Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3496, Telling a Story


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The 18 floors of the Frozen Nether Ice Prison got colder and colder as one went further down, with a great leap in intensity at every sixth floor. For example, the degree of cold between the 6th and the 7th floor definitely could not be described in the same words, as was the case for the 12th floor and the 13th floor!


Bei Li Mo was clearly angered by Yang Kai’s vicious words; otherwise, she would never have thrown him into the 13th floor. Previously, she had only meant to teach him a small lesson by tossing him into the 7th floor, but now, tossing him into the 13th floor would be a real punishment. For him to resort to cursing when he couldn’t beat her fairly, wasn’t this man a little too petty?


And in just a dozen breaths after the order was given, the Stone Demon arrived at Yang Kai’s cell and looked at him with a pitying gaze through the window.


Yang Kai wiped the spittle away from his mouth and pointed his nostrils at him, “What!”


The Stone Demon shook his head and sighed. Having no intention to say anything more to this lunatic, he simply took out a token and opened the cell’s seal; then, after opening the door, he cocked his head at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai grinned, “That bitch wants to see me? Tell her to get her ass over here herself.”


“You think too highly of yourself!” The Stone Demon coldly snorted before reaching out to grab him.


Yang Kai instinctively tried to dodge, but he was helpless due to the seal that Bei Li Mo put on his body. Even though his physique was still as sturdy as before, about eighty percent of his strength was gone so he was still grabbed by the Stone Demon with ease.


Following that, the Stone Demon dragged him deep underground.


Yang Kai had a bad feeling about this, but that only served to infuriate him. It was simply impossible for him to bow his head, so he twisted and struggled as he shouted, “Let me go, this King will just follow you! But you better tell Bei Li Mo that unless she comes to apologize herself, then this King definitely won’t forgive her, and will never give her what she wants either.”


The Stone Demon let out a laugh, completely ignoring him.


Soon after, a straight tunnel down appeared before them. Following the stairs, they reached the next floor, but they didn’t stop. Instead, they kept going down…


Only then did Yang Kai realize that this Ice Prison did not consist of just a single floor, but it was rather made up of many, and each level down had a harsher environment. He knew that the reason why he was being moved deeper down was because his insults to Bei Li Mo had been passed to the ears of its target, but that was no surprise. Since Bei Li Mo wanted him to restore the Territory Gates, then she would definitely keep a close eye on his movements. She wouldn’t want him to actually die, either.


After moving six floors down, the Stone Demon finally threw Yang Kai into another cell. Then, locking up the door, he turned and left.


Yang Kai was shivering from the freezing cold. The place was much colder than where he was previously. Even though it was cold in the previous cell, he could still easily resist it with his tough body, making him feel just a slight chill, but he was feeling the cold quite strongly on this layer. In just a moment, Yang Kai could feel the blood flow in his body slow down considerably. The omnipresent chill in his surroundings was just like an invisible toxin that was constantly encroaching his body, seeping through his pores into his five viscera and six organs.


He jumped in place for a while, but it didn’t help to reduce the cold in the slightest.


Yang Kai flew into a rage and rushed over to the window, unleashing another round of curses. He would only get colder and colder if he just sat around like a fool, while he could freshen his spirits a little by cursing. Maybe it might even warm him up…


The Stone Demon who watched over the Ice Prison was also speechless when he saw this, thinking to himself that this Human was really quite amazing. Even the 13th floor wasn’t enough to shut him up. What sort of grudge was there between him and the Holy Venerable? The Stone Demon had no idea how long this Human could hold on for. The coldness on the 13th floor was on a whole different level compared to the 7th floor. The Stone Demon guessed that Yang Kai would last at most two days before becoming exhausted, then he naturally wouldn’t have the energy to curse anymore.


But in fact, Yang Kai’s resilience and perseverance exceeded his imagination. Or rather, the Holy Venerable had seriously underestimated the strength of this Human’s body. A full three days later, Yang Kai was still cursing. Even though he would rest a while in between tirades, it was still unbelievable for him to have lasted such a long time.


During these three days, the Holy Venerable would ask about the Human’s situation almost every day, and the Stone Demon didn’t dare to hide anything so he could only report the truth as it was. It was likely the Holy Venerable’s anger wasn’t light either. He was able to feel it from the tone of the female Demon King’s voice transmission alone.


On the third day, Yang Kai had just opened his mouth to curse again when a heavy sigh suddenly emerged in the cell next to him, “Little brat, you’ve been yelling for days and it’s the same old pattern each and every day. This King’s ears are almost calloused from hearing it. Don’t you have any new material?”


Yang Kai was more or less surprised to hear someone speaking to him.


He had observed the situation on this floor when he was being dragged in, and there seemed to be other Demons imprisoned here. Everyone on this level was a Demon King. Yang Kai had no idea what they had done, but their numbers weren’t great. He had only seen less than ten of them, but these guys were indifferent to anyone who entered this place. They just sat cross-legged in their own cells and tried their best to resist the freezing cold.


No one paid them any attention, leaving them to fend for themselves. Once the Demon Qi in their bodies was fully consumed, then it would be their time to die.


The Demon speaking to him should be the one staying diagonally across from him. Yang Kai looked through the window, but did not see anyone. He guessed that he was sitting deep inside his cell. 


Laughing, Yang Kai nodded, “This Brother may have a point. Why don’t you say a few words and see whether you can come up with anything new?”


There was silence from that side for a while before the Demon continued, “I don’t have the guts to be as bold as you.”


In fact, he actually wondered how Yang Kai had the courage to insult Bei Li Mo. What confused him even more was how Bei Li Mo did not rip out his tongue for daring to curse a Holy Venerable like her. This was something that hadn’t happened for many years.


“Anything you do leads to death regardless, so what courage do you need to curse someone?” Yang Kai snorted.


The Demon King said, “There are many different kinds of deaths. I don’t want to be tortured to death.”


Another Demon King’s voice suddenly emerged from the other side, “Hey, you there, stop disturbing him. Let him continue cursing.”


“Yeah, that’s right! It’s rare for this damned place to be so lively. Who cares whether he’s got fresh ideas? It’s a pleasure to listen to regardless.”


“Little brat, ignore him. Keep cursing!”



A cacophony of noise came in from all directions which stunned Yang Kai for a moment. He didn’t expect to gather an audience from his cursing, and he had no idea whether to laugh or cry at this. If one were to ask the Demon Kings imprisoned here to insult Bei Li Mo, then it was true they did not have the courage to do so; however, just listening wouldn’t hurt anything.


“Little brat, don’t stop. Being able to hear you curse before my death would at least soothe my heart a bit!” Someone else urged him.


Yang Kai stroked his chin and smiled, “Since you’re all so supportive, then let’s try something new.” After organizing his words, Yang Kai lightly coughed and began, “There once was a poor couple in Demon Realm’s Soaring Snow Continent. Bearing a daughter, they named her Bei Li Mo. Since young this Bei Li Mo had been an intelligent child. At a young age, she already had the makings of a beauty…”



Still under the transparent ice dome, Bei Li Mo was dressed in light translucent robes and resting her plump and beautiful buttocks on the windowsill. Her snow-white legs swayed off the edge of the cliff as the wind whistled by, blowing up her hair. She leaned against the window, seeming as if she could be blown away by the breeze at any moment while her misty gaze overlooked the snow-white world before her.


She lifted a glass of crimson Blood Wine in her jade white hand and took a light sip from it. Her lustrous red lips like gemstones were stained with a hint of crimson, adding to her enchanting charm. Turning her head slightly, she asked, “How’s that boy doing now?”


When the female Demon King who brought Yang Kai to the Ice Prison heard this, her eye twitched. She answered in a soft voice, “Well!”


Bei Li Mo frowned, “Still well?” That was the same answer she got last time.


The female Demon King said, “It seems like this Subordinate has still underestimated the sturdiness of his body. The report from that side details that even though he wasn’t as relaxed as before, his life should not be in any danger in the short-term.”


“Is he still cursing me?” Bei Li Mo asked in a calm tone.


The female Demon King hurriedly shook her head, “No!”


Bei Li Mo was surprised, “No? Has he run out of energy, or has he really stopped?” After a pause, she added, “Honestly, there’s no need for this Saint to lower herself to that crazy dog’s level!” When she first heard that Yang Kai was cursing her, she was indeed quite angry, but after thinking about it for a time, there was really no need for her to be upset. She was only getting cursed a few times and just as she said previously, it wasn’t as if she would lose anything from that, so it was no big deal for her to just properly deal with him after.


“He really did stop…” The female Demon King had an awkward look on her face, “But recently, he began telling a story…”


Bei Li Mo laughed, “A story? What story? Who is he telling it to?” She simply could not imagine it. What sort of damn story could he tell in the Ice Prison? What an interesting man.


“It’s a story he made up himself. It’s best if Holy Venerable doesn’t listen lest it stains her ears!”


Bei Li Mo’s heart was like a clairvoyant mirror as she coldly snorted, “It’s about this Saint, isn’t it? Let’s hear it. What exactly did he make this Saint do in his story?”


The female Demon King sighed in her heart. Even though she didn’t want to relay, she could only answer.


Yang Kai’s story was simple and crude, but quite dramatic and descriptive. A poor girl fell in love with a wealthy young lord and was smitten like a moth to the flame. But unexpectedly, she was tossed aside like a used rag after the wealthy young lord got his hands on her. Heartbroken, the girl fell to the bustling world where she was forced to make a living in a brothel, receiving customers. Despite the earlier details being brushed over, the parts about her receiving customers were incomparably detailed.


While the female Demon King relayed the story, this young lady called Bei Li Mo had already received more than a hundred customers, and her price had fallen to the cheapest in the brothel. The guests she received were also from all sorts of backgrounds. Even a beggar on the street was lucky enough to have his way with her.


In the beginning, Bei Li Mo was still listening with a calm face; however, when she heard the part where ‘Bei Li Mo’ fell from grace and became a prostitute, she crushed the glass in her hand in an instant.


When the old beggar appeared, Bei Li Mo’s face was already cold to the extreme. Even though she knew that Yang Kai was just making up a story to disgust her, she simply could not tolerate it!


She had never seen such an abominable man before!


Turning around, she came down from the windowsill and the look in her eyes was cold to the bone, “Enough!”


The female Demon King fell to her knees and said in fear, “Please calm your anger, Holy Venerable. This Subordinate will go and rip out his tongue!”


Bei Li Mo sneered, “Wouldn’t that be too cheap for him? Throw him into the 18th floor! I want him to experience a life worse than death!”


The female Demon King suddenly raised her head, “But Holy Venerable Ru Meng…”


“Hm?” Bei Li Mo turned her cold gaze over, instantly causing her subordinate to swallow her next words.




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