Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3493, One Palm


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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Hand over his chest, Yang Kai could hardly steady his breath. Yang Kai’s eyes drifted and there was an awkward look on his face. He was silent for a while before laughing embarrassedly, “So you noticed?”


Since Bei Li Mo had already said so, she must have already concluded that he was acting. Playing dumb now would be meaningless. In that case, it was better to just open the windows and air out the truth.


Bei Li Mo coldly snorted and just looked at him with cold eyes.


If Yang Kai was acting so wantonly towards her thanks to the aphrodisiac, then it would have been pardonable. That was exactly what she was after today. If she could make Yang Kai lose control of himself and do something with those several Demon Kings, then that would be the best-case scenario.


Yang Kai was that cheap slut Yu Ru Meng’s man, one she had even tied up with her Heart Seal Secret Technique. Unless that Secret Technique was dealt with, then the relationship between the two of them could not be broken. If Bei Li Mo could get these Demon Kings to do something illicit with Yang Kai though, she would definitely be able to disgust Yu Ru Meng.


But to think that Yang Kai was in fact just pretending the whole time, Bei Li Mo found it hard to accept. Out of nowhere, she was taken advantage of by this little brat instead, which caused her to grit her teeth. If she didn’t have to care about Yu Ru Meng, and if she didn’t still have use for Yang Kai, she probably would have slapped him to death at that moment.


“How did you find out?” Yang Kai asked, thinking that it didn’t make sense. His performance was already very realistic, so there was no reason for him to expose any flaws.


“You can’t fake the truth, so naturally, falsehood can’t be made true either.” Bei Li Mo eyed him from the corner of her eye. To be honest, she didn’t notice anything unusual at first, mainly because she was supremely confident in her own methods. She thought that with Yang Kai’s level of cultivation, he simply wouldn’t have been able to resist, and the many reactions Yang Kai showed were also in line with her predictions. It wasn’t until Yang Kai’s hand paused in the midst of creeping up her skirt that she noticed a slight hint.


The subtle pause was only for an instant, but how could Bei Li Mo not notice it as a Demon Saint? A pause represented hesitation, but if he were truly under the effects of the aphrodisiac, then it was impossible for him to have any hesitation!


That was why she decisively presented him with a kick.


“Ai!” Yang Kai sighed. He went back to the chair and sat back down again, looking at Bei Li Mo with an earnest gaze, “Why do this? If there’s a grudge between you and Ru Meng, then you can settle it between yourselves. Why involve me? I’m innocent!”


Bei Li Mo looked at him both angrily and amusedly, “You think you’re innocent?”


Yang Kai looked dejected, “Am I not?” 


Even though he knew that it was impossible for her to actually do anything to him, he too had business to settle during this trip to her territory, so Yang Kai didn’t want to stiffen their relationship too much.


Bei Li Mo sneered, “If you weren’t Yu Ru Meng’s man, then this Saint wouldn’t have even put you in her eyes. But who asked you to be that cheap slut’s man?”


Yang Kai’s expression turned sour, “Holy Venerable is still one of the top existences of the Demon Realm in the end, must your speech be so uncultured?”


Bei Li Mo raised a brow at him, “What, am I not even allowed to scold her? You seem quite protective of her.”


Yang Kai asserted, “Holy Venerable is also a woman. If someone were to insult Holy Venerable in such a manner, how would Holy Venerable feel?”


Bei Li Mo snickered, “You think that cheap slut has never cursed me behind my back?”


“I don’t care whether Ru Meng has scolded you behind your back or not, but I’ll have to ask Holy Venerable to please conduct yourself with dignity in front of me!”


Bei Li Mo was taken aback for a moment, seemingly not expecting that Yang Kai would actually dare to speak to her in such a manner, but when she thought back to how he tried to molest her just now, she realized that this Human’s boldness had already broken through the Heavens. What is it worth now for him to say such words? She instantly responded with a cold snort, “So I want to scold her, what can you do about it?”


Yang Kai stood up abruptly and flicked his sleeve, “If we can’t come to common ground, then even half a sentence is too much. Please forgive this King for being powerless in regards to the Territory Gates. Holy Venerable should find another able person instead!”


With that, he turned and left in a huge stride.


“If you dare move one muscle, then this Saint will cripple your legs! This Saint always means what she says!” Bei Li Mo glared icily at Yang Kai’s back.


Yang Kai instantly froze in place with one foot in mid-air. He really didn’t move at all, but he also couldn’t endure cursing Bei Li Mo terribly in his heart. He had clearly been invited by her in order to repair her Territory Gates, so how did things come to this once he was here? This woman was really too unreasonable.


But Yang Kai knew that even though he couldn’t reason with her, his fist was also not as big as hers…


Bei Li Mo lay down again and watched his back amusedly, “Not bad. You’re a sensible young man.”


“What do you want? Spit it out already. This King submits.” Yang Kai cocked his head to the side, face filled with grief and anger. If he had known this would happen, he never would have come to this damned Soaring Snow Continent. Even if he wanted to visit Eternal Sky Continent, he didn’t have to go through Bei Li Mo’s territory. It was the same going there through another Demon Saint’s territory.


“It’s not about what I want, you’re the one at fault here. Do you think you can just walk away?”


Yang Kai sighed heavily, “It was my fault for being brusque just now. I hope that Holy Venerable can be generous. I won’t do it again.”


“You think there’ll still be a next time?” Bei Li Mo coldly snorted, “Besides, I don’t hear the slightest sincerity in your apology.”


“Then what sincerity do you want?” Yang Kai turned to face her.


Bei Li Mo looked at him for a moment, then she nudged her lips in front of her.


Yang Kai blinked his eyes, looking doubtful. Only when she nudged her lips again did he head over reluctantly, lowering his body, and moving his ear closer.


Bei Li Mo gritted her teeth, “What are you doing?”


Yang Kai looked up at her and answered seriously, “Weren’t you going to whisper to me?”


Bei Li Mo was almost laughing from anger. If she really wanted to whisper to him, then transmitting a message using Divine Sense would be enough. Would they need to go through this trouble? Gritting her teeth, she snarled, “Kneel in front of this Saint and apologize, and this Saint will let you off this once!”


Yang Kai’s face chilled in an instant. He slowly straightened his back and looked condescendingly down at her from above, eyes icy, “I’ll pretend I never heard that, Holy Venerable!” 


Then, he cupped his fists, “Yang Kai will take his leave now!”


That this woman would actually make such an excessive request, Yang Kai didn’t think there was any need to continue the discussion. This time, he was dead set on leaving Soaring Snow Continent, even if he had to completely turn against Bei Li Mo.


Indeed, there was no way for him to resist against a Demon Saint’s might. Even with the use of Space Divine Abilities, it would still be difficult to keep one shred of vitality, but even if he died here and now, that would still be better than having to kneel in submission!


After saying that, he turned around and began walking out. As for whether or not Bei Li Mo would continue threatening him, he could care less. If worse came to worst, he would just fight it out.


He moved decisively, and it wasn’t until he was almost out the door that Bei Li Mo came to her senses and shouted in a cold voice, “You court death!”


Yang Kai ignored her, leaving her with the back of his head as he reached out to open the curtain.


But in just that one moment, a gust of powerful Demon Qi suddenly attacked from behind. Yang Kai turned around as quickly as thunder and circulated his Emperor Qi furiously, crossing his arms in front of him to protect his body. Then, face changing, he was sent flying while the sound of bones breaking could be heard from his arms. A violent force was transmitted from his arms through each and every part of his body, shaking his five viscera and causing his six organs to turn. Blood was pouring out from his seven orifices.


In mid-air, Yang Kai’s consciousness quickly blurred. He could vaguely see Bei Li Mo’s slightly raised palm and the dumbfounded look in her eyes.


The moment he fell to the ground, his vision went dark. Only one thought passed through his mind before he fell unconscious: One palm!


Strictly speaking, it wasn’t one move because Bei Li Mo hardly used her full power just now. In fact, she didn’t even use half her strength and had simply reacted out of momentary fury. Yang Kai knew that the gap between him and a Demon Saint was huge, but he didn’t expect it to be this big!


On the other side, Bei Li Mo quickly climbed up from the daybed and looked fixedly at where Yang Kai fainted, beautiful eyes blinking and showing a rare hint of nervousness.


It wasn’t that she cared about Yang Kai; however, if she really did beat him to death, Yu Ru Meng definitely wouldn’t let the matter rest. With the Heart Seal Secret Technique in place, Yu Ru Meng would definitely be able to sense it if Yang Kai were to die, and there was a possibility that she would come straight here.


When that happened, the fight between her and Yu Ru Meng would not end until one of them died.


What’s more, she didn’t have any intention to kill Yang Kai, she was just thoroughly angered by him. How could she not know that there was gold in a man’s knees? She had already prepared herself to be rejected when she made such a harsh request of Yang Kai to apologize, and she planned to bargain again after he refused, but how could she have anticipated that this brat would actually leave just as he said he would, not putting her in his eyes in the slightest.


After becoming angry out of shame, she threw out a palm at him.


She didn’t use her full power, and that was at most twenty percent of her full strength, but she had no idea whether he could withstand such a blow or not…


After being stunned for a few breaths, Bei Li Mo caused a cold aura in the room to ripple out with a flick of her raised hand, and the Demon Kings who had been in a confused state immediately shuddered and sobered up in unison.


“Go see if he’s dead,” Bei Li Mo commanded.


It was still the same High-Rank Demon King who scolded Yang Kai earlier who went over to his side to test his breath with her hand. Then, she checked his pulse for a moment before raising her head and declaring, “He’s still alive!”


Only then did Bei Li Mo breathe a sigh of relief and nod, “That’s good.” 


After a pause, she added, “How are his injuries?”


The Demon King answered, “Several bones from his arms and his chest are broken. His five viscera and six organs are slightly shifted, but otherwise, nothing serious.”


“Nothing serious?” Bei Li Mo was astonished. The fact that Yang Kai was able to survive twenty percent of her power alone was enough to shock her, but now even his injuries were nothing serious? Even though she did break several of his bones, she wasn’t without elixirs here. As long as he took some pills, he would be able to recover after recuperating for a few days.


But… How could this be?


Even if it were a High-Rank Demon King who received her palm just now, they would probably have died on the spot, yet despite the fact that this boy’s cultivation was only equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King, how could he be so resilient?


“Hm…” The Demon King who was checking Yang Kai’s body suddenly exclaimed in surprise, her beautiful eyes flashing with a strange colour.


“What’s wrong?” Bei Li Mo looked up.


“This man’s body… is very strong!” As she said so, the Demon King actually began squeezing and pinching Yang Kai’s chest, as if she were going to give him a thorough examination.


Seeing this, Bei Li Mo also went forward and placed her hand on Yang Kai’s chest before probing with her Demon Qi. A moment later, she revealed an astonished look, but she also finally understood how Yang Kai was able to take a slap from her and not perish.




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  1. Would you guys kneel in this situation? I find it quite different from the Cang Mo situation where the situation could be defused just by not being that petty, but in this case I actually agree with YK just leaving.

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