demon! Compared to you, Yu Ru Meng is like a young disciple rather than an old Master! It’s simply a disgrace to the words Charm Demon… If you have the guts, then bring a few men in here! What’s the meaning of playing phoenix summits the dragon here with just women!?]


He turned his head around to glance at Bai Ya, only to see this guy with his head down, eyes staring at his nose which was pointed to his chest like an old monk in meditation. Yang Kai snickered in his heart as he knew that this guy didn’t have the guts to stare at these things.


But he understood Bei Li Mo’s intention in his heart. So, no matter how impactful the scene before him was, Yang Kai quickly came back to his senses and lightly coughed before raising his voice once more, “Yang Kai greets Holy Venerable!”


Bei Li Mo ignored his words. It was not known whether she was trying to put on airs in front of Yang Kai or deliberately leaving him hanging, but she continued giggling under the service of the women.


Yang Kai shouted again, this time deliberately pushing his Emperor Qi, the loudness of his voice shaking the surrounding ice walls.


This move caused the women to turn their angry gazes at him together while Bai Ya’s forehead became covered in sweat. He even reached out to clutch his robes silently.


Yang Kai laughed, “Since Holy Venerable is busy, I shall disturb you no longer. This King can come back to visit whenever Holy Venerable is less occupied!” After saying that, he turned to leave without any hesitation.


It was this woman who asked for his help to begin with, and even ran all the way to Cloud Shadow Continent to set him up, forcing Yu Ru Meng to use her Soul Descent to negotiate with her. This time, he had come over to do her a favour, but since she still held ill intentions towards him. Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to deal with her.


If not for the fact that he was weaker than her, then Yang Kai would long have flipped the Ice Palace upside down.


“Leaving already?” Bei Li Mo finally opened her eyes, but there was no helping it. It would be a slap in the face if she really allowed Yang Kai to just walk out.


Yang Kai paused in his steps and turned back around, “It seems like Holy Venerable is quite busy. This Yang truly can not bring himself to disturb you, so what else can I do but leave?”


Bei Li Mo coldly snorted, “Such a hot temper. Didn’t Yu Ru Meng teach you the rules of the Demon Realm?”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes at her and raised his nostrils to the air, “That’s just how I am. If Holy Venerable finds me distasteful, then please allow me to excuse myself.”


“Impudence!” Bei Li Mo didn’t speak this time. It was one of the women by her side who scolded him. Her Demon Qi was boiling, and only then did Yang Kai discover that this woman was actually a High-Rank Demon King!


Yang Kai glanced at her, but did not pay her any mind. He just kept his eyes on Bei Li Mo, “You have to understand that I’m not the one who wants to be here. You invited me here, but now, Holy Venerable won’t even show me the bare minimum of hospitality. Why should this King stay here and be humiliated? Please, allow me to return to Cloud Shadow Continent!”


Even more sweat coated Bai Ya’s forehead as he whispered, “Brother Yang, Holy Venerable does not mean to slight you. Only, every day at this hour, Holy Venerable will…”


Bei Li Mo waved her hand, “No need to explain. What he said was right. It was indeed this Saint who neglected him.”


Saying so, she shot a look at the woman by her side.


When the Demon King who scolded Yang Kai earlier saw this, she quickly moved a chair from the side and placed it in the opposite corner of the daybed.


Bei Li Mo did not move her body, but instead motioned at Yang Kai with her lips, “Sit.”


Yang Kai weighed his options but still decided to walk back without resistance and sat down boldly. The main point was that he wouldn’t be able to run from here, and if he continued pushing the matter he would only provoke Bei Li Mo. When that time came, he would have nowhere to back down to.


Bai Ya couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at the situation. Only then did he cup his fists, “Holy Venerable, since Brother Yang has already been brought before you, this subordinate will excuse himself.”


“Go,” Bei Li Mo shut her eyes again and answered indifferently.


Only then did Bai Ya lower his head and back out of the inner room before turning around and leaving in a large stride.


A short while later, he was out of the Ice Palace. Body swaying, he turned into a stream of light that sped towards a certain direction, seemingly with urgency.


He Yin noticed him coming out but did not see any traces of Yang Kai. She immediately shot forward to stop him and cupped her fists, “Sir Bai Ya, may I ask about our Great King…”


“Stand aside!” Bai Ya waved his hand and swept He Yin away with a powerful force, flashing off like lightning without the slightest pause.


He Yin was shocked. Only then did she start to feel a sense of fear after the fact. Though she had no idea why Bai Ya was angry, there was something wrong with his demeanour just now. His eyes were actually crimson red, and the way he looked at her had a trace of visible lust.


She didn’t know Bai Ya very well, but she also knew that with Bai Ya’s powerful cultivation, he wouldn’t have shown it in such an obvious way even if he was truly feeling lust towards a woman. And, there was definitely no shortage of women by Bai Ya’s side either, so there was definitely no need for him to reveal such a look to her.


[What happened?] He Yin was completely dumbfounded.


A hundred kilometres from the Ice Palace was a huge city. Just like Enchantment Continent’s Holy City, this was Soaring Snow Continent’s Holy City. It only took several breaths of time before Bai Ya arrived at this place after which he went straight to his own mansion. Sweeping through it with his Divine Sense, he flew straight into the residence of his favourite concubine and kicked open the door with a bang.


The concubine was dressing and primping herself in front of her mirror, admiring her own reflection, so when she heard the sudden commotion, her expression turned angry. But when she saw who it was, her expression immediately turned to joy as she got up and asked, “Sir, how come you’re here…”


But before she could finish, she was lifted up by Bai Ya at the waist and thrown onto the bed, causing her to yelp in surprise. The next instant, she felt a pair of large hands roam around her body and tear off her dress.


A few moments later, delicate and gentle coos spilled incessantly from the room…


An hour later, the concubine had already fallen asleep limply, but even more women entered the room. On the bed, it was as if Bai Ya had lost his mind. He showed not the slightest pity for the fairer sex and displayed his manly virility to its utmost. His desire spurred on as he enjoyed the dozen concubines in the mansion to his pleasure, truly sharing rain and dew impartially among the women.


It wasn’t until a full day later that Bai Ya felt the heat gradually disappear from his body. Turning around to look at the bed, a dozen tender bodies laid beside him, each one more or less covered with bruises and marks, all of which were undoubtedly his own work.


With a soft sigh, Bai Ya rose from the bed, lifting up the sheets and covering the spring scenery with a flick of his hand before moving to the window. Looking towards the direction of the Ice Palace, faint palpitations remained in his heart. Even a Half-Saint like himself was unable to withstand it, so who knows what situation that guy, Yang Kai, was in right now. He may already be lying dead atop that woman’s belly…


Back at the Ice Palace, just after Bai Ya left, Yang Kai suddenly felt a cool sensation flood his mind.


He couldn’t help but blink at this before becoming furious.


Though he had no idea what exactly happened, he knew that he must have fallen prey to Bei Li Mo’s tricks. Perhaps it was a Secret Technique or a drug, but it was clearly something related to the Soul. Only then would it have triggered the Soul Warming Lotus’s purifying effect.


A Secret Technique or drug which could trigger the purifying effects of his Soul Warming Lotus without him noticing it at all was definitely no trivial thing. Thinking about the subtle feeling he felt earlier, Yang Kai could almost be sure that it was some kind of Charm Technique or an aphrodisiac, and its effect was no doubt to invite his arousal! And, looking at the situation in front of him, Yang Kai began to understand Bei Li Mo’s play!




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