Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3492, Speaking Softly


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Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel irritated at this. This cheap slut was dressed so outrageously and acted so intimately with those women in order to tease him, and actually used an aphrodisiac on him as well. Wasn’t she trying to push him over the edge? It was simply too shameless!


But Yang Kai could also vaguely guess her reasons for doing this.


One of them was because of the time when he bit her more than a month ago in Cloud Shadow City. Yu Ru Meng was present then, and it was she who took the initiative to flirt with him, so she really couldn’t do anything to him. But still, how could she so easily let the matter rest after being slighted by someone else as an honourable Demon Saint? She didn’t blow up back then but waited for him here instead. Secondly, he was Yu Ru Meng’s man in name and the two of them had the Heart Seal Secret Technique active between them. Bei Li Mo had a sour relationship with Yu Ru Meng, so she naturally wanted to humiliate her through him. If she truly was able to humiliate him here, then Yu Ru Meng would also lose face if word of what happened here were to spread outside.


At that thought, Yang Kai sneered in his heart, [If you want to play this game don’t blame me for being unjust. You asked for this!]


Faint sounds of decadence could be heard intimately. The women serving Bei Li Mo were undoubtedly unable to help themselves from their arousal. Their breathing was quick and their faces were flushed. It was not known whether they were also being affected by that unknown aphrodisiac, but they were all looking at Bei Li Mo with strange looks in their eyes.


After Yang Kai sat down, Bei Li Mo did not have any intention to speak either. She just treated him as air.


At first, Yang Kai was sitting with his back straight and hands on his knees without moving his eyes away.


But as time passed, he would occasionally look up at the wondrous parts of the women’s bodies, and lingered mostly on Bei Li Mo’s body in particular. His breathing also quickened gradually and his eyes were becoming bloodshot.


Even though his movements were extremely subtle to the point where they were almost imperceptible, how could he hide from Bei Li Mo’s observation? Even with her eyes closed, none of Yang Kai’s movements could escape her senses. Lips curving up slightly, she couldn’t help but reveal a concealed smile.


As it seemed that no one was paying him any attention, Yang Kai’s boldness also grew. After another while passed, he was now blatantly staring forward with wide eyes, and his throat would bob occasionally, gulping.


He had to say that the scene in front of him really was easy on the eyes. Even though Yang Kai knew of Bei Li Mo’s intentions and had also eliminated the influence of that aphrodisiac with the help of the Soul Warming Lotus, he still couldn’t help but feel as if his mouth was getting a little dry after watching up to this point which was enough to prove the reality of his reactions and state of mind.


Suddenly, Bei Li Mo let out a soft moan and slowly opened her eyes. Her beautiful eyes were as bright and dazzling as the stars in the sky. Stretching her tender lotus root arms, she twisted her waist and changed to another position before continuing to lie down. Facing Yang Kai directly, her current position caused the pair of jade peaks on her chest to look even more majestic. She glanced at Yang Kai with a smile as if she’d just remembered that someone like him was in the room, “Let’s not neglect our guest.” 


As she spoke, she lightly waved her hand.


As soon as those words came out, the woman who scolded Yang Kai earlier walked out from Bei Li Mo’s side in light lotus steps, and with a twist of her body, sat down on Yang Kai’s lap, wrapping both arms around his neck and looking smilingly at him with a delicate gaze.


Warm and fragrant soft jade entered his arms, and a shocking suppleness graced his thighs. There was even a light fragrance lingering around the tip of his nose that made it difficult for one to stay reserved. Yang Kai gulped down hard and felt a little at a loss as to what to do. Looking at Bei Li Mo, he asked hesitantly, “Holy Venerable, this… This isn’t appropriate, is it?”


Bei Li Mo looked up and said lazily, “What’s not appropriate?”


Yang Kai looked awkward, “Why ask if Holy Venerable already knows the answer? Yu Ru Meng and I, we, we… Heh heh, you know how it is.”


“Are you scared of her?” Bei Li Mo shot a teasing gaze at him.


Yang Kai snickered at once, “This King is a grown man, why should he fear a woman! Furthermore, it’s not a matter of being afraid or not, but the feeling of doing something like this with a woman behind her back…” Looking at the woman in his arms, this Demon King had undoubtedly been affected by the aphrodisiac. Her breathing was hot and she was wriggling her tender body restlessly while sitting in his arms. She even took the initiative to grab one of Yang Kai’s big hands and bring it over to her chest as she bit her red lips and moaned like a song. Yang Kai gulped hard again and continued what he was saying earlier, “I’d be letting her down!”


Despite saying that, his big hand was rubbing hard and immediately caused the female Demon King to fall limp in his arms.


Bei Li Mo chuckled, “In the end, you’re still afraid of her! But rest assured, they won’t expose what happens here today. This Saint also won’t run her mouth outside, so news of this won’t reach her ears. There’s no need for you to be so reserved either. What man doesn’t have three wives and four concubines, hm? This Saint asked you to come to help me restore the Territory Gates, so this Saint naturally won’t neglect you.”


Yang Kai licked his lips, seemingly hesitating for a moment before nodding, “Then many thanks, Holy Venerable, for your kindness.” Lowering his head and surveying the Demon King in his arms, he allowed his hand to freely roam up and down her body, causing her to gasp incessantly. With eyes like wolves and tigers, Yang Kai casually said, “But I have to say, Holy Venerable must not think that this King is scared of Ru Meng just because her cultivation is beyond mine. This King really isn’t afraid of her. It’s not like I’ve never beaten her when she was being disobedient!”


When Bei Li Mo, who was playfully watching the good show, heard what he said, her eyes couldn’t help but light up in surprise, “You’ve beaten her?”


Yang Kai said proudly, “More than once!” The boasting look on his face made it look as if he had done something amazing.


Bei Li Mo forcefully suppressed her laughter, “How did you beat her?” This was interesting news. To think one of the Twelve Demon Saints of the Demon Realm would actually be beaten by a Human who was only equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King… [Yu Ru Meng, Yu Ru Meng, so this day comes for you as well?] 


In an instant, Bei Li Mo felt that her hard work today had paid off, to actually be able to get ahold of secret information like this… She would have to probe him carefully so that she could tease Yu Ru Meng with this the next time she saw her and see whether she still had the confidence to defy her.


Sneering, Yang Kai landed a big slap on the plump bottom of the Demon King in his arms, giving off a loud *Pa* and causing her flesh to ripple, as well as drawing a cry of surprise from her lips.


Bei Li Mo’s eyes were even brighter now. Resisting the urge to throw her head back in laughter, she lifted her upper body slightly, “Tell me more!”


Yang Kai blinked his eyes before looking around the room, “No can do, there are many eyes here…”


Bei Li Mo fumed, “If I tell you to say it, then say it!”


Yang Kai thought about it before suddenly reaching his hands out and throwing the Demon King out of his arms. Standing up, he dragged away another Demon King that was serving at Bei Li Mo’s feet before lifting up his own robes and sitting boldly by Bei Li Mo’s feet.


Bei Li Mo looked coldly at him, but she did not have any intention to stop him. However, there was an intrigued smile on her lips.


Yang Kai lowered his head to look at Bei Li Mo’s jade feet, then moved all the way up between the two legs and her chest before stopping, the final destination of his hot gaze being Bei Li Mo’s eyes, “Since Holy Venerable wishes to know, then this King will tell you quietly.”


Bei Li Mo pursed her lips into a smile, “Good. So, how are you going to tell this Saint quietly?”


Yang Kai smiled, slowly leaned over, and moved his head towards her as if to whisper, but his hands had already taken advantage of this opportunity to catch Bei Li Mo’s ankles, kneading and playing with them. In any case, in this woman’s mind, he had already been affected by her aphrodisiac and had his consciousness fogged by lust, so taking advantage of her like this would also be natural.


Bei Li Mo’s body stiffened slightly, but the look of intrigue in her eyes deepened.


The smooth feeling of her skin, which was as pure as jade, was just like the most exquisite work of art in the world, so much so that Yang Kai had to lament that this cheap slut really was a Demon Saint in the end. Indeed, such a fine piece of work was qualified to compare with Yu Ru Meng. As he caressed her skin, his big hands had already reached up her calf, climbing all the way up and moving straight towards her inner thighs.


Not only did the Demon Kings by their side not feel anything wrong with his bold actions, they instead showed eager expressions and hot gazes. Under the effects of the aphrodisiac, their reason was already starting to fog. Otherwise, how could they allow Yang Kai to profane their Holy Saint in such a way? Normally, if Yang Kai even dared to come within ten steps of Bei Li Mo, he would definitely be attacked by them.


Yang Kai felt a little as if he were riding a tiger at the moment, and he no longer knew what to do next.


He originally thought that Bei Li Mo would stop him, or even drive him away the moment he tried to sit next to her. With that, he would be able to leave with ease.


Yang Kai really did not wish to stay a moment longer with Bei Li Mo, and he felt completely devoid of security.


He never would have expected that not only did this woman have no intention to drive him away, but also made no comment when he tried to take advantage of her.


[What is this situation!]


At this moment, Bei Li Mo was still lazily reclining on the daybed with her head resting on top of a Demon King’s thighs. Yang Kai was holding her calf with one hand while the other explored the bottom of her translucent dress. If he moved up just a bit more, then he might be able to touch that most sensitive place. The atmosphere and the position they were in could be described as being at the peak of ambiguity.


The Soul Warming Lotus’s abnormal reaction warned him that something was wrong here, and also made it clear what Bei Li Mo’s plans were. However, this woman was a true Demon Saint, so if he went overboard, he would undoubtedly provoke her rage. But he hesitated only for a moment. Perhaps because of Yu Ru Meng, Yang Kai did not have much respect for Bei Li Mo, so since she wasn’t stopping him, then it would mean she was tacitly approving of this…


[Anyways, it’s not like I’m the one who’s eating a loss here!] Bracing himself, Yang Kai’s paused hand suddenly moved towards the depths.


Right at that moment, a jade foot suddenly appeared in front of him out of nowhere, kicking him away.


Despite Yang Kai’s astonishing reflexes, he was still unable to dodge the blow. The kick landed straight on his chest and it felt as if he was struck by a meteor. His chest throbbed and his blood surged as he flew out and landed heavily on the ice wall.


Grimacing in pain, Yang Kai held his chest with his hand when he landed and coughed violently a few times before looking up with difficulty, “Holy Venerable, what is the meaning of this?”


With icy eyes, Bei Li Mo stood up and smoothed down the skirt which was lifted by Yang Kai before coldly snorting, “Smelly brat, you put up quite a convincing act!”




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