Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3495, Doing Well


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


A cold feeling washed over from all directions. Yang Kai awoke and was dazed for a while before suddenly remembering what happened before he fell unconscious. He quickly jumped up and assumed a defensive posture before exploring his surroundings vigilantly.


He couldn’t help but be stunned by the sight he saw. This was no longer the room that Bei Li Mo was in, but rather what seemed to be an ice room with crystal clear ice walls on all sides that were smooth enough to reflect oneself. With an area of around several tens of meters, it seemed like a cell! The cold chill that was seeping into his bones gave him goosebumps.


Yang Kai frowned. What sort of damned place was this? His memories stopped at the moment when Bei Li Mo’s palm slapped him unconscious. As for what happened afterwards, he really wasn’t sure. Thinking about it now, he still had some lingering fear of the might of a Demon Saint. It truly wasn’t something he could resist at his current level.


“Heh heh heh, you’re awake?” A sinister laugh suddenly erupted behind him.


Shocked, Yang Kai quickly turned around to look. At the same time, he found it a little hard to believe because of how close the voice sounded. If the other party had not said anything, then he never would have noticed them. It was only now that he realized the problem with his body. As soon as he examined himself, his face turned dark in an instant.


There actually turned out to be several restrictions placed on his body. His Emperor Qi was sealed and completely unusable. From the energy traces on the seals, it was quite obvious that Bei Li Mo had applied these seals personally.


It was no wonder why he felt cold. Without Emperor Qi to protect his body, and with such a harsh environment, it would be strange if he didn’t feel cold.


But compared to this, Yang Kai was more concerned about where this place was, and what Bei Li Mo was trying to do.


The one who made that sinister laugh earlier was a Stone Demon with a round waist and seemingly high cultivation. He was standing a couple dozen meters away and watching Yang Kai gloatingly. The two were separated by a door, which had only a small window. It was only through that window that Yang Kai was able to see some things outside.


[This really is a prison cell!] Yang Kai’s face turned even darker. He moved to the small window and took a look at the Stone Demon before quickly asking, “Who are you? Where’s Bei Li Mo?”


The Stone Demon showed a look of surprise, “You dare call Holy Venerable by name? Sure enough, you truly don’t fear the Heavens. It’s no wonder why you’d be thrown in here.”


“I’m asking you a question, are you deaf?” Yang Kai had an impatient look.


The Stone Demon smiled, “Holy Venerable has decreed that you will be released when you sincerely repent. You’d better behave if you know what’s good for you, little brat.” After staring meaningfully at Yang Kai for a moment, he turned and left.


Yang Kai wasn’t happy about this at all and cursed, “You want this King to repent to her? Tell her to go eat shit!” He had clearly been invited here to restore the Territory Gates, and now he was actually shut into this damned place by Bei Li Mo. There was no way Yang Kai’s anger could be pacified in this situation. Coupled with the fact that he was knocked unconscious by that woman before, it was clear that he had already eaten a big loss, and yet Bei Li Mo was still making things difficult for him. With new grudges pouring in with the old, he didn’t care whether she was a Demon Saint or not, he had to curse her first.


The Stone Demon stumbled and almost fell to the ground. Turning back to look at the Ice Prison cell that Yang Kai was in, his eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets.


[What’s the deal with this Human? How dare he insult Holy Venerable like that? Is he tired of living? What does he think will happen to him if Holy Venerable were to catch wind of what he said?] If any of the Demons confined here dared to speak such reckless words, then he would definitely have killed them directly. However, according to that female Demon King, Yang Kai could not be killed. This guy was of great use to Holy Venerable and throwing him in here was simply a way to grind down his arrogance.


Shaking his head, the Stone Demon said, “Little brat, you better shut your mouth quickly if you don’t want to die. I’m sure you should know that a loose tongue spells trouble.”


Yang Kai was just casually cursing her, but hearing him say that only served to arouse his anger. He immediately shouted, “I cursed her, so what?” Then, he bellowed word by word, “Bei Li Mo is a cheap slut!”


Since he couldn’t beat her in strength, then he could only curse her to relieve some of the anger in his chest. If he could draw Bei Li Mo out by cursing her, then that would be the best-case scenario. He wanted that woman to spit out what her problem was.


Such vulgar words caused the Stone Demon’s eye to twitch and his fists clenched as his face was covered in a malevolent aura. Yang Kai insulting Bei Li Mo was the same as insulting the rest of her Demon Race subordinates. It was fine if he never heard it, but since he did, how could this Stone Demon not do anything about it?


He wanted to teach Yang Kai a lesson, but after giving it a second thought, he resisted the impulse. He was worried that he would accidentally beat Yang Kai to death; after all, this Human’s cultivation was sealed by the Holy Venerable. Yang Kai may not be able to withstand a few punches from him, so the Stone Demon just sneered, “Go ahead and yell if you want to, I hope you’ll still have the energy to keep yelling in a while!”


As expected, Yang Kai cursed his heart out in an amazingly loud voice that was full of energy. Vulgar and insulting words flowed from his lips incessantly and echoed through the 7th floor of the Ice Prison.


He was not the only one confined here on the 7th floor. There were at least a hundred other Demons here. When they heard someone cursing Bei Li Mo, all of them showed looks of horror. Each of them lay against their cell windows and peered in Yang Kai’s direction, seemingly curious to see who it was that truly didn’t fear the Heavens. Even though they were confined here and knew that there was no chance of survival for them, none of them ever dared to insult Bei Li Mo in such a way.


If anyone dared do such a thing, then the matter wouldn’t be settled with just their lives. There were many ways to make a person prefer death over life in this world.


Even though the Stone Demon left, he was still constantly paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements. The veins on his forehead were also jumping at Yang Kai’s torrent of unceasing insults. Bei Li Mo had not been cursed more in her life than she has in this day alone, and it was completely without repetition. The Stone Demon really had his eyes opened to the world. How could someone curse another with such vulgar words and righteous indignation?


The Human yelled for a whole hour before finally stopping. The Stone Demon’s patience was also almost running out and it was only when he heard Yang Kai go quiet that he was able to breathe a heavy sigh of relief. He thought to himself that Yang Kai probably couldn’t hold on any longer.


After all, he had his cultivation sealed. Even though the 7th floor was not too deep, one with their cultivation sealed still would not last long there. It was amazing enough that he had the energy to yell for up to an hour. Compared to Yang Kai’s cursing skills, the Stone Demon admired his stamina even more, but now that Yang Kai had finally reached his limit, his ears finally had peace.


But in fact, things weren’t as the Stone Demon had hoped. Just after an incense stick of time, Yang Kai began cursing again. This time, the curses escalated and became even more unpleasant than before.


The veins on the Stone Demon’s temple could not help but throb again…


The reason why Yang Kai stopped for an incense stick of time was merely that he was checking his body’s condition. The injuries he sustained from Bei Li Mo were not considered too severe, just a few broken bones. Even though his cultivation was sealed, his body’s ability to recover did not disappear. If he rested for a few days, he should be able to recover completely. The only problem for him now was his inability to use his Emperor Qi.


Yang Kai tried just now to see whether he could break out of the cell, but under the premise of him being unable to use his Emperor Qi, his physical power alone wasn’t enough to break these walls.


It was true that this damned place was freezing cold, and the intense coldness was also not something that an ordinary person could bear. However, Yang Kai’s physical body was incredibly strong, so he didn’t have to fear the cold here too much. Bei Li Mo wanted to use this method to make him lower himself and admit his wrong, but unfortunately, she miscalculated.


The Frozen Nether Ice Prison was a grim and quiet place to begin with where the only end awaiting the Demons confined here was death. So, silence was normal. Many of the prisoners here just sat quietly as they waited for death.


But as soon as Yang Kai arrived, the place became as lively as a crowded food market.


If he was tired of cursing, then he would take a break. Once he had regained his energy, he could continue cursing. Several times, the Stone Demon wondered whether Yang Kai was finally unable to hold on, and yet in just a while, that Human brat would become lively again. This went on for two whole days.


This made the Stone Demon realize a problem. It seemed he had underestimated the strength of this Human’s physique. The 7th floor definitely wasn’t the right place for him!


Previously, the female Demon King had only told him that Yang Kai’s body was very strong, that was why he placed him down on the 7th floor. But now, it seemed that he would have to send him to the lower levels to shut him up.


With that in mind, he quickly transmitted a message to the female Demon King briefly explaining the situation here.


On the top floor of Soaring Snow Palace, under a transparent ice dome, Bei Li Mo was dressed in a light and elegant dress, looking over the railing, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Soaring Snow Continent. 


Suddenly, Bei Li Mo turned her head and asked, “Can that boy finally not hold out anymore?”


The female Demon King looked at Bei Li Mo with hesitation, an awkward look on her face as if she did not know what to say.


Bei Li Mo said indifferently, “Just speak. What’s his situation now? Just teach him a small lesson, don’t actually kill him.”


Only then did the female Demon King begin in a small voice, “Please don’t worry, Holy Venerable. That Human is… doing well right now.”


“Well?” Bei Li Mo looked at her in surprise. She frowned, “How well do you mean?”


The female Demon King dawdled for a while, not wanting to explain too much. But under Bei Li Mo’s imposing gaze, she still spoke, “The 7th floor does not hinder him in the slightest. As soon as he woke up, he’d been… shouting, and it has already gone on for two days.” 


Bei Li Mo scoffed, “So he still has the strength to shout? Seems like he’s really doing quite well.” After a pause, she asked, “So, what has he been shouting about?”


The female Demon King originally breathed a sigh of relief, but when she heard Bei Li Mo’s question, she knew that she couldn’t hide it from her any longer. Gritting her teeth, she said, “He has been… insulting Holy Venerable.”


Bei Li Mo’s expression cooled at that as she snapped, “He’s actually cursing me!”


The female Demon King was terrified, “Please calm your anger, Holy Venerable. I will go and wash out his mouth right now.”


Bei Li Mo raised a hand, “No need. It’s not as if I’ll lose anything from him cursing me a bit. But what has he been saying?”


As things had already come to this, the female Demon King could only transmit a message to the Stone Demon to ask. A moment later, she apprehensively repeated Yang Kai’s words of abuse, of which ‘bitch’ or ‘cheap slut’ could be considered cute. As for the real insults, things such as ‘rotten meat that even a wild dog would turn its nose away from’ and far worse continued to ring out.


Bei Li Mo only listened for a moment yet she was already shaking from rage. Gnashing her teeth, she snapped with a cold look in her eyes, “Throw him into the 13th floor! I want to see whether he still has the energy to curse me then!”




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  1. Women and their emotions. If she accidentally kills this guy she’d have to answer to yu ru meng, every other saint and the demon god. I guess teaching him a lesson that could kill him supercedes the urgent needs of the demon realm tho

    1. It was already a bad move when instead of just letting the dude finish his work, she decided to play with him and then get her panties in a twist when it backfired. Last I checked, it wasn’t a smart idea to antagonize someone you want help from

  2. It is always funny to me how in this world full of millenia old beings that supposedly have tempered and calmed their minds to reach the cultivation they have, simple insults are still perceived as being more hurtful than trying to stab one to death xD Sticks and Stones won’t break my cultivator bones, but mean words will always hurt me.

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