Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3494, Frozen Nether Ice Prison


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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Just as the Demon King said, this young man’s body was unbelievably strong. His muscles were solid, and his bones were also incomparably firm. Such a body alone was already comparable to a top-quality Demon Artifact. Moreover, there was golden blood full of vitality and vigour flowing through his veins, which granted him very powerful regenerative abilities.


But what shocked Bei Li Mo even more was the fact that she could actually sense an indescribable sense of divinity from the blood in Yang Kai’s body. Her beautiful eyes focused on Yang Kai’s face, seemingly having thought of something. Then, pinching one of Yang Kai’s fingers, she made a small cut at the tip. At once, a drop of golden fresh blood oozed out.


Bei Li Mo drew a drop of the fresh blood with her hand and sucked it into her mouth, face revealing a look of surprise, “Divine Spirit Blood!”


[This little brat actually has a Divine Spirit’s bloodline? And, judging from the taste of the blood and the energy contained within, this is an extremely high-level Divine Spirit. It might even be from a Dragon or a Phoenix!]


Bei Li Mo couldn’t help but click her tongue in surprise. But with that, she felt relieved. Since the blood flowing in Yang Kai’s body contained such strong vitality and recuperative power, that proved that receiving this injury was in fact no threat to him, not to mention there being no need to take any elixirs. It wouldn’t take him long to be able to fully recover all on his own.


“Holy Venerable, this man is too impudent. Should this subordinate kill him?” The Demon King looked up at Bei Li Mo and asked solemnly.


Bei Li Mo glanced at her, “Do you want to kill him? Sure, but he’s Yu Ru Meng’s man. If you kill him, then even this Saint won’t be able to protect you.”


When the Demon King heard this, her face couldn’t help but change. She looked at Yang Kai with a puzzled expression. This man actually turned out to be Yu Ru Meng’s man? If she had not heard these words from Bei Li Mo’s mouth, then she definitely wouldn’t believe it.


The other Demon Kings were also taken aback as if they had heard some extremely shocking news.


Bei Li Mo was silent for a moment before suddenly turning around, “Throw him into the Ice Prison and keep him under close supervision. Tell him this Saint will let him out when he’s ready to apologize properly.”


Even though she injured Yang Kai and knocked him out, in the end, he was the one who put her in such a humiliating situation. She really couldn’t swallow this down unless Yang Kai could come sincerely to her and apologized.


When they heard the words ‘Ice Prison’, the Demon Kings paled in unison. It was apparent that the Ice Prison wasn’t a good place. Not only that, but Bei Li Mo even tapped a few spots on Yang Kai’s body as she gave the order.


This caused the eyes of the Demon Kings watching to fill with pity for Yang Kai. This guy could have provoked anyone, but he ended up provoking their Holy Venerable. Now, he would have his fill of suffering.


Bei Li Mo waved her hand, and only then did the Demon Kings grab Yang Kai by the neck and drag him out.


Ten kilometres away from Soaring Snow Ice Palace, He Yin, Tu Qia Luo, and Ba Zha were all looking in the direction of the Ice Palace. The scene they caught earlier of Bai Ya leaving in a hurry and running off at the speed of lightning perturbed them. They had no idea what Yang Kai had encountered in the Ice Palace, but they were powerless to do anything. Even though ten thousand people was no small number, none of them had the guts to forcibly march into Soaring Snow Ice Palace to demand answers.


Yang Kai had now been inside for 3 or 4 hours but had still not returned. However, they could be certain of the fact that his life was not in danger; otherwise, Tu Qia Luo and Ba Zha would certainly be dead. After all, their life or death was now tied to Yang Kai’s. If anything were to happen to Yang Kai, then they wouldn’t be able to escape either.


In comparison, despite how worried He Yin was, she was still relatively calm.


At that moment, they discovered a large number of people coming out from the Ice Palace before raging forth towards this side. The female Demon Kings at the forefront had already reached High-Rank, and were each riding Demon Beasts of different shapes with bodies protected by distinctive armour. It was an awe-inspiring sight.


And, there were also several thousand Demons following behind these Demon Kings.


This scene unnerved Yang Kai’s subordinates. Even He Yin, Tu Qia Luo, and Ba Zha’s faces changed. Even though they did not work under Bei Li Mo’s subordinates, they knew that there was a group of elites among them called the Soaring Snow Ice Guard. Each member was chosen from the elites of the Demon Race and possessed extremely good equipment, cultivated very special Secret Arts, and with their full strength, defeating three or five foes of the same cultivation alone was not uncommon. If they moved out in formation, then they would be able to sweep enemies ten times their numbers.


The Demons that rushed out from the Ice Palace were clearly the legendary Soaring Snow Ice Guard, so even though they were outnumbered, the momentum still overwhelmed the combined troops of Cloud Shadow and Blue Plains Continent completely, sending the crowd into a panic.


The group of Soaring Snow Ice Guards quickly approached them and stopped in unison, as neatly as if they were one whole. Each one of the Demons was looking arrogantly at them with a face of mocking.


The Demon King at the front waved her hand and shouted, “Surround them!”


With that command, several thousand men scattered and in less than a dozen breaths, they had ten thousand men surrounded.


Facing a life or death crisis, He Yin and the others couldn’t help but feel tense. Without the need for their orders, the over ten thousand Demons had already turned to face their besiegers, faces grave, as if a calamitous battle could break out at any moment.


Tu Qia Luo and the other Demon Kings couldn’t help but gulp at the situation, knowing that if a battle were to break out, then their members of over ten thousand would all most likely be buried here. What had their Great King done inside the Ice Palace? Why were the Soaring Snow Ice Guards mobilized?


Unfortunately, the Soaring Snow Ice Guards had them completely surrounded without so much as a gap; fortunately, it seemed they did not have any intention to attack and only intended to detain them here.


After a while, Tu Qia Luo finally felt a little relieved to see that they still had no intention to attack them. He knew that though Yang Kai must have done something to offend Bei Li Mo, there was still room for compromise.


After pondering for a while, he pushed aside the subordinate in front of him and stepped out. Squeezing a smile onto his face, he cupped his fists, “Good day, Sirs. I am Blue Plains’…”


Just as he said a few words, a whip shadow suddenly came down on him from overhead. The incomparable swiftness of the whip even caused the faint sound of thunder to break out behind it.


Tu Qia Luo’s face changed. He instinctively circulated his Demon Qi to resist the attack, but gritting his teeth, he still failed to put up any resistance.


With a light crack, the soft whip cut across his cheek, drawing a bloody mark.


The Demon King riding her mount at the front looked down condescendingly at him and said coldly, “Nobody wants to know who you are, just be obedient and stand where you are. If you dare to speak again, you will be killed without mercy!”


Tu Qia Luo’s face instantly turned blue and white. Clenching his fists, he thought to himself that he was still a High-Rank Demon King, so when had he ever suffered such great humiliation before? But the other side was part of the Soaring Snow Ice Guard, so there wasn’t anything he could really do to her. Just receiving one whip was already considered a good result; after all, losing one’s face was better than losing one’s life.


But with that, he was able to confirm that the Soaring Snow Ice Guard did not have any intention to make a move on them just yet, and what was happening was definitely related to Yang Kai. Were they perhaps trapping them here in order to stop news from spreading?


Tu Qia Luo frowned, unsure what to make of things.


He Yin, on the other hand, couldn’t help but look at Xiao Wu. If anyone could help them out of this crisis, then it could only be Yu Ru Meng. Last time, Yu Ru Meng manifested in Xiao Wu’s body, then this time, she could naturally come through Soul Descend as well. If that happened, even if it may be just a wisp of Yu Ru Meng’s Soul, these Soaring Snow Ice Guards still wouldn’t dare to make any moves.


Seemingly having sensed her gaze, Xiao Wu also looked towards her, but she slowly shook her head.


He Yin’s eyes couldn’t help but dim. She knew in her heart that even if Ru Meng was a Holy Venerable, she couldn’t use Soul Descent so casually. Last time, she had only manifested under Bei Li Mo’s provocation. Since they were not in any danger at the moment, there was no need for her to go as far as to use Soul Descend.



Below the Soaring Snow Ice Palace lay the 18-level Frozen Nether Ice Prison. The environment of each layer was harsher as one descended, and the deepest 18th level was so harsh that even a Demon King level Master would not be able to survive there for long. The frigid energy in the air alone was enough to freeze one’s Soul and send them unto death’s embrace.


Many Demons who had committed great sins were kept within the Ice Prison. Generally, one could enter but never leave. The only end for the captives here was to freeze to death.


When the female Demon King arrived here at the Ice Prison while carrying Yang Kai under Bei Li Mo’s orders, there was immediately someone who went over to greet her respectfully. This person was also a Demon King, and even a High-Rank Demon King. From the stony lustre of his face, he should be a Stone Demon; however, it was clear that his status could not be compared to the one carrying Yang Kai. He came over to greet her as soon as he saw her, and the two casually exchanged pleasantries before the Stone Demon turned a curious gaze at Yang Kai, “Another one? What is this one in for?”


“Offending the Holy Venerable!” The female Demon King held Yang Kai up for display.


The Stone Demon grinned, “He’s got guts…” Taking a good look at Yang Kai, he was instantly surprised, “This guy…”


“He’s Human,” Naturally, the female Demon King knew what he wanted to ask.


“An actual Human!” The Stone Demon raised his brows in a surprised manner. He had never seen what Humans looked like before, so he was naturally feeling very curious at the moment. After observing the man for a while though, he discovered that Humans were not much. They didn’t have extra eyes or arms compared to the Demon Race. Immediately, he lost interest and asked, “What are the Holy Venerable’s plans for him? Does she want a quick death or a slow one?”


If it were to be a quick death, then he would just be thrown directly to the lower levels of the Ice Prison where he would freeze to death in less than a day. But if it were a slow and tormenting death, then he would be tossed down to the middle levels where he would be able to live on for a little while longer.


“This one definitely can’t die!” The female Demon King shook her head, “The Holy Venerable has a great use for him!”


The Stone Demon was taken aback at those words. Many Demons had been thrown down into the Ice Prison, yet none of them ever survived, yet this Human in front of him wasn’t allowed to perish? But since it was an order from the Holy Venerable, then he would naturally obey, “What level is his cultivation?”


“Mid-Rank Demon King. His body is incredibly strong, but his cultivation has been sealed off by Holy Venerable.”


“Sealed cultivation, is it…” The Stone Demon looked at Yang Kai with sympathy, wondering how in the world he aggravated the Holy Venerable to the point of being thrown into the Frozen Nether Ice Prison with his cultivation sealed. After a moment of contemplation, he said, “The 7th floor it is, then. With his current condition, any lower and he may not be able to survive.”


“I’ll leave it to you to decide!” After passing Yang Kai over, the female Demon King instructed, “Holy Venerable said to tell him once he wakes up that whenever he’s seriously repented his wrongs, Holy Venerable will release him.”




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  1. I got very irritated by another Stone Demon’s appearance. Why does the author not even try to introduce unusual characters? Each Stone Demon is a man, every Charm demon is a woman. So many opportunities to mix things up and write something interesting but it looks like Momo has a spreadsheet in front of him when he is writing which says “arrogant young master, arrogant old master, seductress, arrogant young master, arrogant old master, random crowd in awes of YK power, seductress, arrogant young master, arrogant old master…”

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